Day 297

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Day 297

The short, but very beneficial weekend vacation ended, and in the early morning we loaded onto a wagon of [Skeleton Centipedes], and went to the Labyrinth City Aquarium.

Arriving in Labyrinth City Aquarium the journey ended safely without incident. We immediately went to【Funeral Boiler Falls】, where the newly created hidden room the 【Funeral Gates】was located. I connected it to its sister location in a dungeon of the Labyrinth City 【Deegambling】 which is located on the border of the Atarakua Demon Empire and the Beast Kingdom, 【Funeral Gambling House】.

This time, among our group was I, Kanami-chan, Avenger, Redhead, Opushii, Auro and Argento.

Among the absent children was Oniwaka, with Minokichi-kun, going to conquer 【Age of the Gods Dungeon】 (although Oniwaka is weak, because under the protection of Minokichi-kun, his main concern is self-defense, so in a fight, he almost does not participate).

Nicola is the only person among the children to be left with her mother at the base of the Kuuderun Great Forest, because she is relatively small due to her slow growth rate.

In the future, I plan to take a look at the world with Blacksmith-san and Sisters, who sat at the base of the Great Forest.

Today, we will spend some time here, in order to satisfy the curiosity of Redhead, who for the first time saw the very real casino.

Redhead was very impressed to learn that such a place exists. I briefly explained her the rules , and she went to storm the gaming machines.

After it, she was followed with interest by Auro pulling the arm of Argento. This scene gave me a sudden attack of emotion.

Besides, standing next to me was Kanami-chan, which at her hands is Opushii, who though having matured to such an extent that he is able to walk independently, at the moment sleeps without care while Redhead gambles and I watch, just enchanted with the scene.

(Missing additional doting praise to his loved ones)

I admire the happy company. I placed an order to supply the combat capital while suddenly noticing close to me a demon dealer call out to me. This was the same demon dealer with whom I played "Blackjack" in the casino I entered for war funds procurement the last time I was here. When I looked at the state of everybody around him they seemed to enjoyed him while speaking fondly of him as a sweetheart.

We are now on the last 5th floor ...

Why is this man [demon dealer] making an appearance here now with us? It turned out he was fired.

The reason is that he lost to me. Well, yes, he had a problem before with his manager, so it's not so bad.

And today, with heavy eyelids, he came here in order to dispel the accumulated stress gained during this time. Well, be that as it may be.

As a result of some questions and answers, I have successfully been able to hire him for work. 

Having dealt with the issues, giving him the ear cuffs after a quick talk, obeying orders, he went to the base in the Great Forest.

Expansion advances smoothly, on the basis of today it is a big adjustment, resulting in the number of departments increasing, which is why I need such a greatly skilled demon dealer.

After the unexpected meeting, closer to dinner, Redhead and company apparently played enough since we left 【Deegambling】 and headed for the real purpose of our trip, the Beast Kingdom.

The Atarakua Demon Empire, still remains full of 【Age of the Gods Dungeons】, only under the supervision of [Indigo Secret Squad], it seems better to leave the chapels of the Atarakua Demon Empire.

So, inside the Skeleton Centipede, heading towards the Beast Kingdom, we arrived fairly quickly close to the state border.

On the border of the State, as expected, was placed a barrier, as well as a very well marked military unit and its security and customs.

Watching from afar, it is clear that the passage of customs, travelers, and traders are required to present a passport, as well as documents related roadside, while paying a fee.

Unfortunately, we did not have these documents. Perhaps, if you pay a little more, we could have passed it, but I bet it would not help.

Because nothing can be done, we will simply have to make them miss us.

Going into the nearby woods, I used [True Summoning: Dragon] to create a [Storm/Gale Dragon].

I wish it could be Tatsushirou, but I made him return to the Kingdom now because Tatsushirou is marked.

Therefore, this time, I chose a dragon class superior in flying ability. The reason that I decided it should be high-speed was that such a speed and altitude would not be noticed by the border patrol.

As is expected, there is a dragon class superior in flying ability, and its speed in rising and flying are no match for Tatsushirou.

Two Storm Dragons crossed the border without giving it heed while border patrol reacted as before, and we whom rode separately will enter the Beast Kingdom safely after having enjoyed a short trip by air.

Because of this, we could see the【Age of the Gods Dungeon】 [God Class] [Great Amaratia Steppes] ,located on the territory of the Beast Kingdom.

[Great Amaratia Steppes] was created by the [God of Steppes], due to the large number of beast-people it is a very revered in the area. This applies to the naturally formed cave type, vast steppes, leaving this structure very simple.

That said, I don't know if there is really a simple structure, but the space is a [border area], extended with respect to the national border, to the extent that the area inside is unbelievably huge.

Looking from the air, the space is indeed distorted. It is said that in order to get to the dungeon, you need to spend a few days on the road. It is likely, however.

Thinking about the conquest, looking inside, I noticed a Beastman that only just entered the [Great Amaratia Steppes].

Looking closely, what we have here turned out to be a Beastman with a lion's head, who was busy fighting.

His splendid golden mane was cast in light as the sun shone on his three-meter muscled body, his presence radiated a terrible pressure.

From the equipment he wore, huge skin pants reinforced in some places with magical metal inserts. His hands were covered with thick black-red gauntlets, emitting a dim light, indicating a high-level magic item. Also tied around his waist, was a bag of the same color as the mane with equipment. Above the waist he was not wearing anything.

Well, considering that he is covered with hair, it is hardly bare, but in fact it was a half-naked Beastman not armed with weapons like the spear or sword.

Aside from the gantlets, there was no excess equipment, leaving the preference towards ease of movement, apparently he specializes in melee. That was my simple conclusion.

This is obviously Leo Beastman, who left attacking monsters to his comrades Beastmen and suddenly stared into the sky.

His gaze was directed towards us high in the sky where our eyes met.

Obviously he sees us. His face broke into a smile, and with his golden eyes, he looked at me as if he's looking on a prey.

Embedded in this view of fighting spirit, I barely caught my instincts.

Not the befitting the ruler of the Kingdom, his eyes seemed to say, "I'll hunt you."(I will kill you)

The true identity of this lion Beastman was the [Beast King]: Lionel.

Representatives of the stronger races [Golden King of Beasts (Gorudiasu Lion King) (subspecies)], commanded his force, the Beast Kingdom.

His overwhelming force can cut an army apart, making him one of the leading world powers.

In this case, it is likely that his comrades are - [Canine Animal Generals].

[Canine Animal Generals], consisting of 10 Beastman, are a force in a role equivalent to Six Chief Generals of the Atarakua Demon Empire, they have Beastman body abilities and are very strong.

Our meeting with the [Canine Animal Generals] and the [Beast King] Lionel was just a moment.

Still he followed for a considerable distance, but even that was enough for me to understand that this is an enemy from survival of the fittest, to kill or be killed.

Without any conversation, we are in a world where the strong devour the weak, this is our relationship with him.

In other words, the only relationship is to kill and devour. That such type of relationship.

Aah ... I can truly only say that I look forward to the moment when I can eat the [Beast King] Lionel

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Weblio Translation

It is short, but the significant vacation is over and goes to labyrinth city ≪ アクリアム ≫ on 100 pairs of skeletons from an early morning.

The journey arrived safely without incident, and went into [the basin of a waterfall of the voices of wailing ghosts water] quickly, and made it newly; covered it, and went into the room in [the voices of wailing ghosts gate] in there after having jumped with a warp gate, and arrived to [gambling house of the voices of wailing ghosts] in labyrinth city ≪ ディギャンブリン ≫ which existed near the border of a devil empire and the beast kingdom in an instant.

This member going together adds it to me and kana beauty, avenger one; called red hair shortstop, オプシー, オーロ and Argento is constituted.
It is protected - - still weak ogre young は going into [Kojiro dungeon] of each place with the ogre young は Mino good luck that there is not among children in this, and I only sometimes defend it for my own protection, and I do - - which does not participate, and Nichola is for the battle to the alchemist who is in the large forest among children basically because growth is later than others because it is the only human being.

I decided to kill time for red hair shortstop who did it curiously in a full-scale casino to watch for the first time for a while in [gambling house of the voices of wailing ghosts] this time while thinking that it was the thing which I was with Rev. Kaji and the sisters who were in the vast forest, and wanted to go round all the countries of the world.

The red hair shortstop had such a place; was astonished, but it was easy, and a rule charged at the slot machine which it was possible for easily the bottom of heart in a few minutes what.
I was, but Argento dragged in オーロ and オーロ to follow in amusement behind softens for a heartwarming scene unintentionally.

And my neighbor who calmed down had kana beauty, and 歩 けるようにまで grew up in り, the arm by oneself, but there was a figure of オプシー which I did in the way that I was sleepy now.
It was interested in the casino game in the neighborhood and was unable to remain indifferent to restless red hair shortstop, and kana beauty undertook care.
I am attractive, and, as for the figure which holds オプシー in the way that I love kana beauty to have a smile like the Holy Mother full of affection in very much, there will be at all no help for it unintentionally 見蕩 れてしまっても saying that I omit the exchanges at that time.
I discovered the devil person dealer that played a game in casino - - [ジェムシェ ラクード] which I entered for war funds procurement near last when I looked at the state that everybody enjoyed while などと spoke fondly of its sweetheart.
It is the fifth ward that is the most deep part that there are us now.
It was the reason why the ability of the devil person dealer was shown in just to be there, but seemed to be fired somehow or other when I was worried about such a devil person whether a dealer was why here and called out to you.
It seems to be a cause to have suffered a crushing defeat by me, but I have been disgusted with a manager and say while laughing when just right. I served as the stress emission that piled up and seemed to come to 思 っているようだ -- until now when - - was still after a long absence [gambling house of the voices of wailing ghosts] today [sacred place of the gambling].

Oh, I put such circumstances aside and try to scout free now that it is just right.

After there was しばらくの question and answer, it is succeeded by the employment of the devil person dealer. After fitting an ear cuff first of all, and having finished outfit afterward, I decided to have you leave according to instructions of the fission to the Omori forest.
Expansion advances smoothly now now at the base of the vast forest. Because the facilities increase than before and upsize, I intend to have therefore a devil person dealer show an arm.

Because I seemed to thoroughly enjoy red hair shortstop in around noon while there was an unexpected encounter, I appeared for an original purpose outside ≪ ディギャンブリン ≫ and decided to leave for the beast kingdom of the neighboring country not a devil empire.
There is [Kojiro dungeon] still more in the devil empire [重藍将 (ヘルビィ indigo)], but this is because it thought that the which appeared once from the devil empire looks good since it was marked [indigo plant steel dense military unit (indie Mel secret force)] under direct control.

That's why originally ≪ ディギャンブリン ≫ had existed near a border, and, toward a beast kingdom, we who got on 100 pairs of skeletons were able to arrive in a short time near a border.
There is an excellent barrier in the border, and there is border patrol protecting a barrier.
Merchant and travelers more than borders show documents equivalent to a passport in the border patrol when I observe it from far away and understand that I pay money.
Unfortunately I do not seem to be able to be known as us who do not have documents. I may let you go through if I pile more than a price of the fitness it up, but it is a bet.

Because there was no help for it, I decided to enter the country this time from the sky.
I enter the forest in the remote place at the border once and purify two "gale dragons" (Gail dragon) using [the truth dragon refinement] there.
There should be Tatsushirou if true, but returns it to the kingdom now because Tatsushirou is marked. Therefore I choose a dragon class superior in flyability this time and am the reason that decided to be high-speed, and to speed the altitude that is not noticed in the border patrol.

As is expected, there is only a dragon class superior in flyability, and rise speed and the airspeed are no match for Tatsushirou.
Two gale dragons cross the border without giving it while border patrol reacts as before, and we whom I rode separately will enter the beast kingdom safely after having enjoyed short air travel.

I was able to watch [Amla Tierce Prairie] which was of [God Grade] to be situated nearer a devil empire in a beast kingdom [Kojiro Dungeon] on this occasion.
In [Amla Tierce Prairie], a too big grassy plain seems to do the simple structure that only opens in the natural siege-shaped dungeon that [God of the grassy plain] believed in well created in the beast kingdom with many beast races.
But I do not know whether this is because it is simple structure, but seem to be wide from the plottage that the internal space seems to be expanded, and was divided in [border zone (horizontal stripe place)] inconceivably.
If the sky overlooks it, I can confirm that space is warped as I surely go to the center. I seem to be necessary for the central part where there is a dungeon boss for at least several days, but surely it will be the truth.

I discovered the group of the beast person which just would just enter [amla tierce prairie] when I looked down while intending to capture it in the beginning.
An eye was attracted by the beast person of the humped-head goldfish which went ahead through the top when I observed it with which anything.

The excellent mane of the lion beast person shines with gold, and, as for 3 meters, the massive figure of possible muscularity gives off the presence that with that alone is only terrible.
The upper body wrapped in hair of the gold same as the mane with the cover of the back of the hand furniture which would be the magic item of the high rank to give off dark red, dull light to wrap pants and big limbs in of the huge animal leather that the kind of the equipment was strengthened with magic metal here and there and the small tools in the waist circumference was a bare state.
Skin was not exposed by hair, but the lion beast person to walk in a half-naked state was able to easily expect it without having the weapons such as a spear or the sword when I would be good at fight round by giving priority to easiness of movement by removing the useless equipment except the cover of the back of the hand furniture.

When such a lion beast person who is a strong man clearly leaves the exclusion of the dungeon monster which I attack it, and comes to beast people of the friend, I look up at the sky suddenly.
And eyes associated with me who was in the sky far.
The lion beast person whom I will see floats a ferocious smile watching with fearlessness and game and glares at me surely in golden 双眸.

In the clear fighting spirit and a pure combative instinct put in the eyes, I assumed it ゾクリ.
As well as the majestic figure appropriate for a person unifying one country, it is 舌舐 りしてしまう in power of observation to tell that I eat and kill me unintentionally.

The real nature of the lion beast person was Lionel the [Beast King].
A king of beasts which I make the strong family called a [Golden Lion King (subspecies)], and unifies a beast kingdom by power.
The world eminent large force that I hid violence to slaughter an army by the power of an overwhelming unit in.

Then ten to one the friend will be [獣牙将 (biF log)].
[獣牙将] It is men of influence of a beast kingdom equivalent to [six folds of commander (sects ヘルビィ)] of a devil empire constructed by the beast person of とは ten, and there is the beast human body ability, and the battle ability is very high.

The encounter with Lionel who took such [獣牙将] several people, a [Beast King] was just an instant.

It only watched each other far from far away, too, but I understood unpleasant us with that alone.
When when it is an enemy, it is an enemy of indomitable resolve spoiled to death.
World rules of the survival of the fittest concluded our relations to exchange words.

In other words the only relationship that I murder you and drink.

Oh, I cannot but think that it is really long in coming.

A [Beast King] the moment to drink Lionel.


 子供の中でこの中にいない鬼若はミノ吉くんと共に各地の【神代ダンジョン】に潜っている――まだ弱い鬼若は守られ、時に自衛するだけで基本的に戦闘には 参加していない――し、ニコラは子供の中で唯一の人間なので他と比べて成長が遅い為、大森林に居る錬金術師さんのところに居る。