Day 296

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Day 296

Since the beginning of training, there were already a ton of bodies all around me.

Of course nobody is dead, but they were very close.

The Water Hero and his companions attacked me the fiercest in the beginning. As a result, all of their equipment is broken. Of course, most of it is fixable, but it will still be necessary to sell them to get something better.

At that time I'll give them a small discount as a reward for their perseverance.

In the wake of the Water Hero, Rock Hero and his company hit pretty hard, and their equipment broke as well. I'll help him, too, to make allowances for the new equipment, we had the benefit of a good spar.

As expected from the strongest of the heroes in terms of physical attack.

I was pretty surprised that by using a time interval between his comrade's coordinated attack, I was dealt a powerful blow by his [Steel Hammer Isunbaru].

That was even a little painful.

As for the Dark Hero and her team, who were trying to attack my blind spots, their equipment has suffered considerably less.

In some sense, it is quite natural, given that they were almost never in a frontal attack, waiting for the moments when all my attacks were concentrated on the others.

But it was quite troublesome when they sprinkled me with annoyingly accurate attacks.

I am by far the most powerful, but the constant attacks from the darkness by the Dark Hero was quite dangerous.

However, the most problematic opponent was not the hero of Water or Rock, but the Wood Hero.

When I initially observed Wood Hero and her team, all of their stats were at a fairly high level, but most of all their defense attribute stands out.

Thanks to her protection, support for the comrades at the right time, skills, and vast experience, she was able to fend off my attacks so I didn't get a chance to deal with other [Characters].

Of course, it was only training, so I did not hit seriously, but the protection of several layers of wood had sufficient strength to hold off my attacks for a couple of seconds.

A couple of seconds is not much, but for the heroes, this time, was sufficient to escape.

In addition, without the experience of battling in large groups, there were holes in the defense.

But the Wood Hero covers this disadvantage.

She is not only experienced in battle, but is also an excellent commander.

Apparently the title of the strongest among [The Four Heroes] is not just a title.

Well, even with their efforts, they still could not beat me.

As expected, I still took a lot of attacks, but I did not receive any fatal wounds. Most of them were at a level such that I healed them in the duration of the fight.

If I was serious, the result would be quite different, but because this is training, I held back.

That's just how fierce they were. This was probably the first time I had moved so much in a while (* yes yes I know the author has forgotten the Battle of days to fly with Minokichi at the funeral of a volcano *), so for me it was also a very productive day.

Whatever it was, after a series of battles and exercises, the job was completed.

During the battle, the naturally appearing crowd of monsters perished quickly from blast waves that came from the battlefield. The unexpected increase in experience, of course, was part of my calculations, but the amount that I got was more than expected.

So, the training is over and the best way to celebrate is, well, food. The best time to eat is after a workout. I have personal experience with this, so it is an undeniable truth.

Since I still have a mountain of food, including the Dragon Empress's, it was decided to use ingredients extracted in the dungeons.

Quality is of course quality, and we were lucky, as the Wood Hero got the profession [Royal Chef] - the highest level of the profession [Chef].

The peculiarity of this profession is bonuses in cooking from rare ingredients, and her appearance during the cooking proces was kind of majestic. Because of that I lay some hope on her cooking.

While the food is readying, I decided to start with the booze. Of course, the drink I obtained for the implementation of [History] was not served, but apart from that I still have a lot of other brands. 

We had a good drink today, especially the Rock Hero.

In short, the dragon meat was yummy!

Coming from the hands of the [Royal Chef], eating the meat of the dragon is even tastier than before.

Leaving attempts to describe its taste aside, I tried to eat as much as possible, to the benefit of the other members of the company as they were also eating without any constraint. After, I relaxed and admired the clean plates.

I still had a mountain of ingredients, but they were so delicious, the more you eat, the more you want.

Even if there is a lot of food, we cannot relax.

While we enjoyed the food and drink I caught sight of the Water Hero, sitting in a corner and muttering something under his breath.

During the banquet, he became even gloomier than Dark Hero, so the Rock Hero poured him a drink.

Apparently the Water Hero is quite weak to alcohol, and with a flushed face, he pulled back the booze. After a brief struggle, and a pair of bottles, it turned out that he was getting drunk.

Not that I was very interested in that matter, as no matter how drunk the Water Hero was, he was left in the care of his friends.

After that, we, together with Redhead and the company, enjoyed a delicious meal. The Dark Hero topped up my drink, and, with the Wood Hero, we talked about the Great Forest (apparently they have some relationship with Father Elf. Yes, the world is small.), as well as instructed Auro and Argento that there was time to hunt monsters.

In the evening the banquet was over, and just like how we came, we left the dungeon individually, and then assembled together, and returned to the Royal Capital in the [Skeleton Centipede].

I was tired, so today was a very productive day.

Tomorrow, I plan to visit several 【Age of the Gods Dungeons】, and from there we'll come back to the base in the Kuuderun Great Forest, where I plan to hold a general training session to strengthen the troops there.

Day 295 == Day 296 == Day 297

It is the reason why approximately one day passed after I start training, but corpse troubles roll around me.
No, because nobody is dead, the expression is not precise, but is in state that it is near in it.

It is the most intense, and 水勇 and friends who questioned most in a front are teased, and most of the equipment are damaged. I do not reach it for the stage when I cannot restore it, but will sell better accessories later.
Out of respect for the nature that I showed this time, I intend to reduce the price a little then.

It is 摩 る with the cheeks which were hit with all one's might by 岩勇 while thinking to say to intense 岩勇 and friends of the wear next to 水勇, and to sell accessories.
As is expected, it is physical attack strongest 岩勇 among [four elephant brave men]. I aimed at slight chance that I made with the cooperation attack of friends and was surprised when all single blow was hammered in by [coming down hard on of イスンバル].
I have a sore it a little, and the touch of the severe blow is still left.

There are fewer 闇勇 and friends who did the attack from the blind spot all the time thoroughly in the wear of the equipment than two sets of former [brave man] parties.
Because I did not set it only by an attack for a vital part directly from the blind spot, in a sense, to an attack of somebody other, it will be natural.
However, it was quite troublesome because it was repeated obstinately precisely.
闇勇 which only a vital part normally aimed at which was good because it was me of the things must have been a menace. [assassin] when the system has anything to do at the time of a confused fight, is troublesome.

But besides it was 闇勇 in neither 水勇 nor 岩勇 to have been the most difficult.
It is 樹勇 and friends.

In the first place [brave man of the tree fort], also known as 樹勇 maintains a high standard generally, but is who excelled in a defense side in particular [Man of Valor].
Therefore, as for the action arrived at by an expert technique and enormous battle experience, I blocked the chance that defeated other [brave man] many times when it turned around for thorough defense or the assistance to family.
As for the defense of Taiki to pile on top of, there were the hardness and the density that could stop an attack to the last for around two seconds although I was not serious because it was training.
I can evade [Man of Valor] to a minimum if it delays for two seconds.

It is more likely to do an internal squabble to fight against the enemy of the simple substance with the everyday several-fold number of people to miss it if it is not used. Far from doing it strongly, it is the common thing including disturbing.
However, all 樹勇 supplemented such a fault.
Not only it is superior as a unit, but also is superior as a commander.
[four elephant brave men] the strongest does not seem to be for show.

Oh, still I was not able to beat me.
Still there are many numbers and received an attack many times, but it is seriously injured and does not reach it because the fatal thing prevented it all. Most were shallow and were an attack of the degree to reproduce easily.
Even if this turned out more different if serious, it will be such a thing at this time that is training.
However, I become a fearful god, and this may be the first time that it worked for a long time to here. It will be certain that it was substantial 1:00 for me.

Anyway, the request that repeated training and a break without several degrees was over.
By an unexpected incident that natural dungeon monsters which occurred could hold an aftermath of the training because it was a labyrinth and died, an unexpected experience level entered, and, during training, there was the miscalculation, but reached the almost expected ending.

By the way, it was expected that we would eat a meal as launching if such a training was over.
The meal after having been tired is the best. It is already proven and is a reliable fact.

It was decided that labyrinth ingredients used the meat of the woman dragon emperor whom there was still more like a mountain for the first on the list as for the ingredients to serve with much effort a lot.
Even if materials cooked it only to materials commonly, the woman who had [Imperial Court Cook] to a friend of 樹勇 in a thing nice this time entrusted it even if it was delicious because I was.
After all I will be limited if I entrust a main profession. [Imperial Court Cook] is higher [cook]'s post, and the bonus that can cook particularly rare ingredients more deliciously seems to occur.
The figure to cook has dignified presence and cannot but expect this.

I took out labyrinth liquor till I could cook and decided to begin it earlier.
Still, as for the liquor which I cannot give two kinds of ogre liquor - - [drop of the going to see cherry blossoms at night not to run out] and [ogre drunkenness homicide, inexhaustibly] that I clear a poem and got, but stock, a large quantity of in miscellaneous.
I took it out of some item boxes by a barrel unit steadily and decided to have you drink it freely.
It seems to be able to swallow up 岩勇 in particular among this members and exchanges liquor. Because dragon meat dishes came out when they enjoyed it, at first I rolled the dice.
Unfortunately the roll which rolled in a container was lacking power of observation.
Because an effect is not shown this time, I decide to enjoy cooking commonly.

A word, a dragon meat horse!

The dragon meat dishes by high-level [Imperial Court cook] were more delicious than the dragon meat dishes which I ate before.
Light is released unintentionally by a mouth and eyes; even if is reacted, will not be mysterious at all.
After consciousness returned to the body for a while, I scouted that I ate and performed a mouthful of the trip in the brain immediately, but it was disappointing and was declined.
I am sorry, but, まあ, there is no help for it.
The invitation moved a hand now in even slightly a lot of bite べる 為 saying that I gave it up. Because it is the force that other members eat up without reserve, it is instant and disappears when careless.
There is a lot of material which I offered like a mountain, but I come to want it after good flavor one after another.
I was not able to be careless even if huge.

When it enjoyed liquor and cooking, it was in the view that 水勇 muttered something or other in the corner.
When a maggot maggot is considered to be it in 闇勇以上 at the seat of the banquet, because a meal becomes bad, I catch 水勇 with 岩勇 getting drunk and let you drink liquor by force after it prevented you from being escaped.
水勇 seemed to be vulnerable to liquor somehow or other and I did a face red-hot just to have drunk one cup and broke out with liquor. It was proved to continue giving it it afterwards to be a good laughter.
It is information not to want to know particularly, but I put it aside and roll 水勇 which has been helplessly drunk to the neighborhood first of all. Afterward in the state of things friends of 水勇 nursing or what will do it.

In addition, I enjoy red hair Short and others and a delicious dish and have 闇勇 do 酌, and 樹勇 and story - - of the large forest seem to be it in a relationship with father elves for some reason. The world seemed to be large and did narrow いようだ -- and swelled and I taught it to オーロ and Argento who subdued the dungeon monster which occasionally sprang out and enjoyed it.

The banquet broke up in the evening, too and I was divided into each party in the same way as time when I entered and came back to the branch and returned on 100 pairs of skeletons in the castle town from there.
The moderate fatigue was comfortable, and today when I was able to reconfirm in various ways was a good day.

After having captured some back [Kojiro dungeon] from tomorrow, I come back to the base of the vast forest and intend to do a general raise for a while there.


 その他には赤髪ショート達と美味い料理を楽しんだり、闇勇に酌をしてもらったり、樹勇と大森林の話――どうも父親エルフ達と縁があるらしい。世界は広い ようで狭いようだ――をして盛り上がったり、時折湧き出るダンジョンモンスターを討伐するオーロとアルジェントに指導したりして楽しんだ。