Day 295

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Day 295

As soon as we finished breakfast, we met with the Dark Hero.

It seems that today she is in a buoyant mood. Today, in order to do the job, we, together with Auro and Argento, as well as Opushii who has already grown up and learnt to walk together with Redhead, have been invited by the Tomboy Princess to the Amber Palace.

Usually I go with Kanami-chan, but today it seems she had other things, and as a result, for once, I spent some time with Redhead and the children. After all, the relationship of children and parents is also important.

We rode on a [Skeleton Spider] and went to the palace, having a family conversation to pass the time. On arrival, it seems Tomboy Princess and Boy Knight were already waiting for us. After a brief greeting, we headed to some room, located in the palace.

Inside the smartly decorated room, we waited for everyone else.

Three people, including three companions arrived with the Dark Hero and they all looked pretty grim. It was the first time I saw all Four Symbolic Heroes together.

Water Hero looked a little angry, Rock Hero stood at the counter, arms crossed over his chest, Dark Hero had a dangerous smile on her face, and the Wood Hero looked sleepy.

First, during the coup, we drove the Water Hero into the dust with all the members of his group. It seems that the incident is the reason for his dissatisfaction today.

The Rock Hero, as usual was calm. Only there is one important secret, which he knows, because of this, on his face lingers a strange smile.

The Dark Hero, as usual, was absorbed in her fantasies; her smile and fiery glances made my back itch.

Well, and the Wood Hero, had an indifferent look but actually watched me intently.

The Wood Hero, the only representative of the elves among the Kingdom's [Four Symbolic Heroes], has good observational skills; although only slightly, she was able to realize my hidden abilities. 

According to rumors, (though I have not fought her) among the [4 Heroes] certainly the strongest is Wood Hero, then Rock Hero, then Dark Hero, and last Water Hero.

The Wood Hero, was absent during the last civil war. Usually she does not make particularly big moves. No, of course she is also taking some kind of action, but that's just trying to avoid anything that she is not interested in.

After living a long time in the kingdom, she has seen a lot of excitement, because of the selected position of the observer.

Well, yes, for long-lived species it is a normal attitude.

Whatever it was, we are seeing each other directly for the first time, so I decided to briefly greet her. Having dealt with cheers, it was decided to immediately go to the combat training.

As expected, the palace is too small for this. Even if we were to hold back, anyway, our battle would certainly have an impact on it.

Restraining ourselves in order to not kill is of course correct, but if we were to restrain ourselves, it would not be training. In addition, the training should be a secret, because we can't make a fuss in the palace.

It is not known where the foreign spies might be hiding.

Thus, leaving the palace without the Tomboy Princess and Boy Knight, who still had work remaining today, I used a [Skeleton Centipede] and went out of the palace.

After passing through the main street, pointing the royal pass at the gate, and leaving the capital city, we headed to the closest dungeon to the Royal Capital Osvel, the Labyrinth City Purgatory. We arrived in less than an hour.

Along the way, with passenger seats, surprised shouts were heard raving about the speed of [Skeleton Centipede], so here, whiling away the time by responding to the various issues, we came to the main gate of the Labyrinth City Purgatory. Safely passing inspection, we hit the town, and headed to the separation of "Ready for Battle Parabellum."

Normally, the delivery carts used here were [Skeleton Centipede] which served us as a not bad disguise to prevent someone noticing that the Four Symbolic Heroes have gathered in one place.

In addition, all were dressed in coats with strong effect [Hide]. Because even if someone would see the face under the cloak, they should not be identified as [Characters], as well as hats and masks with the effect [Redirecting Attention].

Handing out on the spot communication devices and directions for the dungeon, we parted.

After moving in separate groups, we met again in one of the caves situated here in the [Mine Cyclops], in the reception hall which is located on the 10th floor.

This is the reception hall, which is located a fair distance from the shortest path to the dungeon. Also located here was a lair, where there are large crowds of monsters.

In addition, due to the location of deadly traps here, this place is particularly popular for various uses.

In addition, there is no need to worry about the damage to the surrounding area and if there will be persecutors (spies), they are quite easy to get rid of. Because that, this place is very convenient.

In a sense, it was the best place.

Less than an hour from the time we went, everyone came together again. As expected, of the usual dungeon compared to a 【Age of the Gods dungeon】. Simply put, there is nothing here to detain a squad of heroes. And due to the fact that this dungeon is closest to the capital city, each of the heroes have already, at least once, conquered this dungeon, and there is no place to get lost here.

Well, upon arrival at the reception hall, after quickly removing the monsters and sending Redhead and Opushii to watch out in a corner, I immediately took up the task of the Tomboy Princess. That is the beating of [Characters].

Water Hero group has 6 people.

Rock Hero group has 5 people.

Dark Hero group has 6 people.

Wood Hero group has 4 people.

In total 21 people.

For the first time I found myself surrounded by a crowd of [Characters] and [Supporting Characters].

At this time, we were only doing military training, because of that [Heresy Nemesis] has not been activated; that is, the effects [Eschatology: War of Conquest] will not take place.

This time, I will restrain myself, but at the same time, for the [Heroes], it makes no sense to hold back. This workout is for [Characters] and the company, but at the same time means training for me. So it was a necessary limitation.

Although this limitation, for the characters, was as if to say "you're mocking me," which naturally hurt their pride, and caused outrage.

But the truth is that there is a big gap between our capabilities, and knowing that, on their faces reflected determination. Especially the atmosphere around the group of the Water Hero is different.

Perhaps they dream they will repay me for the previous humiliation.

Well, all right.

I'm armed, with the evolved Scarlet spear, the Cursed spear which has not evolved, as well as the improved Blacksmith-san's Halberd and the Demonic Shark Rope, prepared myself for a fight.

In fact, instead of the Halberd it would've been better to use Hisperiol, since as a weapon, the sword would be stronger.

But yes, Blacksmith-san's halberd, created from stunning materials with exciting techniques is a superb magical object, and I got used to it. But if we compare, as a weapon, it is still lagging behind.

Well, all the same, this time it stopped the sword of the Water Hero [The Sword of the Demigod of Water].

Slightly troublesome when the crowd suddenly rushed me, I had to think a little about their behavior.

So, as a result of the job starting in the afternoon, I faced a pouring attack from all sides.

Well, I'll continue on like this until they have run out of strength.

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Weblio-Translation (Needs Editing)

I had breakfast, and 闇勇 came to pick me up when I prepared.
I somewhat proceed to the amber shrine which a tomboy princess waits for with オーロ and Argento, オプシー and the red hair shortstop who grew up until I can walk by oneself to tell to want to follow today's request while thinking that 闇勇 do not be enthusiastic.

Kanami-chan beauty usually increases here, too, but is the other action that there is business today.

I will take good care of the contact with red hair shortstop and children far for a while while thinking that kana beauty and the other action are somewhat after a long absence.

I am guided in one of an Imperial castle and one room that there is after having a pleasant chat in recent this and that while being jolted to a skeleton spider, and being light, and saying hello to a tomboy princess and the boy knight whom I have already waited for if I arrive.

All the members except 闇勇 which came to pick us up have already gathered in the room of luxurious interior decoration like the Imperial castle.
Because 闇勇 which came with us advanced to - - with unique darkness as well as friends - - 全員闇勇 whom there was near three brave men and lined up, as for me, all the members would watch a prepared scene for the first time [four elephant brave man (フォクス ガルド)].
水勇 turns a face away in the way that I am displeased, and 岩勇 makes ability, and mind in large quantities, and 闇勇 floats the smile that seems to be dangerous a little, and what I do in the way that 樹勇 seems to be languid and is sleepy is impressive.

Because it overthrew it together with the party member before, 水勇 will make it displeased for it.
岩勇 is like the natural posture without usually changing. It is only mysterious because I have a serious secret of one because I am delicately laughable when I know it.

闇勇 floats some bad smile nursing delusions, and, as for the heat to stay in the eyes to turn to me, a back reaches the domain doing ゾワゾワ.

And while making it troublesome from others but it really understands 樹勇 to observe me.
樹勇 is the only elf among [four elephant brave men]. The sharp observing eye peculiar to the elf will measure my inside and ability in slight movement. As it lives long, in 樹勇, the performance seems to be mastery of skills.
When it is the story that I heard, I did not seem to fight seriously, but it is said that the strongest is almost certainly 樹勇 among [four elephant brave men], and subsequently 岩勇 is strong, and 水勇 and 闇勇 seem to be about the same.

樹勇 does not seem to usually move very much to expect it even at the time of a former internal disturbance somehow by having been nonparticipation. No, it works, but does not seem to be going to be concerned with an uninteresting thing positively.
That, according to her whom there is for a long time with a kingdom, the some trouble in the kingdom cannot find even a meaning to interfere.
Oh, it will become nature and such a way of thinking as a kind with long life.

Anyway, it decided to say hello briefly for the first time to meet directly.
The greetings were over smoothly without being stormy and, by the way, did not go in particular the actual training.
As is expected, some kind of one influencing is certain in the Imperial castle even if I modified the training ground in the Imperial castle so much if I use it narrowly.
It is natural to be easy not to murder you, but is not trained even if too much easy.
I may not do it loudly stealthily despite an Imperial castle to miss it though it is a story. Because I do not know where the grass of other countries gets mixed in with.

I leave a Tomboy Princess and Boy Knight not to be able to be yet available because work is left today, and, in という 事, we get in a skeleton centipede and leave the Imperial castle.
After charging through the main street lengthening from the Royal Capital, and showing [王認手形] to a gate-keeper, and having left castle town ≪ オウスヴェル ≫ in pole a little time, I move to nearest labyrinth city ≪ par Gath re-≫ from the castle town.
After after passengers hearing a voice to be surprised at the run speed of 100 pairs of skeletons in the journey, and having spent it while was asked in various ways, labyrinth city ≪ par Gath re-≫ not having any problem, and having entered it; for synthesis firm ≪ round (enter the warehouse of the ≪ gone Gath re-≫ Branch of para-べ lamb )≫.)
Because it always uses 100 pairs of skeletons to bring in a product, it is disguised with nature, and nobody does it wonderingly. As for nobody of the kingdom will not think that all the members entered the branch at a time [brave man].

And I mask an overcoat, the face which there is effect that it is high [concealment] in to all the members with the hat with the effect in the warehouse so that it is not revealed that it is [brave man] even if seen [recognition misconception] and am dissolved once after distributing [tool for labyrinth travelling on foot permission (dungeon attack license)] to enter Meitetsu where I fitted fission in to be able to communicate and the derivation labyrinth.

Work separately afterward every party; in the grand hall in the tenth floor of one of the derivation labyrinths in here [working of サクロプ] under the ground called the field meeting decided.

Because there is it, it is particularly unpopular with the pro-divisions where there are normally many brutality traps of the extinction inevitable death that say commonly [den (monster house) of the monster] where it is big, and there is the grand hall in the place where they came off from the shortest route with stairs faster below, and dungeon monsters appear in large quantities at a time, besides, in the labyrinth.

It was a very sometimes convenient place like this time nevertheless because it was not necessary to mind neighboring damage even if I went on the rampage, and it was easy to supplement it if there was the kind of the pursuer, and the disposal was easy.

In a sense it is the most suitable place.

And it will not pass for one hour that all the members gathered there after it is dissolved either.
As is expected, the degree of difficulty of the derivation labyrinth is considerably lower than [Kojiro dungeon]. [brave man] cannot block a party, and in the first place there is the experience that all the members captured it as for at least 1 degree because is the labyrinth city that is the nearest to the castle town, and there did not seem to need to be the hesitating thing.

And I confronted [brave man] in a request street of the tomboy princess after I arrived at the grand hall, and I who swept away a dungeon monster first fixed the place and found a corner for visitors including red hair shortstop and オプシー.

The 水勇 party is six people.
The 岩勇 party is five people.
The 闇勇 party is six people.
The 樹勇 party is four people.
Add it up; and 21 people.
On an once few scale among ≪ central figure ≫ called [brave man] and ≪ vice-very important person thing ≫ called the friend it is expected.

[paganism wrath of Heaven (ヘレシー Nemesis)] does not exercise it to the last this time because it is actual training, and special reinforcement in [eschatology (エスカトロジー), conquest war (conk est war)] is trained with the usual ability that there is not.
I was easy by this training, but the others said that an allowance was useless. Because it was my training at the same time as this was training of [brave man], this was necessary limitation.

According to, this limitation is virtually said [brave man], "it is downgrading".
The pride will be hurt and will have quite a few antipathy.

But you must do so it as a fact, and there is an ability difference between me.
All the members think of the expression that I notice it, or was prepared for it, but are particularly different in the motivation of the 水勇 party.
Will you say former humiliation in fine weather らさでおくべきか grudge, here?
Determination to shoot back for honorable death readiness is transmitted through the water caltrop tightly.

Oh, saying that it is good particularly.

I hold Hull bird and [召雷黒龍 (しょうらいこくりゅう), ogre shark rope (comes shark rope)] of the Rev. strengthened vermilion spearmanship and curse spearmanship that do not change and Kaji whole body in a hand.

Not Hull bird, one equipped with [水震之魂剣 (ネイレティス)] is appropriate as armament if true.
The Hull bird of Rev. Kaji is an excellent magic item forged by good-quality material and a superior technique, and it is easy to use it, but this is because, as is expected, it looks inferior to other armament very because it fits it personally.

But I stopped [水震之魂剣] because there was 水勇 this time. It is strangely the result that took care of itself a little because I am troubled even if rushed.

By the way, the request that began for such a feeling for noon began from an attack flocked without mercy from all directions.
I will go to the place to be able to go until physical strength of everybody runs out first of all.