Day 294

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Day 294

Unfortunately, it began to rain in the morning.

After a short warm-up under the roof and breakfast, a message came from the Tomboy Princess.

About what happened, it turned out she had a job for me.

The subject of this job is to carry out a secret training of the [Heroes] of the Sternbild Kingdom.

In general, the theme of the task is very similar to the one I previously adopted.

I just wonder why this issue suddenly surfaced right now.

More apparently, Tomboy Princess wants to strengthen the [Heroes] forces.

Compared to the Lumen Holy Kingdom, the power of this kingdom is quite weak.

The difference lies in the size of the territory, their industrial power and most importantly the number of [Heroes] that serve in the military.

Although the fighting potential of this kingdom has been restored thanks to the efforts of the Tomboy Princess and the collapse of noble faction, the fact is that this time the enemy is another kingdom, thus the threat cannot be ignored.


Usually, after a country's civil war, allied nations will take advantage of the confusion by extending a helping hand during the chaos. But thanks to an alliance with the Kirika Empire, secured by the political marriage (and given the history of the invasion of the Great Forest and the war with the elves, the union secured another mutual love), the unrest in the country does not exceed a certain level.

Although because state unions are not absolute, there is still tension.

But the leaders of those states should be able to ease this through hard-work.

Although the royal army is strong enough and quite capable of defending themselves against foreign aggressors, if things goes well, there will even be aid from the Kirika Empire.

But after the Holy War, who knows what will happen to the global balance of power.

I'm not going to be a participant in it, especially to join a losing battle, although the future is not decided yet. 

Yet, no matter what happens, a holy war will happen and there will be chaos, I guarantee it.

That is because in case of a Holy War, there will be countries that will decide to revise their national boundaries, or bandits that will try to take advantage of the confusion in the political turmoil, and the amount of monsters that appear will increase.

No matter what the situation is, just in the case it's necessary for self-defense, the more power the better. And to get power, military training is still the best way.

Especially considering the fact that this world has a system of levels and jobs, training will show its effect in a short time.

Like it or not, training a large number of soldiers will still take a long time. Because raising the overall level of the force is no simple matter. If this weren't the case, the difference between the forces of the Kingdom and other countries would've been increased even further.

(That's just training a large number of soldiers, like it or not, takes a long time, because to raise the overall level of force is not a simple matter. If it were otherwise, the difference between the forces of the Kingdom, and other countries , if only increased.) - Original line.

Instead of raising the overall strength of the troops, it is much faster and cheaper to further strengthen [The Heroes], which will play an important role in the upcoming conflict. Because even [The Heroes] are mortal ...

Fortunately, no heroes of the state had died in any of the wars the Kingdom engaged in.

This is good because the [Heroes] are an important national force, and if any of them die, the loss of state power will be tremendous.

Because the risk of a battle with a force equal to or substantially superior to them is a big problem.

So I became necessary.

Carrying out tasks, I, at least, they do not kill, but the wounds can be cured.

Of course, it is good for the Kingdom to have me training these [Heroes]. And given that they can defeat some opponents for me in the upcoming holy war, it would also benefit me to train them.

Thus, from a rational point of view, since we are not part of the Kingdom's military, I would not be obligated to help. Nevertheless, I decided to accept this task of the Tomboy Princess.

Also another reason is that the Tomboy Princess knew what commodities we require, and came with gifts prepared, making this situation pretty hard to refuse. But the most important reason for us participating is that it would be good practice for the members of Parabellum.

Yet, I feel that the Tomboy Princess has just gotten a little too used to negotiating with me.

Thinking that she might've grown up, I patted her on the head and prepared for the assignment, which will start tomorrow.

Although I have additional plans for 2 days, I will have to start right away. 

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Weblio-Translation (Needs Editing)

"The 294th day"

 It was unfortunate rain today from morning.

 Communication came from Princess tomboy when I ate breakfast all together after having finished light training early in the morning in the room.

 There seems to be a request somehow or other when I hear a story while thinking what it is.

 I wanted you to train the actual fighting form stealthily because it was all [brave man] and friends of the kingdom and once and was enough for the request contents.

 Because it was contents similar to the request that I received before, it is good one.

 It is why it gave such a request to be interested.

 The fighting power reinforcement of seems to want Princess tomboy somehow or other [brave man] when I hear it in detail.

 I say simply, and the kingdom is lower in the strength of a nation than King Sei countries.

 The difference of the production capacity to come from the area of the country is big, but a numerical difference of [ EiIsamu ] to hold above all is obvious.

 The strength of a nation that came off was a category rebuilt somehow by the effort of Princess tomboy temporarily for the time being by the former internal disturbance being a short term, and having been settled.

 But the drop of the strength of a nation is an important factor aimed at by the other countries and is not the thing which you may downplay.

 There may be normally the thing that a neighboring country lengthens a hand taking advantage of the confusion of the internal disturbance.

 However, fortunately, it may be said that it is a love marriage, but I have deepened by - -, and, as for the relations with the empire which it is the neighboring country, and is an ally, two people who are the notch which the two countries invaded to the elf of the political marriage - - Omori forest between the imperial family calm down at a constant line because I still deepen love without changing.

 The relations between countries do not only have it absolutely, and the uneasiness is valid; do not become limitless.

 You should not regret an effort to get rid of future uneasiness as a duty of a person governing a country.

 Even if an aggressive war is set all right because it is good, the kingdom may defend the quality of the soldier for its own protection and may invade the enemy country mainland for the time being if I am good and do it.

 However, I do not yet know how the world situation turns out after a crusade to approach, for example, was over.

 There are not the intentions that I lose at all, and in the first place there are not the prospects of success; do not fight, but still is not a thing settled in the future.

 Still only is where the world is desolate surely more or less that how the ending of the crusade turns out can assert.

 Therefore I can not deny the possibility that the monster which and other countries may invade it by the disturbed international relations after the crusade in the future and may aim at a gap of the politics that [thief] occurs innumerably, and was confused or is robust appears .

 As much as there is a force to defend it for its own protection to face what kind of situation, it is good, and after all the actual fighting is quick most to improve it.

 Because there is the law to be provided by strength in a short term of the level in this world; all the more.

 However, suitable time is necessary to forge it with innumerable soldiers together and is not that it is easy to raise it generally. If it is made, it will be to the thing which the difference with the large country is absolute, and is hopeless.

 Therefore the tomboy princess is the reason why I aimed at, but dies in raising quality of [brave man] who is one of the important factor in the future and the best forces that it will be nevertheless without in a short time and the money suffering than the improvement of a general force so when I die even if it is said with [brave man].

 As for the examples such as dead [ EiIsamu ], counting up does not have time (time) if I read the history.

 The loss is immeasurable in [brave man] who is the important force of the kingdom while saying that it is for strength of a nation improvement if I may lose it even in an emergency.

 Therefore the risk to fight against the on equal terms above-mentioned existence at this time seems to be seductive.

 As for participating in a crusade, there is much work including the protection of the country in three other parties only despite one party.

 If I act rashly and am injured seriously, it is illogical, and it is necessary at time, and, as for the growth, it is only gently only by challenging a labyrinth of the downgrading slightly.

 Therefore it was me to have been chosen.

 I am not murdered to a minimum if I depend, and the request will be treated even if I let you injure seriously. And, by clear upgrading, it can promote the growth of [brave man]. If the most important extermination object of the crusade plays it, it is not the story that is sorry to fix its eyes on the future.

 It seems to be that thing . What means whether it is said that it is rational?

 I decided to receive a request while thinking if there were not past relations that it would be an absolutely impossible idea.

 Because I know our present conditions, or I want it, and the reward prepares the thing which I want, it might be said that it is hard to decline it, but the biggest factor is because it is for my rehearsal.

 Still, it is said that she was getting used to negotiations with me recently, or what does the Princess tomboy say with?

 I pat the head of the Princess tomboy whom I can realize when I grow up and will do the request tomorrow that I will be ready.

 Because there is it still more, it is a restrictive thing only as for two days, but, as for the future plan, I will take care of well .

"Two hundred ninety-four day"
 Today it was raining in the morning.
 After finishing a light morning practice in a room, and eating breakfast all together, it came from contact tomboy princess.
 When I heard the story while I think everything, Apparently there is a request.
 The request content, I want to the training of confidentially combat format because I at one time with [brave] kingdom and his companions us all, was that.
 Since previously it was a request with the contents similar, which has received also, but it's for good.
 Is it worrisome was why put such a request is for.
 When I asked for details, tomboy princess seems Apparently [brave] our combat power enhancements you want.
 To say simply, Kingdom of national power as compared to the like St. kingdom is low.
 But also large production capacity coming from the breadth of the country, but the difference in the number of [EiIsamu] that above all held by Rekizen.
 Prima facie, the previous civil war by that was settled in a short period of time, temporarily fell national power had in the category have been rebuilt somehow through the efforts of the tomboy princess us.
 Reduction of the national power but is an important element that is targeted to other countries, but does not say to disrespect.
 and usually if the neighboring countries for the visitors thing is multiplied by the turmoil of civil war would there.
 Fortunately, political marriage of the royal family between the relationship between the empire, which is also the allies is its neighboring countries - so two people, which is also the cut-out that both countries were invaded by large forest of elves also now have a deeper love, love Marriage is good to say that, but - sometimes you have been deepened by such, it is settled at a constant line unchanged.
 Just do not absolutely in the relationship between countries, not disappear as long as you are alive anxiety.
 As the responsibility of those who govern the country, it should not be spared the effort to get rid of the future of anxiety.
 Prima facie, the kingdom is to will be able to self-defense even if the quality of the soldiers planted a war of aggression because decent good, it would be also possible to Semekomu the enemy mainland if well.
 However, such as after the end of the holy war approaching, for example, I do not know yet whether the world situation will be.
 I'm to smooth not to like going to lose, in the first place does not not fight the odds, but still the future is not one that has been finalized.
 Still less-than world becomes larger and will become what the outcome of the holy war allele securely, and only I can affirm.
 So the future, to there is a possibility to come in invaded the other countries by disturbed international relations after the holy war, do not may come aimed at the gap of politics such as the [thieves] is disturbed by myriad occur, or tough monsters the possibility of occurrence can not be denied.
 Well enough to self-defense is also trying to face in any situation is if there is a force, also combat the quickest to improve it.
 Law obtained the strength in a short period of time that level it's even more because there is in this world.
 But it is necessary to time commensurate in train align the myriad of soldiers, it is not easy to totally bottom up. If it can be done, the difference between the major powers would be in desperate things a more absolute.
 So rather than improvement of overall strength in a short period of time, and gold also it does not take so much, and yet is it to tomboy princess to improve the quality of [hero] is one of the highest strength that would be an important factor in the future It is a translation that is paying attention to was, but to die when you die even say [brave].
 If Himotoke history, examples of such [EiIsamu] dead are not遑(leisure) is to enumeration.
 While called for national power improvement, if if the [hero] is an important strength of the kingdom, the loss is immeasurable if there is a losing even just in case.
 So risk to fight with the presence of more than evenly matched at this time's annoying likely.
 Although only the one party to participate in the holy war, a lot of work, such as the country's patron in the other three parties.
 It is putting the cart before the horse if even in a large injury to the overdo's a just need time also challenge the somewhat underdogs labyrinth, its growth is not only loosely.
 Therefore, the singled out was standing, it was me.
 And to not be killed minimum if requested, it will us to treatment if requested within even by serious injury. And for obvious on the case, it is possible to encourage the growth of [hero] us. If the most important annihilate the subject of holy war that us to the other party, it is not a bad story in anticipation of the future.

 It seems that that. Or rather a rational, what that.
 Na would be idea impossible absolutely unless the relationship is in the past, and while I think, was to undergo a request.
 Since only me to prepare what you want the want or because the reward is also know me our current situation, there was also that it is difficult otherwise noted, the most significant factor because also in my rehearsal, by that is there.
 Even so, you can either tomboy princess also recently say what I mean and have been familiar with the negotiations with me.
 And stroked the head of the tomboy princess that you can feel that the Na he has grown, the request was supposed to be tomorrow in the fact that because there will be ready.
 Since the future of the plan is still, and but limiting things that only two days, well, it would be somehow.

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