Day 293

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Day 293

Yesterday, we began the construction of the wine cellar.

Today, I am helping the workers in hopes of finishing it sooner.

I can easily carry the heavier things, which will save us a lot of time, but for fine finishes I'll have to leave that to the master craftsmen.

I can easily manage all the simple work so I tried my best to hasten the construction.

As a result, with the accumulated experience, among our comrades were the ones who received the profession [Carpenter].

Thanks to the [Sacred Treasure] [Masonery Instruments of the Demigod of Stone Sculptures (Nomed Caster)], which allows you to quickly make the stone into any shape, I was able to quickly build a solid foundation.

Because of the ease of use [Masonery Instruments of the Demigod of Stone Sculptures (Nomed Caster)], I did hesitate slightly whether to eat this item or not. (Russian Word "есть" can be translated both like "eat" or "being there" lol.)

Although, I will still eat it, but just a little later. I am waiting for this moment with impatience.

Also, I ended up training throughout the day and took the chance to complete some chores and odd jobs.

In general, the whole day was filled with mainly recreational activities, which isn't bad once in a while.

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