Day 292

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Day 292

I woke up on a bed in the mansion.

Having the added benefit of the high-end bed, I slept perfectly. The sense of being revived was very enjoyable.

After breakfast along with everyone, we at once transgressed to work together with their declared masters on this early morning.

Through past experiences, we had a workforce of experienced comrades whom I immediately picked and attached to the work on the brewery.

The brewery's foundation was made with my ability. I brought wood from one of the floors of 【Funeral boiler Falls】 and the stone of 【Gallery of Funeral Statues】, so, in a short time, we have made very strong brewery.

I left the job to finish the preparation for the brewery to the Master who is a professional in this case. After finishing other routine work, I decided to appraise my silver hands , which has transformed into four hands since the evolution.

As a result of [higher analysis objects], it becomes clear that these silver hands [Silver Artificial Arm - Airgeatlámh], have already became a part of me.

But still, first and foremost, I want to confirm if it's still a magical thing [legendary] class because by giving them [divine power], they did not evolve into a [device fierce god] like the red spear.


Title: 【Superior Silver hands of furious god (Superior Silver Artificial Arm - Airgeatlámh Vizra)

Classification: living god device / armor / artificial arm

Class: 【Phantasmal】 class

Abilities: [killer weapon ], [the killer magic], [self-evolution], [attribute changes], [Damn shot], [revived demonic Gazette], [the superior power of the king], [repayment compression heat], [Dark Silver Armor], [instant self-healing] [dignity ruler], [capacity hungry demon],【■■■■】,【■■■■】,【■■■■】,【■■■■】.

Note: Artificial arm created by the gods, once discovered in one of the 【Age of the Gods dungeon】. Currently, became the four arms of 【Yatendouji】 【Superior Silver hands of furious god】.

Created together with the formation of [violent god], it has automatically absorb some [divine power] and divine blood, transforming into a [device fierce god].

Keeping the absorption capacity of the old metal, through a variety of gain, it has already become a completely different subject.

Destruction (with some exceptions) is fundamentally impossible.

Do you need any more information?

≪ YES ≫≪ NO ≫


This was the result of the appraisal...

Apparently, it had already become a [device fierce god]. Well, yes, she was with me for a long time, because for me as a real hand, and even as things turned out after my evolution, it does not seem odd to me.

That is as i have already become too used to it, thatI did not notice the changes.

Well, of course, I concentrated on the holy war, but to spend time alone is not very good.

I need to know myself in order to prevent unexpected errors. Repented, I decided to make myself some relief.

Having given the team its clones, in order to free yourself some time, I have the benefit of affairs which is still full.

Well, it would be necessary to triple the output itself, after repeated conquest of dungeons.

The benefits are constantly working, fatigue accumulates quickly.

Day 291 == Day 292 == Day 293


 I wake up in the bed of the mansion.

 The feeling in bed was distinguished as such only in the high quality bed to put of the value and was neat waking.

 And I will have I work at once, and bosses who came over early in the morning start it after having had breakfast together.

 Because there is the last experience, the subordinate worker uses many work force called the member whom there is and has you start work at a fast pace.

 I play with the ground with ability with チョチョイ, and it will be possible for a wine cellar firm in a short term by using the building stones produced with wood and [voices of wailing ghosts corridor of the stone statue] which were at one [the basin of a waterfall of the voices of wailing ghosts water] of and the hierarchy that there is.

 After entrusting professional bosses of the way afterward, and having handled other trivial routine duties, I used [tool high rank judgment (oar a colander magic item) to play] for the silver arm which wrapped all four arms in a fearful god when I did it [existence evolution].

 As for my silver arm - - original expression name, - - is in state that it is not exaggeration anymore even if it is said that it was with some me [artificial arm (アガートラム) of the silver].

 Still thought so, and confirmed it whether it was with [existing fearful god device (ヴァイシュラーダ)] like a vermilion spear because was a magic item of the grade for the time being [legend (レジェンダリィ)] by loading it with [divine power] some other time,; but - -

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 A name: [fearful god arm of isolated silver (エグルサ アガートラム ヴァジュラ)] a classification: [emperor device / protective gear / artificial arm]

 A class: [fantasy (ファンタズム)] grade ability: [armed homicide (arm blast)] [magic homicide (spelling blast)]

    [self-evolution (self-evolution)] [attribute reaction (attribute echo)] [hit the curse (Cars shot)] [ogre mercury (re-Berri Al Melx) of the refreshment] [violence (エグルサ pull) of isolated King] [scorching compression absorption] [黒銀鎧瞬装] [the self-moment reconstruction]

    [distinguished air of the king] [mysterious arm of 鬼餓]



 Remarks: It was dove God artificial arm made discovered in depth of [Kojiro dungeon] which had it once. I take in [violence (エグルサ pull) of isolated King] and become four arms of the nocturnal sky apprentice to a priest now.

    Because a nocturnal sky apprentice to a priest became a fearful god, I take in [divine power] automatically and am at the same time to be the warm and humane arm of the fearful god [existing fearful god device].

    I have already become another thing with every aspect including the strength with the past while maintaining ability to take in other metal, and not to change before.

    The destruction is basically impossible except an exception.

 Furthermore, do you read information?

  YES ≫≪ NO

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 - Called - it followed.

 It seemed to have already become [existing fearful god device] somehow or other. Oh, I become a physical part and am long. It is like a true arm [existence evolution] and is not strange anymore even if I will not link when I did it and was.

 To be totally too near, and to have overlooked it; a blunder as anything.

 Eyes seemed to say what they prepared for for a crusade only there saying that they were good.

 I put in the feeling that melted a little reflectively when I would fail not to think not to look at the step a little more either.

 I give everybody instructions via fission and bring some plans forward.

 I seem to become busier to meet you with margin.

 Oh, let's decide to enjoy a vacation for a while because we had a series of the labyrinth capture.

 I set up mind and am tired.



 ≪YES≫ ≪NO≫



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