Day 290

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Day 290

[Legendary Gambler] was strong.

He had a deep knowledge of all casino games, but his incredible talent to control the game can be called perfect.

In this place, where simple force does not work, [Great Heroes / Heroes] [Emperors / Kings], as well as tens of thousands of others who tried to conquer the 【Holy Land of Gambling】 (and maybe more if you count all the guests who came to have fun) came to this place only to feel the bitterness of defeat and ended being completely penniless.

But due to the fact that in a previous life, among my colleagues I was the one considered a strong player with [Mental Capacity] and [Future Foresight], this time I was able to win.

Frankly, even without using my [Luck], compared to my colleagues, [Legendary Gambler] was weak.

This time the game was troublesome and was going on a bit longer then I expected, but after my two wins [Legendary Gambler] was covered in some kind of white light and broke up into particles with a smile on his face.

"I did not get to eat him" I thought with regret. After eating him, I would have gotten even more useful abilities and I was wondering why he suddenly collapsed.

That is very unfortunate.

But still, I did not think that the experience of loosing to my former colleagues will come in handy. In this life everything can help you achieve the victory. After thinking of it, I remembered the battle with the red bear, and how I used [stink]. I sighed again because I did not get a corpse of [Legendary Gambler]. I renamed 【Holy Land of Gambling】to【Funeral Gambling House】,and decided to change the interior.

Frankly, I would like to change not only the interior, but everything else, but the local maze is not so simple.

In order to play with the chance of winning or losing (Row wants to change the random chances of winning and loosing to his favor), one needs to have the sense and knowledge, that's why the change in the interior was the only change in 【Funeral Gambling House】. (But he did not because he lacks skill and knowledge -Russianguy)

But still in the store (the place seems more like a pawn shop), I was able to pick up the unsold goods.

And yet, I did not use the ability to change prices (as I do, the spirit of the gamblers will fall away completely), so I just used a huge amount of chips obtained from the victory over the legendary player.

These chips certainly could be exchanged for money, but if you overdo it, there was a high probability to demolish the economy of the Demonic Empire, because the exchange of chips for more than a certain amount holds a lot of complexities.

I used my chips to buy the goods from the store because it was the most convenient way to spend those mountains of currency.

Even after that I still have lots of them, So I will use them to entertain myself here next time.

So this time we made one of our goals, strengthening the Avenger and the company, but I myself gained strength, as well as procured abilities useful for our purpose.

Just completed a bunch of other things. We could of course continue our training, but Redhead and company are waiting for us. (Makes more sense now-Russianguy)

Thus, it was decided to return to the Royal Capital Osvel.

However, we decided to enjoy shopping until the evening.

Thankfully we had an entire mountain of gold.

As expected I was doubting about what to buy. I bought on sale a variety of games that we will be able to enjoy at home.

Roulette and slot machines, dice and cards of course, the rest was bought by me in great numbers.

By setting it all in [Parabellum Hot Springs Village] we will be able to raise even more dependent elves, there is no doubt. And so as to increase the numbers of the usurers in [Debt Hell].

And indebted elves will be ours with all their hands and feet. It will force them to work well to pay their debts.

As a result, the elves will become stronger, and bring us a profit. It gives us the ability to increase their defenses, and trophies and stories about military exploits to decorate their secluded life.

No one will lose.

Gufufufu, being an organizer in gambling feel so much better. It is also necessary to create gambling halls in the kingdoms. To attract not only the nobility, but also the common people.

Seeing through my evil plans Kanami-chan approached and looked at me, with a "Know the limits" expression on her face.

"Its a bit early to think of it" I thought, and nodded in response.

Although my plans did not change.

I bought more magical metals and other souvenirs. And before we could understand it, it was already evening, and again we entered the gates of 【Funeral Gambling House】.

Going to the bathroom, near the entrance, and making sure that no one was near, I activated the gate warp.

Moving to the control room for the personnel located on the 5th floor, we found there 【Funeral Gates】.

Funeral Gates】Allow me to move freely from one captured dungeon to the others, regardless of the distance.

On the right and left side of the gate there are statues of the [Demon King] and [Emperor Demon], which looked as it was about to start moving.

These 【Funeral Gates】 forms in itself a swirl in space through which you can not look ahead, but there is definitely a different dungeon.

Yes, even extremely long distances can be travelled almost instantaneously.

The existence of these very gates, is one of the reasons why I suddenly decided to conquer other dungeons in different countries.

And in the forthcoming [Holy War] those same gates will play an important role, but it's not about that now.

Whatever was going through the 【Funeral Gates】, came out very near to the capital of the kingdom, from the dungeon 【Funeral Boiler Falls】I conquered.

We have moved to the top floor, where the water roars thunderously falling into a huge pot. Paying no attention to it, we used the portal, and moved to a secret room which was near the exit.

And we went out before the gates closed, and hurriedly left 【Aquarium】.

This time we did not use transport, and just went running to the capital of the kingdom.

At speeds exceeding a mounted rider, we ran without stopping all the way to the capital.

Before, Avenger and company could not sustain such a speed before the training in dungeons, but now they kept up with us.

There was no way anyone could conquer 【Age of the Gods dungeons】with such a tremendous pace. Except us.

Of course, I still killed the bosses, but the experience from slain monsters was simply enormous.

Avenger and company were like totally different people as they continued to run in the darkness behind us.

Quick access to the capital, and slow enjoyment of the results of our trip.

Of course, there were some surprising events during our journey, but I still got my hands on a lot of different delicacies.

Thinking about how I should prepare them, and assessing our future plans, I moved forward.

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Translation (Needs Editing)

"The legendary carder" was strong.
I am familiar with every casino game, and the abilities to influence a flow by prominent ability cannot help admiring it.
It was impregnable, and there is it while not mattering to even any people regardless of age or sex, [英勇] and [emperor], and having possibilities to capture all people because the simple power push does not work in the property while a person of capture of - - challenges it if probably I calculate it with most - - attendance most.

Even people who arrived at here were normally played with and would be over as property was rolled up.

But the sharp gambler who had prime [Future Foresight (プレコグ)] and [contact response ability (psychometry)] to one of the co-workers who displayed shoulders was able to beat me by previous existence at this time by having been.

To be frank, "the legendary carder" was weaker than the co-worker who was proud of super first class abilities to the exclusion of two [Supernatural Power].
In front of me who did two wins hurriedly, [Legendary Cardplayer] has changed in a particle of the light saying that I omitted it because this game contents were troublesome and became long with floating a smile.
Bite べる 事 did not seem to be made somehow or other and regretted it. Though more useful ability must have been got if bite べる 事 was made, why has it become a particle of the light?
Only it does not become for a regret.

However, still, I did not think that the experience that lost consecutively to a former co-worker was valid possibly.
I play with interior decoration of [gambling house of the voices of wailing ghosts] from [sacred place of the gambling] a little while thinking that an ogre student is the thing which what lives, or does not know it as having been saved with [bad smell] by the past レッドベアー war to hit the dissatisfaction that did not get the body of "the legendary carder".
To be frank, because wanted to play with not only the interior decoration but also the degree of difficulty, but exquisite setting has been already accomplished; of the hand was not able to put it.
You should have only strengthened a dungeon monster in other labyrinths, but this kind of labyrinth is not so brief.
A sense and knowledge are necessary to set it I am not too strong but not to lose. Playing with it will be the limit where I am changed into in [gambling house of the voices of wailing ghosts] with some interior decoration.

Still general store - - is different exactly, but can only collect the leftover goods product which the mold grew from - - with チョチョチョイ because it is a similar place.
But what collect the ability that was the thing of indeed past great men in free of charge using administrator rights uses the enormous tips which I got in "legendary carders" because I was hesitant.

This tip, cash can realize it, but there is what they realize more than the amount of uniformity this and that in various ways and is that it is slightly difficult saying that they are more likely to let the economy of the devil empire be out of order when I go too far.

Therefore it was just right to release the tip which remained.
Still I meet still more, but let's decide to enjoy it when I came again.

- By the way, - gained tentative prospects for the reinforcement of avengers in one of this time.
The reinforcement of the fertility of soil was possible and got the ability appropriate for achieving a purpose.
There can be the thing of red hair shortstop whom I play tricks in various ways elsewhere and intend to continue training you from now on, but keep waiting.

I decided to return to the castle town once in という 事.
So I enjoy shopping here until the evening.

I have a lot of money.
I was at a loss a little which you buy, but after all games to be substantial as the home will be essential.
Not to mention roulette and the slot of the magic item, I will buy the dice and the cards anything in large quantities.
The dependence of elves must be put up more if I install these in ≪ Para seawife Hot-Spring Village ≫. And gold house to let ≪Debt Hell≫ will proper only by just that much.
And pay a debt, and the lost elf becomes our hands and feet and works hard at working away from home.
As a result, the elf becomes strong, and we are moistened. Defense capacity adds to the village of the elf, and a souvenir and a heroic episode taken home with will color some life that did not change in the forest from the outside.
It is the completion of the good 事尽 くめの flow that nobody loses.
You should go round to the side letting you do it than after all グフフフフ gamble. I will spread it in the castle town in the occasion. And I roll up not only the noble but also the citizen.

It was perceived that I devised evil what, and it was reproved by kana beauty.
It seems to be to keep it within bounds.

Because I thought whether it is the street, I nod in silence.
I put burr which is a change, it aside in carrying it out.

Because it was the evening when I buy magic metal or various souvenirs and prepare it, we enter [gambling house of the voices of wailing ghosts] some other time.
I go to a certain restroom near an entrance and I confirm that nobody is and develop a warp gate. I go directly to the VIP room for exclusive use of us who built more it in the fifth ward and am made there in front of existing [the voices of wailing ghosts gate].

[the voices of wailing ghosts gate] It is the gate to tie the labyrinths which とは, I plundered to without relations including the distance.
It is two ogres - [Onio] and whom the pillar of right and left reminds of Deva King [Ogre Emperor]. Except being -  with the dynamism that I totally live for, I do the molding such as a cinnabar red torii while being an image.
The space that curved is formed in such [the voices of wailing ghosts gate] inside and I cannot foresee a point, however am surely connected to other labyrinths.
Okay, I can almost move to an arbitrary labyrinth in an instant if there is even this when it will be a super long distance.

I decided it simply because there was existence of this [the voices of wailing ghosts gate] to plunder the labyrinth of each country and put it into practice.
And it is easy, but, in [the voices of wailing ghosts gate], it does not matter by a forthcoming crusade now even if I will play an important role.

Anyway, we moved [the voices of wailing ghosts gate] in [the basin of a waterfall of the voices of wailing ghosts water] which was the nearest to the castle town from diving, the labyrinth which we plundered.
The point that moved is the most deep part. It is roaring, and there are falling spring water and the very large basin of a waterfall.
I develop a warp gate while looking down at it and move to the nearest hidden room outside.
And I went out hastily before the gate of the wall which surrounded labyrinth city ≪ アクリアム ≫ was closed after having gone out, and the skeleton centipede decided to return to the castle town on the run this time without using it.

It is fast, and the run speed keeps slowing down entirely so as to easily pull a horse.
Even if I am on the way if it is former avengers and ran out of energy for the long-distance running that is a high speed high pace, I can be available if it is present avengers.
A plural number does not capture [Kojiro Dungeon] in a short term for show.
I got the dungeon boss deliciously, but still the experience levels of the dungeon monsters which I killed are enormous.
The level rises and becomes strong from a base as biology.
With avengers whom we totally became like another person, we continued running even at night.

I arrive at the castle town and am the thing which wants to thoroughly enjoy this result slowly early.
It might be unplanned, but a lot of appetizing things were available.
I moved a foot while intending to cook it how while thinking about the next plan.

Google Translate (Needs Editing)

"Legend of the gamblers" was strong. It is familiar with all kinds of casino games, no other to admire the ability to dominate the flow by excellent workmanship. because its nature simple forces push not-class, young and old, while there is a possibility that can capture the [EiIsamu] and [Emperor] even the matter not thousands, perhaps most - if calculated by the number of visitors - - there is only was impregnable while cheats who successfully challenge.

Here it is played with and if usually even follow arrived person who up to, I would have finished only to wound up the property.

But, however, to one of the colleagues that lined the shoulder in a previous life, by that gamblers go-getter with a [touch-sensitive capability (psychometry)] and of the highest [Future Sight (Purekogu)] was there, is that this time I win could.

Honest, compared to colleagues who boasted Schwann of ultra-first class, even to the exclusion of two of [ESP] "Legend of gamblers" was weak. As omitted because the game content of this time will be It's troublesome long, in front of me was early in the two wins, "Legend of gamblers" had changed into particles of light while smiling. It seemed impossible Apparently Eating Bell thing, I thought sorry. If it is possible it is 喰Beru, even though must have been obtained a more useful ability, I wonder had why a light particle. It just is not sorry.

But even so, I did not think No way experience that losing streak to former colleagues live. As was saved in [stink] in the past of the Red Bear game, so that while I think things Oni-sei you do not know what to live, I will hit the dissatisfaction flesh it did not enter into the hands of the "Legend of gamblers" to, it fiddles with Choi the interior of [gambling parlor of Kikoku] [gaming] Holy Land reform. And I also wanted to grope difficulty not only honest interior, but it had to, but try to put the hand because it already exquisite setting is made. But was only do I strengthen the dungeon monster in other Labyrinth, Labyrinth of this hand is not so easy. It is not too win, but to set so as not to lose it we need sense and knowledge. Only a little mucking interior is, it would be a limit to be changed I have in [gambling parlor of Kikoku].

But still general store - to be precise it is different, but since a similar location - be recovered and Chocho Choi flies were unsold goods of mold from can be. Since But to recover for free using the administrator privileges indeed past the great men of the things was the ability closed care about, and consume an enormous amount of chips obtained in the "Legend of gamblers".

This chip, it can be redeemed in cash, but then it is too spear that there is a high possibility that upset the economy of the magic empire, able to redeem more than a certain amount is supposed to be a little difficult if there various Arekore.

It was enough just to say that is to release its for extra chips. It's to there or still still, but also trying to enjoy when it came.

- Well, with a prima facie prospect also strengthen the avenger us because this time. To could also enhance the soil fertility, to obtain also the ability suitable to achieve the objective. Then you in the various crafts other, future but I will continue training, there is also that of red hair short who you are waiting.

By doing, once you have decided to go back to the king Metropolitan called. So, until the evening we will enjoy shopping here.

Gold's there as a mountain. Which is how it was lost a little buy, but would be of game types is essential that still substantial as home. Magic items of roulette and slots of course, dice and playing cards something even let us buy in large quantities. If installed it like to «Torino Palavela Onsenkyo», it must to be further up the elves of dependence. And I will be Kanekashi-ya «debt hell» is thriving by that amount. And elves can no longer return debt strive to migrant to become with me our limbs. As a result, to elf becomes stronger, ours revitalization. To elves of village defense force increases, I will be souvenirs and saga that is brought back from the outside decorate a little life that change was not in the woods. Nobody broke, it's the completion of a good thing us perfect eye flow. Gufufufufu, still gambling than to be, it is better to be turned to the side to be. That incidentally and I'll spread even in the king Metropolitan in. And can you also involving citizens not only the nobility.

What a is Minuka and the had to intrigue, and was chided in Kana-bi chan. Take them with you in moderation, it seems that that.

Wonder if the street, because I thought together, to keep nodded silently. Although no change is to be performed, it is now Place.

Since the evening came when are aligned buy a magic metal Yara various souvenirs, ours to enter the [gambling parlor of Kikoku] again. Facing the toilet near the entrance, and expand the warp gate to make sure that the absent anyone. And straight to ours dedicated VIP room with expansion in fifth district, to stand in front of the [Kikoku Gate] present therein.

[Kikoku Gate] and, the thing of the gate that I can connect without a relationship such as the distance a labyrinth each other was looted. two-body of the demon the left and right of the pillar is reminiscent of the Deva King - [Demon King] and the [Onitei] wonder whether. While is an image, there is a sense of movement, such as like living - except that it is, you are a shaped like vermilion torii. Such [Kikoku Gate] inside is formed curved space, it is not possible to foresee ahead, but it is certainly connected to the other of the labyrinth. Yes, it's a can be moved to any of the labyrinth in almost the moment it would be ultra-long distance if they have this.

Only if there is a presence of this [Kikoku Gate], I will decided to try looting a labyrinth of countries, was transferred to run. And [Kikoku Gate], at coming holy war, it's easy going to play an important role thing, but it does not matter now.

Anyway, ours is [Kikoku Gate] a dive, has moved out of looting the labyrinth to the basin of Kikoku water] closest to the royal capital. The moved earlier deepest. And torrents fall Shimizu, there is a vast waterfall. Expand the warp gate while looking down it, to move to the nearest hidden room outside. And after leaving the outside to get out in a hurry before the gate of the wall surrounding the labyrinth city «Akuriamu» it is closed, this time skeleton centipede decided to go back to the king Metropolitan run without using.

Running speed is fast enough to pull out easily horse, proceed without slowing down at all. If previous avenger us to high-speed high pace long-distance run I would have exhaustion on the way, but is come about if now the avenger us. It is not multiple capture in a short period of time [Jindai Dungeon] for nothing. Dungeon boss was delicious, still dungeon monsters of experience value defeated's enormous. Levels are elevated, and is stronger from the ground as the organism. I like to take the avenger who became a different person like, ours was kept running at night.

Early and arrived at the royal capital, it is a thing that you want to enjoy slowly the current achievements. There was also unplanned thing, delicious likely things went into many hands. While I think whether I'll cook, I was moving the feet while considering the next plan.



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