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Day 289

NEEDS EDITING, the Russian --> English is missing lines/content, double check with the Google Translation at the bottom. ~Miraclegrass

I edited it to make it sound more naturally English and added some of the missing content from the Google Translated version. ~ RDCro

I went through and did some editing of RDCro's work for better flow/grammar as I read this day for my own enjoyment. Thanks to RDCro for a wonderful job. It took me all day but I finished the rest of the day and also changed earlier sections to include missing content taken from the other two translations. Feel free to correct anything if I interpreted it incorrectly. Japanese RAWs at the bottom. Also copied some of Mistelone's phrasing from day 245 in the last part. ~Anonymous english-speaking editor

Japanese --> Russian --> English

Day 289

So, today I took the money we earned yesterday and went to conquer the 【Holy Land of Gambling】.

The dungeon was a simple dome in structure, with five sections on the inside.

Most explorers and visitors who enjoy gambling stayed in the first section, the outer ring. Then there was the second ring, which led into the narrower third. That led into the fourth ring, which led into the heart of the casino, the fifth center circle.

Unlike the other dungeons, where one would only have to look for the stairs, you would need to earn a certain amount of money or pay a large sum to move onto the next ring. And every time, the amounts get larger. It is difficult, but not impossible, because the betting rate goes up the farther you go.

After getting past a ring, you can move to all of the previous ones without charge, allowing you to go back outside to earn money if you lost a fortune here.

As such, a lot of rich people from the Atarakua Demon Empire and the Beast Kingdom, among many others, are almost constantly entertained here.

Meanwhile, the local badges are strictly personal, so even if others possess them, they will not work.

In the first round, where everyone is allowed in - they are not needed, but to move to the second ring you must earn the bronze badge first and to move to the third, the silver badge, to fourth the gold badge and to the fifth, the platinum badge.

Also, the dungeon monsters that appears here for the most part working as dealers or bartenders of the restaurants inside, so there is no need to fight except in the Coliseum arena.

Therefore, you can even see women and children inside, and it is possible to get to the final section with enough luck; it is this kind of a place.

It is very difficult to capture this place with sheer power, and all of the gambling inside will make it a very stressful place, even without any traps.

Going inside the 【Holy Land of Gambling】, we were able to slip past the first two rings into the center third ring because of the large amount of money I had earned outside the 【Holy Land of Gambling】 in the casino. After storing the silver permit badge into an item box, we all headed to the slot machines. 

The slots rotate in the machine at a high speed but due to our quick eyes, it seemed stable and we could easily keep track of them to consistently make money.

It seemed like we were committing fraud, but it was not since it came from a physical ability. Because of this, the dungeon monster [Black robes (Black clothing)] did not see our cheating nor tried to stop us. (Deleted the Russian idiom "wearing sunglasses'' becase they were not wearing them- Russianguy) 

Even if we only played slots in the third ring, the amount of winnings made is excellent. While the bets are large, in exchange the money income is also considerable.

Having played here for 10 minutes and earning some seed money to start with, I sent the Avenger and his group to the fighting arena (Coliseum) to gamble and earn more. After wandering around with Kanami-chan to figure out what to do, I went to the roulette table.

When I went to the table, the game had already begun. A dungeon monster dealer with the appearance of beautiful Northern European woman turned the rotating roulette disk (Wheel) on top of which spun a ball that must land in one of the 38 sections.

They were broken up into the sections numbering from 1 to 36 and painted in alternating colors of red and black, with the other two sections at the beginning numbering 0 painted in green.

Since the game was already beginning, I decided to watch the bets (Bet) of the other visitors (Player).

While observing for a while to understand the habits of the dealer and how the ball moved on the wheel, I bet small amounts. At this point, I was only winning double what I bet. Then, putting my bet all on one number, I safely won a large dividend of 36 times the amount.

At this point, the atmosphere around the table was wrapped in tremendous hustle and bustle, but there was nothing I could do about it.

This time I put 20 platinum chips that, due to coming straight into the third ring, was all that i had in my pocket.

If I lost, it would have been necessary to leave and earn more. Since I won however, I had earned 720 platinum chips.

That much money is on par with, or even superior than, the budget of the Sternbild Kingdom. Because of that, the hype that emerged was not unusual.

That amount of money was uncomfortable to hold, so I exchanged almost all of the chips to black steel chips, which isn't used anywhere else except in the 【Holy Land of Gambling】. After that I was left with 20 platinum chips and 70 black steel chips.

While feeling the weight of the money in my hand, Kanami and I went to Avenger and his company.

Since we had earned more than enough money, we can quickly travel to the 5th round.

Fortunately, finding the Avenger group was easy since they were in the area where the Coliseum arena-based fighting and gambling occurred.

I found them at a good moment, right when the Avenger knocked the King of the Arena out of the ring with a light blow.

The king of the arena had been undefeated until this point, so the odds were stacked in his favor. Therefore, a large amount was won with the Avenger's victory, with his four teammates having placed all their money and hopes on him; they all had an overjoyed look on their faces.

I wanted to go further into the dungeon joining forces with the Avenger group, but Kanami-chan wanted to have breakfast in one of the restaurants located in the 【Holy Land of Gambling】. The dish was incredibly expensive, but a dungeon monster cooked by a dungeon chef was so delicious, it was priceless.

Suddenly, I had to order it several more times.

After a little break, we moved on. We could move to the fourth round for free since I had earned more than requirement to advance a ring, so I just paid for everyone to go straight to the 5th round.

(This is so hard, I'm gonna die T-T. I promise to stop pushing for manga translations if this is what you guys have to go through ~RDCro)

The final (5th) round in the deepest center in comparison with the other ones was extremely small since only a few could reach here. Because there was no need for a lot of space, as a result it felt a little cramped. In exchange however, the interior decoration could be compared to that of a palace. Furthermore, the amount of money that flowed through this place was several magnitudes higher than a budget of the Sternbild Kingdom. I was told that the equivalent of a small country's national budget could be won or lost in a single game. At such a place, the wealthy could lose an overwhelming amount of money. 

At the same time, if there are those who could lose everything in just one defeat, there are also those who could become wickedly wealthy when they were just at the brink of bankruptcy before.

Right now, I saw a well-built middle-aged raccoon beast-man desperately screaming after losing a big game, and a dragonnewt in underwear flushed with excitement giving a courageous shout of victory. Thinking of it as a very understandable reaction, we glanced at them with interest hastily passing by.

We stopped once we reached a certain place.

This was something similar to a department store.

There were armor and magic potions, books and ornaments, precious jewels the size of a fist, laying carelessly on the shelves.

It was clear that these were all goods for immediate sale with the price tags attached to them, but the amount asked made it seem like such a rip-off that it's someone's joke.

However, the quality was not a joke. The store sold armor type magic items with powerful stealth abilities, consumable medicine providing [longevity] or [internal magical power increase], and other incredible magic potions, a magic book (Grimoire) containing a terrible magic spell, as well as jewelry containing mysterious magic. So many wonderful treasures that it was impossible to look away.

If you look at them carefully, really the prices seem quite reasonable.

If you were to ask why there is this kind of a place in the 【Holy Land of Gambling】? First of all, the merchandise are all items lost from visitors. After losing too many games with the dungeon monsters, they used those items as a bet.

But anyway, there is not much use for visitors coming to the 【Holy Land of Gambling】 to buy anything because honestly, the dungeon monsters will just end up winning them back. (I guessed the meaning of this sentence from the other two translations because the original one here made no sense. It would help if a native Japanese speaker could confirm this line from the RAW ~Anon Editor)

As a result, there are all of these items here on display are luxurious commodities, but only the conqueror of the dungeon can end up buying them.

Before in the earlier rings, there were these places too; but, the things here should be of the highest quality. With this expectation, I took a brief look.

I only took a brief look because one quick glance is enough to tell that the quality of goods is different in each section. That's why it made no sense to waste money there purposelessly.

Incidentally, for a certain period of time the original owner has a preferential negotiating right to buy the item supplied after it has been exhibited, where no one else can get it. So if the last owner appears with enough money, he will be able to buy the item back. However, actually doing so is quite difficult.

The items exhibited here are things with a extremely high value in order to cover the large bets; so to buy them, you need quite a large sum. At the same time, buying back an item lost to a bet is even more of a struggle since the already high amount is marked up even further by the store. 

Therefore, while looking for possible items to eat, I have no choice but to pretend to give up and sigh; but still, I keep on it looking around for something good to eat. (I guessed the meaning of this sentence. This translation made no sense. ~Anon Editor)

Gambling has lead to all these items being lost by somebody, who can do nothing but stare nervously to confirm that it has not yet been bought by anyone else. If it turns out to be still there, they can only look more worried. But if not, despair on their face instead.

If they have the time to worry like that, it would be better spent making the money instead. With this idea, I began to choose what would be useful here to buy. Every time I picked up an item, I would get a reaction from somebody. For one item I picked up, there was no reaction.

It was a huge gem.

The gem, which had a transparent bluish color, was charged with a mysterious magical power. According to my appraisal, it seems to be [Jewel-Sealed Ability (Sealing Gem)]. (The naming is guesswork. Help confirming is appreciated ~Anon Editor)

Although it is a gem, it seems that if I wanted to I can easily crush it in my hand like a balloon, and while crushing it, acquire the [Ability (Skill)]-something good.

That's the most dreadful thing about the 【Holy Land of Gambling】. You can play not only for gold, but anything you like, exchanging its worth for a corresponding amount of chips.

Naturally, things like armor and other personal belongings can be exchanged. However, other things can be exchanged too, including but not limited to: past memories, internal organs, the maximum value of your mana, [Jobs] and [Combat Arts], even your sense of honor or your life. However, abilities that are a disadvantage like [Weakness to Blunt Hits] or [Weakness to Cold] cannot be used as collateral since they are not beneficial and thus have no value.

If you win using the chips received, there will be no problems and the collateral will be delivered safe and sound back to the owner.

But if you lose... the result will something like this [Jewel-Sealed Ability]. It may contain [Jobs] and [Combat Arts] as well as other abilities, which have no form themselves.

Normally, there is no way to materialize something like this and transfer it to someone else. But we can assume it can be done here through the [Jewel-Sealed Ability], an unique item that can only be obtained in the 【Holy Land of Gambling】.

These [Jewel-Sealed Ability] are rare. But if you look around here carefully, several can be found.

In other rings, there were only mediocre ones. Only on the last section was it possible to find [Jewel-Sealed Ability] of good quality. That is, it is a rare commodity.

I found one [Jewel-Sealed Ability] with a green light, containing the special ability [Demonic Insect's Natural Enemy] that could be obtained in a 【Age of the Gods dungeon】.

For the purposes of the Avenger, it is a very useful ability. It allows for the application of critical damage to certain creatures. Given that this is one of the skills obtained in a 【Age of the Gods dungeon】, it is very expensive. But probably because it is a [Jewel-Sealed Ability] with a relatively low level of utility, it is classified as unpopular.

Because of this, the price is slightly lower, only 3 platinum pieces.

For something of this price, I immediately bought the [Jewel-Sealed Ability] and gave it to Avenger for use right away. While doing so, I thought if it would be good to find abilities that are more easily applicable or useful. 

After that, Avenger was surrounded by glow that almost immediately entered into his body. With this he had the ability of [Demonic Insect's Natural Enemy]. Thus, since we have achieved one of our goals here, I decided to look for something else for myself.

Among the exhibited products were a group of items that have stayed here unsold for a long time due to their exorbitant price. In addition, among them are even a few [Jewel-Sealed Ability], which were made here from the lost bets of [Great Heros] and even [Emperors]. Fragments of their abilities were there, emitting radiance large enough for my eyes to pop out of their sockets.

At first I thought to buy them, but then changed my mind, deciding that they would still be there after I conquer this place.

Since gambling relies on a luck factor though, stealing this place will not come as easily as before. So I decided I would be content with just successfully completing one of the goals for Avenger here. However, it would be disasterous if I spurge here and as a result there is not enough money in the war chest when I need it. Though when you win, you should do whatever you like.

With this in mind, I headed toward the center of the 5th section, which is located in a recess that allows you to watch all the games around--the place where [Legendary Gambler], the boss of the 【Holy Land of Gambling】, sat in front of me.

He had rich white hair tied back into a ponytail, with a black vest and a white shirt, upon which laid a neatly knotted butterfly bow tie. On the face of [Legendary Gambler] appeared a fearless smile and he asked me, "What kind of game shall we play?"

The 【Holy Land of Gambling】 has countless methods of gambling.

The only way to beat [Legendary Gambler] is to choose 3 types among them and win 2 out of the 3 matches. Even if I attack him, there would be no response. I cannot even touch him.

Thus I did not do something useless and chose to play the most popular roulette first.

Nodding, [Legendary Gambler] beckoned the roulette table to rise from the floor.

At the same time, music began, playing to all the visitors in the fifth section that I have issued a challenge.

As the audience gradually gathered, the [Legendary Gambler] laughed, "Actually, roulette is my greatest specialty."

[Dungeon boss [Legendary Gambler] successfully subjugated]

[God Psalm 【Holy Land of Gambling】 Clearing Conditions [Excessive Victory] [Revenge] [Ultra Luck] have been met]

[Achiever granted a special ability [Probability Control (Probability Oscillation)] ]

[As a bonus for the first subjugation, achiever will be awarded a treasure chest [Price of the Bet] ]

[As a privelege for conquering, use of the Warp Gate will be enabled]

[Please be careful when using the Warp Gate]

[For those who have awakened the Psalms/The key figures of God’s Lost Psalms, a part of the 【God of Gambling】 divine power will be granted]

[As the collector is an important figure of a Greater God, the quality of the Divine Power collected will be inferior]

[Portions of the Divine Power rejected by this rule will be turned into an object]

[【Yatendouji】 has obtained 【God of Gambling's Gambling Dice - Noriyuki !!!]

[Activating the unique ability [Dungeon Plunderer (crying demons of other worlds)], it is possible to seize 【Holy Land of Gambling】]

[Would you like to steal?]

"Yes / No"

Placing the received Divine treasure [God of Gambling's Gambling Dice - Noriyuki], radiating a golden glow, as well as 3 treasure chests into the item box, I selected "Yes"

[Special Ability 【Dungeon Plunder】 has been invoked. At this moment, control of the 【Holy Land of Gambling】 will shift from the 【God of Gambling】 to Yatendouji ]

[From now on, please manage the dungeon at your own discretion]

Day 288 == Day 289 == Day 290

Translator Google Russian --> English

By the way, I start the capture of [sacred place of the gambling] with the war funds that I obtained yesterday as the capital today.
If five rings image the thing which overlapped, the internal structure of [sacred place of the gambling] that is a dome type casino will be plain.
The circumference ward where there are many visitors who came is done with the first ward to enjoy the casino called the person of capture most widely, and it is with the second ward, the third ward, the fourth ward while getting narrow one after another, and it is the most deep part, and the center is done with the fifth ward.
Not the simple capture method to find stairs like other labyrinths, and to sink, I come to be able to move to the next division by earning an amount of money decided by the division, or paying じだけの amount of money.
The amount of money for it to travel the division jumps up whenever I move, but it is difficult, but is not impossible because the bet (rate) of the division rises only by just that much.
Outside make money and can come back even if I lose property here because it travels the division even once and free can make a round trip again and again to there to miss it if there is a published permission badge on this occasion.
In a man of influence or business magnates of a devil empire and the beast kingdom, there are many people playing regularly here.

By the way, without the effect being shown even if another person has because the permission badge is for exclusive use of an individual; again even as for whom because is not necessary for the first ward to put, is published from the second ward, and, as for the color, it is with platinum money, the fifth ward silver, the fourth ward copper, the third ward the second ward.

Then arena system does not have to fight except some casino games because the most commit the dungeon monster appearing here as a dealer or a bartender of the internal restaurant.
Therefore I see even women and children commonly here, and it is in internal structure to be able to advance to the back section with luck.
The capture by pure power push has difficulty in here, but, without a trap, the stress will be unbearable because in a sense it is simple.

It traveled such [sacred place of the gambling] for two wards of images by ordnance stores financial power at a stretch and started a casino game in the third ward of the middle.
After having put away a published silver permission badge in an item box, I turn a slot in all the members first of all.
The slot turns at high speed, but ビタリ and eyes overwhelm us and it is stable and can make money because it is possible.
Because it is ability derived from the body ability that it is like the fraud, and is not a fraud, there is not the movement of blue model dungeon monster "black clothes" (black book cloth) which I hung sunglasses watching injustice 達.

Still, there is only the slot in the indeed third ward, and one income is excellent.
The bet is big, but rewards of the amount are enough.

After saying to avengers that I made money by arena (the Colosseum) pro-gambling first of all, and sending you out after having earned a fixed quantity for ten approximately several minutes, and doing what with kana beauty, or having wandered in spite of being a thought, I was available on a table of the roulette.
A revolving plate (wheel) which a game has already begun when I took my place at the table, and is turned by the North Europe system beautiful woman dealer that will be a dungeon monster. I fall in one of the pocket that a ball rolling at the top was considered to be it for 38 wards.
A number to 36 is engraved into a pocket, and 0 of the beginning is dyed in rouge et noir after with green in turn.
I watched a seeing off, the bet (Bet) of other visitors (player) first.

After beating it while observing it I bet small amount for a while, and how the habit of a dealer and the wheel turned out, and having been defeated, allotment appeared for the large game to increase twice as much 36 in what I bet on one specific number called the glance bet and won safely afterwards.
The road edge neighborhood has been surrounded by the terrible noise, but, as for it, there will be no help for it.

It is 20 pieces of platinum tips that I bet this time. It is remainder almost all war funds that have decreased by division movement.
It was necessary to come again when I lost, but the mountain of 720 pieces of platinum tips was completed at a stretch at my hand by having won.
I am equal to national budget commonly or am an amount of money to surpass. It will not be funny even if made noise.

There is too many it and only has you change almost all into - - treated only in ten pieces of platinum tip shares and Fe tip - - [sacred place of the gambling] that it is because it is inconvenient to carry.
The Fe tip that it became 20 pieces of platinum tips and 70 pieces to have stayed at hand. I and the kana beauty went to meet avengers while feeling the weight in a hand.

Because I saved it so as to be too enough, the money which only can already move to the fifth ward is to advance quickly.

Fortunately, as for avengers, it was easy to look for it because I was in the plot where a casino game of arena origin was concentrated properly.
When I found it, it was the moment when the king of the arena was made to vanish lightly at a blow of the avenger timely.
The king seemed to be a courageous man of the victory after victory, and a king seemed to be superior by the victory or defeat expectation. Therefore the magnification when an avenger won is high, and four people who bet it on an avenger in full are overjoyed faces.

I thought to advance with avengers who joined earlier, but decided to take lunch by suggestion of the kana beauty once in a restaurant in [sacred place of the gambling].
The dish was considerably expensive, but the dish cooked by a cook type dungeon monster was delicious and would be worth being more than a price.
After having repeated approximately several times of orders unintentionally, I moved after I took a break a little.
Because it is the - - labyrinth which earned a fixed quantity in the third ward, free move to the next fourth ward by - - 事 which you should exceed with the total amount of money of none of the parties and I pay the fifth ward the money for all the members and enter it.

There is the fifth ward only in the most deep part, and there are extremely fewer accessible people than others.
Therefore I feel the fifth ward that does not need area to there slightly in comparison with to this narrowly, but it is luxurious so as to think whether the interior decoration is some palace, and the amount of money to move is far superior.
I am told that the national budget of the small country works by the victory or defeat of the bout.
Such place だ, The prosperous must decay as it is busy seem to happen.

If the person who loses all in only one defeat enters, there is the person succeeding in からの bestial wickedness change just before bankruptcy.

The beast person like a stout middle-aged cunning person is defeated by a large game and exclaims, and there is still a half dragon person dressed in the underwear which I do a face from excitement red-hot and give a courageous shout of the victory to.
I pass it in looking askance at while thinking that it is a plain reaction and go directly to we はとある plot.

There was totally a place such as the general shops.
A certain big jewel is sorted as arms and magic medicine, a book and personal ornaments, the fist roughly and there is many it and is displayed without a feeling of unification.
There was a price tag near the product and understood that it was an article for sale immediately, but a price so as to think whether nothing was ボッタクリ was displayed.

However, the jewels which were tinged with the magic medicine of various hues with strong efficacy such as arms type magic item, [longevity] or [internal magical power increase] to hide practical, strong ability in, a magic book (グリモワール) which contained a terrible magical power, the treasure which it was too beautiful, and seemed to come to must keep an eye on it, a strange magical power.
It was a heap of articles which could be convinced that the price was surely appropriate if I judged it.

When it is said why [sacred place of the gambling] there is such a place, people who in the first place these are not visitors, and were defeated by the game with dungeon monsters are a bet, the articles which, as a result, I was robbed of as a substitute for one of a tip.
But, anyway, there is not the honest use if it is a visitor coming to [sacred place of the gambling] even if a dungeon monster gets these.
Then articles bet in a thing are displayed here and are the reason that even anyone comes to be able to buy if it is a person of capture that it is treated as a product, and came to here.

There was similar place by the fourth ward from the first ward except the fifth ward, but one after all of best quality is the fifth ward for the time being. Therefore I finished it just to have peeped out lightly until now.
Therefore I understand it, but the quality of the product seems to be different every division so as after all to know it at first sight. I will be worth not having used the money spent for no purpose.

By the way, others cannot buy the product immediately because an original owner has preferential negotiating rights for a certain period of time because it was displayed.
Therefore if there was even money, the original owner could buy it back, however it was that it was readily difficult.
If it bets it, it is necessary to be an expensive article suitably, and this is because the amount of money to buy it back if it becomes so grows big.
If it always loses a bet, and it buys back the compensation and the thing which did it, it is clear that it is with a steeper thing as for the trouble.

I wave a face while staring into a specific product around that purpose but to vomit, and to give up a sigh, and people whom, however, I stare into again are found here and there.
It is the failure who cannot give it up until the articles which I bet it and was robbed of confirm what have not been yet bought for somebody and stare while not being bought for somebody, or feeling nervous and it is bought for somebody.

I started search for a lucky find while thinking that you should make money if there was such a time.
There was a reaction of somebody whenever I picked up a product, and I took one product in a hand while there was not it.

It was a huge jewel.
The jewel which was transparent blue is charged with a strange magical power. After judging it, I seem to say [jewel (seal Cem) of the seal ability].
It is a jewel, but I can totally crush it like a balloon if I grasp it with intention and am a comfort to be able to acquire [ability (skill)] which is enclosed when I smash it.

It is a dreadful thing, but can exchange various things with the tip of the amount of money that accepted it as a security as well as money in [sacred place of the gambling].
If it is people possessing such as past memory, the organ of own, the maximum of the internal magical power, [occupation] and [strategy], a sense or the honor that I piled up, possibility - - corrects even life, and, not to mention the personal effects such as arms, there is not value including [weak a blow] and [chilly fragility] or a thing becoming disadvantageous of the owners is - - which is not secured.

And, using the tip which I got, there is not the problem if I win.
The thing making a security comes back without a problem.

However, what happens when I lose? One of the ends is this [jewel of the seal ability].
Various ability that there is not in form including [strategy] and [occupation] in this is contained.
I make the thing of such a kind a material, and the art to give to others does not exist, and [jewel of the seal ability] should originally think with an item existing only in [sacred place of the gambling].
There are few numbers, but I am how old, or here is such [jewel of the seal ability] if I look for it.
Want [jewel of the seal ability] that there was only ショボイ thing by other divisions, but there is only the most deep part, and is of good quality here prepared; had style.

It was one of the special ability (special skill) that there was it when it said [devil insect ノ natural enemy] to contain that it was light green [jewel of the seal ability] and could get in [Kojiro dungeon].

For the purpose of the avenger, it is the ability that is very useful if there is it.
The scarcity value is very high, but, as for the convenience, as for much popularity, it seems to be in the class that there is not in [jewel of the seal ability] from a low thing in exchange for the thing that is fatal in specific existence from a thing called one of the special ability to be provided in [Kojiro dungeon].
The price is three pieces of rather cheap platinum tips slightly.
If is surely this amount of money; other; I purchase it immediately while thinking that is easy to use it more, and may buy a useful thing, and let an avenger crush it.
Then strange light occurred, and it was breathed in by an avenger.
The avenger got [devil insect ノ natural enemy] in this. Because I was able to be accomplished in this, I look for objective one which came to here more.

There are many things which have been remaining unsold for many years to be too expensive in the product.
Besides, there seemed to be [jewel of the seal ability] which [英勇] and [emperor] lost a bet, and had paid some and was large amount as eyes jumped out, but fragments of the ability were sold.

I intended to buy it, but stay whether it takes here, and it is after, and you are all right.

Anyway, gambling might not take it as before because a factor of the luck affected it. Based on it, the affair of the avenger who established it as the aim that you should clear to a minimum was able to be accomplished safely.
However, I squander money here, and the eyes are not affected if it is expected that I ran out of war funds how when, as a result, it is necessary. When you won, you should do as you would like.

I sat down on the place that I could watch a game of from all neighborhoods before a dungeon boss "legendary carder" (legend gambler) who stood still like the center of the fifth ward, a basin while thinking so because it was lower than the neighborhood.
The rich white hair is prepared in all back, and I dress a black vest and a white shirt well with bibuttocks, and the dandy legend gambler who did a bow tie floats a fearless smile, and "which game do you play to me?" I visited と.

Many casino games in [sacred place of the gambling].
I choose three kinds from that, and this "legendary carder" becomes unable to defeat it only by making two wins between three. It will not be possible even to touch it even if I pay out a blow of the speed not to permit even a reaction.
Therefore I did not do a useless thing and chose the most proud roulette first. "The legendary carder" nods, and roulette rises from the floor.
The music played at the same time, and it was handed down to the visitor who was in the fifth ward that I challenged.
The audience who gradually increased, "the legendary carder" who laughed fearlessly said,, "in fact, I, roulette were proud most" and floated a smile.

[succeeded in the subjugation of the dungeon boss "legendary carder"] [victory 】 【 reversal check 】 【 超運招掴 】 having too much clear condition 【 of sacred place (gamble Mecca)] of the God hesitation poem [gambling was accomplished] [accomplisher party was given special ability 【 probability change (probability Osh military ration) 】] [compensation 】 of the treasure chest 【 bet was given accomplisher party as the first subjugation bonus] [the use of the warp gate is lifted the ban on as a privilege after the capture] [because only a person of capture becomes the application, please warn the warp gate]

[, for the God hesitation poem capture by the person of poem awakening / central figure, a part of the divine power of God 】 of the 【 gambling was collected] [because the master of collection was Ogami, as for the divine power collection, a type of a rice plant of God whom the pawn was inferior to was flipped] [a part of the refused divine power becomes a material by a rule] [the nocturnal sky apprentice to a priest party obtained 【 賭博神之賽子 (gamble dice) 】!] !]

[I came to be able to obtain the labyrinth which had been conquered by an effect of special ability 【 labyrinth plunder, 鬼哭異界 】] [, by condition conformity, I can plunder sacred place] of the [gambling.] Do you plunder it?
≪ YES ≫≪ NO ≫]

I collect three dice - - and treasure chests shining in the - - gold which is which I obtained this time [sacred treasures] [賭博神之賽子] and choose ,≪ YES ≫.

[special ability 【 labyrinth plunder, 鬼哭異界 】 exercised it.] ] [the adjustment of the labyrinth is arbitrary, and, please go] that the control of [sacred place of the gambling] switched over from [God of the gambling] to a nocturnal sky apprentice to a priest from the present

Google Translate (Needs Editing)

Well, today in the under a war chest that was placed in the hands yesterday, to start the capture of [Gambling of the Holy Land]. Internal structure of a dome-shaped casino gambling [Holy Land] would be easy to understand if image things that wheel of five are overlapped. The most widely capture's customers often outer edge Ward who came to enjoy the casino that is the first district, the second district while narrowing in turn, third district, becomes a fourth district, the heart is the deepest fifth It has been with the district. Dive to find the stairs as other labyrinth, it is not a simple capture method that, you can either earn the amount of money that was settled in the compartment, or that in so can move to the next compartment to pay the amount of the same only there. Although the amount for moving the compartments jumps every time it moves, because the stakes amount corresponding compartments (rate) increases, it is but not impossible difficult. And to move the compartment even once, since that time any number of times until there if allowed badge, which is issued to be round trip for free, to lose a fortune here, it's possible to come back and earn outside . Such as in the magic empire and beast kingdom of stalwarts and wealthy merchant, also numerous who are playing on a regular basis here.

By the way permit badge is not because individuals dedicated effect with the others is exhibited, also who is in the first district to put even been issued from the second district because you do not need, second wards copper its color, the third district silver, fourth district gold, fifth district has become a platinum.

Then dungeon monsters for the most is working as such as dealers and internal eateries bartender appearing here, there is no need to fight with the exception of the part of the casino games such as the arena system. And to see the normally here in the for women and children, if you are lucky possible to proceed to the back of the section, has become the internal structure of. Here is also the capture of a pure force press albeit difficult, trap without any, it means simple because the stress that there will not unbearable.

Such [gambling of the Holy Land] were moved at once two compartment minute by the force of war chest, and started the casino game in the third district of the middle. After storing the issued silver permit badge to an item box, turn the slot at the time being everyone. Slot is rotating at high speed, it is possible to earn in a stable because Dekiru press ours if Vitali and eyes. It is not a cheat like a cheat, because it is the ability of the derived physical ability, fraud youth type dungeon monster multiplied by the sunglasses that you are monitoring "black clothing (black cloth)" our movement is not.

Even so, if there only slot in the third district indeed, once the earning's very best. Although wager is large, the amount of return is enough.

Ten after it earned a few minutes about it over a period of a certain amount is considered to be one for the time being the avenger us to send out to say that to come earns at gaming arena (the Colosseum) system, to do it with a Kana-bi chan After it was wandering while, I went to the roulette table. Has already game began when it was attached to the table, rotating disk is rotated by the Nordic-based beauty dealers would dungeon monsters (wheel). Ball rolling over its I fall in any of the pocket, which is thirty-eight division. Carved a number of up to thirty-six the pocket, the first 0 in the green, after I have been dyed in red and black alternately. I since the first of the send-off, were sightseeing a bet (bet) of other customers (players).

After then you can lose or win while observing for a while whether to bet a small has become what the habit of dealers and wheel, that glance bet, and large dividends become thirty-six times by applying to one specific number out into the game, it was victory safely. Tin surrounding had been wrapped in a tremendous hustle and bustle, but it also would not be helped.

Twenty sheets platinum chip for I'll bet this time. The rest of the war chest, which had decreased by such compartment move is almost all. When you lose it was necessary to re-appear, but in my hand at that won finished a stretch platinum chip seven hundred twenty pieces of mountain. Normally comparable to the national budget, or is the amount that surpasses. Well it will not be funny even if I was making noise.

Because just inconvenient that carry it too much, almost all platinum chip tens minutes become black gold chips - and ask them to exchange in - not only are treated in [the Holy Land of gambling]. The remaining at hand and twenty sheets of platinum chip, Kurogane chip became seventy sheets. While feeling to hand the weight, I and Kana-bi chan went to pick the avenger us.

Since already gold only can move up to fifth district accumulated more than enough, it is because quickly it proceeds.

Since Fortunately avenger who was Ichi-kaku Nii that properly arena-based casino games are concentrated, it was easy to find. When it finds the timing well, it was a moment that arena of champions has been blown away lightly with a single blow of the avenger. Champion seemed was a veteran of victories, it seems to have been dominant champion in the win-loss forecast. Therefore magnification when the avenger has won a high, four people who had bet the full amount to the avenger is Hokuhoku face.

I thought it would Susumo to join the avenger who the previous, but was determined to lunch thing in restaurants in the once [gambling Holy Land] in the proposed of Kana-bi chan. Although food was quite expensive, the food cooked by chefs type dungeon monster well, would have been worth more than price. After repeated involuntarily order about several times, and has moved from a little break. The next fourth district earned a certain amount in the third district is - because labyrinth may be Uwamaware the total amount of the entire party - thing by Go for free, in the fifth district and admission paying all worth of gold to.

Fifth district who can reach there only deepest is extremely small compared to other. Therefore there until the breadth fifth district that does not require but feel a little narrow when compared with the past, the interior is gorgeous enough to think whether humble palace, also amount to move it several orders of magnitude. Moving the national budget of a small country in the outcome of one game, it has been told up to a. It is such a place, seems to happening prosperous must decay of more dizzying.

Even if put those who lose everything in just one defeat, there are those who succeed in large reversal from bankruptcy.

Even now beast who like a nice middle-aged of raccoon dog of stout is screaming and lost the large game, half-dragon's underwear that are raising the cry of victory in the red face or from the excitement is there. While I think that it is a straightforward reaction to pass it to the side glance, ours is perpendicular to the phrase one-screen.

There was like places such as grocery stores. Armor and magic medicine, books and ornaments, such as large gem fist as also is roughly classified, are numerous exhibition unity without any. On the side of the product there is a price tag, I know immediately that's for sale, but that none had been displayed the price of much would think what is not a rip-off.

However, practical and powerful ability to conceal armor type magic items, [longevity] and various shades of magic drugs where there is a powerful medicinal properties, such as [the body magic increase], magic statement that included a tremendous magical power (Grimoire), beauty The only not tied eyes will likely treasure, such as such as jewelry tinged with mysterious magic. As it were appraised, the price was certainly a mountain of many items that can be convinced that it is appropriate.

Say whether there is a place like this to why [gambling of the Holy Land], the first place this like who who lost the game with the dungeon monsters rather than the customer each other bet instead of chips, is many items that were deprived as a result. But anyway it if customers come to the Holy Land of gambling], also dungeon monster is getting this, etc., honest Tsukaimichi no. If it, ordered here many items that have been bet by that, I mean that it is treated as a commodity is supposed to be able to buy anyone if cheats who come here.

Once, it is fourth district where something similar before from the fifth district first district other than there was, but still the most quality of the good is the fifth district. So far it has been finished in just peeped as kidnapping. You know why, but much still at a glance, it seems the quality of the product is different in each compartment. Would thing that there is worth that did not use the wasted money.

By the way products are a certain period of time, because there is a preferential negotiation rights to the original owner, immediately just because were exhibited it is not to buy the others. So the original owner's Can I buy back if they have money, but it was also a difficult thing people inside. gambling and it is and must be an expensive goods accordingly, because the amount of the order to buy back if that happens also increases. If accustomed to just even it lost the bet and its price were things that the buy back, it is clear that the struggle becomes more rugged mono.

Therefore, while looking to devour a particular product around, but pretend the face to give up wearing a sigh, but also to devour those who are looking to is found here and there. Betting is sure that the many items that were deprived not yet been bought by someone, staring while suspenseful or not bought by someone, and it's underdog that can not be given up until it is bought by someone.

The wish I earn if there is a kind of spare time, and while I think, I began to shop around in search of bargains. While or may not be present, the reaction of someone every time you take the goods in hand, I took in hand a single commodity.

It was a huge gem.

Jewelry was a sheer blue, they are charged with mysterious magic. As a result of appraisal, [Seal Ability of Jewelry (Seal Gem)] seems that. There is a gem, but it is possible to stomp as if balloon if Nigirishimere to have the intention, it is possible to acquire the [Ability (Skill)], which is sealed to be crushed, it's good thing.

Dreadful and that he is not only the money in [gambling of the Holy Land], as collateral a variety of things, it is possible that changing the amount of chips in response to it.

Personal belongings, such as armor, of course, past memories, its own organ, the maximum value of the body magic, [Occupation] and [Combat Arts], etc. senses and piled up honor, even possible life if the person in possession - However [Beatings Vulnerable] and [Cold Vulnerable] there is no value, and the like, or things that would disadvantage of the holder is not a collateral - said.

Then use the tip to be obtained, it win be no problem. What you have collateral also come back without any problems.

But what happens if you lose. One of the result is it [Jewelry Seal Function] this. This such as [Combat Arts] and [Occupation], the different abilities are included that can not be in the form.

Originally the substance of things of that kind, because there is no way to be applied to others, [Jewelry Seal Function] It would be nice if you and items that do not exist only to the gambling of the Holy Land].

Such [Jewelry Seal Function], the number is to look here in the small, but there are several.

Although only did not those pale in the other compartment, here to align the [Jewelry Seal Function] fine There is only the deepest there were goods of mercenary you.

It is a [Jewelry Seal Function] of light green, it was one of that is [Ma蟲No Natural Enemies] to comprehension, that there [Jindai dungeon] that the possible special ability to get in the (special skills).

For the purposes of Avenger, it is a very useful capability if. Scarcity value from the fact that one of the special abilities that can be obtained in [Jindai dungeon] he's very high, from in exchange and that it is fatal that convenience is low in particular existence, [jewelry seal Function] Popular remainder in seems to be no classes. Platinum chip three pieces of the price is a little cheaper. Certainly I wonder would it be easy to use this amount of money if other more can buy useful things, and I think while I purchased immediately and to Nigiritsubusa to Avenger.

Then mysterious light is generated, and were being sucked into the avenger. This avenger was obtained [Ma蟲No natural enemies]. Now that we have achieved in this is one of the objectives that came here, to go further ransacked.

Because it is too expensive Some of the goods, even things that are unsold for many years numerous. Moreover, [Jewelry Seal Function] to [EiIsamu] I had paid with lose the bet and [Emperor] also seems certain some, although it is expensive enough eye-popping, shards us of the ability has been sold.

I thought even whether to buy it, whether it is good from depriving here, and you give up.

After all since the gambling come into play elements of luck, there is a possibility that it is not Steal as before. Based on it, one review of revenge who has set as a target should be a minimum clear it was also able to successfully achieve. Yet by splurge here, and as a result war chest when needed was not enough and, if it is such thing made a disastrous appearance. When you win, it would be nice if in love.

While I think so, I'm the center of the fifth arrondissement, is lower than the surrounding as basin, was sitting in front of the dungeon boss standing in a location that can be watched from all around "gamblers of legend (Legend gamblers)". Rich white hair is trimmed to the all-back, black vest and white shirt Bishiri and dress, dandy Legend gambler in which the bow tie, it floated a fearless smile, do you play to me with "What game? "And we've been asked.

A number of casino games on the [Holy Land of gambling]. Select the three types among them, only be to two wins during the three races, the "Legend of gamblers" is so as not to defeat. Even feeding me is the strike rate that does not allow even reaction For example, it will not even be touched. So I do not that useless, I chose the first most favorite roulette. "Legend of the gamblers" nodded, roulette comes up bidding from the floor. At the same time also flows through music, it is I have transmitted to the customer who was in the fifth arrondissement I will challenge. Gradually increase the audience, fearless laugh "gamblers of Legend" is, "Actually I, roulette is I'm most good at," smiled the smile to say.

[We succeeded to subdue the dungeon boss "Legend of gamblers"] [God Psalm [gambling of the Holy Land was (gambling Mecca) Clearing condition [excess victory] [reverse prevention] of] the [ultra-luck 招掴] achieved] [Achiever in line special ability [probability variation (provider capability-oscillation)] has been granted] [The achiever line was awarded the [price of the bet] treasure chests as first subdue bonus] [As cheats after benefits, use of warp gate will be lifted] [Since the warp gate will apply only capture people, please note]

[Because of God Psalm Exploits Psalm awakening manager / main character, part of the God force of [God of gambling] has been collected] [Shenli collection because collection Lord was Okami, divine power of God inferior quality has been played] [By some of the provisions of the divine power that was repelled, it will materialize] [Night Sky's Child's party got the [dice (gambling dice) Noriyuki gambling God] night! ! ]

[Due to the effect of the special ability [labyrinth looting, Kikoku alien world], now as be able to get the win already labyrinth] [By the conditions fit, you can plunder the gambling of the Holy Land. Do you want to plunder? «YES» «NO»]

[Dice gambling God Noriyuki is a Got [sacred treasures] this time - three of the dice golden - was recovered and the treasure box, select the «YES».

[Special ability [labyrinth looting, Kikoku alien world] it has been activated. Has moved to Night Sky's Child from dominion [God of Gaming] of [gaming of the Holy Land] from the present time]

[Hereafter, please go labyrinth of adjustment in any]

Day 289 RAWS

 武具などの所持品はもちろん、過去の記憶、自身の臓器、体内魔力の最大値、【職業】や【戦技】、感覚や積み上げた名誉などなど、所持している者ならば命 ですら可能――ただし【殴打脆弱】や【寒冷脆弱】など価値が無い、または所持者の不利益になるモノは担保にならない――だ。

  ≪YES≫ ≪NO≫]



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