Day 288

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Day 288

I did not notice that I was at the Casino all night since yesterday.

In the beginning, I was playing with the guests, but as I continued to win, the game continued against the casino itself.

And then I went on to win, and now I have accumulated platinum chips (each of which is a white gold coin), more than 10 of them.

I came here not only to enjoy the casino, but in order to collect the necessary funds for the conquest of 【Holy Land of Gambling】, and I have already scored three times more than planned.

In the range of the city, the game pieces can be used as currency in almost all places, with only a few exceptions. I had almost finished providing the necessary funds for my main goal.

Here in all the casinos, except for the 【Holy Land of Gambling】(the dungeon), there is a manager. If I win too much, he will have problems with me.

And just before I was about to leave the casino the manager came [I was at the third largest casino in the city, one of the great casino 【Deems-Lucked】]. He looked like a pig, and the frightened dealer whispered, "At all costs, come back! I can not get fired," looking at me as a sworn enemy.

Well, if someone wants to fight, he will get it. Thus, I decided to stay to the end.

We'll squeeze them to the limit.

Fundamentally, in the end, the casino always wins.

It may seem like you are winning, but in the end, you still lose to such a system.

That's only sometimes with visitors with high success rates, and in this case there is some kind of "mercenary" who is extremely skilled at dealing.

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Of course here in the 【Deems-Lucked】 they also have games where skills are the main focus.

The dealers that played with me before at other casinos were pretty good, maybe even among the top dealers.

But they kept losing.

And along the way, my stack of chips kept growing.

Among the dealers across Schuler (cheater) , they juggled cards, but it is easy for me to notice things like that, and it was easy to stop.

(I changed the sentence under the assumption Schuler is a place ~RDCro) (schuler - if it's from russian then it means cheater)

At the same time, I aquired quite a lot of chips.

Incidentally, when the dealer is caught cheating, the credibility of the casino falls, and as such, when detected, the dealer is immediately fired.

I caught my fair share of cheating dealers who will likely be unemployed tomorrow. It's a cruel thing to do, but it is the survival of the fittest out here.

As a result, it turned out that if I walk away with all the platinum chips that I have earned, the casino 【Deems-Lucked】 will fall into a very difficult financial situation.

Finally, in a hurry, the manager played his trump card.

There, in front of my eyes, was a dandy demon man with skills good enough to be included in the top five dealers in the city. He doesn't go out into public very often, but when he does, he always wins. (Dundee- well, yeah...)

This demon man was a blackjack dealer.

Taking a completely new deck, he began to shuffle so quickly that there was almost no visible slots. He was obviously extremely skilled.

If he ran the cards as usual, it would have been very difficult to win.

His art, honed to perfection, appeared to me to be quite sluggish.

The fact that I was able to solve a scam from the casino's prior dealers, was mostly due to the psychological factor, or perhaps my overwhelming presence and my sight which created an almost physical pressure, and besides ,【Golden Rule】【Happy Elephant Wealth】 and 【Luck】 strongly pushed my victory.

Because of the Demon man dealer's sluggish movements in the game, he began to make mistakes, which accumulated and eventually undermined his carefully planned victory.

As a result, I just relied on my abilities, and I kept winning and platinum pieces lined up in front of me as a whole mountain.

As expected, seeing as I had defeated the dealer who was the manager's trump card, before he passed the point of no return, he surrendered.

I regretted looking around, and I decided it would be no good if I completely defeat of the casinos while I'm here (as the goods will all be mine after I capture the dungeon), so, collecting a huge amount of chips in one hand, I went outside.

After purchasing more than enough assets, tomorrow I'm going to the 【Holy Land of Gambling】, but today I decided to walk around the city.

At this point, from behind the counter, the old woman asked, "Do you need to get lucky charms?", pulling earrings with little crystals inside out from under the counter.

The item slightly increases [luck], a children's pocket money couldn't buy it, but it is not very expensive. The magic item is easy to find in this town, and usually does not make sense to sell somewhere else.

By type, the item's level is [Common], close to [Rare], even if you have lots of them, there will be almost no visible effect.

But in order to raise my level of [High Luck], they may come in handy, so I bought everything that she sold.

Still, it was pretty cheap.

As I chewed the bought charms, I examined the local attractions.

Because of the large numbers, the level of [High Luck] rose higher than I expected.

The next time I meet this old lady, I will have to buy another.

Incidentally, the Avenger and the company participated in the battles in the Coliseum, and apparently one could earn a killing, provided that they continued to win. In the end they even defeated the king of the Colosseum, that's also not a bad way to spend a night.

I can buy all sorts of personal belongings with the gold I won. But, since the gold is necessary for our original purpose of the visit, I did not spend too much.

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Google Translate (Needs Editing)

By frequenting from yesterday to the casino, I've been up all night if noticed. At first, I was enjoying a game of each other customers, but became the game of the casino side because too win.

But continue to win still, my maximum amount of platinum chip is at hand - a piece worth of white gold one sheet in - has been stacked a dozen sheets. It's enjoyed the game entered here, but he was to raise war funds needed to capture the [Holy Land of gambling], which has been a about three premium of chips that had already initially planned. Since the casino chips that are used in the cities of other common chip that can also be used in the casino, except for some exceptions, I thought it is going Kiriageyo at the time the war chest procurement is the original purpose has been completed It was. Since this [gambling Holy Land except casinos there are always management, but he is Yara operated even too wins too much was the consideration that I thought it would be a little much.

But here before me comes out - came manager such as piglets of one [Jemushe-Rakudo] of the three major casino, which boasts the city in one of the largest scale, in an undertone against dealers that had presided over the game " Read recover anyhow gold. If it is not possible to said neck's ". Manager of the eye for me is it was before the sworn enemy. So sold the fight would be no choice but to buy, it was to continue at until the last thing that. And we'll squeeze until the last minute, the thing that.

Basically, in the casino casino side is to win the final. The it appears to have seemingly winning has become a system to build the situations that are lost will eventually be considered comprehensively.

But because there are occasionally customers keep winning in Australia luck, often a variety of techniques and is go-getter dealers not an exaggeration to say that bouncer to recover the gold by making full use of being hired. It is a matter of course, even here [Jemushe-Rakudo], quality and quantity of scale correspondingly are aligned. So far several people of dealers who the opponent also, was something that it is not permissible to say go-getter. If other casinos will be able to reign as the top dealer.

But, still it was lost to me. My chip each time was increased height. But was there also those who were cheating, such as in the dealer to replace the card to be distributed in an instant, it was enough if possible I to suppress the moment with insight from slight behavior. It in the obtained chip also quite large. By the way, since the cheating dealer at the casino is directly connected to the disrepute of the casino, if Roken the immediate dismissal (neck), seems. To refer the manager was 嗾 only, dealers who I to was Minuka cheating will probably become unemployed from tomorrow. While I think that it is indescribably tough thing, which is also It will not be the only ask to give up in the fact that it is law of the jungle.

Then, when running, [Jemushe-Rakudo] and if I can go have all platinum chip got was up to the state to be a very costly expense.

And it does finally impatient was the, manager has issued a trump card. It is in front of my eyes, it is a middle-aged man of Dundee of Majin. To say the surrounding audience, prowess in front of the Majin dealer eyes also seems to enter the five fingers in the city. I seldom come out it is unlikely, but Toka has always won if me out with.

And such Majin dealer we went to Black Jack. Shuffle the Majin dealer brand new playing cards until the relentless, we will continue to adjust the position of the playing cards in almost noticed no such technology in the interval interval. If Trump is operated as you think of Majin dealers, it is very difficult for me to win and if normal. Ability of Majin dealers that should not go mad and if usually, but only this time it was dull.

Mental pressure the Majin dealer before dealers our that made the game than cheating by the fact that I have insight will also there is a little, but physical strain due to gaze stare intimidating and prey I have drips, and the [good luck (rack)] is [Fukuzo of wealth called [golden rule] is to boost strongly my victory.

Occur first just trivial mistake by dull movement, gradually pile it, path of victory should the Majin dealer assembled became that it twisted.

A result, I own is not specifically anything relying on ability, and won also at the end of the Majin dealer, is at hand could mountain of platinum chip. Truly do because there is Majin dealer was trump card was crushing defeat, Continuing more That's would not irreversible, seems manager also gave up it is determined that. While it is seen to have to chagrined, where it would be crushed and it is determined that would decrease the pawn of when you plunder the labyrinth and out a huge chip in one hand.

Now that you have secured an appointment or more of the big money, tomorrow in the things that challenge to the gambling of the Holy Land] to be the production, it was decided to go around various cities today. At that time, the old woman open the open-air "talisman of good luck Irankane" and is multiplied by the voice, was proffered earrings small crystal is embedded. Earrings is a kind of magic item, name [lucky necklace] called. The effect of the degree to be just slightly raise the [good luck], but it is not even so high not buy is about children of pocket money, it is a magic item of degree but decent sell in this city that are not Mimuki deaf in the other cities. Apparently for the hand, [bad (in Ferio Rithy)] I Normal (Normal)] of the class of goods as close to the class. Although the number is large, it seems not a mono help up there. But if you think in the future, it will become a plus raise the level of the [good luck] that I have, I bought every available piece in the open air, it is determined that. Cheaper than I thought even it, was consumed by the knob sense it is downy crunching sound Eating while Tour of the city. Since the number is [good luck] level than I thought or because were many rises, no doubt was a good shopping. Also it would be good to buy if you meet the old woman.

By the way avenger who is revenge who played in the Coliseum, apparently it was making a killing in that you keep winning. It seems to have gone to victory even in the Colosseum of champions in the final, but, well, would also kind of how to spend.

I had bought a variety of personal belongings in the earned gold. Since gold also for the original purpose need to come here, let us now is a white to keep feeling attention to.



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