Day 287

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Day 287

The next day, after the creation of the hot springs, we were escorted by our tamed capybaras and other monsters. We set off towards the Labyrinth CityDeegambling】.

If possible, we will come back here.

And just after a few hours of traveling, without any incidents, we safely arrived.

Before dinner, we were standing in a queue in front of the huge gates at the entrance to the city.

It was about an hour before our turn came. After passing inspection and paying for passage, we happily got into town.

I thought that the recent observers would stop us here, but apparently I worried for no reason.

Or maybe the observers did not belong to the authorities of the Atarakua Demon Empire.

Well, right now there is no need to worry.

Choosing an upscale hotel, which will be a base for our operations, we went for a walk around the neighborhood.

The roads here are paved with stone and the houses look planned out.

Thriving shops lined both sides of the road, from which came the pleasant aroma of cooking.

Moving forward on the road we came across a large building, which has a gambling house - the casino. We all entered together.

Inside, representatives of a variety of races, both sexes, heartily enjoyed gambling, creating a very festive atmosphere.

Here and there, you could see a very unusual scene.

Apparently of noble origin, the boy in the expensive clothes, the commoner man, middle-aged woman with a dazzling smile and a young girl with a beautiful smile, sitting at the same table. A boy dressed as a dealer was shuffling, having just opened them a new deck of cards.

Generally, because of the difference in status and power, they should be isolated from each other. However, no one showed concern about this.

In addition to this, there was quite a lot of such groups. Apparently their social status and power do not matter here, I felt that here, in spite of the situation, you can compete on equal terms. Moreover, the losers in the game dutifully gave the winners what was at stake.

The loser pays, the winner receives.

This is the basic rule of gambling, but in other places, especially where noblemen play with commoners, if the noblemen begin losing, they will say, "I do not know", or "You're cheating", or could even kill the opponent. So the location itself is quite unique.

Only for the Labyrinth CityDeegambling】, it is quite natural behavior.

Fortunately in the city center, there is a huge dome structure, where the casino is located, an [Age of the Gods Dungeons] [God Rank] created by the 【God of Gambling】, the 【Holy Land of Gambling】.

Being under patronage of The 【God of Gambling】, countless casinos in the city, although weaker, still receive a portion of his influence, became a special place, which can be called a part of the dungeon.

Thanks to The 【God of Gambling】those who lose a game, and refuse to give the stake or wish the return of it using power, in the case of other violations, the foe is awaiting [divine punishment].

If you simply enjoy the institution, you will have no problems, not that there are no detours, but if you break the rules, there will be a lot of victims, because then even if a noble loses to a commoner, he will still have to pay.

Due to the fact that, led by greed and passion, inside 【Deegambling】 there is a lot of money in circulation, and the city is well known for its dungeon of light and dark sides.

So, coming to such a place and entering the casino, our further actions are quite obvious.

We will enjoy gambling.

Here, on the 【Holy Land of Gambling】 are kinds of magical items, slot machines, arranged races between huge monsters, as well as [the battle of swords] being carried out. Putting lives at stake, gladiators fighting in the Colosseum, as well as in other gambling casinos .

Thinking about what to try first, I gave each one a gold chip to use as wagers.

Even if Avenger and company lost every coin, I can easily recoup, then I earnestly told them to have some fun.

That's fair, just set a condition "not to put equipment at stake."

Yet I do not think that they will put their equipment up, but I said it anyway as a precaution. In addition, if they need more currency to play, they may come to me.

As I sent them into battle, I sat down at the table, where only one seat was available.

Kanami-chan stood next to me, watching my actions with interest.

I chose a closed poker, so-called casino game.

It's one type of card game where you have to collect a combination of cards, "Hands", a very deep game, a place for a battle of wits.

Minus the dealer, a demon man [Half Midian], four other people sat at the table. A beast man, a human youth, an elderly female human and a half demon middle-aged woman. Quite an interesting combination.

First of all, because of my overwhelming presence, I used [Weak Overwhelming Presence] to weaken it effects, but still, at the moment when I sat down at the table, everyone, even the dealer, broke a cold sweat.

The reaction of the demon woman was especially dramatic.. She began to shake, and tears flowed from her eyes, and she held her hands clasped together, as if she were praying to God. I just wanted to enjoy the game, but I did not need such a reaction, it is not fun at all. I tried to calm her down, but she just would not cooperate. What a stubborn woman.

In the end, I almost used force and she sat at the table and the game began.

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Weblio-Translation (Needs Editing)

"The 287th day"
While I was seen off by some monsters led by カピバーラ which did not return to a nest after having soaked in the hot spring early in the morning either, we departed for labyrinth city ≪ ディギャンブリン ≫.
If there is an opportunity, I intend to come again.

And, several hours later, the journey did not happen in the problem in particular after departing either, and we were able to arrive safely.
It had been a morning and lined up in the long line awaiting examination to be prolonged from the huge gate.
I would wait for one hour or more before I received examination. A turn finally came and paid admission and was able to enter smoothly.
I thought it whether it was interference from the watchdogs in question here, but seemed to be imaginary fears for some reason.
Or it may be that the watchdog was another existence with the devil empire. Therefore it is thought that I did not get means such as the interference in Coco.
Oh, being troubled will be useless now.
After having secured the high-quality hotel which became one point ずの headquarters, we flocked for neighboring walks.

The way of the paved stone pavement. The house which was located regularly.
Various stores which show turnout. The restaurant where I force it to incense, and a smell drifts.

I walk the inside full of vigor and enter the especially big gambling house (casino) which stood out in all the members.

Various racial any people regardless of age or sex enjoyed gambling freely in the casino and were very lively.
And I can normally watch the scene which is not thought about here and there.

A young man wearing the luxurious clothes which will be a noble, the tired middle-age man who will be a commoner, the old woman that there is dignity to smile, the pretty young young girl of the smile sit down on one table, and the young man dealer who dressed fully distributes brand-new cards by a practiced way of using hands obviously.
I originally bargained by he, they who should have a difference separated from it not equality for social status and power watched a hand and were now glad now sad at or giving such a performance.

In addition, after all social status or power have nothing to do from there, and a lot of similar combinations can feel it when I play with equal existence, and the person defeated by a bet above all hands the thing which I bet on the winner obediently.

The loser hands quality that I bet to the winner.

Although it is a main premise of the gambles, in the first place it is impossible any place other than here that the men of power such as nobles gamble with commoners. It may be said that this casino is abnormal if I think about the thing that is not funny even if it is made temporary it will be a race and I jump whether "you know it" even if defeated by gambling and move it or "played foul" and says and kills it.

However, only in here labyrinth city ≪ ディギャンブリン ≫, this is quite the proper exchanges.

Anyway, ,≪ ディギャンブリン ≫ is the labyrinth city that developed mainly on - - which is of [God grade] that especially huge dome type casino - - [God of the gambling] which there is in the city center made [Kojiro dungeon] [sacred place (gamble Mecca) of the gambling].
It is an Imperial capital of [God of the gambling] and, in the big things and small things innumerable casinos in the city, authority of [God of the gambling] becomes the special place where it may be said that it is a kind of labyrinth in what is put thinly.
Therefore terrible [the wrath of Heaven] comes to occur when I do not follow some agreements that I do use of force after refuse presentation of the quality that the person who lost bet on gambling, thinking ill and regain it, and were established.

The thing that the agreement does not become even the problem if I only enjoy it commonly is most, and there needs to be a bypath, but money comes to be rolled up because damage to occur when I broke it is too too big when even a noble is defeated by the poor here.

Thus, the labyrinth city called ,≪ ディギャンブリン ≫ is famous as the place that the light and shade is particularly intense and is big, and is replaced even in the labyrinth cities that greed and large sum of money move.

By the way, I come to such a place and am fixed if I enter the casino and will do it.
I cannot but enjoy gambling.

To the thing such as the arena (the Colosseum) which race or [boloman] using not only coin machine and the roulette which are a kind but also a small monster stake its life on it, and fights of a magic item produced from [sacred place of the gambling] here, various casino games are had abundantly.
I hand a tip for one piece of gold coin to all the members as pocket money while thinking about which I shall be going to have.

Because I could get back the tip degree that I handed even if avengers lost and became a poor person immediately, I said that you should enjoy it with all one's might each and sent you out.
However, I gave a warning that I did not bet only the equipment for the time being.
Still I do not think that I bet accessories, but the insurance will be necessary. Then I add it to join this if a tip disappears.

In that way I sat on the table which was empty for one after having let a back scattered freely go by.
The kana beauty makes it interesting beside such me.

It is a casino game called the closed poker that I chose.
Psychological warfare is the profound game that I threw in while competing for the strength of the high-scoring hand of cards (hand) in one of the card games.
It is four people except the young man dealer of the half devil person (half midi Ann) that the same table has. It is a beast person man, the boy of the beetle person, a human old woman, the combination called the middle-age woman of the half ogre person of bear types.
A feeling of coercion controlled it in [weak coercion], but has begun to drain a cold sweat to a dealer as well as four people for the time being as soon as I sat down on a chair.
The woman born under the same zodiac sign as the current year-related reaction is dramatic and sheds tears among half ogre people while shaking and put hands together to pray to God and lower in particular the head. It was said that I could not enjoy it if such a reaction was done to play a game with much effort and was going to stop it, but was a readily stubborn woman.

Finally, I let you half sit down on a chair forcibly and started a game.

Google Translate (Needs Editing)

"Two hundred eighty-seven day" Early in the morning, while shelved in part of the monsters that the Kapibara that did not return was the largest in the nest even after soaking in the hot spring, ours was departure towards the labyrinth city «di Gambling phosphorus». If there is an opportunity to think, also to try to come.

And after a few hours after departure, along the way it does not occur in particular problem, ours was able to safely arrive. There is also that it was late morning, and lined up in a long line of pending review extending from a huge gate. To more than an hour until it receives a review it would have waited. Finally came the order is, pay the entrance fee, it was possible to enter smoothly. I had thought to be or is also the interference from such observer of example here, but it seems to have been very much unfounded. Alternatively, the observer may have been the existence of another item to the magic empire. So also considered means such as a disturbance here did not take. Well, now it would be only waste worry. After ours is that you secure a luxury inn that is in outline of activity base, we were feeding around walks.

Paved cobbled streets. Regularly arranged house. Various stores that show the bustle. restaurant that fragrant smell drifts.

Walk through that is vibrant, and go in all the conspicuously large gambling parlor attached to the eye (the casino).

Young and old are in their own way the various races in the casino and enjoying the gambling, it was very busy. And normally it is unthinkable sight of it is possible to look here and there.

Obviously noble wonder regal clothing wear youth, would be commoner and tired middle-aged men, some elegant wear a smile old woman, sitting smile of cute Urawakaki maiden is one of the table, young dealers were dressed has accustomed the brand-new Trump It has distributed in chauffeur. He, she, etc. should there is a difference that was isolated rather than social status and power basis equal to if the original is live and die by looking at the hand, or had a bargaining by making a such a performance.

Other Many combination something similar, from there also social status and power, regardless, and so do not can feel only that the game with an equal presence, above all those who lost the bet is betting on the winner and it has obediently pass the thing was.

The loser pass what you have bet on the winner.

It is although there is a major premise of the betting, it is impossible in the first place that those in power, such as noble to gambling and the like commoner other than here. And to'll race it is possible, if at all, as well as losing in gambling and Hanenoke to be "whether such know", or considering "was cheating" that it is not funny even kill to say, such as, individual casino It is abnormal, and also would say.

But only here labyrinth city «di Gambling phosphorus», this is the exchange of only natural.

After all, «di Gambling phosphorus» and conspicuously huge domed casino is present in the city center - [God of gambling is a [Jindai dungeon] of [Kami-kyu] who built the [gambling of the Holy Land (gambling Mecca )] - It is a labyrinth city that has developed around the. Is the home territory of the God of gambling], and it is also good and special to say a kind of labyrinth in which power of large and small in a myriad of casino [God of gambling] in the cities have a certain but is rice thinly It has become a place. Therefore refuse the goods of submission to the person who has bet the negative to gambling, to regain by force exercise at the end of the mutual hostility, if you did not comply with some of the conventions that have been established, such as horrible [retribution] is adapted to generate there.

Terms are as much as if the majority become not things even to the problem enjoy normally, for it is that there is no there is no loophole, because there is too much too large damage that occurs when you beat it, even the nobility lost the poor here It has come to be hoisting the gold case.

Therefore, even in in the labyrinth city that desire and big money moves, labyrinth city of «Di Gambling phosphorus» is particularly famous as the light and dark violently big interchanged location.

Well, come to such a place, it is decided if familiar and able to enter the casino. Do not it no choice but to enjoy the gambling.

As well as slot machines and roulette, which is a kind of magic items that are produced from [gambling of the Holy Land] is here, Arenes such as race and [gladiator] that uses a small monster fight over the life course (the Colosseum) such as to the object, a variety of casino games is abundantly provided. While we are thinking how to do try to, to pass the gold one sheet of chips as pocket money to everyone.

Since Avenger we are Torikaeseru immediately if it is about chips that pass even at the beggar-thy-neighbor lose, it was sent out to say hard as you do I enjoy, respectively. But once, only equipment class I had been stabbed and Na a nail bet. I do not think indeed bet the equipment, but the insurance would be necessary. Then keep adding to also join in here if chip vanishes.

Then after you saw off the back to go scattered in their own way, I was sitting on the table that had been vacant one person. Kana-bi chan in such my side, are in interesting likely.

It's a casino game that closed poker for I have chosen. In one of the card game, it is deep game that mixes also psychological warfare while compete the strength of the hand combination (hand). Four people, except for the young dealer of Hanma-jin (half-Midian) and are you attached to the same table. Bear type of beast men, of beetle boy, man of the old woman, it's a combination of half-demon's middle-aged woman. Once, but he is such intimidating is suppressed in [intimidating vulnerable], as soon as I was sitting in a chair, it began to sink a cold sweat to dealers as well as four people. In particular reaction of half demon who middle-aged woman of a dramatic, and shed tears while trembling, we are lowering the head hands together to pray to God. I can not enjoy if it is such a reaction to the long-awaited game, and I was trying to make him stop to say, but it was the middle 's stubborn woman.

Finally sit forced to chair mid to start the game.

 それは賭け事の大前提ではあるものの、ここ以外ではそもそも貴族などの権力者が平民などと賭博する事は有り得ない。仮にあったとしても出来レースだろう し、賭博で負けたとしても『そんなの知るか』と跳ね除け、あるいは『イカサマをした』などと言って殺しても可笑しくはない事を考えれば、ここのカジノは異 常である、とも言えるだろう。

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