Day 286

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Day 286

By continuously moving forward throughout the night, we have significantly reduced the distance that remained to the Labyrinth CityDeegambling】.

A few more hours and we would have arrived at the scene. But it was decided to arrange a short holiday in the natural hot springs on the mountain which was just along the way.

In order to get rid of tiredness it was perfect to enjoy this natural hot spring, which we found by mere accident along the road, before arriving in the Labyrinth CityDeegambling】 and grinding one boss after another.

Initially, it was a simple spring, in which a lot of people wouldn't fit.

By using [All Creation] and changing the landscape, I created a respectable size and altered the depth to the shoulders, added a swimming pool, and an outdoor bathroom.

The view from here was superb, because of that, Kanami and I enjoyed a drink.

Dissolving in the natural source of energy which penetrates into the very depths of the body, while trying a variety of drinks - this was the best way to relax.

Even now, the hot springs are great!

Not far from us were Avenger and company, slightly embarrassed by their nakedness, they still joined us.

Well, whatever it was. While we enjoyed the hot springs, our presence attracted monsters that lived in the area.

Low intelligence, sufficient enough to use sticks and stones as weapons, and attacking in groups [Red Headed Monkey].

The size of a human child, covered with a dark red skin, for a sweet look and calm nature, they are popular as pets [Celestial Demonic Mouse Capybara].

Having a three-meter great body covered with thick hair, characterized by long and thin legs [Long-armed Bears].

The targets of hunting because of their beautiful silvery skins that are sold at sky high prices, but thanks to their excellent fighting ability they are able to send most of their poachers to the netherworld, [Silver Tigers].

And the other various species began to gather around the hot spring.

Apparently these monsters were instinctively afraid of us, while staring at us they were shaking with fear. If we show even the slightest hostility towards them, they would certainly flee as fast as they can. (If we are that neither will take, they immediately took to his heels. - made it understadable at least. Russian idiom-Russianguy)

If it were not for the hot springs, we would have killed all the monsters gathered here, which is quite natural. But for now while we were enjoying the hot springs, I do not have any desire to hunt them.

Wondering why they did not run away when they saw us, they probably want to get into the hot spring, but because we are here, they do not dare to act.

Then I tried to gently wave, as a reaction the Capybaras slowly and cautiously entered the water, and took part in enjoying the water.

I could not understand the expressions on their faces because of the difference in races, but them enjoying the hot spring was still easy to understand.

The dimensions of the hot spring I created was quite large, however the monsters that came into the hot spring over time increased significantly thus resulting in the hot spring being crowded.

I had to make one more bath. But almost immediately it was plucked up by the crowd. I had to make a third one to have enough space for all of them.

Having finished the work, I again plunged myself up to my shoulders.

Normally, the wild world is divided into hunters and prey, but here, indiscriminately, all the monsters are enjoying the hot springs.

In this area, apparently at the top of the food chain are Silver Tigers, and Rhesus Monkeys usually serve as their prey. To see them peacefully relaxing next to each other is a rare spectacle.

The human settlements still have not reached to here, therefore the chances that this place will be known to people is pretty small. I wonder if this spectacle will repeat itself for some time. Apparently, I unexpectedly created a local landmark here.

As I thought about it, I stroked one of the Capybaras swimming up to my chest on the head.

It was certainly a big one probably due to its long lifespan.

The Capybara enjoyed me stroking its thick and soft fur. By doing so, the rest of Capybaras also approached us.

The Capybaras, sniffing the air, looked pretty cute and Kanami decided to stroke their smooth coat.

Although, in my opinion, Kanami hugging the cute Capybaras was quite the cute scene.

We'll leave these creatures to their tenderness. After that, I made a couple of stalls made of stone, in case we come here again, then I slightly warmed up with the Avenger and the company, restoring the magical energy and strength in the hot springs. The evening came once we were recovered.

Too relaxed.

The terrible power of the hot springs!

Since this happened, I fed [Black Fomorians] meat to the monsters gathered here.

Thus, unexpectedly I gave a banquet. Well, sometimes it is nice to spend a day like this.

While surrounded by capybaras and Silver Tiger, who became attached to me, I fell asleep in a group of fluffy lumps.  

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Day 286

By continued to move much even last night, it had been reached on the remaining short distance to the Labyrinth City «Gambling Phosphorus».

It will be able to arrive if also move a few hours later. But ours was enjoying a temporary vacation in the natural hot springs that had sprung up on the mountainside that is to be in the front.

Here recently is also that it was capture it second only to capture, to take the accumulated fatigue, it is up to you got to enjoy slowly natural hot spring that was found by chance in front to arrive in «di Gambling phosphorus».

Since the first just withholding seemed only had out side, it was not possible to enter a large number of people. But huge open-air bath that was built by terrain operation according to the universe] is widely, has made it possible to soak up the shoulder because there is a decent depth. Stalls bath scenery is also good because the location was good, enjoy the sake together with the to have Kana-bi chan entered while admiring it. Deep taste of anything to say hard to comfort a variety of energy that blend into the natural hot spring comes to penetrate deep into the body and name sake Ai enhance each other, and directing us to the best temporary. Still hot spring is the best. Tired had been entrenched in the deep known, come Minagi~tsu is more vitality to this by hot spring of efficacy.

While in that slightly embarrassed of exposing the naked revenge who we are in ours close you are proficient in the dreamy, but still can not enjoy the hot springs, but it now is placed. If you have some time immersed in the hot spring, or were attracted interested in signs that are shed dripping from hot spring, monsters who were around have been gathered with the droves.

There is intelligence only of dealing with the pebbles and branches as a weapon, basically act in crowds "rhesus monkeys (Red APE)" There are about the size of a human child, a popular as pet animals from adorable look and gentle temper wrapped in brown hair "Onitennezumi (Kapibara)" And bristles covering the big frame of about three meters, arms distinctive slender boasting above all strange length "Nagaudekuma (Long arm Bear)" Beautiful silver fur and are always targeted from such expensive and sell for poachers, but is said to have continued to own head by overwhelming combat capability "Silver tiger (Silver Tiger)"

Etc., kind of gathered coming monster wide.

Such monsters it seemed apparently harbor instinctive awe against ours, come uniformly staring while jumpy. Assuming ours tries to do something, it would be to run away immediately in accordance with instinct. If you eat because you did not I who is immersed in the hot spring, the reaction from would have bought a gathered monsters is correct. Since But now a place where it is enjoying a hot spring, I feel is! Caro the monsters did not occur.

When I have wondered whether I wonder was how it because it does not run away even if seen as jitter, you want to, but did not appear to Utsuse into action because ours is present apparently enter the hot spring. So when I beckoned lightly, it began to enter the monsters fearfully hot spring as led by Kapibara us, and had melts to comfortably hot springs. Because the race is different facial expressions can not be determined clearly, but it was somehow found're relaxed. Tub he had afford it because it made quite widely, but the monsters that come around every going over time is increased, it began to feel cramped.

When I'll build another so no choice, there also went buried immediately. And became just good scale is further also provide third in added. Beyond the one work, also soak slowly to shoulder.

Even so, it is going from being divided into those who are hunted hunt person who is so law of the jungle of the world, if usually, here regardless, monsters are enjoying the equally hot spring. Next to the vertex equal to Silver Tiger ecosystem of this area, it is not a thing that is the side of the Red Ape eaten it would otherwise be seen, such as the rare sight that at home.

The probability that this hot spring is roughened known to man since the development of the hand also seems does not extend here is low, I wonder some time now is repeated this scene. I might've made the unexplored region that is unexpected.

While I think that like, I'm stroking the head of Kapibara of one cow that has Suriyo~tsu to chest. In fairly big a Kapibara, it seems apparently head of the flock. Since Kapibara there is a habit of rubbing the body to the other party that you submission, length is if such a behavior, also to follow other things. Countless Kapibara who come Suriyo~tsu while sounding the Supisupi nose while I think the cute things, was allowed stroked its smooth hair in Kana-bi chan.

And I think people of Kana-bi chan hugging Kapibara while saying that the cute cute is cute, I wonder just me.

Such Noroke aside, Other you can build a hut in the rock for the time also came also can made the lunch, it is repeatedly the or recover the magic and physical strength that was consumed by the lightly Avenger our training in hot spring Once, it had been in the evening if noticed. It seems too slowly than I thought.

Of natural hot spring magic, it is shalt fear.

So much trouble that, I'll behave the meat of black follower Mall monsters that have been gathered. Although became the unexpected banquet, Well, also it would be nice once in a while like this one day. While surrounded by Kapibara and Silver Tiger you've tame, he was asleep in a Ichikatamariri.