Day 285

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Day 285

There is a considerable distance between the Labyrinth City Glory Rose】and the Labyrinth City 【Deegambling】.

Also, there are lots of places impassable for ordinary wagons but finding detours may take weeks.

Since our [Skeleton Centipede] was not hindered by terrain, we could move at incredible speed even without following the existing roads.

Therefore, even if we were being chased, I am confident we could easily outrun them.

It's just that, even though I had the feeling we were being watched from the moment we left 【Glory Rose】, I could not detect anyone despite my best efforts.

It was probably the work of someone who, like Kugime-chan, possessed a race or high-level abilities that specialized in surveillance.

Even though I had a huge radius of detection, I would without a doubt lose out to experts like that. As such, I could not find who was watching us.

I could, of course, send out my clones in an attempt to find the culprit, but if I made a mistake I couldn't pretend to be ignorant and would also reveal one of my abilities.

After all the clones are only effective because nobody knows about them. If they were exposed, it would become much more difficult for me to collect information in the future. 

Since there's no way for me to detect our pursuers I decided to stop thinking too hard about it and focus on increasing our speed. If we were being watched, we just needed to move at a speed at which they could not keep up. It was a simple conclusion.

The [Skeleton Centipede] can cross roads and fallen trees without problems. It will keep moving along the shortest path with its top speed.

Leisurely driving through a sprawling forest, flying over a vast steppe, climbing rocky mountains, literally jumping from a steep cliff, we raced like the wind along a road only we could follow.

On the way, we saw bandits attacking a wagon. Using ranged attacks, we gave them some support by burying the villains into the dust.

Having met some previously unseen monsters on the road, I quickly hunted them. There were a few small events.

By the time stars appeared in the sky, we had traveled a good distance and [Skeleton Centipede] still continued to run forward.

We lost our observers by evening, but they were certainly still in pursuit so we continued to move forward.

Tomorrow we can travel without fear. With this thought, I fell asleep in the [Skeleton Centipede], which does not need a break.

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