Day 284

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Day 284

The night sky was barely shining with bright stars giving way to the day's sunrise when I noticed a suspicous presence near our hotel.

Still half asleep, I looked out the window in order to assess the situation. I found men hiding in the shadow of nearby buildings.

Three of them were visible from the window.

But it was not only them, [Sense Enemy Detection Zone] and [Sense of Space] found a total of 12 beings, and almost all of them belonged to the [Demon Race - Midian].

They acted in groups of four. Their equipment consisted of black cloaks heavily enchanted to conceal their presence, under which were military-grade body armor, gauntlets and greaves made from magic metal. Magic accessories such as rings and earrings were also used to increase their stealth.

They wore matching confirms, although their weapons were all different - various swords and spears that were of [Unique] or [Ancient] class.

The way they hid themselves seemed like they were dissolving into the environment, as well their silent movement clearly displayed their skills. Rather than adventurers or bandits, they were more like an elite squad.

Still half-asleep, I recalled one report in particular.

Looks like this group belongs to Atarakua Demon Empire and reports directly to one of [6 Great Generals] "Great Ai sumus Herbie Indigo" - [Indigo Secret Squad]. Without a doubt, these elites engage in covert assignments like assassinating the Demon Empire's enemies and gathering intelligence. They are rarely seen in public, so the information about them is very scarce.

The question of why they are here was obviously because of us. Whether they were following Tatsushirou's trail or simply keeping an eye on us, we still needed to be wary of them.

Although information gathered from my clones was limited, I was confident in my assumption. It was possible the owner of the inn was part of an anti-government movement, but the chance of that was slim.

They were faster than I expected. It was immediately evident they were professionals. After confirming their skills, I ordered a morning coffee.

Since they are keeping their distance, it is possible they may simply leave. If they do approach us, I will respond according to the circumstances.

With this in mind, I anticipated my ordered coffee.

After some time looking at the sunrise through the window, the form of a great black rose became illuminated in the distance.

The huge blue rose at the entrance to the former【Blue Rose Garden Keep】, now called 【Funeral Black Rose Garden】, was now black, although its function was the same. Since the change happened during the night it was not immediately noticable, but with the rising sun it became obvious and was causing a huge commotion that could be heard all the way here.

It was understandable since the rose that had been blue for a long time, suddenly became like this.

While I was drinking coffee with Kanami, the rest had already woken up and we went down to breakfast together.

As expected from an upscale hotel, the food is excellent.

The food here was not only delicious, but also beautiful. Each dish was decorated with roses from the dungeon, like a work of art.

Having dealt with our preparations, we left the hotel and, without stopping by the shops in the maze-like city, immediately headed out of town in the [Skeleton Centipede].

There is not much point in hanging around this place right now.

Although I was expecting the [Indigo Secret Squad] to follow us, that did not happen. They were still tailing us within the city, but did not take a single step outside the city. Perhaps due to the fact that following the [Skeleton Centipede] at its current speed while remaining undected was not possible even for them.

Well, it makes no difference.

For now, we headed towards our next destination, located in the Atarakua Demon Empire, close to the border of the Beast Kingdom, the Labyrinth City 【Deegambling】.

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