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Day 283Edit

NEEDS EDITING, the Russian --> English is missing lines/content, double check with the Google Translation at the bottom. ~Miraclegrass

Japanese --> Russian --> English

Performed some editing but the final parts are still a bit weird.~Carlosott

Day 283

Currently, after spending a few days to conquer the monoliths we got 168 pieces. By creating a set of clones, using strong ability, I calculated there are a total of 200 pieces.

That is, there are only 32 more pieces left.

Also among them are located quite far from the exit, monoliths with tasks like "Deliver 3 pieces [Sapphire Roses Fiery Star]," "In the area Armadroz bring an offering to the altar," and the like, a relatively simple tasks - 15.

"The parks Alice kill [the commander of the Knights of the Queen's roses]" or "Catch without killing mimic [Pink Rabbit Fugitive]". Tasks like this are little troublesome job that requires high level of combat power - 12 pieces

"Flaming rose wearing a kingfisher, a blue, should not bring the golden pot" (* Yes, yes it is direct and it is written ... *) "Mother of life, embracing the blue seeds, flowering before the ominous, does not disintegrate" (* see there also Hemp grows *) just such tasks to perform that, we must also understand what they are - 5 pieces.

Perhaps, in such circumstances, may best be acting on the basis of information received my clones.

The delivery was performed using the best routes. Before because we were training Avenger, I particularly did not interfere, but he had enough training, so we need to finish this quickly .

Anyway, it took quite a while, and in the evening we completed the last task monolith.

After that, we heard the music as if to bless us. Echoes of it has been heard, it is likely to you can only hear if you carry out the task of the monoliths.Or maybe the music was just in my head.

Again thinking of useless things, together with the implementation of the last job the earth trembled and there was a sound "Gogogogogo..." Instead of standing up for us monolith appeared staircase leading to the boss room.

I admit, very theatrical. Going down the bluish stairs, made of silver metal, illuminated by glowing roses that were growing on the walls.

The staircase was much shorter than I expected. We went down in just a minute.

Along the way, we found the last place to rest and test equipment, just a few tens of meters in diameter, was then only a room where we waited dungeon.

Normally, we would have to rest, but we just ran past, throwing opens the gates, and went inside.

From the entrance straight ahead stretches stone paving of the road width of 4 meters.

Above it is located a few arches of roses, all the rest of the space is filled with red, white, yellow and purple roses separated by color.

Like a sea of ​​roses. So it seems that just went down to the stone road, you can drown in this sea.

On the ceiling, the color of the night sky, like a star in the center, There was a huge blue rose (probably the same type as in the city center), which emits blue light, like the moon.

Illusion show.

Room boss width of approximately 300 meters and a height of about 100 meters. Not to say  very broad. Compared to the first floor here it looks very modest.

But apparently, to such an extent there was some reason. And the color of roses, like a fold in the picture, that interested me. Surely in this there is no any sense.

While i thought about it, we have raised the throne, made of a huge blue rose, which sat dungeon.

Dungeon boss [Dark Blue Roses] [Empress Colors Blue Roses], incredibly beautiful, like Doriane-san, the Dryad.

Silver blue hair woven into braids, elegant tiara adorned with roses.

Her deep blue slightly sad eyes, a great person with a devilish [charm] so strong that one look was enough to pull out of the human soul.

White soft skin on many tender that seems ready to melt under the touch, and dressed in her gorgeous blue dress, decorated with ornaments, only emphasizes her charm.

The skirt, like an inverted blue rose, looked very cute, but at the same time gave the impression that underneath lies something quite unprecedented.

Frankly, she looks more like a flower princess than an Empress.

But being a dungeon boss, her skills are real.

Within a few seconds after we entered the room, she slowly and elegantly rose from her throne, in her hands, from nowhere appeared the staff of blue roses, and in the room rang her beautiful voice.

The voice echoed throughout the room, along with the surrounding Rose began to move.

Gathering together, they began to forms a humanoid figure. [Pink Knights], we have already seen enough of them in the first floor.

The Individual abilities are not so high, but there are already around 1,000.

They do not allow us to approach the [Empress Colors Blue Roses], their lady, they are obliged to protect. Before us lined  the ranks of the Knights, hiding from view the [Empress Colors Blue Roses].

In addition, depending on the color of [Pink Knights] the equipment varies. First yellow lined rows of knights, carrying a huge shield bigger than their own size; then knights in red, armed with enormous spears, just under 5 meters, which they put forward through the gaps in the wall panels;then purple knights, armed with bows and arrows;and in the back the white knights with staffs and wands.

At the same time they are very coordinated, moving like a single organism.

Normally, to fight them is like trying to fight with an army.

But I don't care.

I would just like to quickly deal with all of this, because Kanami-chan and company stepped back, and I alone came forward.

Ignoring the lance aimed at me , I took the scarlet spear and put it in 10 times more mana in than is necessary to activate the [Army Bloody Scarlet Copies].

After that, the shape of the Crimson spears strangely begins to change, while violently radiating glow.

Feeling the expected response, I began to pour more mana into it, as well as adding part of the accumulated [Divine Power].

Before that, under the infusion of mana the [Calling Lightning Shark Rope] became [Demonic Shark Rope Thunder Dragon].

This time, I decided to do the same thing, but added [Divine Power].

In the context of almost no difference, because the chance of success is quite high. Here,  the moment I added [Divine Power], something unusual happened. In the center of the Crimson Spears sank like space.

Feeling a high risk, Kanami-chan and company quickly retreated to the walls.

Space began to roll into the funnel, the dungeon itself began to crack at the seams.

Even if I just carried the spear in hand, doing nothing, all who just approached me, addictive. (i have no clue what it says~Carlosott)

Before such a distortion, as expected,the pink knights apparently coudn't move.

It may sound strange if I say it myself, the mana is nothing, but to pour [Divine Power],  I think I went too far...

It is interesting so it's fine? Even I'm excited, looking at how a spear likes devouring the space.

Fortunately, a few tens of seconds, the phenomenon successfully completed.

At that moment in my head sounded an alert:

[Magical object of the Legendary】 Class of conditions [Arms of The Living God]]

[Magical item of the 【Legendary】 Class 【Starving Impaler of A Thousand Thorn (Kazıklı Bey)】 condition of release the 【Use of a Living God】, 【Demonic Hammer of Living God】 【Transcendental Shipping】has been achieved]

[【Starving Impaler of A Thousand Thorn (Kazıklı Bey)】 becomes a magical object of the【Phantasmal】 Class 【Device Istesannogo Fierce God, Thirsty Scarlet Spear Pole】]

Without thinking I took the highest grade subjects, in order to verify its capabilities.

Title: 【Device Istesannogo Fierce God, Thirsty Scarlet Spear Pole

Classification: living god device / missile weapon

Grade: 【Phantasmal】 class

Ability: 【Bloody Feast thousands of Copies Fierce God (tsenpesshu.varudora)】 【Temple Thirst for Fresh Blood】 【Bearing ScarleDesperate Proclamation of The Kingdom (w? ruzepia.goshute)】 【The Two-Headed Dragon Source End Fierce God (tsuvarubu.geshupen)】【Heretical Retribution】 【Transformation of Divine Power】 【Pierce the Wicked】 【Equipment of the Living God】【"" ​​""】 【"" ​​""】 【"" ​​""】 【"" ​​""】

Note: 【Yatendouji】 as a subspecies 【Living God】 investing 【Divine Power】 in 【Starving Impaler of A Thousand Thorn (Kazıklı Bey)】 converts it into a magical object 【Phantasmal】 class 【Device Living God】.

This spear painted in a sinister scarlet piercing everything has many terrible abilities.

[Only 【Yatendouji】 can touch it, or the one to whom he will allow.]

Touching it without waiting for permission leed to unimaginable disaster.

As the 【Device Living God】, to destroy it for a special exception, is not possible.

Do you need more information?

[≪YES≫ ≪NO≫]

Everything seems clear, except for the [Device Living God], because I decided to click "Yes"

term: 【Device Living God

Meaning: something that has been created by a subspecies [Living God] extremely close to [Divinity], investing his own [Divine Power] in a magical object of the [Legendary] class or higher.

Its abilities are on par with a [Sacred Treasure], it contains a special ability and when certain conditions are clear it is capable of further improvement.

If the creator is a [Furious god] it will be a [Device Living God] for a [Dragon God] it will be [The Sacred Treasure of The Dragon God Dragolorda], depending on the race, the name will be different, but they are classified the same way.

All clear.

It is clear why the Scarlet Spear, becoming [Device Living God]  has became a sinister color of blood, the tip was now thicker and longer.

And at the base of decoration appeared in the form of an infinite dragon devouring its own tail.

Also, if you look good, his eyes move, and if you bring your finger, he might even try to bite. I do not live there, he.

In addition, there is a strange difference in the details, but let's leave it at that for now.

Once again taking shape, emitting the overwhelming presence of the Red Spear, I stuck it into the ground, putting enough mana, and activate its abilities

[Activated hereditary unique ability to 【Thirsty Scarlet Spear Pole】 【Bloody Feast thousands of Copies Fierce God (tsenpesshu.varudora)】]

At the time of activation, it was all over.

Everything in sight filled forest of Red copies. First, at the time of activation [Army Bloody Scarlet Copies], there is a lot of red spears, but this time a little differently.

[Bloody Feast thousands of Copies Fierce God (tsenpesshu.varudora)] is able to even change the size of the copies themselves. Length changes 5 times, and the thickness is 20 times as much.

Increased to the limit, it becomes the size of a tree.

Body caught in the forest Pink Scarlet Knights copies have been transfixed by the feet to the top, or torn to shreds. In the middle of the chest, protected by them the [Empress Colors Blue Roses], exactly where its core was sticking a spear.

And not a minute had passed since the battle began before it ended. I was letting off some steam, because, I think, so come down.

Taking the real body Scarlet Spear of land, forest of copies are gone, collected the body of the [Empress Colors Blue Roses] got me in a very good mood, as long as it has not yet disappeared.

[Dungeon boss [Empress Colors Blue Roses] successfully eliminated]

[History of God [Blue Rose Garden] conditions of passage [The Murder First Strike] [Destruction of The Army] [Capture of Empress] have been met]

[Performer granted a special ability [Skies Blue Roses]]

[Performer, as a bonus for the first elimination of the boss, will be sent the treasure chest 【Princess Blue Rose】]

[As a privilege for conquering, the ban on the use of the Warp Gate is lifted]

[Please note that only those who conquered the dungeon can use the Warp Gate]

[For those who have Awakened the Psalms/The key figures of God’s Lost Psalms, a part of the 【Demigod of Roses】’s divine power will be granted]

[As the collector is an important figure of a Greater God, the quality of the Divine Power collected will be inferior]

[Portions of the Divine Power rejected by this rule will be turned into an object]

[【Yatendouji】 has obtained the 【Demigod Rose Pruners】 !!!]

[Conforming to the conditions, it is possible to seize the 【Blue Roses Zoo Park】]

[Will you do so?]

[≪YES≫ ≪NO≫]

This time I received [Sacred Treasure] 【Demigod Rose Pruners】 vygldeli as small blades that can easily fit in the palm, describe the arc, falling into my hand.

After putting the [Sacred Treasure] and Treasure chest into my item box,  I chose <<Yes>>.

[Special Ability 【Dungeon Plunder】 has been invoked.]

At this moment, control of the 【Blue Roses Zoo Park】 will shift from the 【Demigod of Roses】 to Yatendouji]

[From now on, please manage the Dungeon at your own discretion]

With that, our goal has been achieved here.

Gripped by a sense of things, to his own surprise, I felt I did not want to engage in conquest dungeons of this type in the near future.

Having dealt with the cases using the Warp Gate, we moved to the street of the city, in order to have a rest in the hotel. 

Day 282 == Day 283 == Day 284

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