Day 282

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Day 282

"Deliver 3 pieces [Aruman Roses]"

"Kill [Skunk Smelling Roses]"

"Deliver the roots of [Pink Arbabesa], fiery spikes of [Pink Knight], lunar drop [kertifii]"

"On the lake Anbar there is a wreck, with growing "Anbararoshitora" , deliver it to the grave of the captain of the sunken vessel on the lake Anbar."

"In the area of ​​the park Brustela, race the [Red Pink Dragons], you must win."

"On the grave of my beloved, bring roses that fill the senses. This is my last wish."

The monolith settings were very different, ranging from the simple to the nearly impossible.

Frankly, all the jobs were like, kill some monsters or do something more personal.

And although there are mixed monsters similar to floor field bosses, Avenger's team managed to cope.

But the delivery jobs were very problematic. Finding the necessary items among the vast foliage proved to be extremely difficult unless you have a special skill or a keen eye. Thankfully, I have [Analyze], but for those without it, to quickly search this place is almost impossible.

Some tasks required us to prepare special magical items, give them to special creatures, train them, and so on.

It's certainly troublesome, but still it's nothing serious.

Much more time is spent on the monoliths that required us to solve a particular puzzle. In such cases, brute strength is no use. Among them, those which respond to certain keywords are the simplest.

Tasks such as "On the grave of my beloved, bring roses that fill the senses. This is my last wish" required more ingenuity as the task itself was not clear.

In order to solve these puzzles, you need to look for clues in the stone tiles dropped from monsters in certain areas. That in itself is time-consuming...

The one who created this place the 【Demigod of Roses】, certainly had a few screws loose. (Changed from: their head bolts is clearly lacking. Faye)

While it is true, this place is hard to conquer. This dungeon seemed to be created in mind for those with patience, an intelligence for solving puzzles and the strength to withstand the monsters within.

How would I conquer this dungeon? I personally prefer a straightforward answer using brute force. Of course though, only ruins would remain, but there is nothing to do about this dungeon now that we've come this far.

I hate this dungeon, but not to the point that I am ready to give up. That is still yet an unknown feeling to me .

With our current pace... we are behind schedule. We ought to speed up.

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