Day 281

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Day 281

Since starting the conquest of 【Blue Rose Garden Keep】, I felt that the condition of my body had somewhat improved.
At first I thought that it was only me, but when I asked Kanami and Avenger's company, all the members said they were also in better condition. If it was only one demon, it could be a misunderstanding, but when all of us are affected, there must be a cause.

When considering the cause, the first thing that came to mind was the sweet fragrance of the various roses that wafted in the surroundings since the beginning.

As expected, since the 【Demigod of Roses】 created this 【Age of the Gods Dungeon】, a great variety of roses grew wildly here.

There are many dungeon monsters with appearances and traits related to roses.
The different types of roses that I can see here easily surpass 100 and the flowers hidden in the shade also have various traits. If I could be bothered to look at it all in closer detail, I would see even more variety. Perhaps, the number of them I recognize may even double.

Along with the aroma of the different roses that are sweet and refreshing, it wouldn't be strange for some to have effects like providing a restful sleep or stamina recovery.
If the ambient smell was influencing the quality of our physical and mental conditions at this time, it would explain our current condition.

In that case however, as opposed to improving someone's conditions while they breathed the air in, it's a little strange for them to not have a poisonous aroma mixed in.
In fact, I can confirm that there are several species of poisonous dungeon monsters.
It cannot be that there are only fragrances that help improve the physical condition of the challengers. It's unlikely to think the 【Demigod of Roses】, who would be in trouble if the dungeon was so easily conquered, would do so.
In the first place, I do not think I would have the confidence that the dungeon could not be conquered if I was in the situation of the 【Demigod of Roses】, thus it would be appropriate to mix in aromas that hindered the condition of conquerors along with the ones that improved it.
Even in the case that there weren't originally any roses with such an aromatic effect, it's hard to think that the 【Demigod of Roses】 would be unable to create a new species.

However in reality, our bodies are in good shape and without any sign of negative effects presentsly.

Maybe we were fortunate and were only moving in the areas where fragrances of those kinds could not affect us, however the chances of that are low.
Alternatively, the aromas of the Abnormal State (Bad Status) group may be weak while being many in number.

Well, it's simple to think about for myself who has [Abnormal State Nullification] and as for Kanami-chan, [Abnormal States] are incredibly poor against her race. Since the [Hero of Sunlight] Avenger and the four people part of his [Vice-Important Figures] have various tolerances stronger than an ordinary person, the effect is small, I suppose there is such a thing.

Since there's no time to examine it any further I'll stop thinking deeply about it now. At any rate, the comfort here isn't bad.

If the ability to repulse the dungeon monsters here is stronger than that in the outside world, the scenery here is beautiful, the water that's so pure its crystal clear is delicious, you're healed by the clean air with the sweet smell of roses mixed in, the place is like a rich, natural resort.
Without being troubled by natural phenomena such as typhoons and earthquakes because it is a labyrinth, it seems like I could leisurely pass the time away here.

--It's decided.
When I conquer and obtain this place at daybreak, I've decided to build a health resort for exclusive use by the general firm (mercenary group) Parabellum.

This environment looks good for when one wants to temporarily forget the brutal everyday life.
The dropped items that can be obtained here will be very useful in various ways.

The aromatic oil, aromatic candle, rose tea, and rose jam that can be processed from the roses will certainly sell well and it seems like it'll become one of the main axes (weapons) of our business.
Not only is it stable and can be put up for sale in newly established stores in various places, if I make use of mass production through an undead factory using Black Skeletons, I can put up products of the highest quality on sale for royalty, nobles, and wealthy merchants, even achieving a brand wouldn't be a dream either.

While I was thinking about all sorts of details, incidentally, I remembered that the fruit of a rose could be used as an ingredient for liquor such as rosehip liqueur.
Although there are other necessary materials besides the fruit of a rose such as a sealed bottle, distilled liqueur, and sugar crystals, it is still a liqueur that can be brewed relatively easily.

--Liqueur made by my own hands, I want to drink it by all means.
Such thoughts sprang out.

In fact, these days, not only buying it from shops and collecting the labyrinth liqueur from labyrinths, wouldn't it be good to start producing it myself too? I started to think of such things.
There was no time because of the hectic work of my past life and the law was also an obstruction that stopped me from trying, but I somehow became able to in this world.
For the time being, though, there's the feeling that there's a prohibition against illegally brewed liqueur. Isn't Tomboy Princess part of the royal family? Although I don't want to rely on them too much, I would easily get permission even if I ask the First Queen.
If there's permission, not only at our base in the Great Forest, we could produce it with dignity in the mansion at the kingdom's capital.

Fortunately, among our comrades, there are several people with the knowledge and experience of brewing liqueur.
Those being the elves. Members of the clans who made the elven liqueur appeared, although I did not intend to take them in the past troubles, they mixed in with us.
Perhaps I should say the elves in question seemed to work as assistants in the process. The skill of elves that live a long time gain mastery equal to the amount of time they spent, the knowledge was also abundant.
Although a 【Job】 revision is not provided, it seems like I can still expect satisfactory results.

However, I understand that to brew a high quality liqueur, good quality materials are needed, multiple years would also be necessary, a lot of failures will be experienced repeatedly before we succeed.
Although I hesitated whether to go through the trouble because of all the time it would take, the time to make a decision seems to have come.

--Alright, let's start making it in earnest.

It was a lucky day that I was able to make up my mind. I immediately contacted Tomboy Princess through the ear cuff. When I explained the circumstances and applied for permission, it was accepted with an immediate response.
As expected of Tomboy Princess , the footwork is light.
While feeling admiration, a souvenir was asked for. It seemed like Boy Knight 's birthday was nearing, so she seemed to want first class equipment from a labyrinth.
Because she was helpful, I consented and finished with our communication.
Good grief, Tomboy Princess was prudent as usual. I couldn't stop myself from smiling wryly.

At any rate, when it was decided to brew liqueur just now, one more reason to absolutely conquer this place was added.
Although it's bad for the 【Demigod of Roses】, shall I plunder it without mercy? For the sake of brewing liqueur of the highest quality.

The liqueur made by one's own hands will be delicious, setting aside the growing delusion, while thoroughly enjoying the breakfast using the drop items I obtained yesterday, let's organize all the matters which quickly increased.

First of all, it's about Gladiator King who obtained 【Gladiator Demon】.
Gladiator King, because of the strengthening and revision from the title 【Gladiator Demon】, the ability for battle greatly improved.
Especially, the rate of improvement in physical strength that's been forged through many years of training is distinctively higher than that of other people, the muscular strength that was improved from the past makes it possible to easily handle the heavy weapons he specializes at like a twig, overwhelming an enemy with attacks from a superior attack without allowing for retaliation.
In addition to this, he seems to have received the new ability 【Gladiator Demonization】.
The backlash is big when used. After the effect ends, it becomes impossible to move according to the time it's in use. 【Gladiator Demonization】 temporarily raises the physical ability of a human body to a state more than equal to a 【Lord】, and to Gladiator King who had 【Gladiator】 and 【Grappler】 from the beginning, it was an ability with high level 【Job】 revisions added to it.
If it's hard to understand, he acquired the ability to become a [Chaos Species 【Mix Blood】], it can be thought of that way.
If he uses this, Gladiator King can temporarily become an existence in the same class as a 【Legendary Hero】.

However, to be honest, I did not think Gladiator King would be chosen to be part of the 【18 Demon Warlords】.

No, well, Gladiator King is a strong person among my subordinates. It's certain that he plays an active part as a teacher in combat for the children.
Because he is a believer in pure power, the loyalty to me, who pinned him to the floor from the front, was great. There's no worry of being betrayed--in the first place, it's not possible because of my clones and 【Parasitism】--he is a capable subordinate.
Talking about his stance towards fighting, I should say he's fond of it, his body is in good agreement with his mind, the evaluation by his peers is not bad either, he's assimilated himself quite naturally.
I expect him to be a talented person who'll play an active part in the future crusade.

However, I still did not think he'd be chosen, it's my honest opinion.
But, well, it's fine. He's not a bad guy, there are no problems if he gets results. Let's just say that.
Thinking too deeply about it is useless.

Next, about 【Purgatory Sword】 which Fire Lord-kun obtained.
Fire Lord-kun, for a certain period of time, trained together with Wind Lord-san, and Illusion Lord-kun. I somewhat felt nostalgic for the time when I first left the Great Forest, let's set that aside.
It's not clear whether it was an opportunity due to my having personally guided him, or because the 【Fire Lord】 originally has a tendency for battle, since that time I found him training eagerly, achieving military results on the battlefield, and challenging labyrinth expeditions daringly and raising his level.
When going to challenge a labyrinth, he often paired up with Wind Lord-san the 【Gale Lord】 and Illusion Lord-kun the 【Illusion Lord】 with whom his relations are good, from having conquered a labyrinth at this time, the three demons simultaneously underwent 【Existence Evolution (Rank Up)】, however it seems only Fire Lord -kun obtained a title.
Although the possibility that Wind Lord -san and Illusion Lord -kun are part of the 【18 Demon Warlords】 strongly decreases, let's settle things first for the time being.

Fire Lord-kun who was a 【Fire Lord】 became a 【Blaze Lord - Variant】.
Wind Lord -san who was a 【Gale Lord】 became a 【Storm Lord - Variant】.
Illusion Lord -kun who was a 【Illusion Lord】 became a 【Vision Lord - Variant】.

When all three experienced 【Existence Evolution】 at this time, each respectively received a 【Demigod's Divine Protection】 and became a 【Variant】.
Unfortunately, they did not seem to arrive at the 【Sovereign】 class, still there is no doubt they've become a powerful demon species.
The respective features of each have changed a little, with what 【Divine Protection】 they get, since describing such trivial details would be troublesome, I'll omit it at this time.

As for Fire Lord -kun, just like Gladiator King , the straightforward ability for combat has improved.
Although he always forged himself through daily training, the synergy can be seen in his becoming a 【Blaze Lord】, which is superior in close quarters combat to a 【Fire Lord】, being added with the reinforcement from the title, the racial limit of the 【Blaze Lord】 is exceeded, it seems he could reach for a stage above that of a 【Legendary Hero】.
And just like Gladiator King , he got a new ability called 【Purgatory Demon Sword】.
Fire Lord-kun's Demon Jewel (Ogre Orb) becomes a flamberge gushing flames when released, it becomes gigantic when 【Purgatory Demon Sword】 is used, and he enters a state where the flames he is clad in are strengthened.
Because he becomes just like a miniature sun in such a condition, if there is no 【Tolerance】 or 【Complete Tolerance】, it seems like it would be difficult to approach first.
Although there is the drawback of rolling up allies in it accidentally if used unskillfully, since you need only take measures beforehand, the convenience isn't so bad.
Anyway, the enhancement of the war potential to be used for the crusade is a good thing.
Since I am happy, I'll send the other two demons items of quality as celebration. Because they often act together, the Magic Items for Intense Heat will be needed immediately.

And finally, the Paraberangers that obtained 【Five Karma Oni】.
First of all, I began with being troubled about what to question these fellows on.
Why is it that those five demons are treated as one, and so on. If the five demons aren't together, will any limitations in ability occur, and so on? If one dies or there is even one demon missing from their number, does it become impossible to demonstrate an effect in unison, and so on.
Though I can think of various things, well, I'll set that aside.
The Paraberangers also, just like Fire Lord-kun and the others, experienced 【Existence Evolution】 upon obtaining the title.

The race the five demons became was 【Karma Oni (Karma) - Variant】.

To describe a 【Karma Oni】 briefly, it is not of the【Lord】 system but a higher species of the 【Ogre】 system, it's such a thing.
With massive, muscular figures over 3 and a half meters, brutal features which can naturally frighten adversaries, the tough hair which grew down to the waist, and each individual possesses different living body weapons and living body protectors.
Although their forms are not compact like a Lord's, their physical strength seems to be considerably higher in exchange.
Because the ability for magical power or intelligence improves for the two demons of the mage group, they seem to fall behind in physical ability to the other three demons but they still surpassed the average Lord.

With the fighting techniques driven into them up to now, it's certain that the ability for battle has improved greatly.
Additionally, each one's body is dyed in their iconic colors of 【Red】, 【Blue】, 【Yellow】, 【Green】, and 【Ash】 making them easy to distinguish, there seems to be a slight difference in ability according to each color.

And like Gladiator King and Fire Lord -kun, the Paraberangers attained a new ability.

It's called the 【Five Karma Oni】.
When they activate it, the Paraberangers have their whole bodies dyed in their symbolic colors and are equipped with a special living body protector of metallic armor added to a rubber suit.
As for the living body protector that covers the whole body without an opening, there seems to be something like a power assist system similar to the external skeleton I have, it seems to improve their physical performance even further.
Moreover, their appearance, the design was somehow like the heroes that appear in a squadron.
Originally, it could be said that they cared deeply for their companions, compassionate towards others, punishing evil doers, it was an appropriate ability for the Paraberangers who had such characters.
It did not seem that they had a secret technique like a union attack or anything like that, I'll take the time to ask them about it at the next opportunity.

I compile the approximate information, arrange it, and switch my thoughts.
Although the Paraberangers are an unusual case that hasn't happened before, since it makes little difference, I should continue.

Now then, once preparations are over, let's energetically continue our capture today.
The number of monument challenges we've cleared so far is 88. Although it's a considerably quick pace, the end is still farther yet.
To end it quickly and continue, let's begin clearing the simple tasks first.

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