Day 278

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Day 278

While travelling on the rocky road with the Great Skeleton Centipede, I coached Avenger and company and occasionally admired the scenery.

Thanks to my clones, most of the demonic empire was already mapped out, so we were moving directly toward our destination.

Yet, when you change places, the mood also changes.

In addition, on the large path, we met a female beastman, travelling on a cart drawn by two large caterpillars, a male insectoid riding on a giant grasshopper, which flew past us at high speed and a group of nymphs, like Doriane-san, travelling on [Demonic Tree Treant].

In the kingdom, you rarely see such scenery. The ways of transportation here are incredibly diverse.

As expected of the demonic empire, whose inhabitants are mostly non-human monsters, you can find a number of unique things here.

As we drove towards the Labyrinth City [Glory Rose] I started to notice that among the demonic races, plant and insectoid races are more common than beastman and Midian (Half Demons).

The Labyrinth City [Glory Rose] itself is fundamentally different from the previous labyrinth towns.

Although I sent a lot of clones to different countries and made great efforts to gather information and map out cities, this city has not yet been mapped.

Drooling in anticipation, I made the Avenger's group work up a sweat during our training sessions. Their training was fairly simple, they had to cope with Kanami-chan's attacks.

The Great Skeleton Centipede sped towards our destination as we drove down the road. We've been travelling at a fast pace since yesterday morning, and we arrived safely at our destination in the evening. Sometimes we had to cut across the countryside, which was often accompanied by a break.

However, Avenger and company continued training during their break, strengthening their bodies and spirit. In the past they would have succumb to fatigue, but after improving in the dungeon and through their own effort, their bodies gained enough strength to endure through this exercise. I could see that fatigue was being accumulated, but they did not give up, and their training continued.

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Normally such a journey would take several weeks, but we were able to get to the Labyrinth City [Glory Rose] in an incredibly short period of time. As expected from the Great Skeleton Centipede, the ability to be able to move off-road and not need any rest is truly a merit.

A huge rose came into sight, perched upon a plant like gate. As we approached the gate, we discovered that the gate had already been locked due to how late in the day it was. I saw a separate gate where people could still pass through, but with a cart it's not possible to enter anymore, for today at least.

Because of this, we would have to wait until tomorrow.

There is nothing we could do about it, so I put the Great Skeleton Centipede in the item box and tried to go through the gate. When questioned by the guards about where our wagon went, I showed them a [Storage] artifact with enough room to store Great Skeleton Centipede.

The warden words showed surprise by this fact, but what's odd is that his face didn't show it.

Instead, we had to pay a fairly high fee for passage and a tax on goods, but there was nothing we could do about that.

Even though it's night time, I was very surprised by the Labyrinth City Glory Rose.

Briefly described I would call Glory Rose the capital of roses.

I was surprised as soon as I entered the city. We saw a huge blue rose larger than the average house located in the centre of the city.

Bathed in moonlight, it emitted a blue glow that flooded the entire city.

By the way, for some unknown reason, all the houses in the town were made of stone. Even though there is enough wood around the city, there is probably a reason for it.

Moving inwards from the gate, I examined the local architecture and noticed that the stone walls of almost every house were covered with a variety of plants, including roses of various colours.

Apart from the huge blue rose, there were also a lot of smaller roses, most of which were located along the road, but you could find them everywhere. You don't even have to look hard to find one, it was easy to find them everywhere.

The night air was filled with a pleasant aroma thanks to the quantity of roses.

To illuminate the city at night they used a "Pyroxene Rose", a special kind of rose that emits a glowing gas, it's an environmentally friendly light which is used for the benefit of the city.

Although they are only a little help to the blue rose which emitted a large blue glow, without them some parts of the city would be plunged into darkness.

Due to this, the roses growing in the city night are a beautiful illusory spectacle.

The Labyrinth City is incredibly unique in its kind, but the main reason for its structure is that there is a dungeon of class 【Demigod】, owned by the 【Demigod of Roses】, 【Blue Rose Garden Keep】.

The Labyrinth City gets most of their items from the dungeon, so it isn't strange that all this happened.

Chances are that the roses growing here sprouted because of the dungeon.

While enjoying the view, we arrived at a hotel.

Tomorrow, we will go into the dungeon.

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