Day 272

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Day 272

This morning the rain is pouring.

Well, as it happened, I, along with the Avenger and company, went to a training ground where I used the [All Creation], to increase the force of gravity to 3 times its normal, in order to prepare it for today's exercise.

With the mud up to his knees while suffering through the piercing, spear-like rain, the Avenger will fight my newly created monsters.

These monsters are opponents I created as a result of combining [Lesser Summoning: Undead] and [Lesser Summoning: Giants] with [black giant skeleton soldiers] and [Black Giant Skeleton Guard] as well as a [Black Giant Skeleton Archer].

They looked like giants made of black bones and about 4 meters in size.

I could create more, but in a residential area, I have to restrain myself.

The awfully thick black bones from which they are made are not the least inferior in strength to steel, and not even a few dozen ordinary attacks will leave a scratch on them.

The [Black Giant Skeleton Soldiers] are armed with huge swords and shields. The [Black Bone Skeleton Guard], clad in armor, is wielding a huge shield and heavy armor. Finally there is a [Black Giant Skeleton Archer] with leather armor and a bow  similar in size to a ballista.

This time, I'll manage them personally since their movement has slowed slightly, but in return, thanks to my controlling them,  they have come to represent a significant threat and will attack the Avenger and company.


The result was a victory for the Avenger and company.

Quite an expected result, but considering the hostile environment, their losses were considerable in this case.

The terms were not one of those who should meet the body unprotected, because of that the Avenger and the company suffered a lot in the fight.

Avenger fought in the forefront; [Witch of Mystic Flame] gathered interfering rain and sent it to bomb the enemy; [Cavalier Keeper] used her high mobility and protection to cover comrades; [Usurper], with his abilities to weakened enemy's defense by taking the armor; [Merciful Maiden] treated wounded comrades.

But with all this, their coordination was still weak. After all, they only met a few days ago, so it's better not to expect much yet.

With experience, their interaction will be better by increasing efficiency, increasing their combat capability is the purpose of combat training.

In the wake of the Giants' defeat, I used [Greater Summoning: Demonkin].

Starting with [Black Ogres] , [Black Orcs] followed by [Black Boar Orcs], and [Black Minotaurs], amounting to about a hundred.

Thanks to [Greater Summoning: Demonkin], adding to a powerful body, summoned monsters are endowed with a sharp mind and armed with a magical artifact.

They have the ability to act independently, driving the Avenger and the company, but apart from that, when they die they also give experience points, and leave behind Orbs that you can sell for a high price, bringing us even greater profits.

In addition, using the job [Magician], I have strengthened some of them, so that the battle will not become too monotonous.

After a few hours of fierce battle over the arena, in pouring rain, there was a victorious battle cry. Naturally it came from Avenger and company.

Members initially distant to each other have became real comrades.

I did a good job in simulating an actual battle scenario, because if you relax here you die.

Thanks to well-chosen conditions, their actions were now harmonious, as if they have fought together for many years.

Avenger lost his beloved and remained alone, but now he has found true mates and has taken another step towards becoming [The Hero Of The Sun], thus becoming stronger.

Lightly touched, thinking of them opening the gates of hell, I could not endow them with warm applause.

To begin with, the initial level of training is over with this, tomorrow we will have activities outside the capital.

[tn: his drill seargent nasty routine is about to enter Hellish Training mode]

Satisfied, I went to sleep.

[[[Scarface]] awakened to 18 Demon Warlords]

[Title  "Annihilate the Body" will be sent]

[[[Sumeragi Kaede]] awakened to 18 Demon Warlords]

[Title "Sakura Samurai Trader, Royal Samurai" will be sent]

Falling asleep, I heard another announcement.

To begin with, Scarface I get, you can say that he does not lack ability, but what is this? That Female Samurai is one of them is quite unexpected.

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Google Translator

Day 272

Today is also a rain from morning. It is also a heavy rain. Let's use it because it is long-awaited, issues a just avenger us five people outside in the fact that, I was prepared the harsh environment by using the [universe] from the room with views of the training field. Gravity is set to three times, the ground since has become a swamp both feet is extremely that even difficult to walk by deeply buried, rain blowing blowing strong enough to feel the pain by wind gusts. At such training field, I tried to fight endlessly producers who I was created to the opponent.

It was not the first to fight can be generated by the combined use of [lower giant generation] and [lower Undead generation] "Black Giant Skeleton Soldier" and "Black Giant skeleton Gardner", like it from the "Black Giant Skeleton Archer" and a giants constituted by black bones. Black Skeleton us and sizes of guy or the like which is constructed in the same manner as black bone about about 400 meters. But can do more huge, we have to somewhat modest size because it is the king Tokyo. However black bone there is a thickness commensurate with the magnitude per sturdy of a word, in the order of weapons made of steel that boasts a hardness that does not stick one scratch even attacked dozens of times. Soldier large sword and shield and diatomaceous armor made of black bone, Gardner large shield and Otsuchi and Heavy armor made of black bone, Archer is armed with the size of the black bone-made bow and leather armor, such as the varistor to have. The guy and the like become populations supplement in cooperation somewhat dull movement by this time that I have commanded directly, struck the Avenger us to become a decent threat.

Result's wins avenger us. It is a result of expected, but that also evil environment applied, avenger our wear is large. Since the producers had to correct one by one as there is no influence of the environment, unilaterally unfavorable avenger who became the situation it is was pretty struggled. Once, I was to subdue while attracting the attention of the enemy Avenger becomes the beginning, bombed the enemy together even disturbing wind and rain [witch of 妖炎], [patron cavalry] is the defense force and its high mobility Taking advantage to protect the fellow, [Usurper] is weakened by depriving such as part of the enemy's armor and five senses with the ability, but [saint of mercy] had healed the fellow that was injured, also cooperation is still sweet. You have become a much better by this training, but would such a thing Given that shorter number of days since I met. Since the future cooperation is also possible advantageously to proceed more efficiently war situation hopefully better, go in engraved that feeling to the body in the combat.

Giant our next tried using [the upper demon species generating]. " Black large demon ( Black auger ) "I began," Black pig demon ( Black Oak ) "Or" Kuroinoshishioni ( Black Bull Oak ) "Or" Black Gozu demon ( Black Minotaur ) "But also," Burning demon ( Flame load ) "Or" Mashirubeoni ( Spelling load ) "Etc., hundred bodies in total. Since producers of in accordance with the upper demon species generation] is high intelligence features in each, armed has been encased in kind of magic item. The guy like me especially moving to think even without indication not only hunt down the avenger us, brings benefits to ours that experience value and the change in, and it becomes material to sell expensive, such as Onitama to be killed It was a great presence.

Ability strengthening of also doubles, as the number field [vocational and Additional surgery nurses ( Enchanter ) Do not become monotonous fight is made lost an individual who was reinforced by], but tried tormented avenger who, after a few hours, the gang to raise the cry of victory won the fierce battle in the heavy rain was there. It is of course avenger us. Initially five people now sincerely united was Yosoyososhika~tsu, it had become to the comrades that harbor some sort of empathy.

It is trained, it is not the training. It will die if missing care.

It met Kai was prepared such a situation, five people is why you have succeeded in building a relationship of trust, such as like many years Tsureso~tsu. Thousand bodies or more of the generated bodies continued to be slaughtered in the shadow, but that avenger who was also dying by a serious injury in training had happened about a few times, it is trivial thing if you look from a result, it is necessary it was a sacrifice.

Watching to had I, Kanami-chan, and Redhead, and applauded Avenger who won along with the children and team members. revenge who became one by eliminating the loved person to give a reassuring companion, became one stage strongly as [hero of sunlight] in a reliable and help each other thing. And I was impressed with it, and now if think the more and more hell, is he not afford to that it is not awarded a warm applause now.

For now under preparation, it is determined to be complete in this, and try to start the expedition cheats in the royal capital from outside tomorrow. The finished ready, after the family service was sleeping slowly.

[ Scarface was awakened to [18 Demon Warlords]] [Title [ Annihilate Mukuro ( Annihilate Offer ) ] Will be awarded] [ Woman warrior ( Maple-Sumeragi ) But I was awake [Oniran eighteen races Masaru]] [Title [ Sakura-shosamurai ( King Samurai ) ] Will be awarded]

announcement that was heard in the verge of consciousness is interrupted. For now, Scarface as is good, ability Although not perfect, it was variously surprise and you have a woman warrior.

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