Day 271

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Day 271

This morning wasn't refreshing at all.

It was cloudy and by afternoon it seemed to be on the verge of raining.

Whether it will rain or not, we can't be certain but judging from my experience, it is better to act on the assumption that it will.

I took some time to execute some previously signed contracts and shift some of the remaining resposibilitlies on to the assistants. From today on I'll seriously train Avenger and company. I had planned to give them a devilish training match, but somehow nothing strange happened. ~Changed up to this point for minor punctuation and clarity. Reworked some content that didn't make sense - Please check if it matches the RAW - Lexoh

Because Avenger is the [Hero of the Sunlight], in such cases, it should be clear sunny weather.

Oh, does this mean that dreams do come true for Avenger.

If it happened to me, it becomes a problem. By signing the contract, if in the end all else fails, the whole plan will come to nothing.

Because this could not happen, for their sake, I will kill all human feelings I have and prepared their special menu.

In any case you need to prepare for Avenger and company, so that all went smoothly. True, in fact you do not know what might happen.

Due to the impending Holy War, being well prepared is much better, for unexpected situations.

Therefore, in order to achieve our goal, it is necessary to change the workout plan if something were to happen. The spirit of the [God of Sunlight] also seems dim but was able to understand. It warned not to be careless, ambushes lurk in unexpected places.

As I thought about it, in the dark clouds overhead, a gap in the thickness occurs; I  witness a moment of light on the mansion, inserting the morning sun from there like a bay lighthouse.

You would think that the [God of Sunlight] thus decided to send me a message.

Naturally, there was a great chance of coincidence. Worldwide, this often happens without any reason. In addition, it would be okay for [Supreme God], but for the [Sun God] it is unlikely to know my thoughts and make a joke.

Even with the blessing in this world, the [Gods] are not omnipotent.

Well, whatever would have been the truth, the mansion, was the only one flooded with sunlight throughout the city, making a pretty good show. An old landscape in a new light, I was a little touched.

Even the mood was better, enjoying the scene the most was Avenger and company, so I decided to start the first phase of training.

After receiving such a gift, as expected it was "full speed ahead".

As I thought about it again, I delayed because of the clearing clouds. But my resolve has not changed from that.

Thus, I shone the morning workout on Avenger and company.

In addition, I received a report from the [Trade Demons], and it is going to rain , so first I need to at least make sure of their abilities.

Making sure is not difficult. From early morning till noon without a break, they had military training with me.

I was alone against five.

As usual, even melee with me could become fatal but we have done without it.

Armed with my cursed spear, my red spear, the halberd improved by Blacksmith-san, a style created with the [supreme materialization equipment] guerrillas. With four spear style will be all right.

As expected, because of the severity and urgency, I returned [Hisperiol] to Avenger, repulsing something other than red spears was likely to damage any weapon, which is why trying to avoid it, so I just took a couple of body blows.

I had certainly felt the hits I was taking, but because of my living armor, which absorbed most of the impact I did not received serious damage. But with an extremely strong Overlord body like mine, I did not even need to use any abilities.( ED: Original Sentence: With an extremely strong body Overlord, you do not even need to use the ability).

The attack was not at full strength, but a pained expression appeared on the face of Avenger, then he started to attack me even more. In response, I drove into the red mud with a spear.

To sum up the purpose of the training. Avenger has become much stronger, as a [Hero] should, absorbing everything he was taught.

But I, too, became much stronger. The result of the match was obvious.

Having finished with my red spear attack, I almost unilaterally showered him with blows, covering his entire body with a variety of serious wounds.

Although the fight was one-sided, if I were distracted by someone other than Avenger, then the Avenger may have beaten me. In other words he has become stronger.

This time, all four of his companions launched their attacks at me but they were easily deflected by my three spears.

Each of them were hard and fast, but not enough to distract me, throwing flares and explosions, with my level, what they are doing will not distract me so there's no difference.

As I released their abilities yesterday, they received a substantial overall gain, plus huge racing opportunities in a particular area related to their specialization.

At this level, they are far superior to the local monsters or royal elite. But with all this, it is still not even enough to leave a scratch on me.

They are still not hatched chicks. Anyway, I proceeded to mercilessly hammer them into the dirt.

At the moment because of the rain,  I had stopped the training, the four exhausted, lying on the ground, bathed in sweat.

Avenger, although moving more or less was still on his feet, but lost nearly all his power and speed, and is in a pretty pathetic state. Despite that, the [Main Character of Psalm] and [Supporting Characters] showed strength and dignity .

I think they are very gifted with talent and tenacity.

So dealing with that, I need to deal with other cases, because I was contacted by a demon trader. The capital we have left just a few days ago was normally not enough time for any big changes.

At maximum "For this product it is necessary to raise the price" for example, or "invented a new outfit, should we put it up for sale?".

I thought so...

Perhaps I underestimated the ability of the trade demons.

Looking at the report, a satisfied smile appeared on my face.

Trade demon in such a short time managed to conclude an agreement with one extremely wealthy merchant and fully absorbed his company. Thanks to the work behind the scenes, he was able to significantly expand our customer network, extending our reach out to the neighboring countries.

As a result, store profit increased by five times, which well reflected (paralleled)  the state "Parabellum". And besides, its scope is still expanding.

There is a slight confusion as a result of the many changes, but thanks to the pre-written manual, chaos arose.

That was the report.

To begin with, the project for which a couple of years was necessary, thanks to the manipulation behind the scenes, all trade in the capital will go into our hands "The idea of ​​trading with a demon. The plan to seize the cash flows of the capital of the kingdom" was stopped.

Unfortunately it would not be very good in relation to the current owner (Tomboy Princess). If you perform it, that is not necessary here, you can do it in someone else's territory. Why antagonize friendly forces.

However, trapped in our possession, as a result of non-payment of debts, suicide owners, or selling stores, I plan to use as the rest.

Returning to the theme "What is it? The horror! So an excellent worker, just terrible!".

Of course, this played a big part of me receiving information by clones about some fraudulent fees from the merchant, whose state has been absorbed, but the right to use such information without making noisy plots and contriving, all of these effectively driving after absorption, it's just terrible.

The shock was such as if a small company office suddenly became a huge corporation.

As the stamp of an industrial scale, the subjugation of the continent's economy would be possible. That's just their life, compared with ordinary people, it is rather small. Well, in that case it will be enough just to create new ones.

No, heredity still exists because it is necessary to think about many things.

Considering the changes in the plans, I looked at the pouring rain outside the window. Something broke up there. Until tomorrow, it will probably not pass.

Falling into a sentimental mood, I took up the plan for the mass production of [Trade Demons].

I think a lot of things are happening, and I can only pray for their victims.

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Google Translation

Day 271

It seems not afford fresh morning, and today. It is not possible to worship the rising sun in Unfortunately the cloudy weather, damp in around noon from the air has been drifting signs likely been raining. But if is not a deterministic or full because only thought so from experience, looks good person who acted and thought come raining with high probability.

In preparation to fulfill the contract that was signed earlier, so far with many things busy sometimes it was a little left Pounds, in order to work out in a short period of time in earnest avenger us from today Training of Shioni ( Desumachi ) And I was going to start, but what it is it's going to be a subtle start. Because revenge who's a prima facie [hero of sunlight], I wonder should not be exposed to radiant sunshine precisely at a time like this. No, Maybe, beginning from this cloudy weather is implying that it does not come true is the wish of revenge person, or would not be possible also some Forget. If that happens, I also embarrassed. Before that signed the contract, if any future plans if those attempts to fail at the time of the last finish is not to go mad all. To not do so, avenger who is or would be "better yet Let me kill you to think people" change to the more severe special menu will not say and even. It's enough of purpose is a plan to play if things Korogare as planned, but not hard if advanced cry also trouble also planned everything. This time the veil to holy war, so are going to a variety you can to touchstone instead you can eat only This means that occasionally, would be better that I thought the unplanned things happen than normal. If you become, still or change of training content in order to increase the target achievement probability is required. If you come this happens, the spirit of the [God of Sunlight] also a dim, but was able to understand. It would're warned. Do not be careless, ambush is gonna have to lurk in unexpected places, and.

When I looked up at the black heavy cloudy weather while I think a such thing, gap in thick clouds occur, it was decided to witness a moment in light of the mansion insert the morning sun from there. In terms of timing, chose the avenger [God of Sunlight] is sending a message for me, it is not even not think so. Of course, it would be a high possibility of misunderstanding. Just simply do not know, it is similar sights can be seen anywhere in the world, not uncommon up there. And [Okami] of other small part and [God] if Anyway, [God of sunlight] does not seem to be able to accurately grasp the Zaregoto of just rolled my mind.

After all, since the [Gods] of this world is never not a universal.

However, Well, what truth is there, it was not sight bad because mansion, which was illuminated by sunlight that is plugged. Only added a little element even in familiar places, a little excitement when I saw the new figure was not seen up to now, and even whether I should say.

Because it's somewhat but mood also got better, we will try to to raise one special training stage of was scheduled to impose the original Avenger us out of consideration in this scene. If you are sent to this gift, still our best fully open, even if broken about not naose and if usually you should want in a feeling of much forced to cure to train.

When Nante have wanted, filled the gap between the look, we've again become cloudy. It'll different though, it was a blink as if it had been protest'm not I, the total. Not going to change too late, however, I decided was the thing so.

And to say that, avenger our special training who started from early morning.

Today " Daisho demon (Merchant Load) To some reports from such as ", because it is going to rain, we went to the lighter in order to ascertain the ability of five people, including the time being avenger. Its contents are very simple. A few hours from the early morning until noon, it's just off without just earnestly repeating the combat to my opponent.

Avenger five people against me one demon. It is a situation that is to beat and otherwise be octopus, but it did not also in a crisis situation in the current me. Shuyari and Noroiyari, enhanced halberd of smith's work, and in four spear flow by partisans that were made by [the upper brace realization] can be addressed without any problems. [It was returned to truly Avenger's [Soul Sword Sunlight Hisperion (Superior)] For slashing is heavy sharply by, struggling there only because fear that spear is damaged When prevent outside Shuyari is high, but received a slashing good enough several times body, just that's it. attacks that received to decay to things close to the striking rather than slashing by my living body armor, to the extent that some posture arrive Gras, damage sounds after it did not receive. Demon ( Overload ) In front of too excellent flesh, it was a thing of degree not even bother using the ability. That said was not the best because the training for, it avenger distorts the chagrined to face, I came to attack in more severe decisive. But I like it was Mise fielding in Shuyari. Avenger who had led the training content once over the minute the body, has become much stronger than before. [Brave Man] ish its growth and is increasing quickly, on a daily basis the strength to absorb the number of bytes that were taught by telling. But, I had become stronger in it more. So Well, this would be a natural consequence. While handling the ferocious attack, I almost unilaterally beat, was performed inflicted a serious injury to the whole body throughout the avenger.

Although became a this time also unilateral deployment, might my consciousness has been hammered a little more attack if also directed to the non-avenger. Avenger to that extent have become stronger.

Four people other than the Avenger but - [Witch 妖炎] [Patron Cavalry] [Usurper] [Saint of Mercy] - this time, anti-all attack by my three spear although come to desperately attack It had scree. Although blow blow heavy to fast, rather than the strength of the extent that I have to concentrate, and he had become a presence that does not change even without Even while have sprinkled a roar and a flash. With I the other day things, but I is overall capacity increased significantly by full capacity allowed is released, certain areas have been dramatically improved. So only the ability beat if easily much monster Yara country of elite like being in the side is no doubt already equipped. But still, I'm in is not attached one scratch. It is still not able to take the shell spring chicken. But it was Uchisue systemic mercilessly.

Unilateral remains of deployment, after the finished lasted training until interrupted by rain that began to fall while increasing gradually strength in the early afternoon, four people exhausted exhausted Seikon, have crouched while supplying a large amount of sweat. Most vigorously was moving avenger disturb the breath, even still to fight while flowing a lot of sweat, but would think deplorable and are you tired enough not to another move likely, it « Main character ( Main cast ) »And« Vice principal person ( Sub cast ) Let me think disparities ». Toka talent, but there will also efforts to this was the strength of belief.

Well, it is called the Daisho demon is after completing the cleanup, it was confirmed there was contact matter during the absence. Ours is only between is only a few days had left the king capital, usually if major changes until there is going no. At best Maybe you profit by Arekore improvement, I tried to write the proposal because new business came up, it would be the extent Toka. I also thought it 's about it. But, Apparently I had underestimated the ability of Daisho demon. In response to the report, I see the Daisho demon that put a perfect smile and smile.

Daisho demons, or this short period of time even in the Imperial City is allowed to surrender in negotiating a wealthy merchant who boasts a decent scale absorbed merger with, have stretched using it up to the other countries of the market in terms of both front and back, Other large and small various met comprehensive company «as much as store of fifth in the Imperial City to The Sonaeyo to war ( Para base Lamb ) It was placed under the influence of ». And the range is in the process you are still spreading. There was also confusion because small business is or changed in subtle, is not happening at the moment a big mess by preformed have manual.

We have received reports that. For now, [Daisho demon brainchild - Imperial City distribution seize plan] that ours almost all of the shops would dominate from the back that exist in Imperial City after a few years it has been submitted at the same time, the tomboy princess is a ruler It was stopped because I thought that it is not regards to those reaches. Can you if it does at nothing territory of others also feelings if do. It's a waste of only Nante great pains to enemy a friendly presence. However, the Toka come out even those who want to sell itself or commit suicide is no longer Tachiyuka in debt to be let go now, shops that are under the current domination is going to keep as it is.

Think again. What is this scary. Scary past excellence. Well, weaknesses such as adultery Toka tax evasion of the newly merged the wealthy merchant in the collection information in minutes the body is had grabbed, but still at a fraction of the time, and Toka is turning the management to absorb without much of a problem also cause scary. Fledgling small and medium-sized enterprises had become at once in large companies, it was a shock much. If mass-produced, it even seems that it is not also impossible to seize the business of the continent. Just generation body only thing shorter than life is an ordinary cognate but drawback, each time or only do I mass production. No, to some Toka takeover, it is often thought of as.

While various modify the future of the plan, I saw the rain out of the window. Rain continue to swing at a considerable momentum, it's not likely to stop until tomorrow. While somehow become sentimental, I have run the Daisho demon mass production plan.

It affected the vested interests now, and pray to some Shah who would continue to fall

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