Day 270

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Day 270

Yesterday I sent out messengers, they safely reached the Sternbild Kingdom, the Lumen Holy Kingdom, the Atarakua Demon Empire, and the Estgrand Beast Kingdom, as well as a variety of smaller countries on the other side. As a result, the response was dramatic.

Because of the slightly scary content of this letter, small countries fell into chaos, and large countries like the Lumen Holy Kingdom and the Atarakua Demon Empire reacted very calmly.

As expected, the majority of messengers had been killed on the orders of the heads of state.

They were killed for the sake of a simple prank, but they are quite suitable for the analysis of the enemy's combat potential. It will be a good idea to send more messengers again, to those countries that had killed them for further analysis of their combat potential.

Well, I'll explain how neither one of the other day.

Now is the time to prepare for the Holy War. Therefore, in order to achieve our goals. We all left the base and went in different directions.

Some went to the Sternbild Kingdom, some went to various Labyrinth Cities, and some went to other countries.

Those who are gaining experience for a new level, those who have honed their skills in combat, and those who are entrusted with shops, trying to lift the sales, the goals were very different, but the overall objective was to prepare for the [Holy War].

Gathering for [Holy War], it threatened to become very fierce.

Therefore I tried to prepare as much as possible to raise our chances of winning.

Although regretting parting with [Hot Bath Fierce God], I, along with Kanami-chan and the kids returned to the house in the Sternbild Kingdom.

We returned by flying using Tatsushirou so we almost immediately got back.

Tomboy Princess heartily enjoyed her first flight in the sky and Boy Knight turned blue and shook the whole time. Apparently the poor man had a fear of heights.

The Princess forcefully dragged him to the window, which made him give a sour smile, and I prayed silently to myself that he’s not sick.

Incidentally, the Sternbild Kingdom's Royal Capital Osvel team was almost the same, but this time with us was Avenger and his 4 auxiliary characters.

From now on, I will personally engage in training Avenger.

Before, I was quite busy so Avenger traveled to many places, gaining experience by fighting with different monsters, but this came to an end.

Generalized Avenger day is not so far. I intend to carry out enhanced training, so he can become strong in a short time. Well, all this starting from tomorrow. So the rest are resting in house. We had nourished the excellent talent.

Today, I have to deal with the affairs of the shop during my vacation. With the Tomboy Princess and the Boy Knight, I went to the palace, along with souvenirs for the First Queen. Then buried my head in routine work, as darkness fell, I crawled into bed. Tomorrow, there will be a lot of things going on. But there is a chance that a new snack and drink that I haven’t tried yet will be available. So I will be looking forward to the meeting, especially those snacks and drinks. Soon afterwards I had fallen fast asleep.

[History of the World [Dark Legends] sixth chapter [The Coming of the Divine Scourge Gluttony], the conditions of release executed by more than 1/3. In fulfillment of the conditions of release, it was possible to promote.

The first paragraph of [The Aura of Thunder Demon], second paragraph [Saving Presence], third paragraph [Next Word Dragon], fourth paragraph [The Earth of Beginning]. Currently it is possible to release the world's history [Dark Legends] sixth chapter [Coming Divine Scourge Gluttony].

Do you want to release?

"<Yes> <No>" This is...

Well for starters I chose "No".

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Day 270

I yesterday, kingdom or empire including the holy kingdom, or empire and Shishiokoku, and messages sent to various small country further on the other side across the it as a result, they were safe arrival, the reaction's dramatic.

Although the small country in that it sent a little flashy message was confused from the top to the bottom, major powers such as the Holy Kingdom and Magic Empire is relatively calm. Again messenger is it would be great that had been exciting to obliteration by top our country. Although thing you've been doing in the little mischievous mind, I think it is because helped to force analysis, also will place a dabble.

Well, trying to be so sides also speak at a later date. Now towards the [holy war] that always come after a few the 10th is the time of preparation.

So, ours is to fulfill each purpose, it was departure bases. A person is to the Imperial City, a person is to the labyrinth city, some who go scattered to other countries. Those who raise the level of experience values, who hone the technology in combat, such as those who aim to sales up of left tempo, the objective but different, it is a preparation for the overall purpose for the [holy war] coming .

[Holy war] will become stricter than ever it is visible to the eye. So in order to increase the probability of winning even a little, to be able to do numerous.

So from leaving the hot springs that led the [hot water of demon] it is regret, but I accompanied the Kana-bi chan and children, back to the king Metropolitan mansion. Since the return also an airlift by Tatsushirou It was during that match. The short time it is tomboy princess is enjoying a great deal for the first time of air travel, boy knight are trembling and pale. It seems apparently afraid of heights. Such boy knight wry smile to forcibly tomboy princess of action that take up the window, and to put Tosha thoughts and me not only is because ask, was hands in prayer to the boy knight.

By the way, in addition to the members that originally was in the king Metropolitan Government to return to the Imperial City, avenger and its vice principal person four people have been added. It is because the future is supposed to be performed by the I also training of avenger. Because until now I was also busy, the avenger has been and is allowed to wandering around not loaded with experience in that fight a wide variety of monsters, it's the end even more. Day promise of the Avenger is fulfilled, not far up there.

So, we're going to do to strengthen training to become stronger in a short period of time.

Well, it's also from tomorrow. The rest well with the house of the king Metropolitan now, we had nourished the excellent talent.

You can send the feedback to the tomboy princess and the boy knight from the Ojo, incidentally after you or send a souvenir to the first queen is doing the mess and chores, I was lying down in bed and became so night.

Or it will be busy from tomorrow. However, since the food and drink you have not yet met is waiting, I while looking forward to it, went to sleep.

[World Psalm [Black Story] third or more of the conditions for starting the] advice of Chapter VI [Kamiwazawai gluttony has been met. [Demon Oru~uba Lloyd of thunder] first section by the release conditions clear, Section second [current Seba-folder of Salvation], [saying Bligh-Duran of coming dragon] third Section, earth subscription of fourth Section [Shorai - Voll] It is possible to proceed to. Although it is possible to start the world Psalm [black 蝕鬼 story] Chapter sixth [recommend the Kamiwazawai gluttony] from the present time, Do you want to start? «YES» «NO»]

...... What? And, for the time being in «NO».