Day 269

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Day 269

Once again, we drank the night away.

The surrounding scene was very similar, it was the same as at the house in the capital, except the group from the capital had gained experience from that night's drinking, and I knew how I should behave and deal with them. 

I cannot say that they got used to it, but the fact that they already knew what to expect allowed me to easily instruct them to clean after the banquet. After making our way through a field strewn with bodies drunk on sake, we went to the [Hot Springs of the Fierce God]. 

At this time I went with Kanami-chan.

The [Hot Springs of the Fierce God] here was special, reserved only for management, as it was impossible to get there without authorization or without being a special guest of the host (i.e. me). In spite of this, the bath was divided by gender, but we decided to enjoy a dip together. 

The [Hot Bath Fierce God] not only easily removed fatigue but also had the effect of slightly increasing the magical force stored within the body.

During its use, it opened onto a superb view of the mountain morning that shows even more splendor. 

We enjoyed a morning bath, and eventually one of the special guests came in, the Boy Knight

The Boy Knight had a towel around his waist. Although he is still young (though when you consider that, my new self is still less than a year old), he had a trained body of a warrior, arms covered with rigid muscles, and there was not an ounce of useless fat on the boy. 

His broad shoulders show all the effort that he has put in his own development, and his sharp eyes are full of strong will.

He was still in the transition to adulthood, but I felt that the Boy Knight will definitely become very strong. 

Maybe he felt embarrassed, due to the fact that I had been considering him so carefully or his noticing the presence Kanami-chan (8 of 9 that this is the reason), but he blushed and quickly plunged almost entirely in [Hot Springs of the Fierce God].

Almost immediately, his face took on a blissful expression. After enjoying this paradise on earth for a while, he turned to me and started talking. 

In his words, the Tomboy Princess wanted to talk to me face to face. The Boy Knight came here in order to convey this message. Having come as a messenger of the court, while enjoying the hot springs, one could suspect him of carelessness, but that's not important. 

It is highly probable that this secret conversation will be related to the imminent [Holy War]. I thought it was time, so it wasn't much of a surprise. 

Pulling out of the item box [Demonic Alcohol [Lunar Cherry Drop]], pouring it into glasses, I drank with Kanami-chan. 

(ED: Why would this be Sort of Demonic Alcohol? Is it only 140% proof or something? - Gluttony)

Thinking about how all this sake will come back, we have enjoyed an excellent drink. 

After the Boy Knight left, we have some time to enjoy the hot springs, and then went to the meeting place arranged with Tomboy Princess

The venue was the large building located in the "Residential Land". Due to the size and luxury, one might think that the royal family lived here. It was my personal residence. 

Though I personally like small cozy houses suited for a family of medium size, rather than huge ornate mansions. 

But standing as the head, I have to be worthy of the residence.

The place of residence at a glance can tell you about the power and wealth of the owner. 

Everyone judges their neighbors based on the size of their homes. So my house has become a huge mansion.

At the moment, I live here with Kanami-chan, Redhead, Blacksmith-san and my children.

The household upkeep is done through maids and black skeletons, we'll leave it at that. 

In this mansion, Tomboy Princess came exactly at the designated time. 

Her hair was beautifully cleaned and her face had a little makeup. On her dress was a sophisticated design, covered with precious stones, each the size of a finger. I've seen her in this outfit a few times. 

Radiating morale, Tomboy Princess enjoyed tea made by a high elf and ate sweets that had been successfully produced on the industrial scale, based from honey, fruits, and berries collected in the great forest.

At the same time her face was no different from her usual self, she smiled broadly, enjoying the sweets. 

Then she changed completely unexpectedly. Not only her posture, but her eyes became completely different. Now she was no longer my niece. 

Before me sat a future representative of the royal family, this person had the biggest chance to become the full-fledged queen, Princess Rubiria Eisu Faure Shuterunberto. The conversation was long, but to sum it all up, from the Lumen Holy Kingdom, a request came asking for help in the removal of Obarou, a global enemy.

The Sternbild Kingdom has just survived a civil war but dismissed it as almost impossible. Besides, the request concerns eliminating a creature of the class [Divine Disaster]. To think of it normally, the global scale of the threat would necessitate participation. But taking action against Obarou is seriously unthinkable.

In this vein, the battle against the Holy kingdom looks much more realistic. But to do so is impossible for the numbers given to each side.

"I dispatched [Heroes] to reject the call of the [Holy Kingdom], and I would like you to at least ensure that the royal [Heroes] return safely . In exchange, I promise inside information and adequate remuneration."

Maybe the conversation was long, but considering that it was necessary to discuss ethnic relations, the economic situation, combat capabilities, and personal conflicts, it was still quite short.

Although radiating a royal aura, the Tomboy Princess, with her sour smile, because there was no difficult discussion of the details, quickly adopted the treaty. 

Discussion of details and awards took only about an hour. 

After that, the Tomboy Princess was more exhausted than usual.

Because both of us were exhausted from the long discussion we just had, the two of us decided to head to the [Hot Springs of the Fierce God] for relaxation.

Along the way to the bath we met Kanami-chan and Boy Knight. Coincidentally after meeting Kanami-chan we also met Minokichi-kun after he had finished the training, along with Redhead and the company.

At the hot springs, we had a small continuation of the banquet. Afterwards each went about their own business. 

I also have my duties, so I went to the "Airport" 

There, I sent envoys to various countries, then engaged in routine work and finally got to bed.

[Currently the fate of [Witch of Mystic Flame] [Cavalier Defender] [Usurper] and [Merciful Maiden] belong to [Yatendouji]] 

[ [Mystical Flames Witch] confirmed to be in awakened state]

[ [Merciful Maiden] confirmed to be in awakened state] 

[ [Cavalier Defender] confirmed to be in awakened state]

[ [Usurper] confirmed to be in awakened state]

[Decision to release the special abilities for all belongs to Yatendouji]

[Would release them right now?]

"Yes or No"

Before, I typically chose "No". But this time, I will probably choose "Yes".

Although I have only known the four of them for a short amount of time. During my observations, the four have not given any signs of bad impression.

Especially, if they rebel, I can quickly suppress them, but in the future they will come in handy for combat potential.

["Yes" has been selected] 

[Awakening [Usurper] confirmed] 

[Awakening [Cavalier Defender] confirmed] 

[History of the Legendary Brave Man [Shining Path of the Brave Fighting] the awakening of all the auxiliary characters confirmed]

[All abilities of [Mystical Flame Witch], [Merciful Saint], [Cavalier Defender], and [Usurper] will be released] 

[History of the Legendary Brave Man [Shining Path of the Brave Fighting] enters the next stage]

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Day 269

Also, I had to drink the night away in the night. Had spread scene is reminiscent of the banquet at the king Metropolitan around, OMiyako-gumi or because I had experienced before, knows how that also deal. Familiar, it does not go as expected until the but because as has also somehow found clean up and deal method, and leave the cleanup, I went to the hot water of the demon] beyond the dead who were drunk on sake.

Since that time has also attached Kanami-chan was drinking together, and decided to enter together. Not even able to enter unless in executive class and certain guests [Hot Water of Demon] is, although in the bathroom is separated by men and women, it has been in making that enjoy bathing together.

Just been enhanced more far is that only in the seep is tired from the muscle that was fatigue soaked, there is a tremendous efficacy of the total amount of body magic Odo goes also increased while weak [Hot Water of Demon]. It is to look at the moment, except from between Asahi while soak the mountains and mountains in it, is allowed to say anything hardly comfortable.

Carefully When I enjoy Asaburo and the morning sun by two people, one of the particular guests there - Boy Knight came in.

Boy Knight of only wrapped a towel waist, still young - but what's also of is me to a less than one year reincarnation say - is the body's it well-hardened warrior. To but still thin are equipped with muscles that have been trained in the extremities, abdomen would be useless fat is only a few percent about is cracking six. Results hard thick became palm that was continued and tireless efforts feel the effort of the past, eye dwells a certain intention is strong. Although there is in developing, boy knight is that it would go is now even stronger, was felt from the body of here and there.

Unreserved unreserved to what is observed for was embarrassing, or noticed the presence of Kana-bi-chan in the bath together with me - this is probably the cause most likely - Calaca, blush and panic boy knight hot water over a quick After the, it was soaked in hot water [of demon]. Tin Toro Keru expression. 's Paradise, and towards the boy knight that even without words and is told eloquently, Oh, Na as it is so, and have turned their gaze like that, conscious of the boy knight facing here.

And it opened slowly mouth.

According to it, it seems this after tomboy princess is saying want to have confidential talk and I, and. Boy knight's seems messenger messenger to convey it. Although growth of the boy knight suggests to such enjoy the hot spring incidentally to be a messenger, it aside.

To proceed from the tomboy princess confidential talk, and, it would be most likely [Holy War] relationship. Not surprised because I thought with, Na would be soon.

Anyway, [Demon Spirits Mae [exhausted unexpected going to see cherry blossoms at night drop]] from the item box and the highball glass was taken out, piles along with the Kanami-chan, and incite.

Well, will it be any flow. Such I think also, I swallowed along with the finest sake.

It was go back slowly boy knight who enjoy the hot spring in the first, and up from the hot spring after a while, waiting for the tomboy princess in a rough looking. The waiting location is larger remarkably Among «residential area», is in the mansion you would think or not the royal family live, it is my boudoir. I hope if only the magnitude of the grade which is not cramped and have been living with their families than personal this flashy flashy mansions in, but there is a thing called suitable dwelling as a person standing on the vertex. Live because location is is one of the indicators such as wealth and power that everyone can understand at a glance, than those who are living in Anyone seen 窄 seems to home, I want to follow the direction of those who are living in the mansion should. There is a factor as well, such as personality, if only the condition that at least the house, I'm more of a person who lives in a mansion is good. So it is necessarily in that became such a mansion.

The currently lives here including me, Kana-bi chan and red hair short, it's blacksmith's us or the children. But also maid and black skeleton have to do household chores, as it keep next to in outline.

In such a mansion, tomboy princess came on time that was promised. Hair neatly trimmed, thin, et al. Makeup is applied to the face. Wears clothes is a dress of sophisticated design, ring sparkling tiara and jewelry are ornaments studded also only just a gem. That has not been seen only a few times, it was a full dress of Tomboy Princess.

It is a state that contains quite a yell, but tomboy princess to enjoy the finest elf tea that I had prepared, to sweets using the fruit of honey and a large forest of Beabi that are mass-produced with a successful beekeeping figure hit the smack was not the same as usual. And smile, you are laughing really delicious.

But if it is done, it's finally the main subject.

That soon, the atmosphere of transfiguration. Not only the attitude, changed into a different person as to eye with. Are you in front of the eye is not a tomboy princess, such as a niece, and a member of the royal family to govern the kingdom, it is likely to become queen future the highest Rubiria-Eighth Folle Stern belt princess at the moment It was.

Well, punitive cooperation request aunt Akira world enemy is coming from the "Holy Kingdom To summarize this story because longer. It is not possible in the kingdom of just that brush off it had honest civil war, also things that subdue the presence to say, even with [Kamiwazawai] continental scale, not afford to not to participate Given normally. But Oba Akira us with hostile Toka Seriously unreasonable. 'd Better if fought holy kingdom much to it. But because can not do that, I dispatch [hero] to drink the request of the Holy Kingdom, I want you alone to safely return [hero] of the kingdom where they sell one play. Toka Instead inside information, Toka reward money, it will be in that "so let me various done.

It may be long even if summary, because the long is Yara abusive Yara International Relations strength difference Yara bitches Yara economic situation Yara bitches Yara, even this is considerably shorter.

It is also way of talking atmosphere had become it as a royal family, tomboy princess Never's a tomboy princess, and while a wry smile, because not even in difficult cases up there, it was accepted, while the details of the meeting.

The bits and pieces break-content, we will decide and reward. Discussion was over in about an hour.

As soon as Dara Keru Tomboy Princess as usual. Because such as very tired and headed to both [Demonic Hot Water]. In that case not only Kanami-chan, Boy Knight, Minokichi-kun and Redhead who finished the training is also together.

While opening a little banquet at the hot springs, it is farewell respectively after completion, free to spend. Since I was able to do in me, it was towards the «airport» in the summit.

So skip the message towards the countries, after it was lying on the bed if accustomed to night to doing the chores.

Current, [Flame Witch], [Patron Cavalry], [Usurper of Fate], and [Merciful Saint] has been placed under the control of Night Sky's Child]

[[Witch 妖炎] at the moment it has been confirmed that in waking state] [[Saint of mercy] at the moment has been confirmed that in waking state] [[Patron Cavalry] has been confirmed to be not yet awake state at the moment] [[Usurper] it has been confirmed to be not yet awake state at the moment] The [aroused, and decision to release the frozen capability is there to Night Sky's Child. Do you want to release now? «YES»«NO»]

So far was «NO», but this time I chose the «YES». Although only a still short relationship with four people, Shokon is not bad. Sometimes it's enough to be put down immediately be treason to it, here would be to strengthen forces, it's judgment that.

[«YES» Has been selected] [[Patron Cavalry] was awake at the moment] [[Usurper] was awake at the moment] [EiIsamu Psalm [awakening of Vice Dignitaries thing everyone listed in the back] of shine lead SenIsamu has been confirmed] [As a result, the total capacity of [Witch of 妖炎] [Patron Cavalry] [Usurper] [Saint of Mercy] will be released]

[EiIsamu Psalm [shine lead back of SenIsamu] will transition to the next stage]