Day 268

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Day 268

As usual, immediately after I went for a morning workout, to expend some energy, I had breakfast cooked by the sisters.

Finally, all of the missing groups had returned to base.

The last group that arrived was Avenger , Rusty Iron Knight , and Scarface . The reason for their delay was the mission to eliminate the bandits and dangerous monsters in a variety of places so it was fine. 

During their return, they traveled through several small villages and towns. On the way, they destroyed 4 large gangs of robbers, two medium-sized clans of robbers, and killed 6 boss-level monsters as well as countless little things and small fry. 

Not only that, on the way, they found a new dungeon and conquered it, bringing a large number of magical items.

It's all good, but I had a little doubt about what to do with the detected message yesterday relating to its subsidiary characters. 

Both of them are still children in their teens. 

The [Cavalier Defender] was a blue-eyed blonde beautiful girl, and the [Usurper] was an unnecessarily pale, emaciated ordinary boy, but his eyes were full of bright light.

In the words of the Avenger, when they were on the border during the regular raids to destroy the monsters, they accidentally rescued them from the den of monsters. They were likely to be eaten, apparently there are various and complicated circumstances.

For those reasons it would be necessary to deal with them. 

At the moment, the pair more or less trusted Avenger and company, who saved them, but in relation to the rest, they were very wary. They didn't make a commotion, but are constantly on the lookout.

Well, maybe they're just afraid of us. For now I will leave it alone. 

The kids may be worth something and I sent them to the Solitude group, so that they could become useful. Well for now, in order to prevent their betrayal, I put the ear clips on both of them, and just like the [Flame Witch] and [Merciful Maiden], set them as Avenger's subordinates. 

Once I dealt with the troublesome talk, everyone finally came together, and we immediately started preparing for the banquet.

Although by large, almost everything has been done, there was only a mere trifle.

Before the evening we finished with this, and successfully started the holiday.

The food here was from the sea and was of such high quality that not even most nobles could afford it. The barrels from a variety of well-known manufacturers were stood in a row. These barrels were acquired and stored by the members who have been veterans until now. The scale of the unrestricted binge was unprecedented, the base was turned into a festival at once. 

The banquet at the center of the number of participants is in the thousands scale and it was big enough to be compared to the banquet at the Royal Capital. Some time after the beginning, our homebase fell into chaos. 

Accidentally, newcomers that came were Father Elf, Daughter Elf, and some leaders of the elves, in which they did not have time to escape, and were involved in this festive commotion.

As a result, the feast lasted until morning.

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