Day 267Edit

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Day 267

Before the morning workout. Only the sun has risen, so I went for a walk alone in the Kuuderun Great Forest.

Even by doing nothing, from just my presence, all the living animals fled in fear like cockroaches. So I freely visited many different places.

All of the great forest was already on my mental map, so it was easy to find all the places where I hunted.

The place where I first killed a Horned Rabbit, the place where I met Doriane-san, the place where I saved the kidnapped Daughter Elf. Everything was stored until I went to memorable places. Different memories flooded me.

At the same time I felt a kind of nostalgia, but it was something new.

All this is because, at the moment, the great forest has grown considerably.

Thanks to our natural hot springs magical power, the rate of growth of the great forest throughout the surrounding territory has increased significantly.

As a result, there was a race that appeared that was not there before, as well as senior representatives of the races that formerly lived here.

The number not only increased but also the quality, compared to the past, there is no doubt.

Now you can get the best materials here, and it is much easier to raise your level. For us to live here is not such a bad thing.

Moreover, due to this the probability that our base is detected has decreased.

Of course you need to watch out for adventurers who come to explore, but this is not a problem.

For a while, walking through the great changed landscape of the forest, I was curious and I looked into the cave in which we were born.

Arriving at the place, I silently crept to the entrance. I noticed almost no difference from the constitution of goblins that was here before to the small orcs that lived presently.

Apparently, after we moved to a new location, this place was left without owners, and was inhabited by roving orcs.

Watching them for a while, I realized that this tribe came here from the outside of the great forest.

In their conversation they slipped a mixed dialect that is unfamiliar language in this area. Besides, the small orcs were very weak subspecies of the race and having a natured personality, but they are rather skillful and intelligent.

Conventional orcs prefer raw meat, and small orcs eat fruits and berries, as well as soup made from roots and meat. That is, at least they are skillful enough to cook tasty (at least for small Orcs) food.

Preparing a meal on the fire is in itself quite a shocking ability, but in addition they made their own clothes and armor made of cloth and skins, produced by monsters, so they could hunt, as well as they used spears made of [Steel Rose Hips] long wooden sticks tied to rusty daggers. Which had their peaks covered with purple paralyzing venom.

After some observation, I noticed that their leader is a magician, and was slightly unusual. Maybe even a representative of the [Subspecies].

Becoming a furious god, for the sake of the orc version, I did not lift a finger, but by itself it looks quite interesting.

It is not known what will be in the future, so I left them with one of my clones for spying.

Also, I sent some newborn hobgoblins to spy them, because watching them can be quite interesting.

Perhaps if the orcs appeared here there might be other neighbors, who might be willing to trade with us or the elves. Therefore, I decided to look for other residents of the great forest.

I returned quite late to the base, and almost immediately went to sleep.

[History of the Legendary Brave Man [Shining Path of the Brave Fighting]: [Supporting Character] [Cavalier Defender] and [Usurper] have encountered [Main Character] Ace Sven Sigurd Avenger]

[[Yatendouji] activate ability [Fate Stealer]]

[The fate of [Cavalier Defender] and [Usurper] falls under the power of [Yatendouji]]

[[Cavalier Defender] confirmed to be in awakened state]

[[Usurper] confirmed to be in awakened state]

[Decision to release special abilities for both belongs to [Yatendouji]]

[Would you release them right now?]


This is...

Well for starters I chose "No".

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Day 267

In the morning I entered the  Kuuderun Great Forest by myself before the morning workout started and just as the sun had started to rise.

The living animals of the forest scattered like cockroaches because of my presence. Because of this I was able to freely visit lots of different places.

The great forest had previously been metally mapped enabling me to easily find my destinations.

I traversed to the area where I first killed a Horned Rabbit, the place where I met Doriane-san, the area where I had saved the kidnapped Daughter Elf, and multiple other places that were memorable. Different memories came to me as a I journeyed through the forest.

At this point I experienced a type of nostalgia, as the forest has grown considerably in this short amount of time.

Boosted considerably from our natural hot springs magical powers, the growth of the forest has ever increased its territory.

As a result of this a new race had emerged, mixed in with senior representatives of the races that had formerly resided here.

When compared to the past, the number of materials in this area had not only increased in number but also in overall quality, without a doubt.

With access to the best materials our troops will raise their level much quickly now in the future. Living in the forest is definitely a great benefit to us.

Moreover, due to the expansion of the forests borders our chances that the base will be detected are greatly reduced.

I strolled through the greatly changed landscape, and because I was curious, headed for the cave in which my group was born in.

Upon arriving at the location, I silently crept up to the mouth of the cave. What I noticed was a band of small orcs had inhabited the cave under a similar set of constitutional laws as the goblins.

Apparently, after we had re-located our base a group of roving orcs had come across the place without owners and had moved in.

After observing the small orcs conversing I realized that their mixed dialect was unfamiliar to this area and that they had come from outside of the great forest. The small orcs were a very weak subspecies of the race and had an amiable personality, but were also rather skillful and intelligent.

Conventional orcs preferred raw meat, however, the small orcs ate fruits and berries along with soup made from roots, and cooked meat. That is, they are at least skillful enough to cook tasty (by small orc standards) food.

I was quite shocked that along with preparing a meal on the fire, they also made their own clothing and armor from cloth and skins produced by monsters. They hunted with spears made of [Steel Rose Hips] and long wooden sticks with rusty daggers tied to the ends. The tips of the daggers were covered with purple paralyzing poison.

Their leader, I noticed, was a magician and slightly unusual and could possibly be a representative of the [Subspecies].

Because I was very interested in how the petite orcs would progress I did not raise a finger to harm them.

I arranged for some newly evolved hobgoblins to spy on them and monitor their achievements.

It was quite possible that they or other formed tribes in the forest could trade with us or the elves. With that in mind I set off back through the forest looking for other residents of the great forest.

I arrived at the base quite late, and almost immediately went to sleep.

[History of the Legendary Brave Man [Shining Path of the Brave Fighting]: [Supporting Character] [Cavalier Defender] and [Usurper] have encountered [Main Character] Ace Sven Sigurd Avenger]

[[Yatendouji] activate ability [Fate Stealer]]

[The fate of [Cavalier Defender] and [Usurper] falls under the power of [Yatendouji]]

[[Cavalier Defender] confirmed to be in awakened state]

[[Usurper] confirmed to be in awakened state]

[Decision to release special abilities for both belongs to [Yatendouji]]

[Would you release them right now?]


This is...

Well for starters I choose "No".

Day 266 == Day 267 == Day 268

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Day 267

Morning training before. Still from early morning, not yang also ascended, I was walking a large forest in the carefree single demon and Frari.

Since nothing is not even insects from around feeling my sign that has become and demon would run away, it was around the various locations while dissolve the signs too strong around. Since most forest throughout has already been recorded in the brain map, it's easy to over and where I went hunting. For the first time and where hunted horn rabbit, Doriane-san met places, such as where the daughter elf's has rescued me we have nearly been abducted, went around while looking back the memories in everywhere.

But we go around them, somewhere nostalgic also available, also was also the first time came I felt like.

And it felt so well, probably because large forest of current is growing rapidly.

By ours of the power of force or of the star natural magic mana and spirits overflowing from hot spring, a large forest is rapidly growing every day. Its effects, or previous races and had not had started to increase and the higher species of race which was in a long time. Since the improved amount also just not quality, is no doubt there is a growing degree of difficulty of the large forest in comparison with the previous.

But we can obtain a number of fine materials than before, considering that such as here you are and easy to raise the level or because the environment is good, it is not only bad thing. And since the fall is also a possibility that difficulty is found bases An increase, if attention to such as came to reconnaissance adventurers, it would be nice to not have to worry about up there.

When you walk through a large forest that places terrain even changed for a while, and try to stop by that cave that ours was born in suddenly worried.

When it approaches without slowly sound, and stopped the foot in the middle. The line of sight and has been living in a cave, because there was a figure of little Orcs unprecedented goblins and great difference. Apparently cave the Orcs that ours is no longer stay a person who used to go to the base has been effectively utilized.

If you have some time observation, it was found that apparently it seems clans that came from outside of the large forest. Because had mixed dialect that is unfamiliar in this area in the language. And petite Orcs is a fairly good natured personality as oak species, and dexterity its head also seems good.

It will devour the usual raw meat and oak if dripping of blood meals, petite oak we ate deliciously the ripe fruit, are subjected to fire the wild vegetables and meat to put on tattered pot. To any taste until either do not know, but smell good, since it is eating delicious likely, at least in petite oak basis it seems delicious. Thing to be startle even only dishes made with fire, but in other also deftly weaving the monster material with a cloth or ivy make the shoes and armor, also weapons will to use in hunting or self-defense to the club of the tree "steel thorns winding the "long knives rusted to a wooden stick in a simple spear of only fixed cause paralysis and severe pain to apply the juice of poisonous plant, devised such is applied. The observed as long as, led by the leader's apparently as Meiji species, but it is not a little ordinary. Would not there also a possibility of [subspecies] and Maybe.

Either because I ended up with demon, in at this late hour Oak [subspecies] degree but does not move the index finger, but this was this an interesting discovery. It's the time being is what will the future unknown, much monitoring Let me put. At the same also dispatched such as newborn hobgoblin, it might be interesting even to try to exchange. It might be a neighbor with alternating current in addition to the Maybe elf, and decided to watch the new inhabitants of the large forest.

Then it returns to base, dive into bed at night there and this and it to.

[[[Avenger]] who is a «Vice dignitaries products sub cast» is the title [Patron Cavalry] [Usurper] carriers is «Psalms awakening manager / main character main cast» of EiIsamu Psalm [shine lead back of SenIsamu] Sigurd - I met with the Eighth-Sven] [[Fate looting Fate plunder] night Tendoko reblogged activated] [As a result, the fate of [the patron cavalry] [Usurper] will be placed under the control of Tendoko night] [[Patron cavalry] at this time has been confirmed that it is in the non-waking state] [At the moment [Usurper] it has been confirmed that it is in the non-waking state] [Decision to awaken both there to Tendoko night. Do you want to now awakening? «YES»«NO»]

Well, and? Anyway, I slept by selecting «NO».

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