Day 266

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Day 266

Yesterday we had the individual battles. Today, for the sake of improving teamwork and leadership skills, matches will be formed in groups of 4, 9 and 49 with a commander. We will have the team competition duel

matches will be groups of the commander plus 4, 9 and 49 individual)

The biggest was a battle of the top 99 commanders of subordinates. In itself, this training was different from yesterday, a show of individual force.

In each of these battles, weapons and armor were made of wood, which grows in the great forest.

But with only this one material, it surpassed mediocre steel strength.

All particles of clones in the ear barrette were replaced by clones [violent god] that automatically blocked fatal strokes, while if the slightest sign of life remained, it would be cured by Seiji-kun and the company, because the battle would likely be very fierce.

Even in the battles 5 vs 5, the pride of the group was at stake, and the more they fought, the more this same pride was at stake.

The last battle carried was 100 vs 100. Here the most numerous goblins and hobgoblins mixed together, to fight head-on with ogres and the insectoid.

Riding the black wolves and Triple Horned Horses were Goblin and Hobgoblin riders, who, using their agility, loaded fast attacks thanks to the elves' skirmisher training, just shooting arrows on the move, right in the opponent's weak spots.

Frontal attackers, the heavily armed dragonewts and centaurs charged and smashed enemy ranks.

And to secure the front line, at the forefront of fighting, the Mages. Arranging Air Sea flares the appeared a collision of battle magic from the rear to fight for destruction and annihilation.

At the forefront bone fractures were common. Broken teeth were quite natural under the heavy blows which can even tear internal organs, and unless you are lucky, you can easily lose your eyes from flying stones or fragments. There was a great chance to be crushed by the blast from the terrible spells in the air collisions.

There might be an overwhelming body gap for those who were stepping on a body on the ground and getting crushed, it often occurred. [?]

It would not be surprising if they were dead. Moreover, normally, there would certainly be several tens of corpses. But thanks to the strengthening of my clones, and the excellent team work of Seiji-kun, despite the huge number of wounded, no one was killed. We were able to maintain the situation.

Maybe this method was too cruel, but even without weapons, the result would have been exactly the same. For the leaders’ group of 5 people and 10 people, yesterday's promotion received its increase, so it was their last test.

At first we made the teams randomly, to see whether they had the ability to reach that position but in the end, having gained combat experience, their management took proper shape.

But, as expected, most of the leaders, in groups of 5 people and 10 people, were commanders for the day.

However, many individuals have reached their limit but were not be able to [evolve]. There were many among the commanders group of 5 people and 10 people. They train themselves by honing their skills with experience, rather than increasing their rank. That is something cannot be measured in terms of level.

To get through this obstacle, I hope that they can get the skills worthy of their rank.

Incidentally, Father Elf and Daughter Elf had arrived at the time of our training and they were very shocked. As expected, Tomboy Princess and Boy Knight were just as much at a loss of words at such a spectacle.

Well, nothing can be done.

Although it is barbaric, such training is essential.

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Day 266

Because it was individual competition yesterday, because of the improvement of leadership today, five lengths and led by four people of subordinates, dozens length led by the nine men, fifty length led by subordinates of forty-nine people We went the team competition due.

Up was done I led the subordinates of Tsukumo this, there are also different force from the individual competition, but impressive enough.

Weapon you want to use this time he wooden weapon that was built from trees that grows in large forest all, but material is only in more robust than poor metal weapon material. Unlike the minute body that is fitted into Iyakafusu previously, it will prevent the instant death attack or fatal injury of the kind automatically because it is updated to the demon chromatid, and political kun us is if there is a breath in slightly Meet with us cure, it became a battle of quite apt. Because the clash is five-to-five of the pride of the agitation group in combat by the minimum number, the larger the the scale of its hit each other is large and there was of course a can.

In the hundred-to-hundred races to be the final round, jumbled number is most often small demon goblins and Chuoni hobgoblin who is violently, wrapped in tough Daioni auger and exoskeleton instep 蟲人 insect id we can clash from the front.

Archery elves charged fed from Bura~tsuurufu and Triple Horned Horse us to straddle wants Goblin riders and hobgoblin-riders of mobility is Inuki precisely the weakness of the enemy, people of heavily armed Dragonewt Ramura-san and half Sagittarius centaur cavalry assault by disturbing the enemy remains of momentum.

And [magic] of emitted colorful from the rear, which is protected in front to violently collision, leaving a brilliant trajectory in the air, fought the destruction and annihilation. Painstaking of the commonplace becomes melee. Teeth to break the also a matter of course, internal organs or rupture in a powerful blow, or crushed unfortunately eyes flying gravel and debris, and is blown away by receiving a direct hit of a myriad of [Magic], there is an overwhelming body gap who on stepping crushed is it also often occur.

Dead is funny not even out, and usually if any person but intensity, such as dead dozens or rather, by the remarkable success of the medical unit, which was led by demon minute body and political-kun, and etc. Nare many those injured dead No, we're able to maintain the situation. Savage might pole ball, which unfolded in the violence that does not change combat and almost with the exception of such armed, for shielding our just was promoted yesterday to like five people length and ten length, of the same class, which is the opponent predecessors is also the first ordeal confronting become a wall.

The first was unfamiliar command also through the battle because it has only the ability get the position, in towards the end had become decent shape.

But I still like there was a long day for those five people length and ten length was the person who so far. Although more individuals it has reached the critical point that can not be [there evolution] is large in five length and ten length, capacity that has been polished by experience can not be measured in terms of level. It is in what overcame it, but, well, let's hope the newly promoted the person our growth.

By the way, father elf or daughter elf you have visited this time of training to have been very well drawn, I was speechless in tomboy princess and the boy knight also expected. But a little like shock was too large. Well, it is not the way.

It will there is a savage, but these training we need.