Day 265

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Day 265

Some of the comrades who were out of the forest, returned to the base today.

But some still remained missing. Because of the distance or  the convenience they have taken missions. In general, the reasons were different.

I'm all tied up, and the latest group, without any error, will arrive in a few days.

Because we knew the details through contact, it was easy to make a plan, and we started training, so any time we can start a feast.

At this time, the participants have to order more so the workforce have excesses because the preparation was a process without any delay.

So I decided to finish first with this case, which was no less important than the banquet.

Put simply, a fighting festival championship.

As expected, this is the strength of our business - that's it! These thoughts still remained, because to determine the position of a fight is inevitable.

So far, the spread of forces was quite high, but the positions have simply not changed.

Since, I decide not to miss the opportunity when gathering the comrades together the tournament was held in the «external training field».

This time, the fighting involved only members of all the significantly increased in rank, thanks to this the show was truly spectacular.

The result of the tournament:

1st Redhead

2nd Akita - name of Kobold Leader (Akitainu)

3rd Desolation Spirit Panda (Kumajirou)

4th Hell Cerberus (Kurosaburou)

5th Gladiator King

6th Female Knight

7th Fire Lord-kun

8th Female Samurai

9th Auro

10th Argento

11th Kumakichi

12th Ramura-san (first Lightning dragonewt)

13th Isuha-san (Lightning armored insectoid (might be the Female Mantis from Day 124 sidestory))

14th Monkey Boss

15th Rinbo-san (Dullahan)

16th Wind Lord-chan

And others. Such are the results.

Depending on the combinations of opponents, perhaps they would have been completely different, but still a very reasonable result.

This time, I, Minokichi-kun as well as the other [8 Demonic Generals], due to the obvious difference in strength, did not participate, and the Avenger and Rusty Iron Knight have not returned so the results came out that way.

I did not think Redhead would have won, but she really has gotten herself stronger.

Of course there were other changes in the ranking of power, but still, it's all good will to increase our combat capability.

Due to the fact that there were a lot of participants, the festival battle lasted until late.

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Day 265

The majority of Members that is scheduled to return this time has arrived at the base. However, Members have not yet arrived Some. Toka's distance issues, circumstances such as the received request of convenience's different. If you try to contact with Iyakafusu to each, because it is so after a few days to arrive at the slowest group, it would be well within the range of error.

So easy to stand plan and if you know the approximate plan, prepared to begin a banquet even immediately if aligned go proceed. This time, but orders of magnitude and until this is the scale of the number of participants, preparation since no shortage of labor was carried proceed without a hitch.

In parallel, it was decided to put away the important issues forward to more meaning banquet it is from morning.

In a nutshell, it is a fight festival tournament.

In still para base ram all what force, the idea remains, this is not essential for determining the respective permutations. Etc. if it apart was the partial replacement because until now, it does overall could not be mid people. But hands miss the opportunity to gather in this scale is not, I tried to held at the arena in the «external training field» by that. Also to participate this time did not participate in a non-combatant in the only combat personnel, for everyone of ability is improved than before, and this has been the spectacular entertainment in its own way.

Resulting in.

One, red hair short. Two, Akita dog. Three, bear Jiro. Four, black Saburo. Five, sword 闘王. Six, woman warrior. Seven, Netsuoni kun. Eight, woman knight. Nine, Oro. Ten, Argento. Eleven, Kumakichi. Twelve, Ramla's / One of the thunder dragon people. Thirteen, chair-Hur's / mantis type instep 蟲人. Fourteen, boss monkey. Fifteen, Limbaugh's / neck without knight dullahan. Sixteen, Kazeoni's. ...... Etc.

It became feeling. Although a result by such combinations and fighting style of compatibility has changed a lot, well, it's the duly results in its own way. Do not have this time out to members that have been found to clearly result such as me and Minokichi-kun our [Hachi-jinnoonisho], because such as avenger and Rusty Iron Knight not come yet back, and turned to the results said: It was. Although red hair short did not think to win, because it is really strong, there will be also such things.

Of course there were bits and pieces turnover, Anyway, the good thing is the layer of strength is increased.

Since the participating number there were many, quarrel festival was followed by the late into the night.