Day 264

Day 264

Our comrades still haven't returned from their trip so we couldn't arrange a banquet yet. So after the morning workout, we had to reassign the care of the former "uninvited guests," who became the "invited guests”, Tomboy Princess to Auro and company, who were having a good relationship with her, and after that I secluded myself with the Sisters in the kitchen.

"It's not like that and it's not like this too" our debates are overlapping. Because we have so many ingredients, we proceed to start our trial and error, and decide what to do in order to get the best dishes from the dragon meat.

But this is quite difficult. What is the most delicious part of the dragon? What is the best method to cook it with? What are the missing ingredients? What kind of utensils and tools does this thing require? You must know a lot of this thing.

Because we have many things which we still lack, it looks like we can't figure out an optimized way to cook this. But we're not going to stop our efforts in trying to make the best meat of the dragon even tastier. Eating is life. Life is eating. Since this is an important thing, it is clear that there is nothing better than something tasty. Thus, we are able to invest our strength in this case.

I can't spend all my time only with the Sisters, I can't leave Blacksmith-sanAlchemist-sanFemale Knight  and Doriane-san alone. Taking the time for a break, I go to their places and check their condition.

First, I visit Blacksmith-san's place. Blacksmith-san, by using a large variety of magical metal, made my halberd enhanced and improved to the extent that it couldn't be compared to its previous state. I judged many weapons which were made by skillful dwarves.

At first glance, it was clear that her skills certainly increased, so much that she couldn't be compared with her previous stage. Surprised by her unexpected growth, we started the inspection of my comrades' equipment, and we inspected the mass produced equipment too, which would be sold in stores. After the inspection, I asked whether there were any problems.

In response, I have learned that before there was a problem with the delivery of a variety of metal magic, but thanks to the work of the supply service it has been solved. Personally, I wish that they, along with dwarves, continued to develop it further to ensure the quality.

In addition, Oniwaka (Blacksmith-san's son), is also interested in smithing and during the lessons he made a knife. It was his first time, so we cannot say his skill was good, but because you still need to learn from it, I also praised the knife. But Oniwaka wasn't pleased with his work, and he hid that knife out of embarrassment. Because of that, I laughed with Blacksmith-san.

Next, I proceed to Alchemist-san. She was making magic potions that couldn't be made by the black skeletons in the "Factory". Blending the solutions, processing materials and entrusting to others the production of some parts, which anyone can do if they have the appropriate knowledge for that, she does the most important processes.

Among our products, compared to the expensive potions, the potions made by Alchemist-san are very popular. As expected, even though her potions were inferior to [Artifact]-class potions, they still sold very well.

I help as much as I can, and after that I watch over them. Alchemist-san's technique is undergoing extraordinary changes, and I'm never tired of admiring her gently making magic potions. We can say that a woman at work has her own charm.

Next I went to the place of Redhead and Female Knight, who were training. Making them pair up, I have them train with me lightly. Becoming a member of the 18 Demon Warlords and receiving the title of [Brilliant Righteous Knight] and [Red Deadly Fury], they are now able to fight with me, but only when I hold back.

Unlike Redhead, who received a very significant increase in her body capability, looks like Female Knight gained the ability to control [Light of Mercy], which can be used to the target mind and body.

Anyone touched by [Light of Mercy] will be robbed of their own strength. A type of ability which inflicts Bad Status. I tried it on myself, and it looks like the more time it took, the more severe the effect would be. Gradually, it shaved my will to fight, and I felt like my power was draining away from me.

The appearance of this light is like a noble golden aura that covers your entire body. If you see it for the first time, it is very difficult to determine if this light has a bad effect or not.

Deceived by this light appearance, maybe enemies will only lose more and more power the longer they fight. In the battle, when the slightest difference in the state can decide the outcome, I find this ability very formidable.

For now she still handles [Light of Mercy] very poorly because she still inexperienced, but it's still capable of covering the prey and person body. But when she becomes adapted to [Light of Mercy], she probably could extend the range of the spread.

Obviously, this it is necessary to be cautious of friendly fire, but if she can control it very carefully, she can fight with a high-class opponent. Personally, I have ways to counter it, but without those, Female Knight will become a very troublesome enemy.

The training continued for some time, and at the end Akitainu, who become a member of the [18 Demon Warlords] [Loyal Samurai Dog], joined the training with Redhead and Female Knight. [King of Demonic Bears] Kumajirou and [Black Wolf Emperor] Kurosaburou also sprinkled in with training.

Like Kumajirou and Kurosaburou, Akitainu evolved from [Kobold Samurai] in the [Kobold Shogun]. In the days of [Kobold Samurai], Akitainu was like a beastman with the upper part of the body like a middle-aged man. Becoming [Kobold Shogun], he had a vivid scarlet armor of black color in the old Japanese style, covering the entire body, a biological armor. His main weapon was the spear with a live cross, crescent-shaped tip.

However, his body resembles a much larger version of a conventional kobold. Now his brutal appearance was more impressive then an average Ogre. Characteristic of predators, his sharp look scoured in search of prey, sharp claws ripped the ground. If he howls, only with the sound, weaklings will lose any fighting spirit. But it is not strong enough to induce fear.

Not only possessing animal instincts and physical ability, but high intelligence, and outstanding combat technique, he can control other kobolds like his own hands with his command ability. With personal and command abilities Kobold Shogun, he could easily tear the Lords and dragonkin to death.

There were records about a Kobold Shogun, leading tens of thousands of fellow kobolds to destroy a small country. He not only caused huge damages, destroying the armies of neighboring countries, but also killing off the [Hero] and his 3 companions, it is unlikely he has died and is still here walking around cracking jokes (he is wanted now in some places, that Kobold Shogun).

In some cases, representatives of this race, even becoming dungeon, for example in one of the dungeons "A couple De Rama" a very high level. That's just this very Akitainu in front of me, happily wagging his tail and bright eyes glistened. He was bigger than me in size, but still, Akitainu for me looked like a friendly puppy. His every action is simply affection to me. It was so touching.

In the days of the kobold samurai, it looked a little strange, but now it looks very similar to what it was, even hugging and patting does not cause strange moral contradictions.

Like a pet, Akitainu [Loyal Samurai Dog] unto the Lord is loyal (in this case me) all his abilities have significantly increased. Before training, as a reward for his efforts in the service, I gave him a magical item, a long sword [Ancient] class [War Wolf Celestial Moon] because of this, training among the 5 members who are participating, Akitainu was perhaps the strongest.

In a short time, he may well achieve power equal to a [Legendary Hero]. Many of his blows were quick and his punches are heavy. Looking at the growth of Akitainu, my face broke into a smile in anticipation of the Holy War. Upon completion of the training, I went to relax with Doriane-san.

Today, I have come for a dip in the hot spring, but I caught Father Elf, who is now taking an oil massage. I even thought that all his greatness was an illusion, because his face was very relaxed. Well it is better not to dig too deep. Everyone has 1 or 2 weaknesses.

Having made a full circle, I sat down to study cooking, and then I went to the hot springs again. At this time, in order not to repeat the shameful mistakes, I just got into swimming. Hot springs are the best!

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