Day 263

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Day 263

I woke up covered in sweat and felt sticky. I was reunited with Blacksmith-san and for the first time in a long while, I had a hot night with Blacksmith-san and companions.

I decided to bathe in the [Fierce God] hot spring before starting the training, I wanted to try out the [Heat Absorption] skill. Having done so, the heat energy rushed within me, and I felt like I was dissolving into the water. The test from this experiment of enjoyment had exceeded my expectations.

"Fuuahhh", words could not convey the feeling but my brain was dominated by happiness. In my mind, it was like I was dissolved in hot water. (1)

Most likely, this was one of the most dangerous states placed upon my body. I tried to get myself out of this situation, but I could not.

My mind fell apart and I fell into a trance. When Minokichi entered and saw me in this strange situation, Minokichi called out to me.

Receiving no answer, with one hand, Minokichi pulled me out of the water.

Once my mind returned back into my body, I stopped the [Heat Absorption] skill.

So I survived this crisis which was rather pathetic (which looked pretty stupid, so it was decided to keep this our little secret).

Yesterday was very busy, because we had to reconcile with the "Uninvited Guests" for whom it was necessary to keep an eye on. (2)

The "Uninvited Guests" were Tomboy Princess and Boy Knight.

Lulled to sleep by my poison, they appeared from the two extra barrels.

In her words, "I wanted to look at the home of Aporou and his companions but Aporou wouldn't allow us into the secret fortress." Thus she decided to secretly sneak inside! Having come to the conclusion, "while everything was going well, nobody would have thought that we would be put to sleep! We were sincerely waiting for the flight across the sky on a dragon! But it turned out into something like this." (3)

Pouting out her cheeks with a scorch deificating expression that was dissatisfied, she protested as she pounded on the table with both hands.

Apparently after we sent them back to the castle they used a secret passage to the mansion, and during the time Aporou and his comrades were preparing for departure the Tomboy Princess and Boy Knight climbed into the luggage.

Judging by the expression floating on the face of the Boy Knight, who was currently sweating, he tried to persuade the Tomboy Princess not to go but it was a waste of effort.

As the secret base was discovered, I was angry with her for a long time. But since the Tomboy Princess was somewhat like a niece to me, I can't show it or she may become conceited, and I was too tired with continuous problems stacking up I'd rather not be too angry and reflected upon the situation. (4)

But should she cross a certain line, I'll have to get rid of the Tomboy Princess. And there will be no negotiations, for I have no pity towards enemies, but after intimidating her I felt pity for her.

I was convinced after thinking about the reason that the Tomboy Princess cannot betray us and become our enemy, so it's useless thoughts.

Naturally, Tomboy Princess, as a member of the royal family, is well aware of the danger posed by the Holy Kingdom.

The fact is that the Holy Kingdom is making preparations for the [Holy War] against the [Enemy of Peace] and [Insatiable Gluttony] (me). (5)

And as befits a [Holy War], all who oppose are considered accomplices of the [Enemy of Peace] and shall be destroyed. (6)

The Holy Kingdom will not be forgiving. Absorbing the earth, the Holy Kingdom will invade the land, consuming everything in its path. The Holy Kingdom has much more power than this kingdom. There is a very large gap in the number of national forces and [Legendary Heroes], and even considering an alliance with the Empire, there is still a high probability of losing.

If we were to add  the Atarakua Demon Empire and the Beast Kingdom to the opposing side, we may be able to avoid total destruction but the damage will be very severe.

Because of this the Sternbild Kingdom simply cannot leave it unattended.

First of all, the damage from the civil war was quite large and it has not recovered yet, so there is simply no choice.

From the perspective of the Kingdom, the relationship with me could be seen as opposing the [Holy War]. (7)

Because information is sometimes worth more than a mountain of gold. Thinking about the national interest as the priority, there is an option to betray me. If I were an ordinary monster the Tomboy Princess perhaps would have made the choice to betray me.

After the Tomboy Princess had seen enough of us and our work that choice no longer existed. Of this I am sure.

Although she is still like a kid, with her ability to look into other people's hearts, she has quickly matured and collected a huge amount of information. No one was better than her in gathering information, even if she did not have that she had intellect. (8)

Therefore she knows what would happen if she betrays us.

As she's not a complete fool, the choice of betrayal was no longer possible since the beginning.

This time, they didn't get in the luggage to gather information to betray us, but to learn about our fighting potential personally and make sure what was the best to do was for the good of the kingdom. Such were most likely her thoughts. (9)

Well, there was some personal interest too.

Slightly anticipating what she was up to, I put the Tomboy Princess on my shoulder, pampering Opushii, as well as holding Nicola in a hand (daughter of Alchemist-san, the only human race of my children), and gave her a tour of our homebase.

Currently, our base has grown incomparably to the previous size.

Black Skeletons significantly reduce the amount of hard work and their number exceeds a few thousand. Furthermore, many representatives of skilled races have gathered here.

Although I was not here for a few months, the use of the labor power to the maximum has made the base grow so much that it completely engulfed the whole mountain.

Roughly explained, the former residence of our group, the "Former Mine", became the living quarters; the "External Training Field" allows us to carry out large-scale military exercises; on the "Agricultural Fields" the agricultural dwarfs and Doriane-san's [Field Workers] took care of a variety of crops; the "Ranch" was inhabited by tamed horses, wolves and other mounts as well as by domesticated animals for food; in the "Workshop" a variety of tools and weapons were manufactured; the "Hospital" was always on duty healing the injured; for entertaining the elves, the "Parabellum Onsen" was established.(10)

All this was greatly improved and greatly expanded, for example the "Agricultural Fields" grew to such an extent that they are better described as "Great Agricultural Fields," and there are more places that deserve to be described.

To begin, the annoying trees were cut down while the ground was made more robust by Half Earth-Lords, so as not to fall apart. The summit became relatively flat making this a good place for an "Airport".

Here we use flying familiars such as Falaise Eagle and dragons, for exporting products from the forest and for importing goods that are hard to find in the forest. (11)

Most of the space is an open platform which made it easy-to-take-off and land, but there were also buildings for the temporary storage of goods, pets, recreation personnel and other devices that reduce the burden of work.

Rails was laid down like a spider's web to reduce the burden of work.

[Bone Trolleys] are used for transporting small amounts of products. They are made from black skeletons which made them easy to make and easy to control. If given an order they would move automatically to the right place.

Large [Skeleton Trains] were used for bigger amounts of products, this solved the impending problem of transporting our products.

The rails themselves were made with the help of the dwarfs.

Originally the dwarfs were ordered to mine for minerals. They knew that the transport of miners and minerals was going to be important for the efficiency of the mine and made some kind of rails. (12)

Using those rails as a prototype, the current system of rails and trolleys was made by trial-and-error.

History has preserved quite a few examples of the great use of such structures, this kind of mine still exists to this day.

When I was looking for a convenient way to transport goods on a daily basis I was lucky because among the dwarfs appeared one familiar with the methods of construction and operation of rail and truck designs. I think I did not even use [Luck] there.

The dwarfs use black skeletons as a driving force to lessen the stress on themselves.

At the moment all the facilities at our base were connected by the rails, this made the movement between them much easier and faster.

The "Factory" makes the products we sell at our shops. Non-battle personnel, those unable to fight on the front line, and black skeletons are used as a labor force.

The black skeletons were used at the assembly line and the non-battle personnel and those unable to fight had works such as monitoring and quality check.

Of course the black skeletons were not skilled enough to make delicate products like magic potions, but for the less delicate product they were enough. (10*)

Receiving detailed instructions, the black skeletons showed their worth as industrial machines for the manufactured goods. The goods they make are of good quality, could be sold at a cheap price, and since their workflow is stable this made for a very solid source of income. Because they need no rest, salary and food I began to think the black skeletons were more suitable at the assembly line than at the front.

Incidentally, these basic manufactured products were about the same quality as in the "Workshop".

Furthermore, there appeared a significant increase in the number of our member who live in "Residential land".

A lot of members were living in the "Former Mine", but since the population has increased from a few dozen to a few thousand, a newer and bigger "Residential Land" was necessary.

Since a lot of different races live together the houses differ a lot. Some were made of wood while others were made from bricks, stone, or even thick cloth. Not only is there a difference in building material, there also is a difference in building style. There are houses that looked like the ones in Sternbild Kingdom, Kirika Empire, Atarakua Demon Empire and Beast Kingdom.

And even if the style is the same, depending on the size of occupants, the sizes were very different.

In these houses live the representatives of various races, comparable in size with the Minotaur, respectively, their homes are huge. But while passing those you could see  relatively small houses belonging to creatures such as Cat Fairies.

Despite the apparent chaos they were all pretty well sorted and the general atmosphere in the "Residential Land" is very harmonious. It looks like a medium-sized city which was in harmony with nature.

It's a major change.

Located around the mountain, which has become the center of our base, external areas were completely surrounded by huge solid, magical fortified walls, similar to the improved version of the one that were there before.

Besides the big innovations there are some smaller ones. We now have a "Shopping Street". Here they sell food, necessary items, and products that are useful for training. Since it is not an important facility, I won't go into detail about it. 

While I walked around the base it looked more and more like a city.

Looking around while walking made me feel emotional.

In addition, it only took a few months for the base to grow this big. Honestly, I did not expect this.

Normally it is an impossible growth rate, this is the first time this kind of development took place. I can’t help but to think so. But here live selected representatives of different races which all had different useful skills and abilities. By my influence they used those abilities at the right place, that's why the base could develop this quick.

Using black skeletons as the labor force, our home base has become like a fortress city. It is like that, but in fact, it seems very illogical. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks so.

“Well, good” the Tomboy Princess said with a gleeful blast. Oh well. I spent the whole day with my lovely kids. That in itself makes this day not bad.

Copr94' Cleaning Corner

(1) Words can be conveyed but feelings are sometimes to hard to covey in words.

(2) This was a realy strange sentence so I changed it a little bit to let it make more sense. If it is strays to much from the original content please change it back. Which is for things, whom is for people.

(3) The Princess is saying these things.

(4) I changed the order of the sentences and phrased them a bit different to let them make more sense.

(5) The Holy Kingdom is making preperations for the war against Rou, not Parabelum.

(6) Changed [World of Evil] to [Enemy of Peace] for continuality and because it makes more sense.

(7) The relationship between the Princess and Rou isn't the cause or purpose of the [Holy War], but it could be seen as opposing it.

(8) She is like a kid, not like a baby.

(9) Treason is mostly used for betraying your country or a trustee. Technically it is correct but betrayal itself seems more appropiate to me.

(10*) I changed the phrasing a bit to make it flow better.

(11) The phrasing didn't make any sense.

(12) I added some words to make it more sensible.

From Of course the black skeletons were not skilled enough to make delicate products like magic potions, but for the less delicate product they were skilled enough. I changed a lot of phrasing. It was a real mess.

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Day 263

I woke up wet to the liquid something Yara sweat, skin was sticky. This is reunited with blacksmith's our first time in a long time, I blame it is hard are a wide variety can be raised last night.

And I think that whether it's the training of the morning while an air of smell, but he decided to go to the hot water of the demon] before you start, I tried using the I [Torrid Absorption] and what was thought at that time .

Then, it what about. Incidentally to absorb the hot springs of the heat, but until the various forces that dissolved in the hot water was coming into me. When you say that time of euphoria, which is an area of ​​outstanding experience. The other, Fu~ua Oh ~, and I will. Enough to not be expressed in words, in my brain happy, it had been dominated by the feeling that. Though it dissolved in hot water, the presence that I was would likely disappear.

Perhaps he most important and dangerous state in until now, but it is not likely to get out of this situation on their own.

When nothing but drifting in the ecstasy of expression, and what I thought the state suspicious, Mino Gil kun came from later told me over the voice. But whether because there was no reaction, it was me pulling me from the hot water in one hand. It by my consciousness is pulled back into the body. the moment you noticed was, to stop the imposition of [torrid absorption] in a hurry. Dangerous was, it was really dangerous. is happy to Shineru, was bought Yaba enough to think so seriously. When Beware from now, it was the I swore quietly.

Early in the morning a little crisis - because it is quite stupid, became a secret that only me and Minokichi-kun know - and dying, we overcame it, around noon. What kettle and door and had left the amulet to Kanami-chan us because it was busy yesterday, must now I corresponds to those who should be called [Uninvited Guests] in this homecoming.

The [Uninvited Guests] are the Tomboy Princess and the Boy Knight.

You know, that imperceptibly had been added, it's two barrels. Content that is Nemurase is vaporized sleep poison, is of this was two people.

To hear the story, "Oba Akira our hometown, I'm I want to go by all means. Potatoes, it is determined that the Clen To take me to home because simple. If How to, or not than no choice but to slip into! ? This is why you came to the conclusion that. Until when Shinobikome but was good, and surely be forced to put to sleep dream to Omowanzo~tsu! Air travel aboard the dragon,'ll I think I wanted to enjoy from the bottom of my heart ~Tsu! It seems that that ". Inflatable cheek openly floated a facial expression that is dissatisfied, it is a protest with the movement, such as tapping the desk in the bang-bang and both hands.

The overall flow, to secretly after it has been sent to the king castle in the skeleton spider to return to the house, ours was undeniably well in place in preparation, and will be called. It was flushed with cold sweat, and looking at the Boy Knight that worried, wasted effort boy knight who tried to persuade the Tomboy Princess is floating in the eye.

At all, while I think that he even troubled ones too tomboy, was a me that would Cause I think the unavoidable,. Again Tomboy Princess Toka niece, we must not have is such a feeling. It would pamper catapult. Also known the location of the sites that do not want to be less well known, it has remained to the extent that angry lightly. But regret is you are not, just reflection is you are.

That said would of course spoil, once crossed the line that is not negotiable in the absolute, it must be a corresponding appropriate to the tomboy princess. If that happens, I would not probably get lost. Merciless to those who became the enemy that are not required. But after the settlement has been completed, it will soak in sentimentality. The about it, there are feelings.

Well, tomboy princess is betrayed ours, because such thing become enemies are confident that at this late hour no, this would be useless idea.

Of course, to know also the standpoint of tomboy princess of the Kingdom of the royal family, it is successively grasped by the current large flow even minute body that has a base point the Holy Kingdom.

Battle has been steadily preparing to center the Holy Kingdom - able to subdue the [defunct gluttony The Guratoni that nemesis World Enemy Accession of the world] that I, but things such as certain [Holy War].

[Holy War] because there is just cause that, to become the person you want to disturb it and annihilate the target of [Holy War] because it such that the co-workers of that is [Enemy of the World]. Holy Kingdom If so would not pardon. Holy Kingdom as consuming licking earth invaded the Kingdom, as has been so far, it is going will capture all of them.

St. kingdom far more powerful than the Kingdom. There is a very large gap in the number and national power of even [EiIsamu] to try Aragao, even in cooperation with the empire is if allies, ultimately kingdom and the empire is very likely to lose both. Until you perish because would Holy Kingdom and hostile to the magic empire and the [Beast Kingdom] is Yokoyari enters may not afford, but it is sure to take a hit of accordingly.

So the Kingdom of the request of the Holy Kingdom, not be a no-under. First place in the current situation where the wound of civil war is not healed, it's like not had such choices.

So, but if, if that there is edge and me that tomboy princess has become a target of [holy war] in souvenir, it will be the national interest of accordingly. Since the information it is more valuable than at the golden mountain, and betrayal me if Considering that the national power recovery to first, also to win a profit, it is not not be considered. If I is normal, if a little strong only of monsters, tomboy princess might have chosen to betray Maybe.

But are a wide variety me, it is impossible longer to choose the tomboy princess is such choices we have seen ours, there is a belief that. High mental age of tomboy princess who continued to listen to the heart of others said to be children, information Tomboy Princess himself attracted is enormous. Until even portions, such as nowhere near a covert masterful, feel there is that you are familiar even without.

So what happens if betray me us, Tomboy Princess it already knows. Definitely of as long as not a fool, choices that betray bother it is not selected from the beginning.

It slipped to luggage came together with ours this time, rather than as before the information collection betray, where be reliably eliminate the ear of intelligence personnel of other countries you do not have to, ours of the forces in their own eyes what is sure is for sure whether the best of the Sternbild Kingdom, it is conceivable that.

Well, simply because I was interested, but I would reason lies probably that.

While a little fun or going to a say what the heck, I will piggyback a tomboy princess, and the prime of Opushii you want graces, still Nicola is a baby - the only [person] a child of Alchemist-san and me, in the second daughter some - while holding in the arm, and decided to circle the bases for guiding.

Current bases, it is extended enough not to be compared to mono as before.

Rest unnecessary labor force black undead who has been subjected to sunlight measures is already also exist several thousand bodies, we have many gathered also dexterous race of hand. Did away only a few months, a result of the maximum use of the excess and the labor force also say, and Chubby pioneered the mountain one where there is a base, further development before issuing a hand to mine in a location that is away a little I have had.

Become rough description but, led by «the original mines» that becomes the living quarters to the previous base, large-scale combat training possible «external training field», Dorianu's and agricultural dwarf Porevu~iku us to manage to have «farmland», edible monsters and was sitting beast and livestock, such as wolves and horses [Familiar Magic] and has been in free-range «ranch», «workshop» a variety of tools and weapons have been created, political «clinic» forces personnel was always ahead of kun, and Parabellum Hot Springs to attract the elves.

By this like an enlargement of the scale or are getting better and more user-friendly by repeated improvement and improvement, respectively, he or has become a state like had better fix the «large farmland» from «Farmland», but now I think I try to touch on some of the facilities that have been newly added.

First, cut down annoying trees, the ability of the ground operation relationship is leveling so that it does not collapse, such as by half mine demon half Earth Road are substantial, the summit became relatively flat has become «airport» . By here we tame [Familiar Magic] and became Falaise Eagles and purification dragon flight-type monsters, such as the export of large forest production of materials and goods, it is difficult to come by in a large forest, such as food and sundries Imports of goods are being carried out every day.

Most As easily can take off and land without congestion is a space that is open but, and warehouses to temporarily store the products, such as resting place of monsters and Members are present, to reduce the burden of the work Various ideas have been sprinkled throughout. Prime example that is, it would be rail that has been spread around like a spider's nest on the ground.

The run on rails It 's skeleton truck that it was possible by modifying the black skeleton who was sunshine processing. Raw materials not only has excellent scalability and mass production because the black skeleton, the movement automatically if instructed, it is very convenient because running reliably to the specified location. It is possible to transport even a few tens of tons at a time if large skull truck, must this was a little more transportation is very otherwise.

By the way, the rail was built by technology dwarves had originally. Originally dwarves order to obtain a blacksmith material, are part of life it is mined minerals in the mine. Because to be found even if you have a residence in the cave by the clans, the means to carry such as human resources and disturbing sediment that mining has become necessary.

So trial and error is made, it is rail and truck has been developed. History from the rail and truck is built longer in its own way, now from the convenience it is present as a matter of course in such mines. Adopted since the bases useful move means as the going is extended, or transportation means but he had wanted, Members of dwarves in that convenience is good it had been familiar with the maintenance procedures and method of manufacturing the rail and truck It was.

Since the dwarf just because everyone does not mean that there is sufficient knowledge of all rail and truck, would it why the dwarf that was familiar had be secured, not May I think because I worked [luck rack] . Despite the circumstances, such as to provide the labor and black skeleton to dwarves, it means that I got by creating a Chochoi between the intervals of work. Now rails are connected to all major facilities because, when such goods transportation and movement, has become a very convenient foot.

If Manekiirere the other races, there is also this kind of benefit, that it would be one case.

Then, there is a facility that «plants» that make products that are sold in stores. Here, the observed achievements, or have worked relatives of Members that have been allowed to bring out of the family to bases, working team members can no longer be active in the front line, such as by limb defects and black skeleton us, is there. If you are adopting a line production system which is suitable for mass production, basically commodity is produced by the black skeleton us, it's team members and their relatives is to the monitoring and commodity check. Although such magic drugs have limited who can be produced are subtly situation is different, it is anyway. Products that are mass-produced by the black skeleton who exert the performance of industrial machinery par by the instruction in detail becomes a reputation as a good quality to have inexpensive, which has been a respectable financial resources to sell in a stable manner. Black skeleton that do not require such as labor costs, would not there have aptitude in here direction than combat, and I think this time today.

By the way, in the «factory»'re building a mass production, that is building a limited production, it might be a good if Kurere remember the «workshop».

Then, the house that Members who became many on the slopes of the mountain live, there is a «residential». Why has lived originally person many now in «the original mines» that was used as a residential area, now bulging up to and there number is the number of Members have thousand Somehow, that «residential» became necessary It is. Or from a wide variety tribes on «residential» are mixed, building materials not only have not been unified a variety such as wood and bricks and rocks and thick cloth, the Kingdom of the formula, the empire formula, or empire formula, beast kingdom house national features, such as the expression is seen had been mixed. And even as it's the same style example, the size of the house is falling apart by those who are living in. Gozu demon Minotaur relatively large Shah our house like a huge naturally as, cat of packet Sea our house to walking on two legs is a condition generally small, such as. Although the various and chaotic, atmosphere of «residential» Since you are the readjustment will result in harmony with nature, has been a different world full of emotion cityscape. Masterpiece deep emotion even holding likely, such as the craftsman that created a, it is a landscape very picturesque.

And oh, the big things, it would something like this. Bases around heck of a mountain is huge thwart the external phenomenal complete robust and heavy there, but many layers to be continuous outer wall, which is configured in the rocks and magic metal or not new, it was also so far since such an outer wall of the extended version something like, and omitted.

Although a minimum of food after being paid, for those who want the goods, such as luxury goods, there is also such a variety of doubles as the «shopping meetings» training, which is also it omitted details because it aside.

In such a feeling, we walk the bases became a little city. If you actually look around, again emotional. Toka is so much development in just a few months or rather, honesty, originally I I never would have guessed.

and usually if it is not impossible to absolutely because of development the first time, it will not be helped even if I think so. But there hey, gathered a variety of races, each taking advantage of the characteristics, and to take full advantage of the talent in the right place, is more a result of improved dramatically ability by the ability amplifying device that I have this. By human resources strategy using unnecessary foul-class labor force break that such black skeleton, the site was was transformed into a walled city.

It's easy if in words, but that's reality, somehow unreasonable pole ball is given, will not be sure because of the gas.

Well, good. Tomboy Princess said that with glee full blast, I spent a day for cute children. This is this, I would say the day is not bad.