Day 262

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Day 262

What are hot springs in this world?

I believe that they are the place where the soul is purified.

While filthy with sweat, tears, and dirt, my exhausted body is wrapped in warmth, forcing my rooted core to ascend to a heavenly world. Power slowly leaves your limbs, while the accumulated damage to the body and fatigue begins to gradually melt away.

This is a true hot spring.

Especially because it wasn't artificially created, instead, it was formed by the order of nature. Once experienced, it is no longer possible to forget that feeling.

Fortunately, in this world, they have a wide variety of positive effects caused by magic power, which was not possible in my previous life. As a further result of magic, the once imperceptible effects are enhanced and become quite noticeable

Among these sources, you could say that our spring excelled over all of them in this. In the blink of an eye, you can cure tiredness. And if used regularly, even someone with a fatal wound or a deadly and incurable disease would improve their condition. Dry and rough skin would become as smooth as a baby's, and if the water itself is consumed by someone with a healthy body then it will help further reshape their figure.

All of this is caused by the act of spirits, which are invisible to the naked eye. As these spirits dwell in the water under the light of the night sky, when touched, they'll bestow the life force that causes all of these various aftereffects.

One of our best selling products is in fact water from the spring. Sold in small vials and other recipients, the water is so popular that it is almost immediately gone after reaching the store. Most of our customers are women and daughters of royalty and the aristocracy, who are ready to buy it in spite of its high price, bringing us a solid source of income.

However I have to admit that the new natural hot springs found near the summit of our new base ([Divine Volcano of Wailing Ghosts] or [Funeral Volcano].) which I named "Bath of the Violent God", is, by the combination of a first-class bath, amazing scenery, and the power to heal, the best place to relax.  ~Unsure if I kept the intended meaning and/or reference in the sentence. "Bath of the Fierce God" works too. -V.

You just had to enter the water, and waves of pleasure overwhelmed you, as if your soul was washed away from your body.

In the morning, going to to the hot springs was so nice that there was a risk of going to Heaven from bliss alone. After enjoying the thermal springs, I went down to business. I finally returned to the Kuuderun Great Forest, where I had accumulated a whole bunch of work.

From Blacksmith-san I received my fully repaired halberd. I then went to Alchemist-san where we worked on a new drug using the diverse drops and collected materials I got from my adventures. The sisters Alma and Felicia were busy cooking and Female Knight, Female Samurai and the Gladiator King, all opponents that I would not be afraid of accidentally killing if I hold back, had a training session with me. I also took a look at the newly evolved Black Skeletons who were born in the fighting pits. I decided to check on the residents, and the number of Goblins, Hobgoblins, Ogres and Half-Lords had increased quite a bit, many other things required my attention.

Although I originally came back here on vacation, that would have to wait for there was much to be done.

Thanks to my clones, I was aware not only of external events, but also those within the Parabellum HQ. But as a leader, information is not enough to rule. It was a necessity to show myself and display my charisma and power to my employees. It was yet another task I had to accomplish.

I would have liked to immediately prepare another banquet with dragon meat cooked by the Sisters, but there were still many Parabellum members that had not yet returned to the base. We thus delayed the feast a bit.

Me and the Sisters happily began working on the best way to cook the dragon meat.

Soon we will find the best way to cook dragon meat.

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Day 262

What is the hot spring of this world. It's a laundry of the soul, and I think.

And wet with sweat and tears and sludge, wraps warm even in the Seikon exhausted is exhausted body, me loosen gently from the entrenched core heavenly world. The missing wasted forces from the abuse was too limbs, fatigue begins to melt gradually, such as the accumulated soil layer paradise. It is a hot spring of this world. Let alone it is not a thing which was built in the artificial, if familiar with the genuine natural things, it must not be forgotten Once you experience.

After all was not at the time of the previous life in the hot spring this world, is present in a wide variety of strange efficacy caused by such magic. mono that its effect is not visible to the eye are worked reliably, to what can be seen visibly broad.

Onsen bases among such hot spring has excelled one stage than the other, and say that in the blink of an eye if tired also a person who suffered a serious injury, even a person who was suffering from a fatal disease and incurable diseases headed for the better in that it soak in ongoing . To even the rough skin as wilderness become soft fair skin, such as the baby, it is reshaped from the body If you take the hot springs of hot water to a healthy body. This etc. becomes active acts of spirits, such as invisible to the myriad of eye by the force of the star that blend into the hot water of the hot spring, but was touched to be strengthened to activate the life force, not other benefits, such as.

Hot springs of hot water of such offices is one of the featured products in the store. Neat hot water that is exported is placed in vial, it will sell like hot cakes in immediately after the stock past popularity. The main customer base in order to sell even at high setting because women's and daughter of royalty and the aristocracy, and has brought enormous benefits to us.

So Well, if you say it with what you want to say, and pioneered the portion close to the summit among the base, newly created natural hot springs - [Yu of demon] is, by the combo of spectacular views and superb spa, containing heal the person, it is the best place, the thing that. If once put, Youmu had been promised the pleasure of the extent likely it will come out from the body.

While becoming the mesa is likely to jeopardize heaven too comfortably, it was refreshing and to enjoy the hot spring in the morning I, get down to their work. To come back to the base of a large forest for the first time in a long time, it's a pile to do.

You can receive a newborn halberd, which no longer become a different thing is re-trained at the blacksmith's, and go the development of new drugs using the new material along with the alchemist's, or cooking with the sister's us, and Ya woman knight or woman warrior such as the lightly sword 闘王 - care so do not have to worry about to kill in an accident if holding back and if this level of opponent's easier - was or trained. You can look into the state of the [蠱毒] using and other in black skeleton also, gnomes goblins and Chuoni was significantly increased in Umeyo Fuyaseyo hobgoblin, or training, such as Daioni auger and Hanoni-jin half load is progressing much such as confirmation, it's just a variety.

Although there was a homecoming as a vacation, a full-fledged vacation is going to be a little more ahead. Internal information not only externally using the minute body is also collecting you know the majority of things, but as a person standing at the apex, as well as understanding and confirmation of the detailed information of power, charisma and overwhelmed shown around etc. because of a need to show off under the specific skills, thus also It will not be the way to work.

Although plans to sister's who had envisioned from the previous to the banquet that was the main dragon meat dishes cooked, in the Members who were scattered in various places, groups that you want to return home this time are not aligned all. So, it is supposed to be a little more your deposit.

So along with the sister's us now, or dragon meat How optimally if cooking, it is trial and error in order to devise it.

Soon, it is what you want to eat the best dragon meat dishes.