Day 261

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Day 261

When I looked out the window, the sun had long since risen.

Apparently we had overdone it, and partied all night.

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During the battle with the boss, we stayed awake all night, which was quite a normal thing, but to spend the whole night in a party... it's been a while.

After drinking a golden liquid with a pleasant aroma from the glass in my right hand, a rich and complex flavour spreads delicately throughout my mouth. It tasted similar to an aged sake, if not better. As this wine has a abundance of flavours, every sip would taste unique for different individuals. Personally, it tasted like sweet nectar and I would say it ranks in the top 5 alcohol that I ever had.

[ED: Tried to make more sense of the paragraph and phrase it better. -Anon (Xest)]

This drink was from one of the two types of liquor that was acquired when clearing the Psalms, received for the execution of [History] [Demonic Spirits [Inexhaustible Demonic Hop]]. 

As amazing as it is however, it’s still inferior to combination of dragon meat and the【Demon Liquor: [Drop of Neverending Evening Cherry Blossoms]】.When ingested, it brings about a warm sensation that spreads top down as the liquid smoothly flows down the throat and into the belly, afterwhich the warmness spreads evenly throughout the body down to the fingers and toes. Even I would be temporarily drunk not to mention others. Paired with the dragon meat, it's simply divine as the flavour compliments each other. 

Afterwhich, a tingling sensation could be felt and it persisted for quite awhile before it went away. Again, you can't help to think how could liquor be that good.

[ "And reverberations can also be enjoyed long after drinking." I'll infer it as above -Xest]

I was only a little annoyed that the container is small.

Well, this discontent is quite trivial because the bottle has a wonderful property. Once it's empty, and a set time has elapsed, the content of the bottle returns back to the original amount of demon liquor. So such complaints should be hidden. I put back the bottle but I was still left with the feeling to drink more. It's quite a shame but it can't be helped.

Well, I would feel like I was in paradise even with the liquor alone, but this time, in the banquet, we prepared three kinds of meat to pair with this special wine.[Minor edit here and there -Xest]

The first one was grilled Dainamazu. This type of monster was in the [Jindai dungeon] caught in a [waterfall Akuriamu-Foruria Shimizu], or "huge lake of spring water fish-Dainamazu" of [Akami-kyu]. I wondered about that dungeon monster, it was like a giant catfish. That's the first thought that I had. The most important feature was that it was so large, it was thick with stored fat. There was a sense of satisfaction as if I was eating meat rather than fish. The odor that it gave off as it was being grilled was almost odorless but the taste was full of protein. It is bland but very thick the flavor becomes very good by adding a thick sauce. The fish then tastes like grilled meat. Sake is a must to accompany it. Even anyone would be enticed to eat it all if you eat a single bite. [ED: Oh god another hard one. I have absolutely no clue what the original was trying to say but i'll try to edit to make as much sense as possible without straying from the original too much.~Limit]

The second is the boned rib corner of dragon meat. The soft dragon meat of the [Flame Mother Dragon Empress] was used as an alternative to the boned rib of pork. The texture was as if it was melting on the tip of your tongue. It features a slightly sweet sauce which was a little thick. It is a dish that can make you shed tears of gratitude. Also separately, accompanying the meat was the labyrinth alcohol. There were also two prepared vegetables to go along with the meat and alcohol. The "green gold Ryoku bok choy" or the "Tianbao Ten spinach" together, its appeal is further improved. The texture of the vegetables gave you a crisp feeling. All combined the texture became one of stew as they all melted on the tongue. Harmonious taste of harmony, it would be no sure getting tired to eat much. [ED: Same with this one. "such as melting on the ass and tongue"LMAO~Limit]

The third was dragon meat steak. Unlike the boned rib of the Empress, the steak that was used was the somewhat harder dragon meat from the Dragon Emperor. By carefully cooking it, it has become softer to the extent you could cut it easily without feeling resistance by using forks and knives made out of Mithril. The surface of the dragon meat steak was burned to a brown color, but it was exquisitely cooked so that it still had some redness inside. The crunchiness of the grilled steak with the tenderness of the boned rib corner is simply delicious. It overflows in the mouth with the juices of the meat like it is gravy that it makes hard to resist. And once you tried a little, your hands will be unable to stop until there is nothing left in front of your eyes. [ED:Not as hard but still bloody difficult.~Limit]

As such these three types of meat have been arranged all over the banquet table in front of everyone. This array of food is a tremendous rarity, each one is very appealing to eat, I can not choose one without thinking carefully and if you eat a bite then you will want to eat until there is none left. People who have never eaten any of these before got lost in all these delicacies. [ED: "Such three types of the knob" LMAO~Limit]

Very difficult problem. There's no answer, it's answer is that it is a problem.

Well, to truly enjoy each of the three types of meats at the end of the banquet, you've to be worried after all. The refreshing taste of the grilled catfish, the sweet melt-in-the-mouth boiled rib corner of dragon meat, and finally, a rich and fulfilling meat steak. If you eat a small knob of each of the attractive exhibits, your eyes get bigger than your stomach and your appetite increases by leaps and bounds. The food and liquor made us greedy and we gorged ourselves on everything. [ED: Whaaaaaat the fuuuck? Look at this nonsense. Just know that everything was delicious and their hunger was fueled even more by the sight of the food and they had good liquor too!~Limit] [fixed it somehow, but good god, its a pain in the ass~ Random Chap]

There was nothing else important to do so the group decided to pamper themselves.

And enjoy the food and drink full glasses of【Demon Liquor [Demon's Drunken Slaughter - Inexhaustible]】while enjoying the afterglow, I turned around. And saw the members in the banquet, the butlers and maids who were hired in the mansion, and hundreds of people together, such as tomboy princess and the first queen was participating too. The result was completely different than last night.

First Kanami-chan, Minokichi-kun, Asue-chan, the group resistant to alcohol, they had been eating and drinking or talking to me, we have been up all night.

As a result of the night banquet, next to the table, laid a mountain of empty barrels that used to contain liquor.

According to my approximate estimates, the number of empty barrels already exceeded fifty or more stacking up to be like a wooden mountain. Wine barrels are usually made of special wood, durable wood for special requirements, because they looked almost the same.

Because of this, the barrel mountain was stable, and even if one of the barrels was taken away from it, I didn't think it would collapse.

Although we consumed nearly the entire mountain of barrels,  Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan still sat right next to me, drinking wine straight from the labyrinth barrels, and there was no doubt that we could still easily continue.

I wonder how much they will get. Well for starters it would be necessary to remove the accumulated barrel-mountain pile into the item box.

Minokichi and Asue heroically poured a drink, but Kanami-chan behaved differently.

She elegantly enjoyed a drink out of the labyrinth liquour, as if tasting the wine from the silver wine glass.

Her movements and gestures exuded elegance, this spectacle is worthy to be printed on a picture. A great masterpiece.

She has become a member of one of the races that stand at the top of the [Vampire] race, and now her body exudes the constant aura of a [Ruler] even from a casual gesture, and that's not because of [Charm], but due to her beauty. If there was a person who could resist it, he would have gained my respect.

And just right behind her, as if trying to hide it from others, the entire tower of empty wine bottles was placed regularly, despite the fact that each of them was of the highest quality, and cost a king's ransom.

We can thus assume that even if the outside seems dinified and elegant, the person inside is as greedy as before.

All this, she drank alone. Now she's drinking the [Shanburu Dunessa], a little sweet wine that is acquired from lower level bosses of the underground [Demigod] class Age of the Gods dungeon.

Because of the difficulty of obtaining it, the price for a single bottle easily exceeds several gold plates.

A large amount of such an expensive commodity, even for the nobility, now rested in her stomach.

She very well liked it, for it was difficult to obtain expensive wines, thus it will be necessary to plan the next dungeon conquest to gain more of it.

Trying to drink sake from many other places, in itself is not bad.

Yet, as we drank, Burasato was not here. She carried Supesei, like a princess in her arms, into her room.

Of course, it was late at night, but it took several hours, and she never came back. We waited in vain, with so many drinks left. Maybe she fell asleep in between. I wonder what happened... [ED: Above is suggesting the naughties. ~Azoraxxx]

Of course, she could, from fatigue change her mind and go to bed, as her room was nice and it was very close to the bedroom of Supesei.

Yesterday, the day after they conquered the labyrinth, they probably felt tired. That time when she was carrying Supesei, I happened to notice on her face, a seductive smile. It is also conceivable that something is happening.

The probability of this is quite high.

She clearly had the eyes of the hunter. Or the eyes of a predator, staring at the weakened prey.

Well, whatever it was, I personally will not climb into their problems.

We're comrades after all, and one family.

Personal tastes are different, we need to respect them, while maintaining the freedom of each.

No one should engage on their business until they asked for help. Personally, I will not meddle in this issue.

My clone is there but the details are not known because that side should not be touched.  

As for Redhead, she was tired after the party so I took her to my room, and now she is fast asleep hugging Opushii. Auro, Argento, and Oniwaka also went to rest in their rooms.

At this time, they may already be awake, but the training ground still lay quiet, so they are probably still in their rooms.

Seiji-kun who slept on a large sofa with a blissful face, a little away from us, had the same drunken stupor as Supesei. On both sides of him were Aifu and Kugime who were also sleeping. With them slept a few more random demon girls. They were ladies in love with him, in other words members of his harem. [ED: My boy Seiji! Getting them honeys!!~Limit]

Seiji was popular before, so this is not surprising. Honest and good, nice looking and has a high status in some sense, we can say that falling in love with him was quite natural.

Moreover, when receiving fatal injuries during a training, seeing Seiji-kun carefully treating their wounds will trigger a "suspension bridge effect", it is quite natural to fall in love with him in that situation.

It is a kind of levity, he does not hesitate, saying very constraining phrases. In the eyes of the girls that is worth a lot.

The trembling girl's heart, Seiji catches naturally, without any calculation.

After falling in love with the natural gigolo Seiji, the demon girls will likely bring us more problems.

But also at the head of this list were Kugime and Aifu, who were getting close to him and had overpowering skills. Because of that fact if all this becomes something extreme, I will intervene. The demon girls, in internal consultation, took their hands-off him in iron rule, so currently there is no strife.

The fact that Seiji was basking in that situation made the unpopular party members jealous, but Seiji still maintained peace and order.

Well, in this direction, it is better to not dig deeper. After all it is a troublesome matter.

It's Seiji, so he will overcome it.

Next Tomboy PrincessBoy Knight, The First Queen, and Dark Hero who had stayed over for the night.

Though I had prepared them private rooms they slept on luxurious sofas along the walls in the same way as Seiji-kun

Even though a sofa bed is slightly inferior to dedicated bedding, because the furniture is top class, it is easy and comfortable to sleep through the night.


The sleepy people who got on this sofa, a young couple, the Boy Knight and the Tomboy Princess are now blue.

Apparently in their sleep they suffered from nightmares.

Perhaps the reason for this was because the fact that they slept in their clothes, but it's most likely the effect of being drunk. They're still children, so initially I just treated them to fruit juice from the labyrinth. But apparently fascinated by the atmosphere of the holiday, or leaning on someone or some provocation, they are now as drunk as a lord. Maybe it's because they breathed in the smell of alcohol that permeated the entire ballroom. The latter reason is most likely.

Fortunately, this time was especially served the popular drink and dragon meat.

Dragon meat is fine alone with nothing to complain about, but with the drink, it becomes simply unbeatable.

Such a delicious thing I just can’t help but want to make it even tastier.

In addition, we, a race of [demons] originally liked alcohol very much and are good at drinking loads of it. Many of us drink it like water. But if the amount of alcohol in the drink is too small, or if it doesn't pass certain thresholds, we just can’t get drunk. Before we can get drunk, most of the alcohol just degrades in the body.

One example is, my [absorption ability], the cases where I got drunk at least a little was pretty low. This is one of these days. Fortunately, in today's drinking, the amount of alcohol was fairly high, so we partook in carefree drinking. One of them was Minokichi-kun, who devastated the barrels one by one.

Thanks to his efforts, the amount of liquor consumed at this banquet was enough to freely swim in it. As for me, I was drunk. However it was an easy matter to throw back another drink or two, especially in a drunken state. Nonetheless because of the amount of liquor cosumed at the banquet the room was stifled with fumes that caused a choking smell. From only this smell, those who are weak against alcohol could easily get drunk.

And the smell did not get weaker, but rather accumulated, it filled easily in the Great Hall. The smell of sake, it feels like it soaked in the body.

Among those affected by alcohol, it was not only Boy Knight and Tomboy Princess, but also the Solitude team under the tutelage of Commander Punk.

All of the younger group, almost immediately went to their rooms, but the group head, Commander Punk and some younger ones did not escape this fate and became drowsy. Greedy because of eating, the younger ones and their commander were drunk and they did not even drink, they probably did not have time to escape. Surrounded by older members, perhaps they even watered them, but at their age, it is not contrary to the laws of the kingdom, so I will not be punished.

Well, whatever it was. Drunken Tomboy Princess and the company felt unwell.


What a business... Thinking of alleviating a little the suffering of the punks that collapsed here and there, I started using [all creation], and got rid of the vomit.


By controlling fluids and gravity, I squeezed the vomit into a small ball. Freezing it, I sent the ball into the bin. A very simple action and useful, and I did not even have to get my hands dirty. It seemed a bit strange to use such a powerful skill for cleaning vomit, but it was clearly faster.

It is painfully convenient.


Like Tomboy Princess and company,the First Queen and the Hero of Darkness are on the other sofa and are thoroughly drunk, but their stomachs did not empty, so I pretended I saw nothing. Saliva flowing from their mouth, and sliding on their clothing, it's nothing yet.

Sloppiness is in each of them, because of their vulnerable species, they became defenseless.

The First Queen pressed the knife and fork I used at the banquet close to her heart like some sort of treasure.

Using a handkerchief, I wiped the drool flowing out of her mouth, and as I was doing this I heard "Ehehe" and on her face appeared a depraved smile. It was hard to look at. As if under the influence of dangerous magical drugs. It was difficult to do something.

Typically, following in the shadow of the elegant First Queen, was the Dark Hero, who now looks worse than the Tomboy Princess. The same is true around her maids. At that point, they would just go on stage, but not only is the hostess drunk, but her servants are as well.

Therefore, I personally did not see anything. Touching them is dangerous. Because, it is possible that their spirit will receive fatal moral damage...


At the same time, a lot of our friends fell asleep on the floor and tables.

The ratio was approximately 7 to 3, that is to say, on the floor there were more.

But the floor of the great hall was covered with a magnificent carpet, and it is likely that to sleep on it was nicer than on an average bed.

This carpet, stained with food and drink, vomit, saliva and mud, will be difficult to clean.

Well, it's nothing to worry about, those who have smeared it will be the ones who clean it even if using force is necessary.


Well, in this way, the dawn of the feast was over.

With the end of the holiday, those still conscious, did the cleaning.

I removed the mountains of empty wine barrels and bottles, sending them into the item box.

But, in order to remove the heavy tables, I had to push aside the sleeping members, and while they were sleeping with happy faces, but in order to help me with the cleaning I needed to wake them up. I awoke them by pouring water on their faces by using [All Creation]. After this they immediately woke up. It is certainly a harsh treatment, but compared to the conventional training, it is still very soft, so there should not be a problem.

But among some of the sleeping members were the maids and butlers, in their case, I acted softer.

The maids and butlers were engaged in service, but apparently they became intoxicated by the smell of wine as well. They fell asleep when they became too drunk.

As expected, for normal people today’s drinking was probably too strong.

Well, not that someone has gotten acute alcohol intoxication. So it should be fine.


Awakened and being fellow professionals, the maids and butlers significantly helped with the cleaning and completed in a short time because we were quite quick.

I wholeheartedly think that for the cost, the need to hire professionals for such a time like this is very great.

Before returning to the great forest, we had to send Tomboy PrincessBoy Knight, the First Queen and the Hero of Darkness back to the palace.

Last night, a messenger was sent, so not to cause a panic it would be better to send them back as quickly as possible.


I woke up the Tomboy Princess, the Boy Knight, the shining First Queen and the Hero of Darkness and gave them the remains of the food in a lunch box, afterwards I sent them home through a group of bone spiders.

It was a bit strange, to give the leftovers to the royal family as a meal, but all the leftovers were of dragon meat.

Though a bit cooled, it was still quite tasty and good enough that you would be willing to sell your soul for it.

Moreover, it is likely that the problem here would be that declared nobles would want to take over this meat, but I think that in that scenario, neither the Tomboy Princess or the First Queen, will let them take it.

Well, if they are too annoying, they will probably disappear. That certainly can happen, but it's better to avoid it.

Not for us, but for them themselves.


After finishing the clean-up of all the messy things and troubles, we began to prepare for the departure to the great forest.

As usual, in the morning there should be training, but after yesterday a lot of us were suffering of a hangover, so today is a day off. At this time, the group who was returning to the Great Forest was collecting their belongings and putting them in their luggage. We will depart from the Royal Capital after 3 o'clock in the afternoon, due to the fact that many people went to buy souvenirs.


Initially, I wanted to leave Female Samurai in the capital's shops, but I already decided to take her with me, so she hastily gathered her belongings.

Using  [Summon Archfiend], I made up for the missing store personnel. [The original was [Supreme Summon Demons] I interpreted it as [Summon Archfiend]'~' Nullgath]

I called upon several demon merchants known as  [Trade Lord], a race of demons very good at trading.

[gave up at this point, sorry....~Random Chap]

It seems that after becoming a [Living God] I fulfilled a certain condition. 

This allowed me to summon demons via [Summon Archfiend] that possesed a high degree of intelligence. That allowed them to potentially become excellent employees, which only encourages the use of [Summon Archfiend]. This demons were the best option in this regard because in the next few years the business will expand, entering the top of the merchant trade. Up until now, I just needed qualified personnel, so things would not be out of place, so any additional help is much appreciated. [ED: Kind of a screwy paragraph but i think it gets the point across alright. Basically the guys summoned are very suitable for the job. They are very good.~Limit] [Got your back pal. It was a rather tough interpretation though. I might have missed something.~ Nullgath]

Because, to begin with, for the sake of the experiment, I decided to leave one of them in the capital’s shop. If all turns out well, I'll replace all the  members of the store with the new demons and send them to the branches.

Freed workers serve for the benefit of "Parabellum". After all The General Chamber of Commerce is going to extend steadily.


While I was doing this, and other routine business, it was finally time to go.

When we finished with the preparations, we were aboard on [Skeleton Centipedes] and [Skeleton Spiders],and we happily went towards our base in the Great Forest.

Just before you leave the capital, you have to travel a small distance of the city, primary the Noble Street and Castle Street.

Therefore without wasting time, it was decided during the travel to do some advertising.

Compared to the morning, in the afternoon there was a crowd in the streets, but this time outside the streets were unusually crowded.

It was the best time for advertising.


After lunch, music suddenly spread in the streets near the entrance of the capital. Easy and fun, we made them tremble with anticipation.

Before us, leaning out of the windows, the faces of locals, fascinating pictures appeared. Members, using a variety of magic and magical items, created on the streets of the parade a roaring flame lion and a water army.

Some looked at this magnificent sight from the streets, and those who came closer, our members showed some magical items sold in our store. Causing the residents to enjoy the event even while being puzzled.


Enjoying the carnival broke the monotony of an ordinary day and it well-publicized our shop. With preparations completed, I created dragons of light and darkness in the sky using [All Creation]. Sitting in a carriage [100 bones], we enjoyed the spectacle.

This advertising was similar to a parade or circus or even a theme park.

In this world, this is not a very common technique. The effect of it was much better than expected.

But most of all the biggest attraction that got the resident's attention was Minokichi  with Kumajirou and Kurosaburou.

If you ask what he was doing, it was juggling. Of course not just simple juggling.

Minokichi juggled Kumajirou and Kurosaburou.

Kumajirou weighted just under 10 tons, but thanks to the incredible power of Minokichi-kun, he easily lifted him and even Kurosaburou with just one hand.

He juggled, with their bodies curled up in balls of wool. Kumajirou’s biceps which turned into a hand-riding wolf rounded like a ball, the sight of a huge object dancing lightly accompanied a tremendous intimidation, but something was left out. It felt rather charming. This overwhelming show of force from the outside suddenly looked pretty cute.

On all sides could be heard cheering and flying coins.

Thus, we were able to triple our advertising, at the same time earning some money. In addition, we were showing our great fighting force, thereby getting rid of fools who were willing to interfere with us.

So we were able to achieve another purpose, in truth it turned out to be killing two birds with one stone.

While thinking this I thought that maybe we will repeat this in the future.

Of course prior to doing this, I got permission from the Tomboy Princess and the First Queen. As expected, to arrange this without permission, it is easy to imagine what panic could rise. Although it is possible to pass forcibly, because an unnecessary dispute will happen, if so it would be cumbersome. It would not be wise to create an enemy.

After a while, we came to the gate, where we waited for a short inspection, but we had a pass so it was over pretty quickly and we left the capital of the kingdom.

Picking up KumakichiMinokichi-kun's bear, waiting outside he now showed us juggling with three pets. The figure is a masterpiece.

He looked pleased.

Thus killing time until all the members came out, we continued our way to the top of the high mountains.

Columns of stretching unusual vehicles, we moved faster than horses, but to others we looked quite strange.

Well, we are used to it. As planned, we went by the shortest route to the labyrinth city «Purgatory».

We arrived pretty quickly, but did not go inside, instead we decided to stop nearby.

Joining us from there were a few employees of the branch in higher positions, but it was not the lower members, because they were had work. Because charges have not taken a lot of time, and quickly left the neighborhood of the labyrinth city «Purgatory», heading to a slightly distant, less popular mountain range. [ED: First part doesn't really make sense but it doesn't seem too important.~Limit]


After a while, we arrived at the scene, Kugime-chan checked that no one was around, and I even used a wide range of perception abilities to examine around us for safety, I called Tatsushirou [Giant Ancient Dragon]. A few seconds later, his huge body could already be seen. His body bent the trees under him, but this cannot be helped.

Now it will be necessary to bring everything in order here using [All Creation] (The ability he synthsized from various elements).

While I was patting the playful dragon, I changed [Skeleton Centipede], fixing it on his back.

I made sure that it would not interfere with his wings, so that problems during the flight will not occur.

Thus, a large number of members will be able to comfortably travel by air.

However, we have too many members, so to carry all of them and drop them off at the great forest was simply impossible.

Given that we had a huge Minokichi , as well as livestock, KumajirouKurosaburou and KumakichiKurosaburou still did not weigh much, but then there was the incredibly huge Kumajirou and Heavier Kumakichi [a great armored bear].

As expected, the breaks fall from being overloaded.

Of course, I can fly in the sky, and to reduce the number of victims to an imaginary, but it will look rather silly.

For the members on bone spiders I used [Summon: True Dragons], to call dragons, black dragons.

Of course compared with the force of Tatsushirou, they are not equal, but thanks to my influence, the black dragons were very strong, besides, I could call quite a lot of them. So in less than a few minutes, we left the forest for the sky.


Many of the members that first took to the air were shocked but quickly got used to the feeling.

Among us there were those who, like I and Kanami-chan could fly, but most of them did not know how.

Although raised in the air like Tatsushirou the black dragons were experiencing this feeling for the first time, from different sides you heard them cheering. It is their first experience, so they should be.

Enjoying the general reaction, I suddenly noticed among our luggage, two strange barrels.


Lightly tapping on it I heard some movement inside.

Based on this, I could not throw them away, so I begin by making a small hole in the barrels, using [venom] created a soporific poison, vaporizing it with [all creation] and drove inside.

After this I heard from inside the loud snoring.

That's because, well, okay, it is also not quite a bad chance.


Thus, the mission of the terrible sky, ended in an instant, and in the evening we arrived at the base in the great forest.

Day 260 == Day 261 == Day 262

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Day 261

If you suddenly take a look out of the window dazzling sun had a glimpse of the face. It seems to have gone up all night it is too climax apparently.

It was a commonplace, such as all night when you kill such as dungeon boss, Na's a long time to stay up all night just a banquet party, and while I think.

Was poured into a highball glass made magic metal with the right hand, it incites and Gollum the sake of fragrant golden. Soon, the spread in the mouth such as sake, which is long-term aging, it was a complex and rich flavor. Because to look into the various face every time you drink, you will never get tired to drink much. Perception by tastes of individuals but would be different, is a nectar entering to ensure the five fingers among the wide variety of liquor had been drinking up to this for me, it was said of course and also in a sense.

Liquor that has been poured into the cup, one of the two types of liquor that was obtained when it was clear the Psalms, is ## demon liquor Mae [Oniyoiya-Mujin]]. Inferior to the first of another kind drinking along with the dragon meat [Demon Spirits Mae [drop of the month unexpected cherry blossoms]] It's the best salmon I a even temporarily get drunk it is possible. drink and body hot flashes from the core, harmonious deep flavor spread to soft when you've included in the mouth. And reverberation can also be enjoyed long after drinking. Again liquor can not help think that something good.

However, only that the amount of capacitive-to-drink at a time of the container is small but dissatisfaction. Because once by even time elapsed is empty there is a wonderful property back to the original amount, but such complaints will should be hidden in the chest as he trifles, but still to say if you drink more, and I thought to put away. Although helpless, this just is not it a shame.

Well, I would like to be feeling like you're in paradise even in liquor separately, in this time of the banquet, were prepared three kinds of knobs that fit this wine special.

Grilled first one Dainamazu. This was used [Jindai dungeon] caught in a [waterfall Akuriamu-Foruria Shimizu], "huge lake of fish main-Dainamazu" of [Akami-kyu]. Wonder that dungeon monster, and it's you want to become as giant catfish he said. It's the first thought I was going to Daiaji so large, only a thick with stored fat is there is a sense of satisfaction as if ate the meat rather than fish. Habit is not white of smell rather than have a prettily, taste but protein, has become just good Anbai by adding a thick sauce in there. It is bland, but a thick, grilled just like It 's fish meat, must sake will want Even anyone if you eat a bite.

The second is boiled corner of dragon meat. This using the dragon meat meat is soft Empress of as an alternative to the Baraniku of pork, and texture, such as melting on the ass and tongue, it features a slightly sweet sauce is a little thick. While it is enough of a dish to be tears of gratitude also separately, by eating of the labyrinth production was prepared as with alignment "green gold 梗菜 Ryoku bok choy" or the "Tianbao Ten spinach" together, its appeal is further improved. And texture of the vegetables you have a crisp, texture of stewed like melt on the tongue. Harmonious taste of harmony, it would be no sure getting tired to eat much.

The third dragon meat steak. Unlike boiled Empress of the corner using the somewhat hard dragon meat of Ryutei here, by but that was carefully cooking, has become softer to the extent you cut easily without feeling the resistance in mithral made of fork and knife. Burnt the surface of the dragon meat steak To browned, but it's exquisite cooked that still have redness inside. Grilled with crunchy of toned dragon meat and firmly different both boiled corner is just well, also the overflow is gravy that had trapped enough to chew if turtle unbearable. And once you once dabbled, it would not stop the hands until the front of the eye.

Such three types of the knob has been arranged in front of the table of the eye. This etc. is none which is also a rarity, each is very attractive, can not stay without fluent and carefully and if you eat a bite to the last. So it very Nayamashiku will eat any before, and got lost.

Very difficult problem. There's no answer, it's answer inability of problem.

Well, to enjoy each of the three types of knobs at the end you've worried after all. Refreshing the grilled eel, sweet Toro Keru corner boiled like, a rich and Eating downy meet steak. If you eat a knob to each of attractive exhibits regret rather than by mouth, it was fueled because the body is wanted also Gollum, and the liquor.

Difficult place to nothing, it's just pamper themselves.

And enjoy the knob and a full glass of minutes of [demon liquor Mae [Oniyoiya-Mujin]], while enjoying the afterglow, I was turning around. And Members everyone in the king Metropolitan to this banquet, butler and maid who has hired in the mansion, and hundreds of people together, such as tomboy princess and the first queen was participation, greater each a result of overnight has passed It is different.

First, Kana-bi chan and Mino Yoshi-kun, especially strong members to drink, such as Asue chan, because had been eating and drinking or talk to me, I have been up all night as well. Since had surrounded one of the tables, the side of the table empty barrels, such as the mountain had been stacked as a result of the banquet. Even try counted lightly, number of empty barrels Would not already than there is fifty or more. But has become like a mound, Tun intended to skilled craftsmen built using durable wood, and are unified in much the same standard. And to be able to gain the order regularly, but yo is unlikely rather the collapse worry as long as someone is not plunged deliberately because there is a sense of stability that was stout.

It is such Taruyama's, but now also Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan because drinking as it is a barrel that contains the Gokurigokuri and labyrinth wine, no doubt going to still stacked is. Since anxious or become much together, I think it is I'll wait for housing to the item box until the time being terminated.

Mino Yoshi kun and Asue chan like that you are drinking the exciting, but Kana-bi chan different. In Silver wine glass poured labyrinth liquor wine system, we're enjoying the elegant. Movement and gesture is elegant, it will be a great masterpiece if draw the figure you are drinking. [Vampire Vampire Current Kana-bi chan reigns almost apex species, thing called dignity of [ruler] is hear about even from a casual gesture. It had been fascinated [Charm] at a fraction of the behavior if the person does not even tolerance until now, and now it will become in admiration of even if there is resistance. It is not a state abnormal bad status, because it is simply beautiful. However, so as to hide from the surroundings like the back of Kana-bi chan, liquor bottles of dozens of the empty is placed regularly. And one by one is pretty expensive name sake set. Gracefully in the outside, greedy to the inner. Speaking even a wonder I say. This, etc. are those all drank in Kanami-chan just one demon. Good white wine taste in sweet that [Chambre-Do~unessa] you are drinking even now, something that obtained in small boss rush game that you made in the lower layer of the [Age of the Gods] dungeon of [Demigod] class. By from obtaining difficulty, dozens lightly gold plate if you can try to buy the wonder fly. It may become more expensive if poor. Stuff you do not drink also feel free in such a princely aristocracy, it had been housed in the stomach of Kana-bi chan. Since Kanami-chan such that delicious liquor there is only high availability difficulty was really like, I think I'll go to pick up to now also capture incidentally. Dare even to collect the name sake of the same rank in another place, that's it in good.

Then, Burasato who do not stay here even now, but liquor's strong for much the same as ours, was carried out by holding a space stars who got drunk and too much to drink until the room with princess hug. Certainly it's supposed to be midnight, but do not come back yet even now that a few hours have elapsed. And wasteful things, are also still put in a cup sake of over drinking. It may be that was going to come back from that it was not Ika is drank the liquor, but now What did you do wonder. Incidentally that it went of course sent, in circumstances such as tired Toka mood does not ride, it would be enough thought such thing sleeping in his room next to the space star's room. Yesterday in or capture the labyrinth in a day, because of fatigue must have been more or less.

Just looked gone when you take a Supesei, in Judging from Burasato's scruffy facial expression, it is also conceivable that something is happening. It is another, to more than enough.

That was the eyes of a hunter tries to stab a stop to prey. Or, it was the eye of the carnivores that aim a weak herbivorous animals and on the alert.

The Well, said that, I'm going to not touch from their own on this issue. Yeah. Ours is a fellow, is a family. Personal hobbies are each variety, excessive interference to its own weight, we should respect each of the free will.

So such as who is at where what was had, as long as it can not be obtained even with the help, I am going to that you have not seen it do not make its own pry. Minute body also, because so side is a no-touch, details unclear.

Next's red hair short, but incidentally to go back to his room on the lift up the Opushi you fell asleep tired, we took the hilarity only Oro was to sleepy and tired and Argento, and Oniwaka to each room. Because it does not come back, red hair short and Opushi I would have slept with soundly in bed. Oro it also should have made a sleeper's breathing in a child's room. Is conceivable that this already if time zone happened, because from the training ground not hear anything, you'll asleep still in his room.

Little is Seiji-kun is perched on the wall near the large sofa away from ours, it seemed had drunk in the same way as space star's, had been exposed to mild sleeping face. That on both sides are have Aikusa properly Kugime-chan is also sleeping, I'm sleeping in the number of people woman demon who is surrounded around the Miki. Enclosing sleeping for the person who you are in love with Seiji-kun - In a nutshell, it is a harem member. Previously from had Seiji-kun Mote, this is not separately strange. Sincere and friendly, it's a means of course there's asked a favor if even position in the neat eyes and nose immediately. It will take a fatal injury in an accident during combat and training, and once you look at the devotedly Seiji-kun figure of who will care and in that consciousness in the moribund state is stunned, there is also such as the suspension bridge effect, You also will not be helped in love. Since natural part also to perhaps, or would not even point is higher for a place that does not embarrassing words also hesitation. The wavering girl's mind, it grab firmly in the natural behavior rather than a Seiji-kun calculation. I woman demon who fall in love with Seiji-kun is a natural gigolo, but it is something that occurs in troublesome it is high probability and incense said population is completed. But the overwhelming power of Aikusa properly Kugime-chan is the largest, friendly Seiji-un to be a core, and I because intervention forced to proceed with extreme even under the surface of the water, woman demon who regularly manner and discussion, there is no sign of going to fight for now since an agreement of steel. So Seiji-Kun Group, even while there is jealousy around the Mote no man demon who, peaceful state was maintained. Well, so sides it would be do not have to thrust deeply. 's A hassle. And if the Seiji-kun, it must Somehow To do well.

In the other, tomboy princess and boy knight, first queen and YamiIsamu row without changing the end, it was decided to stay. It's the private room was prepared once, but where not sleep everyone, sleeping each with luxurious sofa that is installed in the same way as Seiji-kun us against the wall of the banquet hall. Sofa would inferior slightly when compared with the dedicated bedding because luxury goods, but still it's stuff that will provide enough comfort to spend the night.

On such a sofa, sleeping face of tomboy princess and the boy knight also said that the younger set had pale. Even now you are sleeping 魘 nightmare, we have to Negurushi likely. Unable to sleep well for would be also one of the reasons why that is not suitable clothes you are wearing, but probably because the main cause got drunk. Since the tomboy princess and the boy knight is a still a child, but he issued a prima facie juice squeezed the fruit of the labyrinth production. Have you been enticed into the surrounding atmosphere, or whether drank with it because recommend obtained. Or it may be that had been done to the smell of liquor to fill the banquet hall. The reason, the last is the most probable story.

After all, it was especially served many dragon meat and wine in this banquet. Dragon meat would be nor that talk at this late hour If it is a rarity, but to it's longer invincible if Kuwaware sake. Delicious things you want to eat better, it is why you have largess by that.

And originally race of ours [demon] is strong in alcohol, it is good. It would be many who drink like water as long. However, in a weak mono alcohol content or it was shoddy goods, persons who after a certain or more stages that there is no longer Yoe. It is because are decomposed in the body before you get drunk. The largest is me. Since [吸喰 ability absorption] also, I temporarily and salmon to Joel home, really very little.

By why, I was prepared this time and has just basically fairly high alcohol content liquor, went drinking as everyone compete. I drank every barrel if delle barrels. Such as Minokichi kun's representative. The total amount of liquor was consumed in this party might have been to the extent to swim gently.

It's such a quantity of liquor. to there will also be spill when drunk drink, dwells the degree of alcohol that is choking the smell that occurs naturally. Location only to have spacious flow of air location, a thick smell was well equipped is filled easy situation in the Great Hall is a banquet hall. Sake of the smell, it feels like to come soaked in the body. Is a dense as likely good in just smell if weak person, it does not change even now. Dokoroka, there was even still strongly will likely sign.

In addition to the tomboy princess and are you to painfully, drinking Members us and it is up to exceed the limit, was there also «Solitude» of the Kid Boss, who was oldest. Younger set but seems to have escaped back to quickly room there is also drowsiness, bully our prime want to be adults results were here without drink wine, it seems to have delayed escape. There is also a possibility that it was to drink it Maybe it from being surrounded by the adult team members who, in the prima facie kingdom law so seems age does not matter, let us not be pursued.

Well, anyway. In short tomboy princess who is, he mood is not good because the drunk.

While I think that man, a sleeping vomit Tosha product had come out of the mouth of children that had been laid on its side as a countermeasure, use the [Universe] All minute that seemed the time being, will continue to disposal. And the sphere by operating the solid and liquid of Tosha products, compression as possible by gravity. The solidified after it becomes hard as stone is poi, to the trash. It is very handy, not even dirty hands. And effort of cleaning so take up soaked things so that the it was saves significantly. And to use the powerful unmatched [universe] to such a thing is I think if honest, but no choice because quick. Because too convenient, it is Kangaemono.

Such tomboy princess us and it is drunk unlike although not Gero sleep, with respect to the first queen and YamiIsamu line to sleep in a separate sofa, and to dare that you have not seen anything. And drooling from the mouth, it is loosening the chest of it is difficult whether clothes sleeping, My God is still good. To something that there is Everyone is scruffy part, let alone it is also unavoidable if accustomed the sleeping form of the most become defenseless.

However, holding me is using learned of a fork and knife, such as a chest like a treasure, served with a cloth wipe a little dirt on the nose and mouth, and have a Eheehe and slouchy sleeping face while smiling facial expression of ecstasy is given, it is difficult to direct. It is state as was used like dangerous magic drug. Trip to Ya want. It was too late. And dignity as a queen in elegance is usually, like that that there is a shadow was far from the appearance of fine [hero] also said the Kingdom of the face, there is no salvation in more tomboy and had to puke sleeping princess. It's also around the maids. This time what you want to say by white work, but it had become a state similar also his men who not only main. So, I have not seen anything. It's Na dangerous touch. ~Tsu It is, it does not not assume the spirit fatal damage.

The majority of the other team members are, or have Tsuppushi to the table you can not sleep on the floor. In terms of the number of people, it seems there are more of those who are sleeping on the floor from the table in about seven-to-three. Because the floor of the Great Hall are deer luxury carpet, probably it was comfortable than probably poor bedding.

The carpet is a translation you've dirty What with sweat Yara drool Yara Yara cooking liquor, but cleaning is it very likely. The guys that are dirty is to take responsibility, and It will not be the only ask them to wash Good luck.

Well, all told, many had banquet, came to an end by the sun rose.

After completion banquet, go roughly put away still in the person who had occurred. Not take time because only throw an empty barrel and liquor bottles that had been piled up in the item box. And it must be moved because the table, such as is usually put away, but the table because there is a decent weight, and allowed me help by causing kick those who are sleeping. Although nice to sleep happily, much it takes place in the clean up of the effort it will should be done. So it wakes kick and Geshigeshi. In kicking or rather, it is just good enough to be fixed in the air while peppered the water polo to face in the [universe]. In kicked the shock and the cold water was poured on the face, everyone drowsiness is blown off in an instant. How caused might somewhat rough, but this much I friendly thing compared with usual training.

Since, however is in sleeping had mixed also live-in butler and maid, and has caused gently if the. Butler and maid who he had been asked to and serving, but it seems was to drink forced by apparently drunk, it seems fell asleep drunk. Since such just [human] indeed, this wine seems to have too strong. Because nobody like not become the acute alcohol intoxication, I wonder should I think I was good.

And labor of Members that caused, there is also butler and maid our professional work, clean up was completed in a short time than I thought. While I wholeheartedly that it was good to keep hired professional for such time, prior to the get dressed to go to a large forest, we will send tomboy princess and the boy knight, the first queen and YamiIsamu line to Ojo. It does not become a commotion because it issued a messenger once out of last night, but would should be quickly sent.

drunk and weak tomboy princess and the boy knight, somewhere shiny and the first queen and YamiIsamu line, that there is fall, but while passing the souvenir lunch box packed with the rest of the cuisine to such members, luxury specification was placed in skeleton spider, it was postponed. Although I think whether to pass the leftovers to the royal family, but it's just those made with dragon meat. Delicious even sharks, it's you want stuff about out hand from the throat if the person you want even a slight piece. Although it a not a lot up there, and to troubled because he was sent to the individual be a problem, it should rude to not be. Rather, I am also a is such a high likely is more likely that troublesome aristocracy comes hope, but it was to be expected that the case will will do somehow the tomboy princess and the first queen, and. It might be able to get off to somewhere and if it was too insistent, well, only some such cases, would be better to not do so.

Rather than here, in order of there.

After cleaning up the messy things, and proceeded to get ready for the return to large forest. Although he is training in the morning and if usually, is day off today because of who often hangover indeed, homecoming set go together luggage bring back the individual. Since the departure from the royal capital in about three p.m. too, who often go out to buy a souvenir.

Since the first even to keep going and I thought a woman warrior, leaving the royal capital head office decided to take this time, I was busy trying to prepare in a hurry also a woman warrior.

I After finished me with quick preparation, they were supplemented the human resources that will run out at the store using the [Greater Demon Generation]. It's generated is called "Daisho demon Merchant Road", business is good at demon people. Whether conditions are open become demon, it had been added to generate the list of the [Summon Greater Demon] recently. It met only generate individual according to the [Summon Greater Demon], it's demon material which is not become excellent human resources with high intelligence. Because in recent years had wanted a top talent to business expansion, additional guy is very grateful.

In the meantime a trial basis, it was decided to try to leave the royal capital head office in one demon. So if good, fed as other branch manager, it's peace if done ask employees to members us. Parabellum Sonaeyo to war General Chamber of Commerce is going to extend steadily and its forces.

The only time that it is doing the Arekore chores while loud laughter, etc., became a time of promise.

So prepared was able, I we were aboard the skeleton hundred feet or skeleton spider of the number field, leave for a large forest that is at home.

However, to get out to the outside of the royal capital from the house and store that exists on the border of the noble Street and Castle street, must travel the distance accordingly. So incidentally proceeding to form a Zurazura and columns, and decided to go to various and publicity. Early in the morning and you start moving in unison, although not dense enough Hill Resting you can eat rice, this time zone who often has been active outside the home. To advertise while migration was well equipped is perfect for the environment.

In the afternoon, and music blaring as a suddenly king Metropolitan. The nice cheerful and Nori, it's tone to be somewhere exciting. If you ask look into the what's and what's the face, flock of grouse, which are produced by the various [Magic] by members who, flame lion roar, and group of the Suigyo to brilliantly directing the surroundings. Residents who have been gathered and are on the sidelines it in somewhat remote location, by the Members who had come close to, demonstration unfolds with various magic items, which is also in store goods. In extraordinary that has emerged as a sudden, and the king residents to enjoy even while puzzled. While floating seems to have apparently successfully successful grasp of publicity, and the [Dragon of Light] and [Dragon of Darkness] was created by [Universe] in the sky, I was happy in the skeleton centipede.

This time of publicity, Toka a kind of moving circus, or would be nice, if I Think the theme park of the parade. Since the approach that this is not seen much in the world, attention was higher than expected.

Among the most attention and was Avi, Minokichi-kun and bear Jiro Spirit Desolation Panda, it was a co-star with black wolf Saburo [Hell Cerberus]. If you say what you have to, it's beanbags. Of course it is not an ordinary beanbags. Minokichi kun, it is was Mise lift the bear Jiro and Saburo black in its huge arm Hyoi, and the light seems. I supposed there is tens of tons from several tons in bear Jiro alone, but the order of magnitude of Ryoryoku of Minokichi-kun even put a black Saburo on the other hand, not even small movement. Tenori panda, the biceps, which turned into a hand-riding wolf rounded and Kururi like a ball, it is quiet round and round and beanbags. sight of a huge object dances lightly I accompanied a tremendous intimidating, but something is scaled out, I even felt rather charming. Cheers rise from here and there, a large amount of money is going to be thrown into the recovery role. While advertising of products, and make money in its own way. Since incidentally also Shimeseru forces here, those who cause I feel stupid be eradicated. Is there a various ways aim other, I was just made for many birds with one stone. See you might say even doing if there is a chance.

After that, if it is this is to ask tomboy princess and the first queen's of course, we are taking prior permission. And if it does this in unauthorized indeed, that it would be somehow Ichamon put Maybe you confuse the market it is easy to imagine. Although it is possible to pass forcibly press, because unnecessary dispute is born if so, cumbersome it's safe to those who had been removed in advance. It would purposely not need to create an enemy.

At the end in a short period of time if there is also [King Form] has been checkpoints lightly in the gate that arrived after a while, it was out of the royal capital. This time with a pet of Mino Gil-kun, who was waiting outside bear Gil also recovered, Minokichi-kun told me showing off juggling in the triceps. The figure did not say only a masterpiece.

Everyone to go outside can crush the layers to time, we will proceed in a row on the road if you complete. Much faster than the horse is running, yet ours must have surely eerie to proceed in a state in which keep a certain distance. Well, because it is at this late hour to be seen in the strange eyes, it was towards the labyrinth city «Purgatory» in the shortest distance from the royal capital on schedule. Short time arrived in «Purgatory» But, it does not enter in, pick up the Members who had been waiting outside in advance.

Members who pick up a high status among those who have left the branch, yet the number so chose to account so that there is no hindrance to the business is small. So recovery end without calyx a few minutes, it is to immediately «Purgatory» away for a while from, Koyama has towards the popularity of the poor forest are numerous.

Ran for a while, when you arrive at the location of the appointment, and ask them to confirm that the absent nobody around to Kugime chan. I even wide range of perception ability to thorough examination around beyond, the results came out in a few seconds. Since the stay not a confirmation is caught, it is referred to as Tatsushirou. Since had already come up in the vicinity, the big frame is alight without calyx a few minutes. At that time the snapping and disturbing trees would Heshiore, but no choice. While I will try to the natural recovery by [universe] Later, Kawaigaru a playful come Tatsushirou. While stroking to sharpen Guwashiguwashi and Ryuuroko, I began to fixed to the back of Tatsushirou by changing the shape of the skeleton centipede. We are also devised small part such as not to interfere with the RyuTsubasa, is no problem to flight. It's not a large number of people can enjoy safe and comfortable air travel in this.

That said, since the number is large at the falling Shiro one animal but it is impossible indeed to carry up to large forest at a time. In addition to the large Mino Gil-kun us, because also participate, such as pet bear Jiro and Saburo and black bear Gil. Black Saburo aside, giant panda Toka to bear Jiro weight also not a fool. It bears Gil also a similar is "Steel Armor Okuma Armored Big Bear". Indeed crashed become excessive weight, Nante punch line suffer sorry.