Day 260

Day 260

Still chewing from yesterday - which, honestly, I think continued in my sleep - half of the Phantasmal class Sacred Treasure remains.

This was expected, but I can finally start to absorb the [Divine Power] hidden inside [Precious Core of the Demigod of Spring Water]. While waiting for it to be absorbed, I decided to learn more about a couple of my 18 Demon Warlords.

First, Kumajirou. Kumajirou, had a [Rank Up] (evolution) from Oniguma into Desolation Spirit Panda. He now has a thick, sharp horn, like obsidian, one meter in length, coming out of his forehead, and he is now 11 meters (36 feet).

With a tough black and white body wrapped entirely in a flexible body hair, he is lying strewn somewhere in a lovely gesture. Such companion animals, if you ignore their size, could become popular as a type of pet. But do not approach it lightly. Even if Kumajirou is just playing around, the majority of organisms would easily be killed. His huge paw can penetrate a dragons scales, and his teeth easily compete with the severity of a Dragon.

Moreover, the horn on his forehead significantly increased his overall status, shrouding him with a black aura emitted from sharp protrusions found on both shoulders and elbows made from the same material as the horn, and it also allowed special attacks.

He has excellent physical abilities and, contrary to how lazy he may look, he is quite agile. An inept army would quickly be trampled into the ground. In truth, he had a brute force worthy of the title of [King of Demonic Bears].

Next, Kurosaburou. Kurosaburou had a [Rank Up] evolution into Triple-Headed Hell Cerberus from Double-Headed Orthoros Wolf. With bristles as black as darkness, the shoulders of Kurosaburou stand at about 4 meters.

Near the neck grows countless snake heads spitting fire and poison. The tail has become strangely reminiscent of a dragon's tail. With the number of heads, large body, snakes on his neck, and serpent-like tail, he might look a little scary, but in fact he acts like a friendly dog.

The black bristles are soft and fluffy, and feel very good. If you take a nap on top of the black Kurosaburou, you will spend time spoiled comfortably. Of course, his combat capability has been greatly improved compared to before.

In contrast to strengthening the capacity of his individual ability like Kumajirou, Kurosaburou's strength comes from his pack.

Maybe due to the fact that he became [Triple-Headed Hell Cerberus] or got the title [Black Wolf Emperor], Kurosaburou seems to have obtained the [Calling] ability. With a howl, he is able to form a pack which numbers in the dozens seemingly coming out of nowhere.

Kurosaburou has the [Leadership] ability, so that no matter how many they are, they will still move like a single organism. His general abilities were approximately at the Demigod Class [Age of the Gods] dungeon. Overall, I think his capacity compared to bear, Kumajirou, is about the same.

Then, the silver nuclei [Slime War Armor] on his chest has increased in size. Now the mucus covers the whole body, and the slime armor has changed from blue to silver. It also became metallic and thicker than before; the hardness also seems to have improved. Since his visible strength had been so reliant on speed and agility, we should try now to appreciate his more well rounded (whole) abilities.

So I praised them; the pair will continue to be a solid fighting force. Such events are great, as we hope to gain more power. After some time, somewhere around in the evening, I finally was able to completely chew [Precious Core of the Demigod of Spring Water]. The sense of accomplishment when you finish eating, if anything it is hard to say that there is no sense of loss trying.

But surely, [Precious Core of the Demigod of Spring Water] had become my flesh and blood.

Ability learned: [Precious Core of the Demigod of Spring Water]

Ability learned: [Spring Water's Source]

Ability learned: [Skill Gain]

Ability learned: [Capacity Expansion]

Ability learned: [Heathen Retribution]

Ability learned: [Divine Power Conversion]

Ability learned: [Improvised Promotion]

Ability learned: [Form Change]

Ability learned: [Piercing Evil]

Ability learned: [Five Soul Lives]

Due to the digestion and absorption without spilling even an ounce of the [Divine Power] that was included, all of [Precious Core of the Demigod of Spring Water] became a part of me.

Not only was I able to learn a number of abilities but also the [Divine Power] which has been contained is certain to strengthen me. [Divine Power] is a kind of energy, whom none other than the gods can use. But to me, who became the Vajrayaksa Overlord (Vizra Species), it was a useful energy that can be utilized somehow.

The magic is rare to use because there is a limited quantity to the [Divine Power]; these powers do not use mana, and operate under a different system, and their power is simply excessive. Also, they cannot be used without special [Magic]. I think it is best to save these powers as a trump card.

From the joy that I suddenly got a trump card that can save me in a desperate situation, I threw a party with dragon meat. Arranged with a number of dishes at the Banquet Hall in the mansion, it was grand celebration with everyone.

The participants, led by me and Kanami-chan, included Redhead, my children, Female Samurai, and general team members, and everyone else in the Royal Capital, such as Solitude and the hired butlers and maids. After finding out that we had returned, the Tomboy Princess, Boy Knight, First Queen and Dark Hero came to visit.

Quite a large party, it started with a toast, which lead to a bit of friendly conversation, and then finally the dragon meat. Unsurprisingly, the dragon meat caused the same reactions as the other times. In other words, one after another, people began to cry tears of gratitude because it was simply too delicious.

Among them, the reaction that particularly stood out was that of Solitude, who recently lived below the poverty line. I even began to fear that all the liquid from their bodies was being turned into tears.

Most of them burst into tears, which flowed like a stream on their clothes; one of them was the commander of the Solitude, who was the most manly and largest. Since it was not from sadness, and because it is joy that tears came out, while patting everyone on the head, I decided to enjoy this moment.

In general, a lot of things happened.

Tomboy Princess and Boy Knight were surprised that we [Rank up] (evolution) again, and then we told them stories about our difficulties. Honestly, I think it's a little strange that they were divulging state secrets.

From the honest reactions of the First Queen and Dark Hero, I thought their reason had completely blown away. The Queen's maid later secretly took away the kitchen knife, likely on her orders. I hope the fanatical queen doesn't try to do anything crazy.

The children, Auro, Argento, Oniwaka and Opushii questioned me in detail about where I traveled this time, and what I did; they also talked about what they had learned. Lately even the very small Opushii, although clumsily, began to talk. The speed of their development was incredible. As expected from my children.

From the Female Samurai that was left at the Royal Capital's head office, I heard about the manner of marketing the products (which was annoying), purchasing (which was annoying), and troublesome buyers (which were annoying); it was fun but I want a rest from that. Because she was tired, I changed the schedule; I think that I'll take her to the large forest with a hot spring. The store can be left to my clone.

Then I heard from...

Kanami-chan: about how she wants more children

Redhead: education for Opushii

Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan: consulted on what to do in order to have more children

Seiji-kun: discussed efficient treatment methods

Burasato-san: consulted on herbs

Supesei-san: talked about efficient magical operations

Kugime-chan: usually lady-like, but this time entangled by her in a drunken and nagging state

Aifu-chan: half-naked and drinking from a huge wine barrel while laughing with a depressed feeling

Too quickly, the drinking and singing turned into a chaotic banquet party; it became a time of large servings and unrestricted binging. The culprit for this unusual fun, was most likely the dragon meat.

Or a very tasty drink from the labyrinth. Or both of them. Good food, great people to support mood. Throw in a good drink, nothing to patch up that it happened. Delicious cuisine makes cheerful people. Even if we didn't have alcohol, it might have even come to this.

To drink and drink, eat and eat and laugh and laugh are moments to remember. I drank good wine today. I was in a good mood because the next banquet will be in the great forest, where the drinks might even be better.

Blacksmith-san, Alchemist-san, the Sisters, and Female Knight, it's been a long time since I've seen them and soon we will be together again. I want to see them. We continued to feast without stopping, until late in the evening.

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