Day 259

Day 259

Probably because I was able to sleep in a bed after such a long time, I woke up much later than usual. During my most recent adventure away from home, I frequently slept in the Great Skeleton Centipede or sometimes on the bare ground. This experience has opened my eyes to the beauty and charm of warm blankets.

There is no snow on the street, but it was still quite cold, so I did not want to get out of bed. Especially sleeping with Redhead and Kanami-chan using me as a pillow.   We started the day with a light warm-up (so as not to cause problems for the neighbors) followed by a tasty breakfast. After that everyone went to manage their own affairs.

I also had a job of sorting documents. But the work was not much, so by noon I had free time. I wanted to watch the training of the children, but Minokichi-kun and company did it instead.

Kanami-chan and Supesei-san are training Solitude. Seiji-kun, and Kugime-chan went to treat people while on call, thereby strengthening the ties with the local community. Asue-chan as usual went her way, so that all were busy with their own affairs.

Therefore, deciding that it was the best time; of the 4 [Sacred Treasures] that I had on hand:   

Sunlight's Soul Sword, Hisperiol

Quivering Water’s Soul Sword, Neiletis

【Precious Core of the Demigod of Spring Water】

【Dragon God's Gem of Rebirth】

I chose the [Precious Core of the Demigod of Spring Water].

From one of its kind, it was clear that this Sacred Treasure was Phantasmal class. It was covered in a mystical aura.

I put the [Precious Core of the Demigod of Spring Water] in my mouth and started to bite, and bite and bite. Bite with all my strength.

Earlier I tried to do the same with [[[Sunlight's Soul Sword, Hisperiol]]], but absolutely nothing happened. That hurt my pride quite a bit. But now, having become [Vajrayaksa Overlord (Vizra Species - Living God Species], I decided that I finally might get a result.

Continuing for a while, I did not get any results. [Precious Core of the Demigod of Spring Water] remained extremely solid.

It appears as though it would not work, but I still did not give up and continued to bite it, it has been more on obstinacy.

Biting, biting and biting. With all the strength I continued to bite. Expecting nothing to come out ... When I certainly thought so, just for a moment, but just for a moment I felt something under my teeth give way.

At the same moment, I felt the taste, even surpassing the taste of dragon meat. What! This was a taste I could not describe. If I didn't try it again, it would be impossible to explain. Absolutely delicious.

So much for the notion that words could no longer describe its taste. From such a shock, I even thought that I was about to lose consciousness. It was as if my mind received an electric shock.

The taste was the taste of [Sacred Treasure] [Precious Core of the Demigod of Spring Water], which started to yield under the pressure of my teeth.

Now I can chew it! I couldn't before, but now I can! After that, nothing happened, I continued to chew. Then, after a while, I broke off a small piece. My teeth are working! My teeth could break [Precious Core of the Demigod of Spring Water]!

At the moment I swallowed it, I felt the taste of which was impossible to resist, I could not stop until I ate the sacred treasure to the end. After finishing the work, having fun with Kanami-chan and now playing with Auro and company, I continued to chew without stopping. I just could not stop. So it went on until the evening.

Kumajirou has awakened to 18 Demon Warlords

【Title [King of Demonic Bears] awarded】

Kurosaburou has awakened to 18 Demon Warlords

【Title [Black Wolf Emperor] awarded】

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