Day 258

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Day 258

We woke up before dawn and rode on Tatsushirou (the Fossil Dragon revived by Rou) off the Funeral Volcano.

Tatsushirou's flight speed was frightening, because we almost immediately arrived at the Labyrinth City Radha Lo Dara.

It wasn't convenient to jump from the sky like last time, so I entered the normal way, through the gate.

I had to stand in line, but it was early in the morning, so we were able to enter without waiting too long. Despite the early morning, the city was already awake, and life here is blooming. ( original:” and life here is full raged” can’t see the context so I changed it to bloom)

Eating food similar to Doner kebab on the way ([1]) was quite tasty.

Apparently they are using drop items from the nearby labyrinth, it also seems the quality of the meat is good in its own way. Of course the whole secret of the taste was the way it was cooked.

I'll try to do the same, but only with dragon meat. I am sure that it will be delicious because how could it not be.

Thinking about it, instead of heading directly to the house, we each went our separate ways.

Fortunately, we did not stay here for long as we did not have a lot of personal items since items like magic swords, magic books, clothes could be bought here and because I have my item storage, the packing did not take very long. (ex. clothes with special embroidery, magic swords and magic books). (ED:I don’t know if he says they don’t need this kind of stuff any longer or they need it so I edit it to the more logical thing) Because there was nothing to do and the city had numerous kinds of magic shops, everybody went to buy souvenirs. Fortunately it didn't take a lot of time.

We, the 9 demons, will be returning to the Sternbild Kingdom's Royal Capital, while members of Heart of the Snake will stay here and work.

The fact is that in the short time since our store opened, we have suffered abuses from other companies (wrong type of lads came unreasonably complaining about the quality of the goods), as well as some illegal actions against us (attempted arson and attempted kidnapping of the staff).

The staff also intended to find and hire enforcers among the residents of the Labyrinth City, but it was decided not to do so since people would feel that we lacked the power to solve these problems on our own.

Therefore I cannot remove any of the members from our group that are stationed here to take them with us, since their power is needed here, so this time, only us, the 9 demons returned.

I replaced the blond blue eyed young businessman with my clone to look after the shop and the staff. It stayed here not only to guard but also to assist the business of the Labyrinth Branch Store [Heart of the Snake].

After putting an end to things, we went on the wagon Skeleton Centipede and left the Labyrinth City Radha Lo Dara.

At the time of our departure we attracted even more attention than we did when we arrived.

We were viewed with fear, interest, admiration, a lot of feelings were displayed in the faces of the crowd.

After driving for a considerable distance, taking Great Skeleton Centipede from the item storage, I asked Tatsushirou to carry it.

We could travel on the ground like before, but I wanted to know his maximum speed, load capacity and flying range. For those reasons, we flew this time.

Satisfied, looking at his dashing appearance as he easily takes the heavyweights of Asue and Minokichi into the sky, we certainly could have headed straight back with great speed immediately. But since we're already here, I decided to look around for some attractions in the sky.

In this vast world, there exist some mysterious phenomenons.

For example, in the sky above a forest, in various heights there were countless lumps of rocks in various sizes floating. It seems it is inhabited by monsters of the flying type.

Or another example, around a certain landfill there are a wide range of flowers in various colors which are incredibly beautiful.

But among these colors a lot of carnivorous plants nectar's has been devoured by the [Scarlet Hummingbird].

Or for example, on a certain river, which is broad, countless fish are floating, which can be seen even from the sky. They look like size of a palm, but their actual size is close to a giant house.

Or like some snow covered mountain peaks which reach the clouds, forming a huge crater with the sun, that gives a demonic look.

Admiring the view onto those great places, towards the evening we arrived at a location near the capital of the kingdom.

With the incredible speed of Tatsushirou, even while taking an indirect route, we arrived at the scene pretty quickly.

Thinking that a giant ancient dragon would likely cause panic, it was decided to go land in the woods, where the trees were blocking the view. While we stayed Tatsushirou quickly returned to the Funeral Volcano. Just a few seconds after he pushed off the ground, he was out of sight.

I put my parasites inside of Tatsushirou, so that at any given time when I need him, I will be able to contact him.

By travelling on the Great Skeleton Centipede, we quickly arrived at the gates of the Royal Capital.

I have not seen it in quite a while, but the gate to the capital was quite impressive. You could feel its history; it was a magnificent structure.

At the gate, the young guard who was in charge of the gate looked familiar; we were able to enter quickly because I used the pass that I received from the Tomboy Princess.

Inside the capital we continued in the Great Skeleton Centipede.

It was more likely to cause panic and confusion which I didn't wish for, but it seems I did not need to worry about it.

The Great Skeleton Centipede hides us well; it is pretty hard to discern us from the outside. However the Skeleton Spider service has become more and more popular and the citizens knows which organization it belongs to because of the drivers and advertisements.

So when looking at the special [Great Skeleton Centipede] even the children could have guessed to whom it belongs.

In other words, it seemed that even if we hid, everyone would know that we came home.

Among the locals who had gathered to see us, here and there you could see the silhouettes of fanatics of all ages, falling to their knees.

I was plagued by the thought of what would happen should they suddenly see our appearances.

When we go out, I decided to put on a long mercenary coat with a hood for the time being.

Arriving at the house, I was finally able to hug Auro, Argento, Oniwaka, and Redhead. I have been communicating with them through the clones, but it is important to see them with my own eyes. After having celebrated our home-coming, I thoroughly enjoyed the dishes the cook prepared.

Since they are so tired after making the dishes, we will let them taste dragon meat next time.

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