Day 257

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Day 257

Two days were spent in training; now we have to return to the Royal Capital Osvel and get the kids to head back to the great forest.

Or so I thought, but instead I had to spend another day in the [Buried Volcano].

The reason being that Burasato-san and Supesei-san, who were collecting a variety of grimoires and magic swords in the Labyrinth City Radha Lo Dara, as well as Seiji, who was performing cheap healing with the help of Kugime, as well as Aifu leading clandestine activities, had their own plans and were busy.

That is, Burasato and Supesei wanted to spar too.

I am sorry that I have not once called all this fun, I knew how they would react immediately and so I took them with me.

For a start, I held a training session with the enthusiastic Burasato and self-confident Supesei.

They fought as a pair, with Burasato as vanguard supported by Supesei.

Burasato-san formerly a Blood Lord (Variant), became a Blood Raid Empress (Variant).

Her outside appearance has hardly changed. Aside from some added Ogre Orbs and her appearance becoming more courageous, but as always, in battle she bathed in the enemy's fresh blood.

The truth is there was still one distinguishing external feature.

Now she has sharp wings of blood.

She previously had a habit of creating a lot of bloody swords, but actually she could not do it. Because the material used for these swords is the blood of enemies, thus it was almost impossible to carry it with her.

But as the Blood Raid Empress, she has gained bloody wings which can be used as a reservoir, making it possible to carry blood with her.

Because of this, even without killing many enemies, it was possible for her to fight at full strength from the beginning.

Now she can simultaneously manage multiple bloody swords, the maximum number being a few hundred (or up to several thousand if limited to simple strokes).

Just imagining this is enough to understand how much of a problem an army led by Burasato was.

But in addition, it significantly increased her combat abilities and changed her fighting style.

Before, her style was to use a magic sword: Princess Fresh Blood with her right hand while controlling blood swords. But now, she also carries in her left hand a new magical sword, The Blood of One Dead Hunter, so now her style has changed.

It became a style with 2 magical swords with which she stirred many bloody swords, bearing multiple attacks like an avalanche.   Meanwhile, if you compare her ability to control blood with Kanami-chan, Kanami wins in the amount she can control but the limit of her control is much more clumsy movements. Because of this, the difference between them is not that large.

(editor: For this last sentence I had to guess the meaning so that might not be the actual one, but I guess that it's still better than nothing...)

Responsible for the rearguard is Supesei, the former Spell Lord (Variant) who became Spiritian Queen (Variant).

In her appearance, too, there are some changes, such as added Ogre Orbs, but the main innovation is the 8 rainbow colored steel spheres, similar to planets, that fly around her in orbit.

After examining them, it turned out that they are some type of Ogre Orbs and ordinary steel knives are not able to leave any scratches on them.

After trying to make a scratch with one of my hands which I turned into a silver knife, it left a scratch but after a few tens of seconds, it recovered.

I wonder to what extent she could manage them with the help of thoughts. For example, quickly turning to repel the attacks, or attack if the enemy had come up close to her.

But their true role shows when she uses magic.

Using these 8 balls as catalysts, it is possible to easily cast the highly ranked magic that previously caused a lot of difficulties. And with the use of 8 areas, the main force of attack multiplies the magic attack 8 times, yielding a completely different level of ability.

In contrast to an obvious growth in her ability to use magic, her physical abilities are now lower than those of Seiji.

If an ogre, after receiving deadly magical attacks, managed to pass through her barriers and defense of the orbs and could still attack, the ogre would cut her down.

Previously this was not the case, but now she has become physically weaker.

But in the end, that only matters if someone can approach her.

Whatever it was, today, I tripled the training with this pair of demons.

Located at the forefront is Burasato, and while you're stuck fighting her, some strong magic attacks come flying at you from your blind spots.

Which were followed by a continuous stream of murderous attacks. If you dealt with them, magic attacks would start flying at you again.

They have fought together for a long time, thus their teamwork is incredibly accurate.

Well, in the end I still won.

There were many reasons, the primary being my 4 silver hands, which enabled me to counter every blood attack of Burasato.

No matter how strong you are, if the opponent is a bad match-up, you can't fight using your full potential.

After trying a variety of combinations, I tried fighting against all 5 demons.

I have to say it was one of the most brutal battles since my rebirth.

They all became stronger though, and we all ended up wounded, but they were happy to see me in this state.

Well, the others looked even worse than I did, but these moments themselves are quite good.

Day 256 == Day 257 == Day 258

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Day 257

Because even two days spent in training, now, do first to recover the children back to Royal Capital of the Kingdom, Osvel, toward the large forest.

I had thought, but had to spend in the day today [Kikoku God Volcano].

The reason, political that labyrinth city «Radha Lo Dara» in Burasato had gathered to buy and Meiken and various magic sword of the kind [Magic Manual Grimoire] and space star's who has been treated with low-cost It's with the Kugime had been helping her, and because ours was elicit whether in detail doing from missionary work once calm Aifu-chan.

In other words, Burasato-san and space star's also wanted rampage, is that.

Everyone's invited did not is he such because I have been to each of fun, but the kana was good better that you invited if there is such a reaction, while reflection and.

I first went and training Burasato-san and Supesei-san's Combi is motivated.

And from two demon of avant-garde style it is of course Burasato-san, rear guard's space star's.

Burasato-san race of the avant-garde has become a [Blood Sword Military Blood Empress Raid (subspecies)] from [Chikenoni Bloody load subspecies].

Burasato-san appearance has not changed up there.

Or it is increasingly Ogre Orb, but there are changes in the fine parts, such as has been dignified than before, before the fight, while wetting the whole body with the enemy of fresh blood does not change, it's red sword demon equipped with a whole body armor.

Only one point in the appearance features, there was a big strange part.

It is back. Yet it is like a angel wings, has grown sharp sword wings made of bright blood.

Although Mr. previous Burasato-san had been well floated behind a myriad of blood sword, there is in the blood and slaughter a large number of the enemy because I have been with the sword, it was not possible that you have to maintain the blood sword usually .

The material of blood were stored, because it was difficult to carry.

But it won the tank that Kentsubasa made of blood on the back in that it is now [blood sword military Empress], it has become possible to store.

Its either by benefit, without killing the enemy in myriad, it has been to be able to use the maximum of the attack from the beginning.

And the maximum number of operations that can be performed precision operation of blood sword at the same time several hundred or more - but it simply seems thousands if operations such as wielding - because apparently has reached, sword army of blood sword's Burasato led It's awkward likely just imagine.

Physical ability in the first place was higher And is enhanced more, the sword also takes Shine, fighting style was also changed.

Previously has a magic sword [fresh blood princess] of the Long Sword type with the right hand, it was a style to manipulate the blood sword, now and long sword type of magic sword [dead Kichikari that seems to have newly purchased on the left Zanketsu and equipped with], it is changed to a double sword Tsukai.

Two swing magic sword and countless blood sword to judge the continuous attacks, such as the weave muddy stream that of, it is reasonably likely to be allowed to struggle.

By the way, and contend the Kanami-chan and blood of operation rights, seems to go up tactics to Kanami-chan.

But it is not possible to operate fully, because it was limit be moved halfway with each Uzo, it seems not mean there is a difference up there

Tribe of space star who is a rear guard has become a [煌魔 star Queen space utility Tan Queen subspecies] from [Mashirubeoni spell load subspecies].

Although there is a change in the details, such as increasing space star's also a demon Zhuhai, major changes most as planets revolve around the star, in the center of the space star's sphere eight presence of rainbow colors and I will try to be.

Does this sphere has been examined little that subspecies of Onitama, it seems is a bogus thing, did not stick one flaw in the steel knife.

And thin from the mithral made of things, such as not like some, not What a fine hardness mistake because it is a degree that get is such a flaw.

But tried to put a decent scratch by deforming the Ginude, had been healed by the wound also is also there if the time elapsed a dozen minutes.

It seemed the eight spheres to some extent can be thinking operation, you can play the high-speed rotation to attack, it can be handled as a bullet to ground giving a powerful blow to the enemy that is closing in on close range was found.

But its essence, when Supesei-san ability to exercise the magic is to the auxiliary.

If this eight spheres reach the catalyst, and to can also be easily used in high sea magic that requires time and effort of correspondingly if the original order of magnitude of the that automatically become eight-fold by the sphere if exercise It has hidden ability.

Although with respect to the call and the magic of the exercise is a space star who became a leading Dan-nai, physical ability in exchange for the same is equal to or less than the political-kun.

The bypass your fatal magic of barrage, if it is possible to attack to avoid the eight spheres, that also stun in a moment in the physical ability of about Daioni auger would be easy.

Such a thing also would not In the past, but now it's poor about it.

Well, it is jumping off a cliff in that approach, flock flying type to kick scattered flock of monsters, climbed the cliff now and since the lowest landed, jumping and finally while scattered again kick the flight type monsters although a translation that is difficult enough to survive intact until the point.

Anyway, I tried to train with such a two demon.

If you are stuck in Burasato who is a avant-garde, they come flying magic power and the number of ridiculous from the blind spot.

When it has been addressed, Burasato Mr. approach that in turn advance the route that can be close to me is to minimize the damage that has been slightly formed with the intention at a high speed.

Time to take breath and I come peppered the intense and harsh countless slashing without.

Then, when it to have addressed, also flew the magic, it's repetition of.

Since Burasato-san and Supesei-san such in that has been fought for many years together, the cooperation was awesome.

Well, I was allowed eventually win.

Factor is some variety, the it was the largest it would be was a silver arm to stop the four-arm all slashing It was compatibility worst for Burasato-san.

Even no matter how strong, it is one that can not be his element and compatibility is poor.

Then did a training in a variety of combinations, I tried fighting in me versus 5 demon to tighten.

Without going into details, but was a also experience was that no hard-fought several times after reincarnation will no doubt.

Everyone, but mon became strongly, and although it is the state of the full systemic flaws, was delighted.

Everyone else's terrible plight to me more, but this moment also, would mon somehow good.

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