Day 256

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Day 256

Immediately after I woke up, I talked to both of them and found out the details.

Breakfast was dragon meat. Afterwards, we continued the training we started yesterday.

Yesterday I fought only with Minokichi, one on one, but this time Kanami and Asue will also take part.

It will be me against the three of them.

This time, we will fight with weapons, but holding back some of our abilities, so the training will more closely mimic live combat.

Located in the front, Minokichi with his favorite weapon, looked like a living mountain after Ranking Up [Rank Up (evolution)].

His favorite battleaxe, became the heavenly axe [Axe of Celestial Lightning]. His shield, now big enough to hide his entire body, became the celestial shield [Absolute Flame Gates of the Thunderous Bull Emperor].

The weapons' ability to grow is incredible, and the overflowing force was enormous.

Neither of those [Sacred Treasures] are mediocre.

Hiding behind Minokichi's back is Asue, armed with a huge hammer: the hard and destructive [Hammer of the Goddess of the Earth [Yabushiro]], which she was carrying on her shoulder. On her other hand she wore a magic gauntlet, [Lava Glove of Boar Demon King], which allows her to create a huge hand made of lava.

Of course, among the three weapons her hammer was the weakest, but it has the ability to control the land, also to cover the back, so it has enough power.

If you underestimate her, you will pay dearly, because of her new ability [Thunderous Crystal Prison].

Located in the rear is Kanami, removing the [Sealing Demonic Eye Glasses] and armed with an ominous red-colored Claymore-type magic sword, [Drop of Moonlight], which has the ability to summon huge amounts of water, with a minimum expenditure of mana. The [Loincloth Water Grief], absorbs the surrounding water and compresses it. It becomes a magic weapon [water gun] that can shoot water-bullets.

Armed with a large variety of magical items and abilities she is capable of performing numerous different attacks.

But even without those abilities, Kanami is really strong.

Not only was their team composition and allocation of responsibilities great, their coordination was simply superb.

So much so, that it was difficult to improve anything.

The three of them fought together against me. I was armed with a spear and a red cursed spear, as well as the [Butcher Knife of the Boar King] and the [Soul Sword Quivering Water's Nautilus].

Both of those new swords are very sharp and have high strength.

It is even possible to break the solid skin of Minokichi.

In addition, regarding the [Soul Sword Quivering Water's Nautilus] I still do not know all of it's abilities, but with the strength of the [Sacred Treasures], it can be used without any problems in our training.

The result: to be honest, I thought that I was going to die there.

All three of them, right from the beginning to the end, were fighting with their full force.

The enemy is me, so they behave as if everything is possible.

The three used depleted attack [(Destructive Attack) Ranks Massacre of 8 Demons (Attack of 8 Demon Generals] as well as the effects of the fighting formations [Void Form (Combat Formation of the 8 Demon Generals].

If I were hit by such attacks when I was an Apostle Lord, I would have lost my hands and feet.

Well, anyway, somehow I was able to win. This body of mine had greater power than I expected.

So the second day was the same as the first (ended in my victory), and in the evening we just ate together.

By the way, the reason why I suddenly decided to have two days of such training is quite simple.

Currently, our training has too big of an impact on the surrounding terrain.

Of course by restricting our full power we could train without destroying the surrounding area, but that in itself is quite difficult, and I do not want this to become a habit.

But to operate at full capacity in the usual place is absolutely impossible.

From the light there of, the attacks crack the ground and create storm winds. A murderous wave of magical power, will be sure to cause damage to the surrounding area.

All living creatures from the surrounding area will sense the danger to their own lives, thus leaving the area of our training in a hurry. Naturally this includes monsters.

Most of these monsters, which are driven from their familiar places, will attack the nearby villages and towns. In the worst case scenario, under pressure from the hordes of monsters, entire cities might get trampled.

It is unlikely, but this scenario seems quite possible.

I'm not that noble, but I want to avoid this problem.

Just think of the benefits training in this place could hold for us in the future. But even if not, why destroy the lives of others? We are not hostile creatures.

Therefore it was decided to conduct training in the [Buried Volcano]. It has an automatic repair function that makes it perfect for training.

After training, we immediately went to sleep to rest for tomorrow's training.

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Day 256

I wake up immediately, to get in touch with them.

Refers to the same thing as the past, then it enjoyed a moment conversation.

Then, after you enjoy the breakfast made with dragon meat, was trained to revved up to just yesterday of continuation.

It became yesterday and that it unfolds entirely one-on-one with me and Minokichi, this time has also participated Kanami and Asue.

As a battle, I versus three demons, it's so on.

This is not a free hand, and using all of the respective prey and is limited to not capacity, is a more combat training.

Minokichi-kun to be the avant-garde is, to hand the weapon of love that has changed significantly due to the fact that it was [Rank Up] evolution, are almost reign as the sacred.

Synonymous with a huge battle-ax should be called of Minokichi kun [File Condemned Axe Honoo霆 dam] Tenono next, the shield was huge enough to become even hidden big frame [Absolute Flame Gates of Kaminariushi Emperor] Tentate It has become.

Performance is uneven improved as compared with the previous, the hidden force's mighty. I wonder not than is greater than the poor [Sacred Treasures], and I think enough to feel intimidating is tremendous.

Asue-chan you set up as Zhongwei, the lightly bearers in one hand a huge hammer as the house that [Hammer of the Goddess of the Earth [Yabushiro]] which is aligned doubles as a sturdy and destructive power, to generate a huge hand made of lava It is equipped with a [Lava Glove of Boar Demon King] gauntlet type magic items that were hidden ability.

The ability is in Miki is inferior, but also has the ability to manipulate such as earth, role as Zhongwei is will play it more than enough.

With its presence looking lightly, it could be saved by the feet, such as new generation can as longer Kaminarigoku crystal.

Kanami-chan is a rear guard that remove the [Glasses of Beans Sealed] is led by [Drops of Moonlight] beautiful and ominous claymore type magic sword that was dyed red or because I smoked a lot of lifeblood, enormous around compression such water can manipulate the generated at will with little magic [loincloth of 嘆水], [name bow fail note of hitting the target] can be hitting the target a variety of Maya, and takes in the surrounding water It is equipped with a number of magic items such as Maju [water compression gun hungry compression throughout, water egg water egg] that can begin to shoot in.

Since Kanami-chan is a master of the magical items and powerful unparalleled magic that conceals a wide variety of capacity and diversity, in that it would have stand out in Miki.

And even if it to disconnect, purely Kanami-chan strong.

Not only come launch a wide range high-power attack as rear guard, and aim the gap of consciousness, it's careful because surely such a thing would not come then, come was calm the fact that.

Not only each role is clearly determined, formation that can respond flexibly was superb.

Exploitable gap is missing.

Against I, it was equipped Shuyari and Noroiyari, the more the [Quivering Water Soul Sword [Nautilus]] and [Boar Meat Cleaver of the Demon King].

[Boar Meat Cleaver of the Demon King] in stuff such as upward-compatible with the [Long-lasting Kitchen Knife of giants], sharpness's durability also excellent Shi said. If this strong body of Minokichi-kun, will be able to be cut.

And [Quivering Water Soul Sword [Nautilus]] can not be fullness exhibit the [Sacred Treasures] so the ability of others, also would use without problems in this training if endurance of sacred treasures, it is a translation that you've used in the fact that .

It's so result, but I thought I was going to die honest.

Satoshi Miki, it's no effort at all of cutting corners from the beginning to the end.

and I - Obaro - if I'm good to doing, and in the momentum that say even, and using all the Yara and combined attack [Metsu撃-Hachioni 殲陣] Yara formation effect [Mu貌-Hachioni Senjin] by Miki to be had been.

The Apostle demon a post Lumpur of limbs you were loading age five, six this would have been ripped, it was tremendous density of attack.

Well, still, but we were able to win. The performance of this body than you thought seems good.

Continuing the 1st today the training of such a feeling, and eat a meal in the same way as yesterday.

By the way, if you say that why are trained in two consecutive days, reason is straightforward.

In the our current state, while training will affect the surroundings.

Would not also be unable to if it does while holding back with full force, but it's cramped in it, I do not want to do likely luck strange habit.

But in the last minute of the offense and defense, it's a useless in the usual place.

Cracks in the ground only in the aftermath due to retaliate of light attack runs, gale is raging. Release of dense fighting spirit and magic will give the influence of something.

Then all kinds of organisms were perceive the danger is, should escape from the vicinity of the whole area. Among which it will of course also include monster.

As a result, if the poor villages and towns exist unfortunately of defense means in the traveling direction of the monsters, are sure to disappear it is unsatisfying trampled in front of the overwhelming amount.

You may not do so, but either could not be considered for more than enough.

Because I do not even mean to want separately doing as much of the destruction, such tragedy is to be avoided.

And do not necessarily also that there is no existence that will benefit for possibly is once future ours, you want and do not think also in vain took the life nor enemy.

So I have to dominate, the [Kikoku God Volcano] has the automatic repair function, even if there is destruction, this place is the best for training.

By doing, I slept quickly in preparation for tomorrow that.

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