Day 254

Day 254

In the morning, I organized the documents that had accumulated in my room, which had the most luxurious interior in the whole house. I also confirmed the items that were collected and determined a price for each.

After finishing at noon, we opened the treasure chests obtained:

- Treasure Chest [Flame Ape General’s Coffin], from the field boss Volcanic Ape General.

- Treasure Chest [Spiral-shelled King’s Gravekeeper], from the field boss Magma Ammonoid ・ Sirpendir.

- Treasure Chest [Coffin of the Gigantic Elephant Soldier], from the field boss Large Vulcan Golden Elephant.

- Treasure Chest [Mausoleum of the Wild Boar King], from the field boss Vulcan Bull Orc King.

- Treasure Chest [Grave of the Diabolical Tree], from the field boss Blue Flame Devil Treant.

- Treasure Chest [Monument of the Flaming Demon Ox], from the field boss [Taurus Demon Lord].

- Treasure Chest [Tombstone of the Scarlet Emperor], from the dungeon boss Dragon Emperor.

- Treasure Chest [Precious Corpse of the Empress], from the dungeon boss Flame Dragon Empress.

While with the treasure chests obtained from the Aquarium dungeon the last time it was possible to acquire 50 types of different items, this time it seems like its possible to acquire 100 types of different items.

- The treasure chests [Flame Ape General’s Coffin] and [Spiral-shelled King’s Gravekeeper] provided me with 5 types of items.

- The treasure chests [Coffin of the Gigantic Elephant Soldier] and [Mausoleum of the Wild Boar King] provided 10 types of items.

- The treasure chests [Grave of the Diabolical Tree] and [Monument of the Flaming Demon Ox] provided 15 types of items.

- The treasure chests [Tombstone of the Scarlet Emperor] and [Precious Corpse of the Empress] each had 20 types of items.

The contents within these treasure chests were quite indispensable as they were able to enhance our combat capability.

Magic armor, weapons, and powerful magic items were inside. Though it was quite a hassle as I was unsure of who to give what.

It's only likely to hinder their growth if I give them a strong item, so I'll just store them in the meantime; it's not that important after all.

Since the awakening of the 18 Demon Warlords happened recently, I will have to give them suitable equipment.

As a result, I'm quite troubled that giving a majority of these [Item Box] is quite early, though some of it has already been prepared for the other warlords.

Thus, the day passed and evening soon came. Since Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan were about to return, we proceeded with preparations for the banquet.

Recently, the snow that fell on the street had gradually stopped. Since it was progressively getting warmer, we decided to have a barbecue outside as I cleared the snow and hung up lamps.

In order to finish preparations while it was still bright, I watched my colleagues hastily prepare tables and chairs as I roasted the dragon meat on a stove type magic item that was installed in the garden.

By reforming my silver hand into a knife, I cut the dragon meat waiting to be cooked in front of my eyes. As usual, dragon meat is delicious.

If it was Burasato-san, the simple recipe would have become even more delicious, but today I only roasted it over the fire since they went to conquer a dungeon with Supesei-san.

Since it was Burasato-san who said "We certainly will bring you gifts from the dungeon boss," I'm sure they could do it. Though, if it comes down to it they can just run away, but they will have to come up with an appropriate penalty for it.

Well, that's why it was decided that I personally cooked. It's a simple recipe, but thanks to the excellent quality of meat, the dish being served can be even more delicious.

Since I caught a whiff of the dragon meat, my mood gradually improved, so I decided to treat everyone to my precious sake. On my way through the hallway, I saw Aifu-chan's figure quickly pacing around the house with a large amount of paper and cans of ink accompanied by unknown women.

Currently, Aifu-chan evolved from the race of [Fimerotto (Sub-species)] to [Adelheid (New Species)].

Appearance-wise, there were no significant changes. However, now she is surrounded by a fleeting atmosphere that makes her appear fragile. Like a carefully raised princess from some royal country.

But her casual gesture was fascinating, her eyes were radiating decadence and madness while her body emanates a sweet smell of lust that conceals the putrid smell of her rotting flesh.

As such, Aifu-chan went into a room along with unknown women.

TL note: Irofu became Aifu after rank up

Because it was a Aifu's private room, it wasn't strange for her to personally invite some friends over.

What to do... I expected something to happen as a strange smile floated onto the girls' faces. I was correct. Apparently, they wanted to experience some mercenary work.

Since with their current race, they have the [Divine Blessing of the God of Decomposition], their finesse for mercenary work seemed to have increased. Aifu's ability had also increased steadily.

The women whom I was unfamiliar with must have been her companions that she found in the Labyrinth City Radha Lo Dara. They're surely like-minded people.

Among them were several holders of the [Sacred Profession]: the gentle, neat [Clergy], the proud [Noble Daughter], the [Adventurer] with a hardened body and short hair, and finally a [Painter] with an unusual appearance. Unless necessary, I won't interfere since it's not a hobby of mine. Hobbies are a freedom of the individual after all. Others shouldn't say anything. If they are not a nuisance to others, I'll leave them to do their own things. Even if we become models for their hobby, it's just good to be aware of such things.

For my own peace of mind, it's better that I don't know. Absolutely. With that said, I turned a blind eye to those two. I turned towards Kugime-chan and Seiji, both who now emanate a presence similar to those of a Lord.

Apparently, Kugime-chan helped Seiji-kun with cheap treatment sessions. A friendly couple, slowly heading towards our area, where a feast was prepared. The handsome and the beauty, a very picturesque moment of two demons.

Currently, Seiji-kun has evolved to [Sereneness King (sub-species)] from [Saint Lord (sub-species)] while Kugime-chan evolved from a [Kukimeki (sub-species)] into a [Kukionihime (sub-species)].

Speaking of Seiji-kun, he surpassed my expectations after he became a Sereneness King - since a [Demon King] often has a tinge of charisma.

As usual, his combat capability is fairly low - even for a [Demon King]. It seems that even a [Lord] is capable of achieving victory against him. Though when it comes to healing, finding someone equal to him is almost impossible.

Who would have thought that he was capable of completely healing a [Black Gremlin] that had already stopped breathing after it lost both arms and its lower body in a span of few seconds.

Seiji-kun was capable of healing anyone even if they had lost half of their body; now he's expected to play an active role.

Kugime-chan had become even more beautiful than before; her body became refined while her behavior became even more sophisticated.

Since her power and accuracy improved drastically with her Nine Divine Eyes, she should be able to fight with her own fighting style.

But her distinctive skill lies with her sensory capabilities.

Even in her normal state, her senses far outmatches mine. Let alone the vast capital, in her serious state she's capable of increasing her detection range several, if not a dozen, times.

If a large-scale war happens to take place it's possible for Kugime-chan to see the whole battlefield; down to each and every soldier.

Should the enemy plan for some countermeasure during the course of the war, we would know in advance; making it easier to pinpoint their weakness, allowing us to quickly crush their counter attack.

As a support, it's quite likely that we'll be relying on her now more than ever.

As such, the two demon gracefully arrived in the banquet waiting for the feast to begin.

Both of their reception went fairly well, considering the fact that they're close to the apex of the team. As to why this happens - well... it's likely because I'm the leader.

Well, since I was helping Kanami-chan, it wasn't important.

After a while, both Burasato-san and Supesei-san returned. Since they brought items from the dungeon boss like they said, I didn't complain and told them to relax instead.

More time passed and soon we started the banquet as Minokichi-kun, Asue-chan and company finally returned.

Looking at the dragon meat lined up neatly on the table, I instantly jumped and headed towards the table. Still frozen from the sight of the meat as I ate, I was quite astounded by the delectable taste.

The tears start falling as everyone fell on their knees.

Everyone continued to eat the dragon meat intently; after a while everyone took a breather. The taste of the dragon meat, I'll most likely remember for a lifetime.

As the climax came, the topic of conversations were, of course, the dragon meat and work. While everyone was drinking, they were surrounded by songs and laughter.

The three dozen large barrels containing liquor that I personally prepared had a fairly high alcohol content, I expected no less from liquor that was classified as luxury goods within the Labyrinth City Purgatory.

It was consumed like water. By the time we finished the drinking contest, everyone I competed with quickly fell, while their faces were red.

Compared to the Labyrinth City, where even at night the streets are lively, tonight is no doubt the most fun and busiest it can get.

Though I've already drunk quite a lot, as expected, drinking more is always quite pleasant.

Of course, drinking alone is nice, but sharing a drink with someone else is also quite enjoyable.

As I look at the manner in which everyone happily drank, Minokichi-kun and Kanami-chan sat next to me and drank [Demonic Spirits (Lunar Drop Sake)].

Since the dragon meat was shared with everyone, the special sake [Demonic Spirits (Lunar Drop Sake)] was specifically prepared for the warlords.

It seems that our colleagues were throwing envious glances our way, but I ignored them and continued drinking my share of sake.

It's a drink unavailable unless you're a warlord, though it seems it isn't certain that it was enough to go around. But rarely enough, the combination between the sake and the dragon meat was appetizing.

Of course, when separate, the delicacies were already delicious, but when combined the luscious taste just increased.

For a while, we were trying to settle our other colleagues who drank without regards to anyone. But soon after, we gave up and decided to enjoy as we enjoyed our sake.

Though there was the class difference, they had no choice but to give up other than the warlords.

Thus, the banquet lasted until late at night. After cleaning up, I immediately lay down on my bed.

Soon, sleep immediately took over.

Rubellia Walline has awakened to 18 Demon Warlords

【Title [Deadly Red Fury] will be awarded】

Just before my consciousness sunk deeper, an announcement resonated in my mind. As expected, Redhead is also among them, I thought.

After that I immediately fell asleep.

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