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Day 253

Translator Google (NEEDS EDITING)

Hi guys not done this before but I thought I'd try clear some of this up as it seriously hurt my head to read - hope it helps - Black☆Star - I failed, thought I could do more :(

Day 253

Labyrinth City [Radha Lo Dara], Labyrinth Branch Store [Snake's Heart].

Once a renowned residence with a large amount of funds invested in its construction and now the location of large quantities of Item Drops, the building was until just a couple of days ago filled with illegal residents who were captured and killed, much to my pleasure.

It has once again become a really prosperous place after regaining its former glory.

Most of the merchandise stocked are first class products, but with fair prices, especially for such quality and such impeccable details. It provides customers with unusual products which they flocked to see, thus creating a lively atmosphere.

In addition, spending a certain amount of money earned customers a loyalty card which upon filling provided them with special benefits, such as having the masterfully skilled dwarves repairing your equipment for free.

Since the staff members were elves and demons who are pleasant to the eye, a large number of men, charmed by their looks, constantly crowded the shop. There were those that were obviously sexually enticed by the workers and looked at them lewdly, but they were still outnumbered by the veteran adventurers doing serious preliminary preparations.

Not even a month has passed since its opening, and even without huge advertisement, such a huge crowd gathered. Certainly the opening sale, the location and the novelty of the place were among the primary factors in attracting guests. But the leading cause was something else.

(Edited up to here the next couple of bits completely baffled me... sorry I couldn't help more------Black☆Star)

A few days ago, a group of variants came to Labyrinth City [Radha Lo Dara], and gathered here.

In other words, it was Minokichi's triumphant return.

It is currently known that races that [Rank-Up] have been powerful and unmatched, the majority of these races ruled countries as rulers.

But regardless of what they became after the rank-up, because they still kept living without hesitation in the Labyrinth Branch Store [Snake's Heart] for the past few days, the people's curiosity was set ablaze.

In a labyrinth city like this, where only the strong are righteous, the presence of such deviants (Anon: read strong beyond comparison) at the shop serves for nice publicity. Because one would expect superior creatures to deal with superior goods, one would be led to believe that this place deals with High-class Items.

The truth is that such goods were being sold at the shop, their rarity attracting a variety of customers regardless of their level or strength.

I was worried about safeguarding Labyrinth Branch Store [Snake's Heart]'s original purpose, which is camouflage. Even though I thought this sudden influx of business was crazy at first, since it had already happened, I decided to just let it go.

Since I did not enter the store under my previous disguise, the manager of Labyrinth Branch Store [Snake Heart] did not recognize me, but Minokichi and the others did at a glance.

There were a lot of rumors regarding our story and I often heard people gossip about it, but when they asked, we just answered that they were rumors.

But when they think we are not saying the truth, I will just find another excuse for them.

Anyway, after the initial pleasure triggered by the unexpected activity boom, because of the customers, I had to use [Metamorphosis] and [Shape Shift] to disguise myself as the young businessman with blond hair and sincere blue eyes that has been recognized as the owner of [Snake Heart] to continue the support with a soft smile. 

I probably should have done this for the other branches as well, since everyone prefers a gentle and sincere looking person rather than a man-eating Demon.

But here in Labyrinth City, compared to other places, it seems to have the opposite effect.

Here it seems there is a tendency that a weak person will lick other people's shoes, and because it is the state displayed by my disguise, I began handling the customers with a meek tone.

Those who use intimidation to bring down the prices and those who want to take the merchandise without paying are mixed together. Ok, this guy tried stealing but he was caught immediately and taken into a dark room where we used all kinds of torture to play with him until he learned his lesson; it was hard work.

In the evening, we had a banquet with everyone with dragon meat being the main dish. Because Minokichi and Asue were outside of the city, we left some for them to eat tomorrow.

It is unfortunate, but it can't be helped.

Day 252 == Day 253 == Day 254


Here capture who we are to gather in, a few days ago with, was the population the cause of variant came to Labyrinth City [Radha Lo Dara].

In other words, it's Minokichi's triumphant return.

Everyone races that currently exist [Rank Up (evolution)] has just one powerful unmatched, tribe that ruled the country as a ruler has the majority.

Who's has become what race so troublesome is omitted here because I think that says later, such prominent population are living between a beeline without hesitation to the «heart of the snake» Labyrinth Chamber of Commerce, where the past few days, I want you to think with.

Force what justice, in trend is strong labyrinth city of, such the presence of non-standard comes to preview the store that many stay, it's of course if granted house.

Not only there is a possibility of tie some edge, you will think that the strong man is dealing with corresponding goods if stores like to patronize.

Collected a similar armor and miscellaneous goods, we want Ayakari in its power somehow, also might be feeling that.

Pains Labyrinth Shokai [Heart of Snake] original purpose, which was prepared for the purpose of camouflage is to also feel like crazy at this point, is not the way that it had happened well.

Although there is prima facie hole, labyrinth firm [Heart of Snake] of shopkeepers - and but I was not in disguise - but in ours and in fact know, Gillman-kun us at the edge are staying.

The story, was to shed in the casually gossip. To Members who, to keep reportedly to say so and if asked.

But when useless is so-what attitude as "Moi and, also consider another draft", I just do I run thinking another draft.

Anyway, while joy the first time in prosperity than expected, because of patrons acquisition, it becomes appearance of young businessman wind sincere likely blonde blue eyes that have been recognized as the owner of here by [Metamorphosis] and [Shape Shift], it will continue to support and floated a soft smile.

It probably was the other cities if the correct answer in this selection. Everyone, are determined towards the gently sincere likely person is good to than the likely eat human from head with Kowaomote.

But here's a Labyrinth City. To compare with other cities, improper parts are numerous.

Here seems there is a tendency that the fellow that was a wishy-washy licked, in a state in which the disguise, began to playfully was fellow is sing well.

It intimidating to come person or to compel a significant price cut, it who tries to Take the goods without paying the gold is mixed.

Well, such guys are Nejifuse in a moment, and caught taking, but he was Dari variously Tatakikon the common sense here in dedicated dark room, it was hard to work anyway.

A banquet with everyone in the dragon meat in the evening, I thought Tomo, Minokichi and Asue because it is in the outside of the city, it became your deposited in tomorrow.

It is regrettable, but unavoidable.

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