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Day 252

NEEDS EDITING, the Russian --> English is missing lines and content, double check with the Google Translation at the bottom. ~Miraclegrass

Japanese --> Russian --> English

Day 252

As a result of diligently working from yesterday up until tonight, the restructuring of the dungeon has finally been completed.

With the ability [Dungeon Creation], I was able to restructure the dungeon through the translucent screen which displayed detailed information and images regarding the dungeon. After choosing from the screen, the dungeon's reality reflects the changes made.

At first, I was surprised but because the operation of the dungeon was quite similar to those of my past life, I was somehow able to get used to it without making much of a mess.

There was quite a difference compared to the previous dungeon as a result of the changes made.

Of course, there were still quite a few resemblance between the two, but let's focus on the main changes.

To begin, the name was changed from [Flame Mountain of Flame Dragons] to [Divine Volcano of Wailing Ghosts] or [Funeral Volcano].

I was complacent even without having changed the name, but with this it would be easier to identify who conquered the dungeon - because from now on, the dungeons I conquer is going to increase.

Then, a number of traps and mechanisms have been incorporated as a part of my hobby. With this, prey wandering into the dungeon will have a higher chance of being captured.

The traps are mainly to block them since new adventurers often avoid these dungeons because most of them start inland.

So it is now slightly easier to take treasure chests compared to before. After assessing the changes, the treasure chests now offer more items to adventurers.

After that, are the new dungeon monsters that appear using magical items. [Black Gremlins] who has an ability of using a nasty substance and then there's the new hidden monster completely made up of lava, the [Lava Devils].

Their strength is not something to be concerned about, but their abilities are quite fierce.

The most noteworthy change to the dungeons are the dungeon boss that appear.

Under the influence of my [Divine Protection], both the old and new field bosses as well as the dungeon boss have their bodies painted in black while their abilities significantly rose.

Now, the previously strong opponents we once faced will now prove to be a powerful existence to explorers and adventurers.

It is an existence that's very dependable for the ruler of the dungeon while a nightmare for explorers and adventurers alike.

Incidentally, among the usual monsters, there were strong individuals and because the complexity of the [Funeral Volcano] has changed from when it was [Flame Mountain of Flame Dragons] the overall difficulty of the dungeon has risen.

Due to the countless number of veterans being defeated by the dungeon, it wouldn't be surprising if a skilled adventurer decides to challenge the dungeon.

About the other changes, I wonder...

Besides the significant changes, other changes will be omitted because it's troublesome.

Unrelated to the modifications done to the dungeon, some time as I was applying changes to the dungeon, I realized one thing.

It seems that I gain experience when an adventurer dies within the dungeon - though of course not every one of them, this somewhat makes me happy. As experience gained from the dungeon accumulates.

It lowers the difficulty of the dungeon on the earlier levels and although it is nothing, but since the level of people who intend to challenge the dungeon can increase. It seems that the higher the level, the more the efficiency level increases.

It's quite fortunate for me since with my current race, it requires an exorbitant amount of experience to gain even a single level. This system honestly saves me a lot of hassle.

"Pathetic prey, though I suppose it will be a good challenge for me."

As I was smiling wickedly, Kanami who was also smiling, hugged me from behind.

Now that there wasn't any more reason to stay here, Kanami-chan and I head towards the Labyrinth City [Radha Lo Dara].

Before heading out, we decided to enjoy the night sky together.

Although both of our races gives us the ability to fly freely in the sky, we had no intention of using it this time.

This also served as an opportunity to test my magic.

First of all I gained a new familiar who belonged to a race of dragons called the [Ancient Flame Dragons]. I named him Tatsushirou.

Shiro's body length was about 80 meters, and he was also a [Wisdom Dragon] so he was pretty big. He boasted a huge body frame that was even able to compete against dragons of the [Emperor] class.

Supporting the dragon's huge body, were tough limbs that ended with red claws capable of cutting lumps of steel as if they were made up of air. Its body was covered in an ominous combination of black and red dragon scales and its dragon armor cannot be scratched, let alone damaged by a half hearted attack.

Four-spear like objects protruded from its head which appears to be its horns and on its back, a long mane of flaming orange as well as two pairs of four huge dragon wings resided.

The dragon's amethyst colored eyes, reflects its high intellect. From its mouth, razor-sharp teeth were dotted as its dragon flame continue to blaze.

The presence that emanated from his body was comparable to that of the field boss, [Dragon Emperor] within [Flame Mountain of Flame Dragons], perhaps it was even stronger.

So why did a dragon like Tatsushirou appear from my magic?

Because during the remodelling of the [Flame Mountain of Flame Dragons] I happened to stumble upon an ancient sleeping fossil, later named Shiro. Fortunately enough, I was able to revive it.

The ability for resurrection was not something I had before - after my evolution to the race of Apostle Lord, only then did I get the ability [Fossil Restoration].

[Fossil Restoration] cannot be activated unless a certain amount of ancient fossil is available, which is why it was unused until now. Since it would most likely say that there are no fossils to restore, but it was finally able to demonstrate its true value this time.

The result, was the ancient dragon - Shiro.

Though through my observation of the revived dragon, it seems like Tatsushirou's innate temperament is quite implacable.

Once he recognizes you as an enemy, he will relentlessly chase you until you are reduced to ashes.

The ancient race of dragons is much more tenacious than the current one, surely enough, the side being chased by Shiro can only be considered to be in a nightmare.

But after his resurrection, he submitted fairly well as I tamed him. Now he emanates an aura which I find quite cute.

Thus, after healing the resurrected Tatsushirou we rode on his back -all while Kanami still hugged me from behind, and we left [Funeral Volcano] under the cover of the darkness at night.

We were able to reach an altitude of several thousand meters quickly. Piercing the sea of clouds, Kanami-chan and I enjoyed a moment of flight.

The flight didn't last long, but these few moments weren't so bad. A long-awaited date above a sea of cloud illuminated by the moon.

Looking down on the sea of clouds, various ideas surfaced in my mind.

Interesting things occurred while I had lost my consciousness. The information that flowed through my clones were concealed by its respective countries. My information gathering was steadily progressing as I make a variety of speculations.

Since the scale of things have grown quite a bit, it looks like, in order to overcome them, it will be necessary to take action behind the scenes as soon as possible.

However, the steady activity up til now shows there is no need for drastic action, it is not urgent after all.

If possible, I would like to make it as favorable to us as a party as possible, since undertaking a variety of actions is necessary.

Oh, I cannot wait.

Thinking about the future, I received a boost of motivation thanks to Kanami behind me.

Perhaps now is not the time to be thinking about it too much. While reflecting, I continued to enjoy our date.

By evening, the ending of the date drew near. As we were almost at the Labyrinth City [Radha Lo Dara], that was visible through gaps within the sea of clouds, we jumped from Shiro's back at the height of several thousand meters so as not to arouse any unnecessary chaos and panic.

In the middle of the night sky, Kanami and I were enjoying our time sky diving.

It may have been an "illegal entry", but I don't think such a thing matters at this hour.

Well at least, it doesn't bother me.

Day 251 == Day 252 == Day 253

Google Translation

As a result of silently work until the evening of today from yesterday, remodeling of the dungeon became a prima facie completed.

[Labyrinth Creation and Kikoku Ikai] dungeon operation by the detailed information before exercise and eyes translucent screen displayed emerges, is adapted to be reflected in reality by operating it .

The first is something that I was surprised, but because such operation methods are similar to those that have been used on somehow previous life, was able to mucking without much ado if it gets used.

So it's changes in the dungeon, but there is some.

Since there is no fog way of bits and pieces part, let's pick up the change big.

First, individual name [Furemusu flame Yongsan] instead, it has become a [does volcanic abuse-out Kikoku God Volcano].

I was good even without changing separately, but dungeon dominated by Cheats - is a result of or how, it was easy to understand - because going from now on increase.

Then, because such trap of number and mechanisms have been incorporated many of my hobby, so as not to miss the prey came, quite unscrupulous things often.

Just because the will to be the capture everyone from thorough search to deceased persons would cut off new cheats's degree but to go become a villainy as advance if advances in the back, is relatively shallow place to promote easier than ever It has loosely.

So is slightly easier to take than ever well as treasure chests, after assess the change will offer came a lot of cheats who we than before.

Then, it is but dungeon monster which appears here, not only the existing mono, nasty ability "Black Gremlins" and was hidden, dungeon monster of the new, such as the devil "Debiruravu~a" made up of burning lava that upset the magic items It has also added.

Not even so simple strength, but it would be nice if Kurere thought to have placed a lot of possession nasty capacity than before.

Speaking of the most significant change, it is about the dungeon boss who appear.

Emerging field boss is not only existing things, but he is adding a new dungeon boss as number field, or the influence of my cage, is stained black body of all of the field boss of the combined new and old, the ability to leap basis I or on the rise.

Just like him even it was powerful is, a translation Tachifusagaru before cheats who we as a more powerful presence.

It is a presence that very dependable as a ruler, but it would be the worst of existence if Exploits's point of view.

By the way, since the powerful individual exists a certain number than usual dungeon monsters also other, it has gone up several steps than the overall difficulty [Furemusu flame Yongsan] era of [Kikoku God volcano].

Since the veterans obtained when the minute defeat such ago, influential person who will not become more motivated.

The major changes I wonder about this.

Besides a variety Yara terrain is also omitted because troublesome.

So it is not related to the dungeon of the changes, but there are things that you notice when you have set.

In that what happy, where experience value obtained from the capture who died it seems, but not all have been to the specifications coming flows in me.

It was lowering the degree of difficulty of shallow location also, it is nothing but to because the number of person who intends to challenge is thought to be able to increase the higher the efficiency level increases the more.

Because like a fool often necessary experience value in the current race is to raise one level, honest this system is very survive.

- I pathetic prey us, to but a good challenge for me.

Such as, I was smiling villain along with the Kanami-chan that hug from behind.

Now that was no longer a reason to stay here, toward the Kanami-chan and Labyrinth City [Radha Lo Dara].

But before that, it was decided to enjoy a little night sky of dating.

It's has become to fly the sky freely by the ability to originally race held with two demon now, but it is not going to fly the night sky in their power this time.

This time, because that also serves as a test drive of the new hand to put the «Tsukai magic».

New «Tsukai magic» of the name stands Shiro, race is ## dragon Ancient frais Mei tion [Ancient Flame Dragon Funeral].

Length is about eighty meters and [wise serpent / dragon] quite large with the exception of some exceptions as, boasts a big frame that approaches to [Emperor] class.

The tough limb to support the big frame even lump of steel equipped with red claws that wears the Kirisakeru high fever as air, likely per one flaw in the ominous torso covered with dark red Ryuuroko and dragon shell is a half-hearted attack no.

From the side of the head red dragon angle such as thick sharp four pieces of the Mayari penetrating the things that Tachifusagaru forward us perfect flies, the glossy back with a flame hair orange two pairs four of the huge and RyuTsubasa are you have flies.

Felt a higher intelligence from like longan of Guren, such as jewelry, dragon flame was Koko has been found in the mouth that Surudokiba that grew to myriad lined.

Presence emanating from the whole body is too thick, it's likely [Furemusu flame Yongsan] Ryutei and equal to or greater than was the field boss of the era.

Whether such Tatsushirou is why become my «Tsukai magic».

It is dead to me is much ancient, find by chance Tatsushirou who was sleeping as fossil in [Furemusu Flame Yongsan] During dungeon remodeling, nothing else in because revived with this fortunate.

Was the need to revive is not in my ability, evolution before - is that is holding skills [Fossil Restoration] obtained when became a race of [Apostle demon A post Le load extinct species ex Pishizu].

[Fossil Restoration] can not be activated unless a certain amount available ancient fossil, why until now I was the unused just say that there was no fossil just use, but that it was me this time finally demonstrate its true value I.

The result is this ancient dragon Tatsushirou.

But was found by observing for a while and revived, innate temperament of Tatsushirou is rough, it seems implacable.

Once you have regarded as the enemy can not escape until that person is completely carbonized, and continue relentlessly chase.

Time immemorial is a tough race is more than the current, only a nightmare if from the side Tatsushirou is to be chasing that apply to it.

But I to it to have fairly well complete submission tame it revived, felt a somehow charm to casual gesture, and are quite cute.

So, and I was [riding] with the falling Shiro while being healed, the Kanami-chan hugging me from behind, took off from [Kikoku God Volcano] under cover of darkness at night.

Quickly and flies to an altitude of several thousand meters, to penetrate the clouds, Kanami-chan and I, while looking down the night of the sea of ​​clouds enjoyed a moment of flight.

To the destination's while @ to say, but these moments will also not bad because it is long-awaited date.

Even so, unlike usual, thus riding on something I mon good to also fly in the sky.

The sea of ​​clouds that were illuminated by the moonlight beautiful, it seems if would reduce the something that accumulates every day.

When looking down the sea of ​​clouds, various ideas were Sugi~tsu the mind.

An interesting thing has occurred in quick succession while I had lost consciousness. The flow that you know through the minute body that is concealed in the countries for information gathering, but steadily in progress while being stirred in a variety of speculation.

Since the scale is larger than ever, in order to overcome certainly looks good is better, which had been initiated action in the back as soon as possible.

However, the steady activity which has been performed up to now, it is not urgent to there.

In order to roll as much as possible as well profit enters here, it is only going to variously spread the hand.

Oh, it's really fun.

If you have wanted the prey would go to hand in future, it was Kozuka to Kanami-chan.

It seems to have been too much thinking a little. While reflection, and enjoy dating.

Soon also the end date, because toward the Labyrinth City Radha Lo Dara which is visible from the break of the sea of ​​clouds, was to be entered by jumping from Tatsushirou that had been flying the advanced several thousand meters.

If the appearance of Tatsushirou is witnessed, confusion inevitable. It is not regards the lead to unnecessary confusion.

So in the night sky, Kanami-chan and I was to enjoy a moment of sky diving.

It may be said that the illegal invasion from the sky, but such a thing is at this late hour.

At least, I do not care.

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