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Day 251

NEEDS EDITING, the Russian --> English is missing lines/content, double check with the Google Translation at the bottom. ~Miraclegrass

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Hi. in ('bold version') is my alternative version. ~Nikjin

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Last night, various things happened and I indulged one of my three primary desires to my heart's content.

If not for the help of my comrades and my [Self Replication] ability, the successive tough battles with field bosses followed by the death match with the [Mother Flame [Dragon Empress]] could have easily gotten me killed. In the process I accumulated a huge amount of stress, but after that relaxing night I feel a lot better.

That said, we are in the center of a volcanic caldera so wishing for a pleasant and refreshing morning was hopeless.

The area was quite humid, so after last nights exertions we awoke sticky with sweat -- not a pleasant way to start the morning.

I idly thought that it would be so much better if we were surrounded by hot springs instead of lava.

If this place were a hot spring, I would first wash myself clean, then slowly soak in its relaxing waters.

After submerging as far as my waist, I would bask in the sensation of my fatigue dissolving away as the water gently warmed and relaxed me.

Then I would slowly submerge myself up to the shoulders and enjoy a good soak while drinking something alcoholic.

I wondered at that moment, "What would be the perfect drink for this situation?"

That pride of the Kuuderun Great Forest, well aged elven wine, perhaps?

Alternatively, alcohol dropped from special dungeon monsters might also be a good choice, as I have plenty of varieties on hand.

Or even, the [Named Sake [Endless Drops of Evening Cherry Blossoms]] or [Named Demon Sake [Inexhaustible Demonic Drunken Rampage]] that I received by completing the Psalms might possibly be appropriate.

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After imagining all that, I suddenly miss taking it easy at our own hot springs back in Kuuderun Great Forest.

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After a tiring day, fatigue can easily be removed in beautiful hot springs while drinking sake.  

Remembering that, I could not hold back the nostalgia. Probably something akin to homesickness.

Well, nothing can be done about it. I have the feeling that I was somewhat overworked, and will need to take a longer vacation. I need to put my worries to rest, and the Kuuderun Great Forest is the best place for a vacation.

Though, in the vicinity of the great forest, there is still much work to do.

Ah, it will be necessary to bring my kids.

Well, I leave the fulfilment of that desire to the near future.

Waking up in the morning, I immediately started to determine the possibilities of my body.

After the [Rank-up] yesterday I found out almost everything, and as a result the time spent with Kanami was more of an application process.

Although the body has been altered, it is still my own, and not someone or something foreign. Once I start to move it will be easy to get used to. So I can still live a normal life.

But I will not say that I've mastered it perfectly, and there's little hope of that since it's not a perfectly stable body.

So to deal with this, I was doing a few simple physical exercises.

By doing so, as expected, controlling the movement of my new set of arms was hard.

Not that there were any wrong feelings. I could manage them just as easily as breathing.

But compared to a battle with two hands, having four hands changed even the simplest motion, such as a punch. Not only does the application of force differ, but the ways of distributing the upper body weight, how to use the muscles, the reach of each arm, and even the location of the nerves and blood flow, everything has undergone enormous change.

Because of all this I was a bit confused. Although I've used a similarly structured power suit before, my sense of operating this odd body design was quite disheveled. Therefore, it is necessary that I get used to it in a short period of time.

If I did not capitalize on this experience, I would surely struggle later.   Of course, even my combat skills and techniques using the new body need to be ; there is still a lot to improve. But right now my goal is to learn to control this body, respectively my own desires. The rest I can work out later by sparring with Minokichi.

Thirty minutes after starting, thanks to my efforts, I have learned how to move so my body's actions no longer cause storm winds. So, even if I move fast during battles, I won't cause undue damage to the environment.

If there are no surprises among the hapless viewers they will not become victims.

If something were to happen, then nothing can be done about it, but there's no need to cause unnecessary problems. Anon: This was a difficult line, check trans?

While I was testing the movement of this new body, Kanami woke up.

Her face while half-asleep is incredibly cute.

After the [Rank-up], Kanami became a [Ice Demonic Blood Ancestor (superior species)].

This not only marked the beginning of the race of the vampires as well as being very close to the [First Vampire], while overlooking [Demonic Ancestors] saying that in the management of blood and ice close in force there are no other races that can compare. (Again not sure about this part just trying to make things easier to understand) Anon: Yes, what the heck? According to the information from my clones, in ancient times, those who lived in the cold destroyed many different countries. [Ice Dragon King], single-handedly fought the [Ice Demon Blood Ancestor] and after their three-day battle all they left behind was destruction that greatly affected the landscape of the earth.

As a result, the very long body of the [Dragon King] was divided into 6 parts, and the whole Gulf area absorbed lots of the dragon's blood, which eventually evolved into the [Icy Valley of Blood].

This place still exists but it is quite far away, so we should eventually set out to explore it.

By the way [Demonic Ancestor] has power not inferior to the [Emperor]. At the same time, being [a superior being], it becomes the default level for stronger creatures like the [Emperor]. Given that it has a few [Divine Blessings] is not in doubt.

The ruler of the demonic empire [Demonic Emperor], the [King of Beasts] of the animal kingdom, as well as the existing level of [Legendary Hero] characters possessing [Psalms], one on one, even when fighting at full strength, certainly lose to the present Kanami.

From a biological point of view, Kanami became incomparably stronger than normal evolution.

This Kanami, while not yet fully awake, lightly scattered around the peculiar [Ice Blood Demonic Ancestor], and the magical power [Charm].

Like a fountain of life, its magical power [Charm], attracts all living beings within range.

Anticipating how I would enjoy their meat, I subconsciously swallowed.

Her every movement fascinated the eyes, and even while knowing why, it was still impossible to glance away. Anyone, regardless of gender, when they see her will undoubtedly try to attack (and will immediately be sliced).

Yet Kanami is most charming when left alone.

To recharge one's forces for the day, it is important to have a good breakfast.

And the ingredients I decided to use are the meat of the [Dragon Emperor] and [Dragon Empress]. Well, of course not entirely, but only the smallest part of their huge bodies.

Normally, it would be worth it to wait until everyone is ready, and only afterwards enjoy the meal together. But unfortunately the rest of the team was not here. Once I fell asleep, they went and decided to take a day off, so other than Kanami, there was no one else nearby. 

Using the "Labyrinth Business Company [Snake Heart]" (a subsidiary of the mercenary corp Parabellum) as a base, the wounded were treated in the adventurer-filled Labyrinth City [Rada Ro Dara]. Afterwards, they separated according to their hobbies; enjoying shopping at extremely attractive prices, climbing unexplored destinations in search of yet undiscovered ore veins, and collecting valuable information about bosses and dungeons in crowded places.

(I don't understand this paragraph for the most part, if you can think of a way to rephrase this let me know in the comments)

Anon edit: I rewrote this paragraph since the guy above asked and documented the changes in the comments

For such reasons, Kanami and I will taste it first.

Of course, I wanted to tell them to "work hard", but once it happened, there was nothing I could do.

In addition, in order to learn about how best to prepare this ingredient it would probably be even better to try it first myself.

Truly a perfect excuse.

Well, under the guise of my stupid, selfish motives, sitting in front of a mountain of delicious meat, of course I could not endure.

Especially after [Rank-up], or upon receipt of the [World Enemy [Insatiable Gluttony]], either way my stomach now empties much faster.

From seeing this hunk of meat, my stomach growled fiercely and saliva flowed from my mouth.

Intrinsically, in order to heal, my body depletes the devoured energy rather than fill my belly.

To endure this hunger is, as expected, impossible even for me.

Yet, such instincts are to my benefit, and so I will not fight against them.

Only one thing gnawed at my thoughts; "will I be called greedy?" I suppose I am already.

Asking Kanami to melt the ice around the body of the Empress of Flame Dragons, I began to cut the dragon meat.

It is of course obvious, but the dragon meat is incredibly strong. The Mithril knife made by gnomes, even with its excellent sharpness, will hardly cut it, and even if I put a little more pressure on it, the knife will immediately break.

Thanks to the strengthening magic supporting its huge body, each individual muscle fiber has tremendous tenacity, much superior to other living beings.

To prepare its meat, not only did you need an exceptionally sharp knife, able to cope with one's strength, but you need to have excellent chef skills and a deep knowledge of dragon meat.

Killing it of course isn't easy, but it's also very difficult to prepare. The [Dragon Empress] is such a complex ingredient.

Though I've been kept waiting, this is exactly as I'd hoped. (Anon: How's this edit?)

I'll give a piece of meat to the Sisters and ask them to cook it.

Turning my hands into silver knives, I continued cutting the dragon into pieces.

As a result, I got a mountain of meat around 3000 kilograms.

And it was only a tiny part of the whole body.

As expected, cooking it like that does not work, so I chopped it smaller, and the 3-ton mountain became 60 smaller pieces.

All the same, the pieces were quite hefty, to the extent they looked even better.

So as I began cooking, I examined the results.

Even after spending a few days in a frozen block of ice magic, the meat still had a fresh, luscious, vital force, like jewels.

But no gem's shine is superior to dragon's meat.

Time would stop when viewing its luster; any foodie would give all he had, if only to sample the succulent meat.

Even I, if I had not been able to get this with my own hands, would've easily parted with any amount of money, just for the sake of a piece of it.

I put this magnificent meat on a big pan, using the natural environment to cook it.

The temperature of the pan was unusually high. Average meat would immediately burn and char, but dragon meat is warmed slowly.

The reason is that red dragons have an incredible resistance to heat.

First off, to cook the meat somewhere besides here would be incredibly difficult, since conventional logs are clearly not enough to create a hot enough flame.

Most likely you'd have to build some kind of device for this task.

Unfortunately, to slow roast it thoroughly will still take much time and effort.

I'd heard that when cooking meat and fish, sometimes it's better to cook on low heat so it retains more meaty juices.

Whether this is true, I'm not sure, but this attempt is likely to be convincing. Even if it doesn't work, I cannot imagine that the dragon meat will be disgusting (luckily, though briefly, I managed to try a raw piece during the battle).

We just kept it roasting over a slow fire.

Yet roasting dragon meat, feeling the delicious smell, you need to have incredible endurance to see it cooked thoroughly.

I somehow restrained myself initially, but after a while, one of my hands unconsciously reached for the meat - at the last moment I stopped myself, but after a while it happened again with the other hand. I didn't try to keep count after 10 attempts.

In the process of cooking, I truly realized the danger of this meat. Dependence on it will be more dangerous than the harm from any magical poison, its pull on one's cravings is just too much.

Trying to hold back, I even closed my eyes. But the effect was the opposite. The smell of meat awakens my instincts even more, and the hiss of meat juice excites my imagination.

I reflexively swallowed.

This meat without a doubt will be the most delicious I've ever eaten.

But I'm still going to roast the meat to the very end, in the magic pan, then serve with white rice on a large plate, the latter of which came from outside the dungeon.

By doing so, the dish began to look even tastier; my saliva is overflowing.

Using my favorite chopsticks, I raised the piece of dragon meat together with the rice into my mouth. My teeth sank into the meat without feeling any resistance.

My face involuntarily broke into a smile. At that time, on my face like in cooking manga (TLN: think Toriko), happiness gave way to tears.

A variety of textures and tastes mingled in my mouth, but it's not something that is mixed, rather they harmoniously complement and strengthen each other.

In addition, slow roasted, dragon meat was simply overflowing with juice.

In just one bite, my whole mouth became full.

If not eaten little by little, it can be quite difficult to chew.

Again the meat juice is delicious. Swallowing it, I once again feel the taste of the dragon meat. The taste is always changing, and no matter how much you eat, there is no limit or feeling of having eaten too much.

The effect the dragon meat has on the face is profound. It is indeed supreme meat.

In addition, rice soaked in meat juice and eaten together with the meat creates a deeper flavor. It's irresistible :D !

For a while, we continued eating, not thinking about anything.

It was the same with Kanami, we did not stop until we ate everything in front of our eyes.

After the meal, as expected, our bellies were full to capacity. The visible bulge of my belly, however, quickly receded. It seems the food was rapidly digested. It's my body, but somehow it was still a strange sight.

And as a result, I can say that the meat of the [Dragon Empress], compared with the [Dragon Emperor], was softer and its taste was deeper. Personally, I felt the [Dragon Empress] tasted much better than the [Dragon Emperor].

Although the slightly tough meat of the [Dragon Emperor] has its own charm, both have their advantages and disadvantages. There is a difference in strength between individuals, and the differences between the male and female gender must also be considered.

Ability learned: [Immunity to Heat]

Ability learned: [Dragon Emperor's Explosive Roar]

Ability learned: [Burning Dragon Blood]

Ability learned: [Dragon Emperor's Inexhaustible Life Force]

Ability learned: [Heat Absorption]

Ability learned: [Lesser Summoning: Dragon]

Ability learned: [Intermediate Summoning: Dragon]

Ability learned: [Greater Summoning: Dragon]

Ability learned: [Chief Guard of the Dungeon]

I was able to get 9 abilities but ... wait ... wait there's a strange one mixed in.

What is this [Chief Guard of the Dungeon]?

(TLN: Following is some paragraph that is a bunch of mumbo jumbo, I'm speculating it's about about getting an ability from the being the first to eat the dragon and Rou wondering what the dragon does all day.) Anon: Tried to make more sense of it.

Is this generally normal? How else can I say this? Does the dragon not have anything to do all day? How would this work??? Perhaps until the first attacker, all this time she'd slept and eaten, is that why I was able to get this ability?

I don't know. In any case, I don't see a need to find out.

Anyway, now that I've got it, I need to know what kind of ability it is.

After activating it, the moment I thought of gems while looking at the floor, a red gem the size of a palm instantly appeared at that spot.

Appraising it and making sure it was real, I tried to eat it. The texture was crunchy with a slightly sweet taste, moreover, it had a decent amount of mana inside, and was delicious in the middle.

... lost in contemplation ... (TLN: light bulb)!!

This time I thought of a treasure chest, and a [treasure chest] appeared. I opened it, and inside was a variety of objects, such as magical metals and medicine. Because it was just good for souvenirs, I quickly put it in my Item Box.

For a while after I tried different combinations. Apparently, this ability is limited to dungeons I've conquered; it seems the user instantly enjoys many privileges.

Naturally, in the dungeon acquired by [Dungeon Plunder - Howls of the Underworld] you can modify any setting, large or small, though a poor change could result in the place being filled with lava. Since such mistakes may occur, it is difficult to use in emergency situations since any error could cost lives.

But using it, you can immediately get almost anything you want, as well as easily change the landscape of the maze. Of course everything has its limits, but simple tasks are easy to handle.

At first I thought, "What is this?," but now I see. Within the dungeon, this can be quite useful.

I continued testing out the functions of the dungeon until late afternoon. I also examined the new ability [Enemy of the World - Insatiable Gluttony]. Although understanding dungeon manipulation will take quite a bit more time, this ability can be figured out relatively quickly.

Apparently it's very similar to my [Absorption] Ability.

There are certainly some differences, but the main feature is the more the eater (me) eats, the faster its abilities will grow.

Thus, now when I eat, I have 2 abilities: [Absorption] and [Insatiable Gluttony], so I'll get stronger twice as fast. That's quite nice.

It's likely to help, but in return it considerably raises my appetite.

You may think, now my chance of getting abilities has increased. But the reality is not so sweet.

Why? Because I have reached the next rank/evolution.

Even though having [Insatiable Gluttony] and [Absorption] has increased the chance of getting abilities, my current race [Vajaraksha Overlord] (a kind of living god species), is way too strong, so the chance of getting abilities is actually much lower.

Learning abilities would be far easier if not for the Rank-up, but it's already too late.

I don't think that my choice of race is wrong, but whether the extreme drop in learning probability could've been prevented ... well, nothing can be done about it now.

So, having solved another mystery, I decided to work late, altering the dungeon to my liking.

By the way, my name was changed from [Aporou] to [Obarou].

There were many options with Rou: furious Obara, furious ObaRod; but Obarou sounded better so I stopped there.

Incidentally, Kanami's name remained as is.

The result of today's synthesis is:

[Lesser Summoning: Dragon] + [Intermediate Summoning: Dragon] + [Greater Summoning: Dragon] = [Summon True Dragon]

Day 250 == Day 251 == Day 252



Last night I met with and flame kettle, was divergence in fully one of the three major desire. The tournament is the repeated fierce battle of the field bosses, through a desperate struggle with the help of [overlapping presence] and fellow would have died in there if high probability 灼誕 dragon empress, that it was possible to eliminate the various which has been fairly accumulated It has become lightly refreshing to body and mind today by.

Just because the current location is in the deepest part of the volcano, it is not a shame that you do not worship a nice feeling Chaoyang. As long as if worship, it must have been greeted more refreshing morning.

Then here is a little hot and humid, the skin because it wet with what What with Yara systemic sweat by the last night of action stickiness, exhilarating feeling was not enough unsatisfactory.

So what, if not the lava that is full of around here, I wish I was the hot spring of suitable temperature, I think. If it is really hot spring, and over the dirt in such hot water first, it would have soaked slowly. Initially break the body in the sitz bath, I enjoy the fatigue goes melts from bit by bit with the warm bodily.

And slowly, after which it uses up to the shoulder, and drink that was Quick, and prepared.

To drink at that time or would be what is good. Were aged over the years, delicious Naru or elf wine to say exactly even with the large forest of treasures. Or a drop goods of a particular dungeon monsters, type and number or the most common labyrinth wine in hand. Hata also were placed in hand to clear the Psalms, you might want to also to enjoy the [[drop of the month unexpected cherry blossoms] sake Mae] and [demon spirits Mae [Oniyoiya-Mujin]].

If you have variously imagine, large forest of hot springs that can relax comfortably has become suddenly miss. A wonderful hot springs, such as mind and body is reborn just that soak, to enjoy just like a favorite liquor. It is how much great, the current that go out it is allowed to feel more strongly.

And once you remember, nostalgia is no longer stop. Some sort of home would chic something like. And because also feel like recently are overworked something, I want soon longer vacation. Nothing Speaking to be able to enjoy a vacation without having to worry about, also to become a base for large forest. Since it is often still want to do well in the vicinity of large forests have made day-to-day growth, we will Totonoeyo ready to go as soon as possible. And at that time I think I take her well as children.

Such as, aspirations and the future of the defined matters began aside aside in outline.

And the I was first wake up in the morning, it was a confirmation of the body operation. Although [there] evolution was just yesterday was completely embarrassed, as a result of spending the night together with Kana-bi chan, about how to use already be grasped. Although the jumped, it's anyone not even my own body. To familiarize yourself with nature if they actually move. There is no reason that you can not control. But because it is not perfect yet, there is unreliable part unstable.

It performs simple types some in order to eliminate it, and efforts to familiarize the body operation is finely adjusted from there.

Then again, the handling of the new arm it was allowed to struggle. it does not mean that there is a sense of discomfort to be moved. As to breathe, it is able to move as commonplace. But compared to when you are fighting in two arms, Punching in the current having the four arms, not only the power of putting condition is different even in a simple act of, how to take the upper body of balance, how month muscle , place through which the nerves and blood vessels, the movable range of the joint, the shape of the skeleton, such as site that is linked to the time of action, various are very different.

That sort of thing is initially troubled because, it was equipped with a special powered suit of effective multi-arm type in special environments in the previous life, it was somehow in a moment of break-in because there were actually experienced several times that was used. If there is the experience, it would have been a little more uphill battle.

Optimize the various such as experience to have technology and martial arts to this, or is working to improve still remains, but now since the purpose is to become to be moved freely body, it also is Mino Gil-kun and Kumite I think I try to fix while.

So, but it would not be passed even thirty minutes, including the confirmation of the body, such as the nature and occurrence to cause gale and lightning there is effort wrote was also completely placed under control. This is also moving at high speed would fight without useless affect around. Compelling as long as it is not, it should not leave damage caused by outbursts of sudden. I'm going to somehow where it came out, but are determined to be better effort that was omitted if Habukeru.

When I finished reviewing the actual move to the body of tone, it seemed also occurred just Kanami-chan.

Still drowsiness eye, figure that is hazy very pretty. Almost naked for the appearance of only hid covered with a thin cloth the front and causing the upper body, coupled with the extraordinary ambient of sight, was a mysterious, yet is a bewitching immoral manner.

Current tribal [presence] evolution was Kana-bi chan [ Korichimaso ( Asuraddo True Vampire ) - Transcendental species ( SUPERIO Li sheath ) It seems]. The [Korichimaso] and [ Vampire ( Vampire ) Vertex in the beginning of the race that] - [ Founder ( Origin Vampire ) [It is to be as close as possible to] True its ( True Vampire ) It is a type of], and is that there is no substantially aligned person with respect to the handling of ice and blood was from the tribe properties.

According using the minute body on information gathered from each country, I would much ancient things, and live in the land of extreme cold, had been overrun the neighboring countries to freaky [ Glacier dragon king ( Glacier Dragon King ) [Korichimaso] that challenged a single demon in the opponent] spans three days, it was engaged in a fierce battle of more terrain is greatly changed. Finally lengthy glaciers dragon king flesh murdered by six split, and if left to form the red magic ice field by changing the amount of Ryuchi that contaminate the environment to Makori, there remains a record of. There is apparently also currently exist, I think I try to wait for the opportunity actually to go because it is in quite distant location from here.

By the way [true its] is one of existence, which boasts the inferior strength in [emperor] class. Kana-bi chan is that [transcendental species] is going to be stronger than the substantially [Emperor] class. Multiple [bless] also for some, it is no doubt. It is a member of the Psalms awakening who have [Shishi-o Description of the Emperor Psalms], which very similar to the [EiIsamu Psalm] of [Mattei] and beast kingdom of the magic empire, but one-to-one in the current Kanami-chan Fight if high probability It must become defeated. By from the case of as a biological, a translation not be compared with the current Kana-bi chan earlier.

Such Kanami-chan, it is equipped with still from the beginning as to whether [Korichimaso] because not fully awake [ Fascination ( Charm ) I have casually sprinkle around the magical power of]. Magic of [fascinated] overflowing as if it were withered unexpected source fills around, some sort of a different space that would have the instinct of organisms that are within the effect range to bare has been formed. As strong as micelles I a even have enjoy the limb heartily, I about swallowed involuntarily Gollum, and the spit. One by one gloss Kashiku of gesture, it is no longer even tied eyes knew. If there are my other than someone, it attacked such irrespective gender - the moment it is likely to have been in the ground meat - it must have had.

Completely, Kana-bi chan highest Daze~tsu.

Somewhat [fascinated] has been such Noroke even aside which came out in a state of such. Day today in order to work fine, it was decided to get ready for an important breakfast.

Breakfast of material and front of me and Kana-bi chan, is in the item box. That is stored by the Makori [ 灼誕 dragon empress ( Adamaza-Empress Dragon ) And the body of], [had been housed Guren Ryutei ( Glaze Emperor Dragon ) Flesh], and it is other seasoning.

And of course in this time of breakfast, all the dragon of biceps and not necessarily that downy Eating, we only use a small part of the body.

but I wanted first to eat in a state of true if Kuki are met, but the other seven demons Unfortunately not stay here. Everyone to decide to vacation while I have been here in the state, such as the pupa, it is because other than Kana-bi chan is love freely moving outside of here.

General Chamber of Commerce «that was built in the labyrinth city« Radha Lo Dara » The Sonaeyo to war ( Parabellum ) »Subsidiaries - Labyrinth Chamber« Snake of heart ( Col Hidore ) »Enjoy such as shopping as a base, it can not subjected to the treatment of those who were injured in the Labyrinth at cheaper prices than the market price, since it is located in the labyrinth city neighborhood was Locate the proper vein was undiscovered present in the danger zone hobby You can go to digging it also serves as, and go in and subdue the boss monsters with sightings in the near field as training, you are or missionary the rich taste of the phrase field in the back.

Due to circumstances such as, it became the first to eat it is just me and Kana-bi chan. Everyone aligned and I wanted to raise a toast to the "cheers for good work over", but no help for it to become this way. Unfortunately, it's bad that not everyone immediately side are enjoying a vacation in their own way. And in the inevitable is it necessary to know the taste of food to eat delicious this food, it is ahead in order to know of ours is would eat, it is a matter of course rather. We'll keep it that. Where there is no chance even exactly, is a supposedly armed thorough.

Real intention to come out and cut the stupid supposedly like, but of course in this kind of delicious likely meat in front of the eyes, because it was not possible to me to endure.

Move thrust this time of me is very personal, is essential as a living organism, it was appetite for up to pure.

After all the [presence] evolution was either because, or [ World of nemesis ( World enemy ) - The insatiable gluttony ( The Guratoni ) ] What a do not know either because had obtained a packetizer mono, but is the available is much faster belly than before.

Even now screaming and just squeal violently belly looking at the meat, from the mouth had become a likely full of drool. Instinct Cry before the meat of the eye, it seems a fine energy in order to heal the battered body comes appeal with the white supply.

To withstand this, did not have to do can do my expected. After all it's instinct. etc. there to suppress reason is, it is difficult to Koe in the bloated instinct.

So, well, what night or the anguish - whether to the knob-eating - it began to cook while.

Makori covering the 灼誕 dragon empress while asked dissolved in Kanami-chan, I carve the dragon meat. It should say, of course, but the dragon meat is hardly very cut. Dwarves are carefully prepared was excellent sharpness of the even that cut a mithral made of knife extremely difficult, resulting in the broken blade almost certainly if the reckless use even a little. White there was a strengthening by magic, and there is only support that big frame, and from the strength and density of muscle fibers one by one and is excellent enough not be compared with other organisms. As long as the dragon meat nor a knife boasts a sharpness that not even the things, to cook is going to need a deep knowledge of high technology and dragon meat. We hear also be defeat, but it difficult and even, is indescribably an affliction ingredients to cook. That amount expected but he increases, it aside. When you ask them to cook pass to sister's who is, I is Na looks good person who had been cut in advance, and while marked in the minds of note, is carved with the number of increasing the Ginude partially deformed It was to go it.

It was could do so, three hundred kilometers is light beyond have likely dragon meat mass stacked meat mountain. The original only in the original, is still so much huge also carved small.

Indeed to isolate more finely one of the dragon meat mass is so hard to cook as it is, I tried to piece of meat of five kg units. If one of the dragon meat mass is three hundred kilometers, the number of pieces of meat is about the total number sixty. Still piece of meat is large enough, those who so much was the volume is there will be eat meet.

There until finishing the cooking, was leaked a sigh of admiration is not unbearable.

This is because, although it has been frozen by Makori, issued a fresh sparkle of life, such as if after death a few days is also still alive and no matter has passed, it is because there was even a like a jewel. No, shine of dragon meat can say to have been surpassed even the majority of jewelry. Once even it was not foodies and once you look at this shine, it must think I want to eat even out the entire property. If I also have not been subdue the body on their own, it would be likely to have been put in hand spare no money for bite Eating bell.

Such a supreme dragon meat, it will go side by side with the pom-pom on top of the iron plate that was placed on the ground. Go burned on top of the iron plate harboring a high fever by geothermal, but here even truly's 灼誕 dragon empress of dragon meat, and it was not impressed. Temperature of the iron plate is very high, and he would become carbonized let alone burning in good condition in a normal meat if little time, this dragon meat is not burnt only with bit by bit. Cause will also thick, but strong of will no doubt in torrid in from first place of nature. Either reduce the more thickness when cooked outside where it looks good who had been prepared instrument that generates high heat enough not to be compared to the mono normal. If when you try to behave in many, it would such a device is required. Thoroughly and baked to go to the time effort is also required.

However, it is. It is a story that I heard somewhere, but the meat and fish than bake a quick over high heat, those who baked and low heat in a carefully is likely confine its gravy. This is I do not remember whether real clearly. But, I would not than just say that to this time confirm it. As failed also, it is highly unlikely that dragon meat is unpalatable - but could not be thoroughly and that taste is, from the experience of eating in combat - so it also should be to try. So me and Kana-bi chan, just continued to look at like going burnt intently.

Anyway, like to go burnt while issuing a delicious huge dragon meat smell is likely to require a strong mental power and just by looking.

Although somehow pressed was, and Eat and unconsciously elongation hand, he retracted it is noticed and Hatton just before grab, also stretched the hand, What a Repeat, it was stop taking the count from around beyond the dozen times.

dragon meat can be seen that it is going to only smelled the smell delicious that burnt's pretty dangerous. And cumbersome than the highly addictive illegal magic drug, and appeal to too violent instinct. It can be seen well when looking at the jitter, such as how will change gradually color burnt was red was dragon meat, it would not withstand that it has not kept the body. because it saw even closed their eyes to bear, But close your eyes it was a reverse effect. Because overflowing gravy comes hear comfortably play sound on the iron plate.

As if ridicule me who tries to other also various temptation endure, come appeal is trying to runaway appetite.

But I endured somehow the numerous temptations, me and Kana-bi chan got the dragon meat was burnt. Dripping gravy dressed the divine golden light, the smell of mellow dragon meat has floated the dragon of illusion It should be amazing. Just to say that he only was the cooking that burn, it's much more delicious than likely still when raw.

I drank spit involuntarily phrase with.

Is good at is no doubt the most ever alone now. But, I was placed on a large vessel that the dragon meat, was dishing the rice of the labyrinth production that Thailand kettle of magic items that emit signs, such as if they are still alive despite baked and thoroughly.

And white rice that has been heaped on, is a collaboration of stacked dragon meat.

The more delicious likely than when the single item in doing so, it can not stop the drool is overflowing. The swallow large as Gollum than earlier, to bring in the mouth together dragon meat and rice with chopsticks favorite. Weight that was Zusshiri is also unbearable. It would involuntarily smiling. Dragon meat and white rice to mouth opened to not wait to slowly enter, and escape unexpected as quick and Close. Then teeth first, it captured the dragon meat that had been put on top. My teeth, pierce the dragon without meat also feel the resistance seems resistance.

At that moment, excitement and tears of gratitude is overflowing with the like notes such as cooking manga.

Dense muscle fibers of dragon meat is a very flexible, yet tough, to form a layer of a number. Mouthfeel in each of its layers, such as soft part and hard part is different, and also taste will change. You can enjoy a variety of texture and taste, but yet you do not cancel out each other's taste. It would said that patronage committed rather.

And whether because baked carefully, amount of gravy overflowing is not odd. In just bite, mouth it became full. If it is not reduced to drink little by little, it even difficult to chew let alone following the Eating bell. And this gravy is also delicious. If you continue to drink, it is of the same taste and dragon meat will change. Just ever-changing. Taste changes every time you taste as well as dragon meat, there is no Akigako to eat much. Profound this dragon meat to look into a variety of face and about eating if you eat is indeed supreme meat. Moreover, steeped in gravy on rice eaten together, it does already unbearable and because he has become a deeper flavor.

During a moment of, it continued intently to downy Eating without thinking anything. It Kana-bi chan be the same, ours did not stop until it eat up everything that is on the front of the eye. Belly truly is after you have finished eating but were bulging with Pukuri, the bulge of the belly went recessed visibly. It seems to have been quickly digested. It is in my body, but it was somehow strange sight.

So as I feel that it was compared to eat this time biceps, towards the dragon empress slightly fleshy softer than Ryutei, there was a depth to the taste. Personally I felt so good at those of dragon empress than Ryutei. However Gataku discarded somewhat also hard Ryutei of meat, both have their advantages there are disadvantages. There is also the difference in the strength of the individuals in this, but the gender of male and female will also be considered as a factor.

Ability learned: Immunity to Heat

Ability learned: Explosive Roar of the Dragon Emperor

Ability learned: Blaze Dragon's Blood

Ability learned: Inexhaustible Life Force of the Dragon Emperor

Ability learned: Heat Absorption

Ability learned: Summon Lesser Dragon

Ability learned: Summon Intermediate Dragon

Ability learned: Summon Greater Dragon

Ability learned: Chief Guard of the Dungeon

I Nine ability was able to learning, but .... ...... Wait, Wait a little. Are mixed that one henna.

And Nan's, [ Labyrinth guards ( Dungeon neat ) - Director ( Chief ) I].

Is that it? Whether any of the? Whether the dragon empress in fact had been rumbling from my daily life? Or did we Gutara? I wonder won this mono from or was waiting while sleeping are eating much until I come is the first challenger?

It do not know. I do not think you want to also notice that, in any case. As no way what is, I wonder if there is any capacity for this.

If you try to floor Don while I think coming out of retirement to try gem, close to the ground that you hit a raised, red jewel of palm size appeared. After convinced that it is a nondescript gem is appraised and Papa~tsu, try rip-off, and eat. And the texture was crunchy, slightly sweet taste. We have included a decent amount of magical power, and delicious in the middle people.

- Often contemplation.

Now when you floor Don while I think coming out of retirement treasure box, Nyokiri and treasure box appeared. When I opened, it contains a variety of goods. Magic metal and, it's kind of magic drugs. Because it was just looks good to souvenir, it was housed in quickly item box.

Since then, when I variously try for a while, which I dominated Labyrinth ( Dungeon ) While it is limited, seems ability to quickly exercise the various privileges, it has been found that.

Of course the acquired dungeon [Labyrinth Looting (Dungeon Plunder) · Kikoku If Ijikure Settings Using a different world] can all internal labyrinth mono operation, but the surroundings all if Ijikure the poor are likely to occur various sizes mistakes such as accidentally filled with magma, the moment it is difficult to use in the difference between an emergency situation, such as life and death.

But, you can allowed to appear what you want instantly if you use this, it's possible to exercise a simple terrain changes. There seems to be the limit once, but often becomes even if at one operation if a simple errand.

What's this, and so at first I thought, but quite usable, if within the dungeon, you'll keep the Well good.

While traveling, you can seize the functions of the dungeon until the late afternoon, was or examined [defunct gluttony that insatiable]. Although dungeon of the adjustment will take is still time, towards the [defunct gluttony that insatiable] could be clarified relatively quickly.

Apparently, this guy is me [ 吸喰 ability (Absorption) ] It seems to be a very similar nature with.

Bits and pieces ability seems to be some, but the main holder is about eating if you eat - it is to improve the ability of - that I'm. This means that as I eat, [吸喰 ability] and by the [defunct gluttony that insatiable] two of ability to go stronger than two times faster before, and it would be nice if you. It's quite likely to help. It has become the appetite than the minute before, it now is placed.

I wonder increases combine over the learning probability, if so, he was thought together, but the reality seems to be not so sweet.

Because, it is due to the fact that I was [there] evolution.

It seems the absorption capacity itself than before has been improved in the [defunct gluttony that insatiable], but the current race [ Kongoyasha demon ( Vu~ajura actor overload ) - Akitsukami species ( Vai Shura seeds ) ] Is too strong, learning probability would much slightly lower than before. It will became easier much learned than previously to be if [there evolution], but it's already too late. Because I do not expect to have failed to choose now of race, if think that someone is learning probability been prevented from lowering extremely, well, no choice.

Anyway, mystery where you have solved one, it was hard until late at night in order to modify the dungeon to my liking.

By the way, my name became Oba Akira from apo wax. More Yasha Akira and actor Akira, Demon ( Overload ) Because Oba Akira came nicely. Kanami-chan, remains Kanami-chan.

Today's synthesis results:

[Summon Lesser Dragon] + [Summon Intermediate Dragon] + [Summon Greater Dragon] = [Summon Supreme Dragon]

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