Day 245

Day 245

The sun is probably already setting outside.

I can’t confirm that though while in the spot of the decisive battle. Still, we somehow finished our fierce fight against the [Flame Mother Dragon Empress] which took almost an entire day.

Since I’m still alive, looks like I win this time.

Although I was able to win with my own power, to be honest, it’s really hard to say if it could even be considered as my victory.

My battle with the [Flame Mother Dragon Empress] kept on going thanks to instantaneous recovery. Near the end, the 8 Demon Generals, which includes Kanami-chan, were in the vicinity and we performed a combined attack from the sky against the Dragon. As a result, they all 【Ranked Up】.

For the members who evolved, their powers weren’t equal but it was enough to create a large gaping hole in the [Flame Mother Dragon Empress’] body.

Even though we killed her by chance, since I received quite the damage from her wrath and got severely weakened, it’s hard to consider it as my victory.

Sadly, I couldn’t subjugate the [Flame Mother Dragon Empress] by myself. I feel grateful however, since if I didn’t have backup, the results might have become the opposite. I have no complaints.

No matter what, being alive means there’s still hope. If I die, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my life to its fullest.

Even though there will be hardships, I think I’ll just enjoy it slowly and carefully.

While thinking on the ground, I stare at the corpse of the [Flame Mother Dragon Empress]. It’s quite difficult to even move one finger. With wounds all over my body and being only a step away from “Magic Power Deficiency”, I’m like half-dead right now.

Ever since I reincarnated, I never fought something like the [Flame Mother Dragon Empress]. It was my first all-out battle. At that time, I used 【Self Replication】 to keep myself hidden and prepared 【Complete Restoration】 in case I instantly die from an attack. I even used my ogre orbs, using all abilities that I kept hidden as a trump card.

Even so, it was quite a dreadful story as I couldn’t raise the odds any further. I would’ve been killed multiple times if it weren’t for 【Complete Restoration】. I am grateful to the bottom of my heart for having such an insurance in hand.

Despite that,【Fervor Absorption】 wasn’t enough to maintain my complete restoration ability. Also, the Heroes who died here before had turned into “Demi Dragonewts”. Thinking about it, the capabilities of the [Flame Mother Dragon Empress] are quite terrifying.

It has been said that the 【God of Reincarnation】 that sometimes appears made this place impossible to capture.

It’s a bit inconvenient that 【■ Beast’s Domain Protection】 changed into 【Divine Beast’s Domain Protection】 only now but since it made it easier to handle my abilities, this time, I should be able to fight much better with someone who has the same ability.

If possible though, I don’t want to fight something like the [Mother Flame Dragon Empress] for a while. After defeating her with all my strength, I think that would be fine.

There’s a lot of things to think about but since I could easily fall asleep like a log right now, it would be troublesome to hold on to those intentions.

Once I wake up and recover, I’ll eat until my belly’s full. While thinking of various things, I lose consciousness just as I catch sight of a crying Kanami-chan and the others approaching me ――

[Dungeon Boss [Adamaza Empress Dragon] has been successfully subjugated]

[Cleared the conditions for [Mountain Dragon's Blazing Flames] of the God’s Lost Psalms, 【Defeating the Empress】 【Core Fusion】 【Feudal Lord Denial】 has been accomplished]

[All participants will be given the Special Skill 【One who subjugates Divine Beasts】]

[All participants will be given the Special Skill 【Dragon Flame’s Principle】]

[As a bonus for being the first to subjugate, the treasure chest 【Corpse Treasure of the Empress】 will be given to all participants]

[As a privilege for conquering, the ban on the use of the Warp Gate is lifted]

[Please note that only those who conquered the dungeon can use the Warp Gate]

[For those who have Awakened the Psalms/The key figures of God’s Lost Psalms, a part of the 【God of Reincarnation】’s divine power will be granted]

[As the collector is an important figure of a Greater God, the quality of the Divine Power collected will be inferior]

[Portions of the Divine Power rejected by this rule will be turned into an object]

Yatendouji has obtained 【God of Resurrection’s Dragon Jewel - Ignatus Fuorna】 !!]

It seems like something appeared nearby.

A treasure chest or something similar had appeared. I couldn’t confirm it though since I can’t move my body.

[By clearing the release conditions 【Demigod’s Dungeon Conquest】 and 【God’s Dungeon Conquest】, Yatendouji’s locked special skill 【■■■■】 will be released.]

Yatendouji has obtained Special Skill 【Dungeon Plunder】!!]

[The effects of the Special Skill 【Dungeon Plunder】 allows complete mastery and ownership of the conquered dungeon.]

[Conforming to the conditions, it is possible to seize the [Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain].

[Will you do so?]

[≪YES≫ ≪NO≫]

Well. While thinking about it, I temporarily choose ≪YES≫.

[Special Ability 【Dungeon Plunder】 has been invoked.]

At this moment, control of the [Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain] will shift from the 【God of Reincarnation】 to Yatendouji

[From now on, please manage the dungeon at your own discretion]

Oh? Isn’t this nice? Is that all?

I try to think further but as it turns out, there’s not much time left. Most of my consciousness has already been swallowed by darkness ――

[Level has exceeded the minimum value.]

[Because the special Conditions ≪Emperor Slaying≫ ≪Great Hero’s Annexation≫ ≪Single Demon Annihilation≫ ≪Standard Border Transgression≫ ≪Great God’s Declaration≫ ≪God’s Verse Conquest≫ have been cleared, it is possible to 【Rank Up】 into 【Demon King of Destruction (Destruction King) – Transcended Species (Superior Species) 】

【Rank Up】?

[≪YES≫ ≪NO≫]

Without any hesitation, I select ≪NO≫.

Even as an Apostle Lord, I already know that I am capable of fighting against the likes of the [Flame Mother Dragon Empress]. Abilities would be harder to learn as well, something that I want to avoid.

Therefore, I selected ≪NO≫ in regards to becoming a 【Demon King of Destruction – Superior Species】.

[≪NO≫ was selected]

[Other choices will be displayed.]

[Because the Special Conditions ≪Emperor Slaying≫ ≪Army Corps Unification≫ ≪Dominion Construction≫ ≪Standard Border Transgression≫ ≪Great God’s Declaration≫ ≪God’s Verse Conquest≫ have been cleared, it is possible to 【Rank Up】 into 【Demon Emperor of Conquest – Superior Species】

【Rank Up】?

[≪YES≫ ≪NO≫]

There are other choices?! No. Thinking about it, since it’s a choice, it’s only reasonable that there would be other options available!

I unintentionally retort.

I select ≪NO≫ again. Since I don’t have any reason to become a Demon Emperor, I reject the idea of turning into one.

[≪NO≫ was selected]

[Other choices will be displayed.]

[Because the Special Conditions ≪Emperor Slaying≫ ≪Emperor Factor≫ ≪Greater God’s Involvement≫ ≪Conformity with a God’s Cause≫ ≪■■■■≫ ≪■■■■≫ ≪■■■■≫ ≪■■■■≫ have been cleared, it is possible to 【Rank Up】 into 【Vajrayaksa Overlord – Living God Species (Vizra Species) 】

【Rank Up】?

≪YES≫ ≪NO≫

Eh? What’s this? I didn’t think that the Demon King and Demon Emperor were good ideas but for Overlord to suddenly appear, I can’t help but think about it.

If I were to follow 【Intuition】, it would be ≪YES≫. But, when I think about abilities, it would be a ≪NO≫.

Troubling. This is quite troublesome and worrying about it is also troublesome as I’m already sleepy.

This time, I decide to follow 【Intuition】.

I choose ≪YES≫ then fall asleep from exhaustion.

Yatendouji’s Special Skill 【Dungeon Plunder】 will change according to the condition 【Living God Rank】.

Yatendouji has obtained 【Dungeon Plunder – Howls of the Underworld】!!]

[As Yatendouji has achieved 【Living God Rank】, 【Formal Wife of the ■ Demon】 and 【Consort of the ■ Demon】 will be changed to 【Formal Wife of the Overlord】 and 【Consort of the Overlord】 respectively.]

[The titles 【Formal Wife of the Overlord】 and 【Consort of the Overlord】 will be granted favor in normalcy]

[By clearing the release condition 【Living God Rank】, Yatendouji’s locked special skill 【■■■■】 will be released]

Yatendouji has obtained special skill 【World Enemy – The Gluttony】!!]

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  • I consider "Flame Mother Dragon Empress" as a temporary name right now since I'm unsure of the translation. One of the Kanji for its name, 誕, means to give birth or have a child but I decided to translate it as mother.
  • A discussion with Caudyr about the Mountain has come up with Mountain Dragon's Blazing Flame. Actually, I'm not even sure if that's what he said but I decided to go with what I remember. The first part of the name is フレムス which might be translated into Flame... Or it could also be something mundane like Frame.
  • After this, Day 246 to 249 does not exist in the Web Novel. Day 250 is the next day.