Day 244

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Day 244

Honestly, we didn’t consider the risks. Just why did we have to prioritize our appetite first?

There are no regrets though, so we’ll just have to be careful. As much as possible, I’d like to stick with it till the end.

The battle against the Crimson Dragon Emperor had been going on since yesterday. But on today’s morning, we were finally about to finish.

It was terrifying. After all, the Crimson Dragon Emperor was ridiculously strong. The damage we sustained was enormous.

Us nine demons continued to fight until today. However it was only Minokichi-kun, who boasts a strong body, Kanami-chan, who was acting efficiently in the back, and me, who still has some hidden trump cards, that were still able to fight.

Thankfully no one died. The other six demons wouldn't be moving for a while due to their current conditions.

First up, Burasato-san had attacked at close range with great intensity.

Thanks to her experience and skill, she was able to crack through the tough dragon scales with her sword techniques, managing to damage the thick dragon shells. By combining her abilities, she was able to deeply cut the flesh underneath, causing the dragon to steadily accumulate damage.

While in the middle of the battle, Burasato was somehow able to dominate the purple dragon blood by force.

The Crimson Dragon Emperor’s blood contained a large amount of dissolved magic, turning it into a dangerous substance that can cause one to die from madness if they came into contact with it.

Even though she is a Blood Lord Subspecies specialized in controlling and using blood as a weapon, what she did was definitely not an easy task.

It was a reckless move, something that a normal Blood Lord wouldn’t even think of in the first place. Even if they were able to control it, using it would only result in death.

However, Burasato took things slowly and carefully, making it possible.

All of the draconic blood controlled by her converged into a giant sword-like weapon.

After that, she swung it with all her might in combination with her Sword Techniques.

The length of the dragon blood sword was nearly dozens of meters and yet despite that, the speed at which it was swung was almost impossible to see. The attack succeeded in cutting the roots of the two pairs of wings that grew on the back of the Dragon Emperor.

Draconic blood has the capability to inhibit one’s abilities, and with Burasato managing to take control of the blood, the Crimson Dragon Emperor seemed to be affected by his own blood as well.

With its regeneration slowed down and having lost its means of escaping to the sky, the enemy was now inevitably locked in combat.

Although it was a magnificent result, the price to pay for using dragon blood was heavy.

Although Burasato had only wielded it momentarily, she began vomiting blood repeatedly and her whole body became dyed in red. Beneath her armor, her skin and muscles were being torn apart.

As such, her body was in tatters. It was the price to pay for doing something so reckless. Still, her willpower kept her fighting while she was being healed.

After reaching her limits, Burasato went to the rear to the recover and drank several recovery potions. Even if one was at their limits, with several potions ingested for recovery, they would be able to recover.

After her came Supesei-san. She dealt a staggering blow to the Crimson Dragon Emperor thanks to the magic that she was able to prepare, using the time given by our vanguard.

Regrettably, the Crimson Dragon Emperor had the skill 【Flame Nullification】 and as a result, Supesei's powerful Fire Magic had no effect. Still, she made full use of her wide variety of magic by combining them together, playing an active role in many occasions.

Since she was fighting from the back, she did not suffer any severe physical injuries. However, due to the consecutive use of high-powered magic, her once enormous magic power was now depleted.

The side effects were quite strong but thanks to a last minute 【Mana Vitamin】 and 【Concentrated Mana Potion】, she didn’t suffer from magic deficiency. Although if she had acted a little more recklessly, she would have lost consciousness.

Right now, she was lying down besides Burasato while waiting until her magic power naturally recovered slightly.

In order to protect those in the back from the Crimson Dragon Emperor’s flames, Asue-chan had brought out a conveniently sized lump of heat absorbing metal and held it with all of her might. The lump of metal was something I had collected back in the large river.

Although it cannot completely stop the Dragon’s flames, it was still able to absorb most of the attack and protect those in back.

However, after ten minutes of resisting, the lump of metal could no longer endure the heat and resulted in severe burns on Asue's arms and legs.

It was only due to her equipment and Seiji-kun’s treatment that her limbs were not fully burnt. Nonetheless, the burns on her limbs were still quite severe.

In addition to that, her endurance had reached its limit due to the intense movements she had undertook. Right now, she was lying down and recovering in the same manner as Supesei.

As for Seiji and Kugime, since their bodies were not physically fit, they had passed out from magic deficiency.

Because Seiji pushed himself to the limit in healing everyone, he had eventually run out of magic power.

Among us 9 demons, only Seiji and I can heal others. But, because I was busy dealing with the dragon, it was all up to him to perform the necessary medical treatment on the others.

As a Saint Lord subspecies, Seiji has the capability to heal everyone. He has never had any problems. That was up til now.

While I did help out, it was only a bit in order to close the gap. Seiji-kun had to use his abilities beyond conventional limits.

Even if he was vomiting blood, he probably would’ve continued healing everybody. If it weren’t for him, someone probably would have died.

As a result, he started suffering from magic deficiency. Right now, he’s sleeping peacefully with the others. Once he gets up, I intend to praise him for his great efforts.

Kugime-chan observed the whole body of the Crimson Dragon Emperor. Every time she foresaw an attack, she would inform everyone about it. At this particular time, she was looking for the very few weak points that were common to all of Dragon kind.

There was only one weak point in the scales of the dragon’s body; the part known as the【Dragon’s Reverse Scale】.

Naturally, there are probably countless number of scales covering that part but looking for another weakness right now was impossible.

Besides, the Dragon was spewing out a lot of magical power which hampered Kugime-chan’s perception.

You’d need the same amount of magical power to cancel the effect. Though Kugime-chan managed to do it somehow, she started to bleed from her eyes and nose due to the extreme strain it caused on her brain. Still, she managed to find the weak spot.

However, due to this, Kugime-chan ended up with Magic Deficiency. Although thanks to her, it was now possible to find and attack the 【Dragon’s Reverse Scale】. She did great.

As for Irofu-chan, she kept the dragon from flying.

She played an active part by using her corrosive attack while hiding herself behind everyone else.

Unfortunately, when Burasato cut off the wings, Irofu was caught by an attack from the tail of the Crimson Dragon Emperor. As a result, she got blown away by the impact.

Although she managed to escape the fate of being fully crushed, she still suffered grave injuries, her lower half having been turned to mush.

I quickly treated her with my 【Blood Elixir】 though she didn’t regain consciousness. For now, I rolled her close to Supesei while healing her.

Among everyone, Irofu had the most severe injuries. Well, she did mumble the words 『Overwhelming pathos…… a handsome man and a wild beast…… dripping with sweat as their flesh clash……』 , so it was unlikely that she would die.

Irofu-chan; she probably wouldn’t die even if someone tried to kill her.

With the current condition of six Demons, only us three Demons were left standing up against the Crimson Dragon Emperor.

As the dragon was stuck to the ground, his strength had been reduced to approximately a quarter of what it had been at the start.

The accumulated damage on his beautiful scales was visible and most of his strong limbs had been severed. His four wings are already gone with half being severed by Burasato-san’s blood sword and the other by me and Minokichi-kun. Right now, the severed parts were lying around somewhere nearby.

Some of his huge internal organs had already spilled out from the numerous injuries surrounding his body, having been pushed out by flowing blood.

He was still alive even in this state. The Crimson Dragon Emperor was truly really strong.

It doesn't matter. It wouldn't change the fact that he will die soon.

With the Starving Impaler of A Thousand Thorns (Kazıklı Bey), I pierced the reverse scale located on his throats. Half of my spear’s handle was buried in his throat in the process.

Pulling it out, I then followed by thrusting the vermilion spear towards the golden eye located in the middle of the dragon's forehead.

I then triggered the spear's special ability, 【Army of the Bloody Vermilion Spear】, annihilating the dragon’s brain and other internal organs.

However, even though most of his brain had been destroyed, the Crimson Dragon Emperor did not die. Rather than dying, he even tried to bite me.

- This kind of vitality, isn’t it ridiculous!?

Not wanting another counter attack, I activated 【Unhealing Cursed Wound】.

With this, even 【Flame Nullification】 would not be able to stop the Abnormal Conditions (Bad Status).

Even if it only impairs his regenerative ability a little, he would still surely die.

As expected, what life was left in the Crimson Dragon Emperor disappeared from his eyes.

With this, I guess we’ve finally captured 【Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain】.

【Field Boss [Crimson Dragon Emperor – "Fleyv Ignatus"] has been successfully subjugated】

【As a bonus for being the first to subjugate, the treasure chest 【Crimson Emperor’s Tomb】 will be given】

…… Huh. Apparently, there’s still more.

Hearing such a shocking announcement, I couldn't help but feel exhausted. While contemplating the announcement, I quickly collected the treasure chest and the body of the Crimson Dragon Emperor.

After that, the missing ladder reappeared.

It seems like we can finally leave the arena.

Soon, there was a new spiral path leading to the bottom of the crater.

The wall of rocks in the crater changed to accommodate the new path. It was also possible to go back to the dungeon entrance by flying or by going through the floating mass of metal located on the opposite side.

In addition, I sensed several creatures flying from the bottom of the crater.

According to 【Phased Radar Array】 and 【Sense Area】, there were six of them.

Moreover, there was a unique reaction that made it seem like their bodies had just been created.

If I were to guess, it looks like the dungeon boss who created them was waiting at the bottom of the crater.

Moreover, the opponents are troublesome when I think about it. The 6 flew up with great vigor from the bottom up towards the arena, showing their true appearance.

Three “Heat Dragons”, two “Fire Dragons”, and one “Flame Dragon”. However, they felt more like a single entity.

The length of the Heat Dragons were around 15 meters, the Fire Dragons around 20 meters, and the Flame Dragon around 30 meters long. After having fought against the Crimson Dragon Emperor, they might look small when compared to him but they’re still huge.

By the way, it is said that a normal Heat Dragon is capable of fighting against a Fomorian.

Normally, it’s not something I would consider as an enemy. However, taking into account the benefits it receives from the dungeon and the geographical advantage, it’s now a formidable opponent.

Including the Fire Dragons which are higher-ranked Heat Dragons, and also the Flame Dragon which is even more powerful, we cannot fight them carelessly.

While I started planning, the six dragons remained hovering dozens of meters above us.

Together, they simultaneously used their 【Dragon Breath】.

Their dragon breath mixed into one seamlessly, significantly raising the heat.

Just one breath was already strong and now there were six of them combined.

If I were to try and endure the attack with my 【Resistance】, I would be overwhelmed by the heat.

If it hits the arena, it would instantly cover the entire place with crimson flames.

Not holding back at all, I used 【All Creation】 on the descending breath, compressing it as it approached. I thought it would be harder but compressing it was easier than expected.

Even though the fire ball was made by six dragons, it couldn’t be compared to that of the Crimson Dragon Emperor.

Though it’s certainly strong, the power is still not to that extent.

The once huge fire ball had been reduced to one meter in size. While it continued to burn, I still kept on compressing it.

I wonder what would happen if I used 【Greater Compression】 on it? I tried it out.

As a result, the breath became thumb-sized and resembled a precious gem that was shining brightly.

Putting that aside, the dragons were left dumbfounded after seeing such a spectacle.

Having obtained this Flame Gem, I ate it with the help of 【Absorb Magic】.

After doing so, I felt satisfied. It was the unique feeling of something which had been lost being replenished.

To be frank, it wasn’t delicious since there was/it had no taste. Still, a fireball made from the magic of six dragons was more than enough to recover my own power.

I felt relieved for managing to absorb the magic power of the dragon’s breath. Knowing this however, I couldn’t help but think that I should’ve done this from the start. Well, I’ll just keep that tidbit to myself.

Meanwhile, the dragons were now descending straight towards me. They probably thought that their breath was useless against me.

And it looked like they had decided to kill me up close and personal. With their eyes set on me, they roared fiercely and bared their sharp fangs.

Anyways, fighting them head on would just exhaust me. Instead, I used 【All Creation】 to increase the gravity around them by a factor of ten.

Unable to withstand the burden, the dragons crashed onto the arena one by one.

The impact was terrific, managing to tear and rip through their tough dragon scales. I guess I could say that their posture during their fall was bad? There was even one which had all of the bones in its thick limbs broken.

Though the pain angered them, they couldn’t move at all due to the powerful force weighing them down.

They writhed painfully as they continued to endure the force.

I approached the dragons while keeping my guard up. With my vermillion spear, I stabbed each dragon once and gouged their hearts out.

After doing so, I then collected all the corpses.

For managing to obtain a large amount of Dragon ingredients, I am thankful.

However, even though I’ve already defeated the dragons, there were more coming up.

This time, I could perceive twelve of them, twice as many as before.

Even if it’s that much, I think I can still deal with them no matter what.

However, there were six demons that couldn’t move and if I tried to protect them at the same time, the fight could become very tough.

Even if they were to advance or pull back, there were still a lot of risks.

Besides, even though Minokichi-kun and Kanami-chan can still move, they can’t fight at full strength. Even with a Gods 【Divine Protection】, even if their minds and bodies had been toughened by daily training, as a species, there surely exists a physical limit.

Having just finished the fight against the Crimson Dragon Emperor, the two would likely reach their limits if they attempted to fight the dragons without any rest.

In this case, I was the only demon who could still fight.

Still, I don’t know if even 【Summon Archfiend】 can keep them safe and if possible, I don’t want such a disadvantageous situation to appear.

In this situation, wouldn’t we get eaten by the dragons? Or maybe we would just be burnt down to the ground and turned into ash.

I’d want to avoid that at all costs.

There are others waiting for us to return and I still want to do some more things.

In that case, I can only propose an absurd plan.

First, I will have Minokichi-kun and Kanami-chan protect the six demons in the arena.

Meanwhile, I will head down to the bottom of the crater and reduce the number of dragons so that the two could handle them. After doing so, I will go and defeat the Dungeon Boss by myself.

By doing so, the capture can be completed and I can return without any regrets. It’s something that can’t even be called a plan.

When I told them, they complained about it but… well, there’s no other choice.

Because it’s a plan mixed with my own interests, I just listened to their complaints.

For some reason, unrelated complains were mixed in as well though I just set those aside.

After hearing out their words, I carried out my plan.

As for them, they said something like 『Well… Since its Aporou, there’s no helping it.』 before letting me go.

It was probably the result of the trust that I have built from them since the beginning. They most likely believed that I would be able to carry out this absurd plan.

Entrusting them with the rest, I jumped off the arena.

Minokichi-kun blamed himself for his weakness and injuries, but was determined to succeed in his goal of protecting the other six demons.

Although she worried about my safe return, Kanami-chan waved goodbye with a beautiful smile that would have charmed anyone looking at her.

"Well then, I'm going, I leave the rest to you."

Holding onto a red spear and cursed spear, Aporou, the black demon Apostle Lord, jumped off the arena. As Aporou began to fall, a tremendous amount of pressurised hot air blew past him. He had avoided the normal route which was the spiral path along the walls of the crater. As a result, he approached his destination extremely quickly.

Because of the speed of the fall, the temperature change was immediate, and very soon the heat reached a point where the fireproof outfit in which he was dressed reached its limit.

The magic items, which had cost a lot of money and up till this time had performed their duties properly, disintegrated in less than 10 seconds from the beginning of the fall.

The heat did not weaken, but only intensified, and it began to disintegrate the armor that protected his upper body, leaving him in his pants alone, which were now his only armor.

Fortunately, having [Iolite Liquid], [Refractory Mucus Secretion] and [Complete Fire Resistance], he was not in any real danger.

The fall was only safe because he was Aporou, and so the heat was still easy to deal with. Anyone else in his place would have turned into ashes long ago.

Below the arena, there was only a blazing inferno.

But in these flames of hell there were still monsters.

These monsters were dragons, long known as one of the mightiest species. Covered with bright red scales, and possessing a huge body, they carried destruction with them.

They approached in a group of twelve.  6 [Red Dragons]  4 [Flaming dragons]  2 [Purple dragons]

If the dragons were to attack outside of the dungeon, they held enough power to easily destroy a large kingdom.

The twelve Dragons looked down on the defenseless demon who was seemingly taunting them.

Unlike the wyverns, dragons have sharp intelligence.

To them, it appeared that he had decided to commit suicide by jumping off the arena.

And even if this wasn't the case, a demon capable of flight, in the eyes of dragons, looked pretty pathetic.

To them, he was seemingly bringing himself on a platter for lunch.

The manner in which he wanted to commit suicide also seemed stupid. And so the dragons thought, who knew nothing about Aporou.

However, they had to obey the orders of Ardour Mother Empress Dragon, "Mustaria Ignatos" and kill the intruder at any cost. Using the magical power contained in their throats, they directed their flames towards Aporou.

All at once, the twelve of them opened fire.

The sight of it was like a volcanic eruption, and it seemed like anything within attack range would be turned into ashes. If such an attack hit directly, then perhaps even Aporou would not survive.

However, that was before he had evolved. Instead, Aporou just smiled wickedly.

If a lizard has just learned how to fly, tell it not to be conceited.

"On the road"

[[[Rou|Aporou]] used combat art [Multiple Lightning Cross]]

[[[Rou|Aporou]] used combat art [Killer Breath]]

Due to the profession [Holy Knight (Crusader)], he was able to use [Crusades Attack]. Even without [Groin Attacks] and [Multiple Lightning Cross], it still has great damage. It had a large radius of destruction, and thus was an excellent fighting art.

In addition, Aporou had the ability [Grand Cross Smash], adding a bonus to the attack and further increasing attack power. It was enough to punch their breath. He also held the profession [Dragon Slayer] and combat art [Killer Breath].

As the name states, this combat technique was very effective against breath attacks.

Aporou performed just two fighting techniques with his spears, but in the next instant the area in front of him was covered in red flashes. The space in front of him exploded with large amounts of cuts and strikes.

The flames, previously on course at Aporou, were cut into 4 pieces as easily as paper.

However, although the flames had been split into parts, they had not yet lost all of their power. As such, the attack was not completely prevented.

Luckily, the cuts resulted in the flames splitting around Aporou and escaping upwards towards the sky, leaving him unharmed.

They rose hundreds of meters with a terrible roar, and finally dissipated near the top.

This slightly surprised Minokichi-kun and the other demons at the top, but they were unharmed as it did not quite reach them.

The first attack of the dragons was a complete failure.

As such, the dragons were stunned to see Aporou unharmed from their attack.

Even after witnessing his response, they could still not comprehend how such an action was possible. Because of their confusion, their next response was even slower than that of the wyverns.

Laughing at the dragons, Aporou activated the [Death Dealing Roar (Desperado)] and used [All Creation] so that anyone apart from the dragons wouldn't be harmed.


The short phrase had enough strength to instantly kill six of the red dragons.

With all of their life force drained out of them, their enormous bodies crashed to the ground.

The rest of the dragons which had survived, the flaming dragons and purple dragons, did not die. However, it could not be said that they had escaped the attack unharmed.

The flaming dragons had become dull in their movements and their speed had visibly decreased.

They beat their wings desperately while trying to maintain their flight, releasing huge amounts of energy.

They could not understand what was happening to them.

The strongest of the three types, the purple dragons, only slowed down slightly.

Realising that part of their group had perished, the dragons recovered from the attack and glared at Aporou angrily.

The Dragons then focused on him with magical power burning in their eyes.

Usually, living organisms would be rendered helpless under the concentrated power of such a gaze, and some may have even died.

For dragons, this common method of attack allowed them to suppress the opponent's attacks and allow an easy victory.

If they had used it against any normal opponent, it would have been quite effective.

Unfortunately, it was the wrong move to make as the opponent they faced easily surpassed the classification of 'normal'.

And so, throwing their evil glances at him, the dragons stared straight into the eyes of Aporou.

He responded by activating [Deadly Evil Eye], and immediately the predator became the prey.

The dragons could have eventually recovered from the negative effects of [Deadly Evil Eye], but they were still under the influence of [Death-Dealing Roar (Desperado)]. Thus the effect of the attack was multiplied and the power was significantly increased.

Almost immediately, the four flaming dragons stopped beating their wings and fell into the fiery abyss.

As things stood, ten of the twelve dragons had already lost their lives without much of a fight.

The scene was not something that the average person could fathom, but even for [The Legendary Hero], it looked quite unreal.

The remaining dragons were a superior species than the others.

Although they had been reduced to a weaker state by their injuries, pride allowed them to roar and with bloodshot eyes they flew at him as though he was their sworn enemy.


In response to this, Aporou grinned ferociously.

He looked as though he had been waiting for a good catch of catfish which had just ran straight into him.


Transparent black wings grew behind Aporou through his [Elytron Generation] and rapidly beat the air. The power of the wings sent strong waves of air away from him.

The distance between him and the purple dragons seemed to instantly disappear as he flew forward. [Aporou used combat art [Headhunting]

His Job [Vorpal Punisher] and Battle art [Headhunting] made both his red and cursed spears coordinate in the timing of their attack.

Two sets of red flashes later, the heads of the purple dragons were cleanly cut off.

The power of the blow was such that the durable dragon scales provided no resistance, easily cutting through the flesh.

The severed heads of the purple dragons retained their life for just a second, enough for Aporou to see his victorious reflection in their eyes.

"Beautiful, the blood of this purple dragon."

He tore off the necks vigorously, ejecting a huge fountain of blood. Since it didn't evaporate from the heat, he poured it all over his own body.

Since dragon blood was high in magical potency, spilling it on oneself in such a quantity was quite dangerous. An ordinary person would immediately begin to collapse in agony from the pain, and it would not be surprising if their whole body began to disintegrate.

"Oh, this thing is better than I thought. It doesn't feel that bad".

Indeed, the blood served the opposite effect on Aporou, and strengthened him instead of inflicting any harm.

After activating [Bloodsucking Vampire], the fresh purple dragon blood further replenished Aporou's strength.

He then retained his self-control, and the blood on his whole body gradually evaporated. He quickly collected the bodies of 12 dragons, and began to hurry downwards towards what he was sure was certain hell.

During his flight, Aporou encountered three waves of ferocious dragons. The number of dragons increased as well as the quality of their attacks. Soon, the fighting had increased in difficulty and he could no longer kill them instantly.

Enough time had passed since he had left and there could soon be an attack on Kanami-chan and the other demons. Now that he considered how long he had been flying, it was likely that the battle had re-begun in the arena.

He was not really worried about their ability, but rather if they were able to recover in the time that he had bought them. However, he was now approaching the bottom of the volcano and had no time to be distracted by someone else's battle.

"This...truly, it is huge".

He saw lava that glowed like the sun, and in it floated an enormous mass of metal, the "final arena."

The temperature here was so intense that his internal organs began to bake from the heat. Here, at the bottom of hell, one dragon waited for Aporou.

This dragon was quite similar to the one that the nine demons had just beaten.

It was probably of the same race or a close relative species.

This one differed from the Crimson Dragon Emperor in that it had two pairs of huge arms instead of wings on its back, and ten horns shaped like a crown protruded from its head. The shape of the dragon was also slightly different.

But these differences can be attributed to the gender and individual characteristics of members of the race.

Aporou was not surprised because he did not even care.

But what surprised Aporou was the fact that, for some reason, this dragon was even stronger than the Crimson Dragon Emperor.

The lower part of the dragon was not even in the final stage as it was submerged under lava, and its body lay in a cave carved into the wall of the crater.

Although it was not entirely visible, Aporou could sense its size using [Sense Area]. Its total length was longer than the Crimson Dragon Emperor's body by at least 150 meters, and if its hands were to be held apart, its wingspan would have been more than 300 meters.

As such, its other body parts were also huge in scale.

In front of this massive dragon, Aporou looked like an ant compared to an elephant.

In addition to the huge body, its aura was overwhelming due to the magical power it possessed.

Its power made you feel like you would disappear if its gaze was directed upon you.

If the opponent facing the dragon did not have a strong will like Aporou, he would die with fear on the spot.

The huge dragon looked at the intruder into its lair, and opened up a mouth which could have easily engulfed a building.

"Congratulations, you managed to defeat my brother; and to get here, you are quite worthy." "I am [Musutaria = Ignatos], direct descendant of the proud [Red Flame Dragon Emperor Doragon)], according to the contract with [The God of Rebirth] I defend [Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain]."

The voice of the Dragon Empress was shockingly beautiful.

It was produced at an extraordinary volume and surprisingly said with a hint of affection, lightly shaking the surroundings.

Aporou was confused because he had expected the empress to be furious after the death of the Crimson Dragon Emperor.

"Before we fight, I'd like to thank you."

"Why? I have killed your husband".

The empress bowed her head slightly, and the surprising action puzzled Aporou once again. However, it didn't seem to be a threatening gesture.

"I do not care so much about that. You are the first person to have reached this far. Thousands of challengers have attempted to do so, but none apart from you succeeded. So I thank you for succeeding, and finally bringing a change to my never-ending stagnation in this place".

After ending her speech, the fiery Dragon Empress opened her mouth wide. Inside her mouth, which was strewn with huge fangs, an incredible amount of magical power began to accumulate and compress. Under the compression, the mana began to distort space, and the air took on a unreal and strange appearance.

Looking at this, chills ran through Aporou's body.

He had a premonition of certain death.

If he did not move instantly, he would die.

And even if he did try to escape, his death was still extremely likely.

Using [Sense Area], he grasped the unimaginable scale of the attack. Even if he used [Emergency Escape], he could still not avoid the range of the attack.

Thus, Aporou realised that an unavoidable, fatal attack was about to be released right at him.

"To start ..."

"Kaa ....."

Instantly, Aporou leapt into action, setting up his defense while the Dragon Empress prepared to attack.

Using [All Creation], he created countless layers of vacuums by influencing gravity. It acted almost like a black hole.

The power of the field was enough to distort light, and slightly attract any organisms towards it. If an organism was to get too close to it, they would be ripped to shreds.

Aporou had to resort to using such a formidable attack as part of his defense. With its help, he was also able to attract a huge mass of metal which was floating in the lava beyond the final stage. The size of it was huge, easily weighing several hundred tons.

However, it would just float around if it wasn't held in place. Using the ability of his red spears, he replicated several hundred copies and forcibly secured the lump of metal onto the final stage.

Although some of the metal's ability to resist attack fell due to being drilled into by the spears, it was nonetheless quite indestructible to many strong attacks.

The remaining spears also formed a shield wall in front of Aporou.

The size and layers of his present defense were more than enough to prevent the attack of any enemy he had encountered previously. A normal attack would not even leave a scratch.

However, he still had a bad feeling that it wasn't going to be enough.

He turned his silver hand into a semi-circular shield to protect himself from the front, and equipped his armor which had the added attribute of the [Red Bear Beast King's Prestige]. As a result, his fire resistance increased drastically.

For extra measure, he enhanced his body with the [Black Demon Laminated Dragon Scale Armor]. This also led to a boost in his current armor and it started to cover him in a black aura due to the [Black Undead Knight's Cloth].

To increase the defense of his silver arm he activated the profession [Shielder] and [Shield Wall] [Lesser Physical and Magical Damage Reduction], which also resisted against magical attacks.

He then sacrificed most of his mobility for added defense through [Endurance]. The effect would activate for a short time while he defended. However, it would switch back after the Dragon Empress' attack, allowing him to go on the offense.

Even with all of this, Aporou did not think his defense was perfect. However, it was the best he could do in the short time period before the Dragon Empress' attack.

The Empress released her blistering attack, the [Breathing Flame End], which could not be controlled upon release as it was too powerful.

The entire arena exploded with a storm of white flames, reaching Aporou instantly. "......."

The resulting impact battered Aporou, and he struggled to maintain his balance. His teeth began to crack, but he paid no attention to them.

The lightning fast attack was so incredibly hot that it evaporated everything it touched.

The dense layer of vacuums managed to take away some of its momentum, but the sheer force of the attack pushed it through.

The huge mass of metal held for 10 seconds before it too was consumed.

Amazingly, the heat surpassed the absorption limit of the metal, and it began to distort in shape.

This caused a small gap in the mass of metal. The small hole was enough for the flames to burst through, and consume the metal from the inside out.

Aporou's barrier of spears also met the same fate.

Having smashed through his first three layers of defense with only a small loss in power, the flames reached Aporou's silver shield. Such an item was nigh indestructible, and yet the flames still surpassed the amount of heat it could absorb.

Even though the Empress was a servant of the divine, she could not completely destroy the silver hand. While it did not disintegrate, it was warped terribly out of shape, not managing to stop the attack either.

The white flame then reached the black aura that covered his armor.

Although his armor had been reinforced with a plethora of abilities and it provided some resistance, it couldn't suppress the attack completely.

The aura scattered, and then the armor began to melt. The flames met the ability-enhanced skin of Aporou.

Although he had always imbued his skin with large amounts of abilities, it still wasn't enough, and the flames finally overcame his last layer of defense.

The strong smell of burning flesh permeated the air.

The flames had been reduced to a fraction of their original power by the combined might of his defense, but even so Aporou was left barely hanging on to his life.

Somehow managing to make one last effort, he activated [Hyper Speed Regeneration].

And so began the endless process of destruction and regeneration. He knew that if he lost focus for even one second then he was dead.

The flames brutally attacked both his body and his mind, and he almost didn't manage to pull through.

Luckily for him, everything had a beginning and an end.

"... Uuoooaaaaa!!”

The roar from Aporou could finally be heard as the effects of the attack wore off.

Flames that could have easily melted a kingdom were eventually reduced to a more bearable heat. The direct attack was over after Aporou managed to outlast the deadly flames. He managed to survive, just barely.

Afterwards, he collapsed onto one knee. His breathing was ragged and heavy, and his shoulders shook badly. His body smelt of burnt meat.

"Ooooh! I'm glad you managed to survive that! That was excellent!".

[Breathing Flame End] had melted most of the surface of the final stage and lava filled the surroundings. Breaking through the surroundings walls, it had reached the very [Border Circle].

Without the outer circle, the attack would have definitely left a scar on the face of the huge continent.

An attack like that would have traveled for days. All that came before it would have been vaporized. It would have left a lifeless desert of molten earth in its wake.

The Dragon Empress was awfully glad that Aporou had survived her attack.

"After being here forever, I even forgot how to hold back. Who would have thought an apostle lord would be able to suffer my attack and only collapse!! Although you carry the patronage of the great god."

"You can be proud of yourself, you can truly be proud of yourself! The one who took a direct hit from my breath and lived. From now on, you will be known through legend!"

"As expected from the past tests, as expected from the chosen one of the supreme god."

The fiery Dragon Empress, having a lot of abilities, easily recognized the hidden divine favors in Aporou.

Before, no one had been able to ascertain Aporou's divine blessings.

Hearing this, Aporou thought it would become necessary to block the leakage of information in the future.

Just at this moment, Aporou replied to the fiery Dragon Empress.

"As expected, it was hard."

While he survived, the damage done to Aporou was not insignificant.

His armor, after having suffered serious damage, was seventy percent destroyed and his body suffered from severe burns. Some parts of his body had become charred meat.

The living body armor may have survived, but the silver hand which took most of the damage was severely warped out of shape.

Aporou had made a priority of protecting the head and not the body. Inevitably, this resulted in his body not fully being protected by the living armor and the damage in those regions was very severe. In particular, everything below the elbow in his right arm was missing and the rest was charred to the bone.

Even with the incorporation of [Severe Pain Resistance], the pain violently attacked his body and brain.

Even after receiving such damage, Aporou restored his body with incredible speed and further reinforced his body.

Under the influence of [Elixir of Blood] and [Hyper Speed Regeneration], the burnt skin was restored and replaced with a new layer.

Nonetheless, the restoration of his lost right hand was difficult. He had to salvage an arm by taking out the meat of the Dragon Emperor from his item box, and absorb it with [Infused Liquid Restoration].

[Ultra-recovery] and further modifications enabled Aporou to enhance his physical state once again.

Several times stronger than before, Aporou pointed the cursed spear and red spear towards the fiery Dragon Empress.

Even after such an overwhelming attack, there was no despair in the eyes of Aporou.

In fact, they were filled with even more determination, focused on the fiery Dragon Empress.

"Oh, you're able to move already! I thought I would have to wait until you had recovered, but this is even better!"

"I really needed a battle like this to dispel the boredom I have felt for so many years".

Having said that, [Ardour Mother Empress Dragon] finally came out of her cave and stepped onto the final arena in her entirety.

This time, she attacked with one of her hands, which were located on her four dragon wings.

A huge hand with wide range and enhanced with long claws attacked extremely quickly despite its large size.

The impact was like a collision with a large truck at full speed. Aporou crossed the red and cursed spears to protect himself.

The blow was extremely fast and made a screeching sound upon contact with the spears, creating a bunch of dazzling sparks.

Aporou had superbly parried the lightning fast claws with his two spears.

To fend off such an attack without using combat techniques was an unheard level of skill for ordinary people.

"Oo! Even that attack was easy to fend off for you! What frightening skills you possess."

In the wake of the first strike, a second hand came swinging at him from the Dragon Empress.

It was much stronger and faster than the previous one, but it was also easily parried. Without a pause, it was followed by three, then four, then five attacks, merging into a continuous series of strokes.

Screeching noises were heard and sparks were scattered each time the opponents clashed, the impacts carving out pieces in the final arena.


Even Aporou was surprised that he was able to fend off this dance of fatal blows.

The Dragon Empress was seventy five times larger than Aporou.

Even if it was easy to parry every attack, each blow could be fatal to the mosquito-like Aporou.

"Even at this level, you still avoid being harmed by my attacks? You still resist?" The final arena was painted several times by blood under this barrage of attacks, but Aporou was still alive.

That was because he had used a lot of abilities at the right times, and his reflexes had sharpened through the long time spent training in combat techniques.

As a result, he had no wasted movements and his attacks looked like a beautiful dance.

But even for Aporou, the Dragon Empress' constant attacks prevented any counterattack.

No victory could be attained only by parrying.

To win, going on the offensive was absolutely necessary, especially as precious time was slipping away.

"Even with this damaged body, you are trying so bravely. It is a very magnificent spectacle ... And what kind of attack will be enough to break you, really ..."

"My next move will be interesting, how will you deal with it?" [Sizzling Meteorite]

The Flame Dragon Empress raised her hands to the top of her wings, and with the help of her huge magical power, used a type of magic known only to Dragons.

She summoned a flaming meteor that was sixty five meters in diameter, which came crashing down on the final stage.

Coming under such an attack, even Aporou would be crushed. The attack, unlike the claws, came from the top and was much bigger, which made parrying impossible.

In order to get out of this dire situation, Aporou decided to use one of his hidden trump cards.

Ogre Orb Liberation

The mixture of black, red and golden colored Ogre Orbs embedded in his breast and on both elbows and knees simultaneously melted.

The substance completely enveloped Aporou's body.

The huge fiery meteorite was called forbidden magic [Dragon Magic: Sizzling Meteorite] and had the power to destroy a small country. It approached from the sky at a high speed and was aimed directly at Aporou.

Its majestic appearance looked like a sun was falling on the arena and it raised the temperature of the final stage even higher.

The Empress retreated to avoid the direct impact, and the meteorite crashed onto the final stage without any interference.

After that, everything was consumed by a sea of flames. The earth quaked from the titanic blow and the walls shook so hard that they began to crumble.

First, there was a bright flash. It was not the type of flash that would blind you, but the type that incinerated everything.

Then, the sound wave came, louder than the roar of the dragon. The physical destruction was like the sound had the force of a hammer.

A moment later came the shock wave. Any living thing within the radius of impact would have turned to mush upon contact as it spread outwards in the final stage. Obliterating fragments scattered everywhere at high speed.

The destruction caused by the meteorite covered the entire arena.

"Hmm. I overdid it a little again?"

The incredibly strong final arena had been partially destroyed by only one of the Dragon Empress' magic attacks.

The Empress had survived the destruction of the meteorite due to her dragon scales. The Flame Dragon Empress, who was bathed in flame, carefully looked around the arena.

But as a result of the impact, the area was still covered with flames and debris, and it was not surprising that she could not find her target.

However, that was unavoidable.

The area where Aporou had been standing had been destroyed, and torrents of lava and debris filled the spot. Rising plumes of smoke caused a thick fog which enveloped the arena.

It might have been different if there had been any sort of movement from him, but in this situation, even the dragon's eyes could not find him.

"Umm. I think he failed."

"As expected, it was too much. I should have at least found out his name."

After not finding Aporou or feeling more of his presence, the Flame Dragon Empress thought he was dead.

It could be felt that her face expressed disappointment, because although a dragon's emotions are rather difficult to understand, it was easy to judge by the tone of the voice.

After waiting a long, long time, she finally met the creature she had wanted to fight, and now regretted using such an overwhelming spell.

Suddenly, she noticed a shadow moving in the corner of her field of vision.

"Umm, that's ..."

Turning her head, a cold shiver ran through the body of the Flame Dragon Empress.

It was a very uncomfortable feeling, like having ice travel down your spine.

Before the Flame Dragon Empress could understand what was happening, her instincts kicked in, forcing her to evade the deadly attack.

She quickly crouched, flattening her body to the battle field. She was still about the size of a house, but these actions saved her.


Since she had become a dungeon boss, this was the first time she had felt such pain.

It was felt as if her whole back was violently burning.

Aporou had originally gone for a fatal wound to the neck, but instead her wing-arms were completely ripped apart.

"What is it?"

From the stumps, a huge amount of blood exploded outwards.

The blood vessels in the Dragon Empress were extremely thick. Her heart circulated blood with a very strong beat, and constantly sent out enormous volumes of blood.

As a result of the thick artery being severed, there was a large fountain of blood, irrigating the entire battlefield like rain.

This rain of potent blood would cause instant death if not evaporated immediately.

However, there was one more creature in addition to the Dragon Empress who was bathed in the blood.

"Ohhh, how delicious!"

Completely, covered with blood that he enjoyed as if it were expensive wine, the creature licked off chunks of meat which were left on the red spear.

Fallen into a trance, as if it have caught a great ingredient was none other than Aporou.

However, Aporou now looked significantly different from how he had looked earlier.

"Fuwa Fu wa wa wa wa wa!

"It's serious! Great, just great! This overwhelming aura, this arrogance!"

"As expected from the chosen one of the [Great God], who so admirably managed to get to here!"

Aporou, who was staring at the Flame Dragon Empress, stood on a fairly large fragment of the final stage.

And all of his body except for the silver hand was covered with the gold, black and red suit, the color of his Ogre Orb.

Unlike other armors and exoskeletons, this gold and black suit tightly hugged his body, and was similar to the ones he had worn in his previous life.

But unlike those, which were made of elastic materials, this one had the hidden ability to freely transform.

Constantly changing, the suit grew another pair of hands the same color as the suit and he became the four-handed demon.

He had transformed as a result of the activation of the Ogre Orbs, whose properties were different for each individual.

For example, a Fire Lord would have received a flaming great sword, and a Gale Lord would have received emerald armor. That is, each Lord would receive his own individual style of combat methods upon activation.

In the case of Aporou, he had received the whole body armor. All at once, it was a weapon with an infinite number of variations and forms.

Aporou had finished eating the chunks of meat left on his weapons. Rather than being held by him, they were now attached to his forearms.

As a result, his main arms were free to attack through the hydraulic punch, made through the Ogre Orbs.

You would expect that his spears would get in the way of his fighting, but instead they shot out at high speeds with greater attack power and destruction than could be attained by fighting by hand.

Even if it was to be a problem, it wasn't worrying because he was Aporou.


Equipped with his spears on both arms, Aporou roared using [Death Dealing Roar (Desperado)].

It was the voice of death, hunting out the life in living beings.

But in order to take the life of the Flame Dragon Empress, it was not strong enough. In fact, he was not even able to impose any negative status effects.

In terms of attack, it would have been a meaningless roar.

But having absorbed the blood of the Flame Dragon Empress and using the skill [Bloodsucking Vampire], Aporou had significantly increased his strength and now throbbed with a huge amount of energy.

After absorbing the shower of blood from the fiery Dragon Empress, he headed straight for her, accelerated by the ability of the [Black King's Mad Advance]. His lightning attack was faster than sound.


But the Flame Dragon Empress would not just stand there in silence, she was not that weak.

She struck with her right forearm using magical power.

It was a terrible blow, also exceeding the speed of sound.

The sharpness of her claws would easily be able to penetrate Aporou's defenses.

But Aporou narrowly avoided it by leaping with perfect timing. If he had sped up, or hesitated for even a second, he would have turned into a spray of blood.

But having avoided it, he flew forward without stopping.

At the same time, the armor on his feet transformed into a sharp knife, which carved out distinctive footprints.

He used the techniques of [Penetrating Physical Damage] and [Greater Strengthening of Penetrating Attacks] together, and collided with the Dragon Empress.


From the feet to the knee, from the knee to the waist, from the waist to the back, from the back to the shoulders, he attacked every part of her body with the red spear, amplifying the damage at each site. He easily penetrated the Empress' dragon scales, slicing through the muscles and getting to the bone.

But there was still not enough in it. It was not strong enough to kill the Flame Dragon Empress.

Even if his body was heavily soaked in blood from [Bloodsucking Vampire] and his abilities increased from the Ogre Orbs, there was still a huge difference in size.

Even with the previous attack, where he was able to cut off the dragon's hand-wings, it was only due to the fact that the Empress had weakened her vigilance.

Her body contained a huge amount of magical energy, which made it possible to withstand the attack, and each attack would be immediately countered.

This is precisely why Aporou did the following.

Immediately synthesising a combination of abilities, he activated the [Renovate Tyrannical Power of the Black Demon] [Divine Destruction of the Black Demon].

After using it, there was a huge illusory hand which was capable of interacting with matter, raising Aporou's physical abilities to a completely different level.


The illusory fist directly hit the stomach of the fiery dragon empress with an impact similar to a meteorite, with a huge shock wave. At the site of impact, a storm of lightning exploded outwards.

The blow that Aporou had just landed to her stomach was more than just terrible, it's strength was such that it was impossible to imagine.

This single attack by the relatively tiny Aporou was magnified in impact several times, with a size comparable to the mountain-sized Dragon Empress.

At the point of impact, dragon scales were broken or dented inwards, and the durable dragon armor easily broke apart.

The lightning burned countless wounds on her body, and blood gushed out from all of these.

With the blow exceeding even the Dragon's carapace in strength, bones broke with a thud, and ruptured some of the internal organs.

The powerful attack was so unexpected that the shocked fiery Dragon empress gasped for breath, and even so, the attack was still not over.

"What was that!!??"

A golden thread was attached to the body of the Dragon Empress.

Due to her collapsed posture and shock, she could not counterattack, and did not have time to concentrate on magical defense.

Using the golden thread released from his auxiliary arm, Aporou shot onto the shoulder of the fiery dragon empress, and this time attacked with his hydraulic punch.

It struck with amazing speed, around 10 times per second, and was well suited to the destruction of the thick armored enemies.

In addition, Aporou possessed the profession of [Master Spearman] and combat maneuver arts [Lotus Flower Spear]. His red spear and cursed spear radiated with a murderous aura of crimson.

[Aporou used combat maneuver arts [Lotus Flower Spears]]

The attack became stronger with [Continuous Thrust] and [100 Blossoms 1000 Spears], improving the power and speed of each blow.

As a result, [Continuous Thrust], [100 Blossoms 1000 Spears] and [Triple Stab] along with the hydraulic punch greatly increased the attack speed, attack power and attack range.

The dragon armor was drilled through as if it were paper.

The cursed spear and red spear penetrated the body of a fiery dragon empress like a spoon through pudding.

With his spears drilling deeper into her flesh, even the Dragon Empress probably felt some fear.

Her pain-filled roar echoed throughout the arena.


At this point, because of the magical power in her body, her armor ignited in a quick burst.

The temperature of her burning armor was much hotter than the meteorite and the lava. Even Aporou was in danger, so he decided to quickly retreat before his body started to fry.

While doing so, he managed to gather the Empress' right hand which had been gouged out by his attacks.

They glared at each other across the battlefield.

Aporou ate the first-class meat of the fiery dragon empress whilst keeping an eye on the Empress.

Then the fear of the fiery Dragon Empress was replaced by rage and her whole body erupted in hot flames.

Her evil glance was brimming with magical power, and caused a distortion of the force field in between them.

"Fu fu wa wa wa wa wa wa."

"The frightening truth of such a dreadful creature. No chance that he can destroy this flesh so easily. However, his sufficient strength to obtain flesh and increase his force is what makes him less afraid."

The severed wing-hand as well as the chopped off right arm had already begun to recover.

First of all, the Empress had incredible regeneration. In addition to that, she had an ability higher than [Fire Resistance], higher than the [Complete Fire Resistance] and even higher than [Immunity to heat]. She had [Heat Absorption], which allowed her to absorb the surrounding heat of the lava, generating a huge amount of energy to accelerate her recovery.

This place was the perfect battleground for the Dragon Empress.

While the Empress could recover this way, Aporou could eat her severed leg, increasing his strength.

Together with the acquisition of this power, his ogre orbs also changed. These changes were more like full evolution, rather than improve.

And in less than a few tens of seconds, a full recovered Dragon Empress attacked just as Aporou finished eating.

In battle their forces were equal, with every single attack having the power of changing the local landscape.

This battle for life and death was such that is was like a myth descended from the pages of legends.

 ■ ■ ■

The battle carried on until late, largely due to the fact that the fiery dragon empress just had incredible recovery and stamina.

Frankly, I did not think one single demon could win this battle.

But you should try the meat once...I almost went to heaven with delight.

When you consider that and take into account the pros and cons, the pros probably still outweigh the cons.

Soaked in her blood, I'm enlightened. It was unimaginably rich, and I can only compare it to the taste of first-class wine which has had long-term exposure.

Although to be honest, that was still not sufficient to describe the taste.

Just one bite and my fatigue is completely removed.

If you ask me of what it can be compared, it was too great to be compared with anything I had ever eaten before.

Day 243 == Day 244 == Day 245

Google Translate

Day 244

By ignoring the honest risk, that it was acting in appetite priority I have remorse.

Regret is not at all, but gonna a little more care in the future. As much as possible, and it is he attached to the end.

So it's fight against Guren Ryutei lasted from yesterday, but today in the morning, I was about to enter the end finally.

Guren Ryutei is still strong enough horrible, damage here is enormous than ever.

To the last standing and had been staying at in the Kuki, and I have still left some of the trump card, Mino Yoshi-kun, which boasts a strong body, then the only Miki of Kana-bi chan had Tachimawa~tsu without waste at the rear now it had.

Although not precisely out dead Fortunately in this fight, other Rokuoni's no state even for a while move likely.

It's first Burasato's, but Mr. Burasato continued showered dense attack at close range.

Effort and dissected a strong Ryuuroko by sword techniques that have been forged by combat, chunky Ryukara was cracking. Meat below it deeply To the scoop by the combined use of capacity, began to steadily accumulate damage.

And around the middle of the battle, Mr. Burasato was feat that forcibly dominate the Ryuchi flowing out from Guren Ryutei.

Ryuchi the magic of Guren Ryutei is merges in large quantities is a deleterious substance such as mad death in only touched. For example and even the blood Kenoni Bloody load subspecies skilled in the handling of blood to it domination, it is not easy task.

It is usually of the Bloody load if the first place and trying to do and seems not even outrage, I just even die without being able to control as was possible.

But Burasato san over carefully and time, made it possible.

Ryuchi by Burasato's, converge into a giant sword-like.

And it was wielded with the whole body of the sword's Burasato.

huge Ryuchiken that Hawatari is many as tens of meters is to have at a rate of about can not be viewed even its appearance, succeed in cutting the two pairs of RyuTsubasa that grew on the back of the Guren Ryutei from the root.

He was there to play inhibitory capacity to Ryuchi, but even if the original by it is placed under the control of Burasato's also as it's his blood, the effect he as been applied to Guren Ryutei.

Play as very slow does not proceed, Guren Ryutei at least during this battle will be lost means to escape into the sky.

It is a great veterans, but the price you have devised a Ryuchiken was great.

To refer just that he only once wielded, Mr. Burasato wet the mouth by vomiting blood again and again, it was dyed the whole body to Zhu. It is not visible in the armor but torn skin in the body, muscles he was torn.

It is a translation that was paid in the body of common if fall such price, but then also was fighting in the guts while receiving treatment.

It even after you have reached the limit, with several at once swallowing a magic drug for recovery, are going to recover by lying down in the back.

Then it's space star's, but again and again to Guren Ryutei in the magic that is elaborated by using the time that earned the avant-garde had been given a staggering blow.

Unfortunately torrid are the most good system magic did not at all effective by [torrid disable] with Glen Ryutei, but still making full use of mixed lineage magic of space star's unique with a wide variety of drawers, various It has been active in such situations.

Although not terribly what injuries of the body because it is the rearguard, but by a continuous exercise of repeated large output magic, little remains in the vast body magic even now.

Although magic deficiency what did not develop because the side effects are effects of what some were taking such strong [Manabitan K] and [concentrated magic recovery drugs Pikunoze-Mana Potion], it was quite the last minute of the state.

We would have lost consciousness if a little more reckless.

Now lying down and Gorori next to Mr. Burasato, I have served so that is natural recovery early magic even a little.

Because in the case of Asue chan to protect the rear guard set from such as dragon flame spit Glen Ryutei, I is Mitsukuroi things affordable size from the metal mass that had been recovered in the taiga, was struggling to suffer from it .

Although the metal mass can not be prevented completely Ryu-en, most of the dragon flame can be absorbed without any problem, and helped greatly to protect.

There, the amount of heat that could not be absorbed was enough too enough to bake and arms facing the metal mass of Asue chan, both feet for moving.

Only that limb by the equipment and the treatment of political kun was aligned to carbide has been avoided, but still there remains a painful burns to the extremities.

In addition to the injury of the extremities, with the physical strength also bottom in that it was moving around violently, now it's the middle that you are allowed to recover the physical strength is lying down in the same way as the space star's us.

Two demon of political kun and Kugime chan, simply in addition to that it was lack of physical strength, have lost the magic deficiency consciousness due.

The reason for political-kun has too much magic is, because everyone of treatment was too much more than the limit.

You can recover in Kuki's the only I and the political-kun, but I'm so there are things to do with me, most of the necessary treatment to everyone political kun is responsible in one demon.

And to only of ability can be treated everyone is equipped with the political-kun is HijiriHikarioni Saint load subspecies, until now it even problem was not.

But it did not go so this time.

I also has to have it too late by itself help, political kun exercised capacity beyond the limits of far in order to make up for it.

If you do not stay the political kun continued to cure everyone, while spitting Chihedo, surely someone would have been killed.

As a result the magic deficiency develops as, now you are asleep and peacefully in the vicinity of everyone, but I will Praise to have luck well if Okire.

Kugime chan observes the whole of Guren Ryutei, while everyone in the sink information by look-ahead the attack, was looking for a few weaknesses that exist in common to the dragon species.

Because weakness exists only only one in the scales that grew throughout the body, it is part of [anger of the dragon].

The number of scales that cover the big frame is a translation it is the countless, but it is not realistic that the Find only one that grew in the opposite direction from that.

Moreover, since the dragon is sprinkled a vast magical power, the sensing ability of Kugime chan would have been greatly inhibited.

I mean that it is necessary to magic only break through the disturbing magic to eliminate it, but while still bloody from the eyes and nose with overuse of Kugime chan magic and the brain that squeeze the magic, the anger in tenacity I was successfully able to find.

Because of that it is has become a magic deficiency in, and was able to attack aimed at the anger of Guren Ryutei is, but precisely because Kugime chan was there.

In the case of Irokusa chan, because he is simply shot down.

He had been working as a guerrilla member of the tingling and corrosion attack hidden in everyone's shadow, but to unfortunately a huge tail that feed Glen Ryutei fell to the ground is cut the RyuTsubasa to Burasato Mr. Cleave It had been caught.

And such that the instant death is crushed systemic by avoidance behavior that went Tossa was, escaped, but the lower body is crushed hit in messy, suffered the dying of serious injury.

I was treated with such as [blood of elixir] in a panic, but still conscious does not return, it is rolling in the vicinity of the space star's us while continuously treated.

He no doubt most of the serious injuries of the in Kuki, but because it leaked and with incoherent muttering "Flaring Patos ...... handsome man and beast of ...... dripping meat ...... which clash with sweat", it would not do to death.

Irokusa chan, not to dying even kill.

The six demon of condition on the back that, ours Miki decided to put a stop in front of Guren Ryutei.

Guren Ryutei that are lying around on the ground, had been reduced to one fourth degree, compared the volume is the first time.

The beautiful was Ryuuroko noticeable laceration or damage, limbs have been cut off from all the base was thick tough.

RyuTsubasa the two pairs is not present because it is cut off by the Ryuchiken, half of the body which had been cut with Me and amino Yoshi-kun lying slightly away.

Countless wound even flooded a huge amount of dragon blood from now on the, on the periphery of the body cut portion has been lying around a huge internal organs had protruded out by internal pressure.

Yet because he is alive even in such a state, Guren Ryutei and wonder what a sturdy organisms, I think again the.

Anyway, it does not change the soon die also such organisms.

I will pass through the center of the anger that had been to hide the throat of Guren Ryutei, pull out once the Shuyari that are buried up to more than half of the handle, now pierced with Zuburi to Golden Eye in the forehead.

As it is allowed to activate the ability [army Tseng Pesch of Shuyari that was bloody] of Shuyari, stir thoroughly the brain and internal organs of Guren Ryutei from the body.

Most of the brain in the skull by Shuyari appearing in myriad ought became mince, but still Guren Ryutei did not die.

Far from dying, I much violent attempt to Kamikoroso me.

- Vitality of Guren Ryutei the monster or ~Tsu.

Since the end of do not want to undergo the painful fight back at the end, and to trigger the [wounds of burn rot curse flame].

It even intends to this if even [torrid disable] Gaaro, effect as a reproduction inhibitory capacity and state abnormal bad status can be expected.

If Rarere blunted playback capability even a little, you should die indeed.

And targeted manner, it vanished gradually animation and light from the pupil of the golden remaining of finally Guren Ryutei by far, was completely stopped moving.

Even if the wait-and-see for a while, there is no movement. I tried to quickly investigate, but Guren Ryutei he finally as dead.

Check it, it was missing relieved and the gas.

Although ours is this in summary [Furemusu flame Yongsan] if capture is complete, and he was thought.

[We succeeded to subdue the field boss [Guren Ryutei-Furerubu = Igunatosu]]

[Teihaka] treasure chest [Glenn was awarded as the first punitive bonus]

...... Yeah, it seems not the end apparently even this still.

His death at the same time weakness with the fact to startle, but not also not without a place to think are a wide variety, to go to recover the dead bodies and the treasure chest stuck and Guren Ryutei.

And it has been asked whether there is no change in the surroundings, changes were able to find immediately.

First, disappeared have been flying metal masses have emerged again.

From the duel field, which has been isolated in this, likely to be able to go out to the outside.

Then, the slope of the helix that follows the crater of the bottom had been new.

The slope that crater rock wall is able to change, so that go by passing through the metal mass to fly the newly appeared on the opposite side of the metal lump jump in order to get out until its inlet.

And we sense the organisms that come flying from the crater of the bottom.

According [early search operation warning network phased array radar] and the [space 識覚 sense area], the number is no doubt in the six animals.

Moreover, by the unique reaction, but like all producers.

To Judging from these information, generation capacity retention of the dungeon boss seems to waiting in the crater of the bottom.

The Na's troublesome opponent, and that I think, six animals that had been jumped from the bottom is passed vigorously beside the duel field, and revealed its appearance.

Of the six animals, "red-hot dragon heat Dragon" is three animals, "red fire dragon Fire Dragon" has two dogs, "Scarlet Flame Dragon Flame Dragon" took like a configuration that one animal.

Heat Dragon body length is about fifteen meters, length of the Fire Dragon is about twenty meters, of Flame Dragon body length and about thirty meters, but feel quite small after fighting Guren Ryutei, but is sufficient huge.

By the way, normal heat Dragon is that there is Fomoru and evenly matched or more of combat capability.

It's actually your discretion even be likely opponent if so, but if taking into account the enhancements and geographical benefits of dungeon, it's decent Tezuyo likely.

And the Fire Dragon is an upper species of heat Dragon, would be better to not fight you off guard because the addition is above Flame Dragon are.

When I think like, six animals are while hovering dexterously in the sky as the number ten meters, it has been simultaneously shot the [breath Dragon breath of the dragon] of flame.

Breath of the same system is intermingled without rebound, it was gaining momentum in the opposite Far counteract the effect.

Though powerful, even only one animal of breath, it's six dogs minute.

Breath is enough to be burned to death even have example [resistance], it ballooned to the overwhelming amount of heat.

If if landing on the duel field, immediately duel field whole area would that would have been swallowed by the waves of Guren.

Thing totally unforgiving, and while I think, I use the [universe], we tried to compress tightly by manipulating the flow of breath approaching. Breath of compression, it could easier than I thought.

And etc. said that six animals worth of breath, there is no big deal in comparison with the breath of honest Guren Ryutei.

Certainly there is a powerful, but its a degree, and it can be said.

It became a huge fire ball one meter size, is burning is compressed Note torrents.

So was worrisome What happens if you use somehow [high compression], I tried to do.

Then breath becomes about the size of a thumb, I like like Koko the shining jewel.

To see such a sight, seems dragon who had been stunned, it now is placed.

I'm a jewel of fire, tried include rip-off, and the mouth in a state of being trigger the [Absorb Magic].

Fulfillment feel to soon. it is a unique sense of lost have mono is replenished.

Although delicious was not because there is no honest taste, this in six animals has slightly attenuated from the magic that I put in the breath, but it will nevertheless that it was possible to restore the magical power of degree than enough.

Although I thought from the beginning that it would probably be, when you have absorbed safely magic that made up the breath and was relieved, it'll keep my little secret.

When running, dragons is what I thought it was meaningless in a breath, and began to drop straight toward me.

It apparently likes switching to Human Bullet game. In anticipation of the I and barking Takeri, it is showing a sharp fangs.

Seriously it is because it is likely tired of opponent indeed, manipulate the dragons in the vicinity of the gravity approaching at high speed in the [universe], and I tried to as heavy as a stretch ten times.

Then Dragon who could not withstand the joined the sudden load is going to crash into a duel field does not remain one animal.

Its momentum is fiercely, tough Ryuuroko fell scraping peeling, strong Ryukara's enough crumble. Whether the posture that fell was bad during, was there also individuals that are broken bone of the thick limbs.

Six animals tries Abareyo remain severe pain, but it can not also blame the satisfaction to the violent things subsequently have pressure even after the crash.

Just withstand the pain, it is agony painfully.

I approached naturally while watching it, and stabbed each of heart Shuyari, was gouge quickly.

Such a very simple operation was repeated six times, will continue to recover all the corpses were finished.

With a large amount Get Dragon ingredients, personally but thankfully.

But, whether I felt that the six animals were brought down, additional dragon have come up.

The number and the twelve animals alone was able to sense, but times earlier.

It is even still if the If this much, but would not end just this even if thinking.

To will increase the number in the future, the quality of the Dragon also had better thought and continue to improve.

Meanwhile the 6 Demons can not move yet, it is obvious to become very tough fight.

Even in proceeds, even if the pulling, it is accompanied by considerable risks.

Moreover, although Minokichi and Kanami can still move, it is not a state in which there is room up there.

And no matter with the [blessings of God], but it is no matter with a strong mind and body by day-to-day discipline, as a race, the limit of as organisms exist securely.

After finishing Glen Ryutei game and, if it soon even decided to wage a dragon us and Lien Chan to rest, two demon will become reached surely the limit.

And the fight if that happens it will be only to me one demon.

Since I do not know whether fully able to cover even if there is such [large devil purification] In indeed such state, it is something you do not want to be in that situation, if possible.

At this rate I we are likely to be burned is either eaten by a dragon, or burning without leaving even ash.

It must be avoided absolutely.

To those who are waiting for the return is present, it it is often want to do still more.

So, I tried to make a strategy that was ridiculous.

First, the Minokichi kun and Kana-bi chan get to observe the six demon in a duel field.

Meanwhile in facing up to me the crater bottom, while reducing to a few that can Dragon the two demons to moderate opponent, defeating the dungeon boss in a single demon.

So capture is complete and the sorrow without go home, it's strategy that it is not thought of as a strategy called.

But was fairly complain from two demons when you tell this strategy, it is not Well way.

Since there is also a strategy of lusts mingled, I heard the complaint and complacent.

This time had mixed also usually bitches there is no relationship, as it now is keep.

After listening to complain, we run the strategy.

Nioni but was Tage say still something, you have me convinced as "Well, because it apo Akira not be helped."

Reckless strategy is also likely to be able to successfully run by the gift of the day-to-day confidence.

Thing is leaving after, I threw themselves from the duel field.

 ■ ■ ■

More while their own shortages in indignation violently that not proceed ahead, but Mino Yoshi to inflame motivated by to give a new target.

But are genuinely worried that sure you will come home safely, forego smiling beautiful and lovely smile enough to attract all those who see Kana-bi.

"It 's, after I had left."

To say so in such two demon, Kuroki apostle demon A post-le-load was armed with Shuyari and Noroiyari - apo wax jumped from the duel field.

Was hit first apo wax to fall, it was a wind pressure accompanied by hot air up to tremendous.

Usually compared with the slope of the helix should proceed, apo wax are falling is towards the bottom at a considerable speed.

Therefore not only wind pressure you feel at the time of fall, the temperature change is too rapid, it was a tremendous thing about exceeding the limit of the heat-resistant refractory equipment apo Akira is equipped.

Very magic item was expensive but had to play its role in the fullness ever, falling to ignite the to the the tens of seconds after the start, the fire of momentum was carried out increasing unabated.

And soon the upper body of the armor fastener is broken to extinguish the fire would have flew to somewhere been fueled by wind gusts, apo Akira is in a state of half-naked that only own biological armor that protects the lower body.

In addition to the apo wax [torrid completely resistant] Fortunately, [fireproof mucus secretion] carefully to protect the body surface by layering [Sumireao fluid Iolite Liquid] to, various and as hot if further Atsukere ambient it was not to be burned to death in that the status has been allowed to trigger the [body of torrid] to rise.

But this is was survived precisely because apo wax, would have been killed without first mistake if the other person.

Down from the duel field, it is just burning hell.

From such a hell, dungeon monsters have come to flying a small flame on the back.

It's a dragon dragon. Covering the big frame with a red vivid scales, living disaster who is counted as one of the strong and mighty strongest species.

The number twelve animals.

"Red fire dragon fire dragon" is six bodies.

"Scarlet Flame Dragon Flame Dragon" is four bodies.

"Guren dragon glaze Dragon" has two dogs.

It has a configuration that, if encountered in other than if [Furemusu flame Yongsan], it is easily fall to such a disaster of the population in such king Metropolitan mainstay of the country are concentrated.

Such twelve animals were ridiculed by looking at the apo wax come to fall in unprotected from the sky.

Unlike Aryu to live on instinct, it dwells a high intelligence in dragon is its higher species.

Twelve dragons who have the intelligence that was far beyond such person, it did not appear only as will fall to come apo wax and have a Toshin suicide turned to desperation.

Even if not, we are throwing themselves freely just a demon who do not fly the sky freely in front of the dragon who fly in the sky.

It came forward foodstuffs themselves in front of the cook with a kitchen knife, white cooking itself, that it is such things are said.

Stupid to have enough also, it is what intention would allo also like not say only with suicide folly.

Dragon who do not know anything about so apo wax think, it was judged.

But according to the dragon with our instructions of [the great mother], compresses the magic in the oral cavity in order to slay the apo wax come to fall in full force, it gave a certain direction to the compressed magic.

leaking from the mouth of sharp fangs are mushrooming, the dragon flame kiss all the ashes - a dragon species maximum of attack methods, it is bring overwhelming destruction [breath Dragon breath of the dragon].

It has emitted simultaneously from all twelve animals.

Like volcano dragon was emitted towards from the bottom to the top in such a way erupted momentum flame, mingled with the same way to torrents Moesakari the previous six pet, apo Akira become a large dragon flame of dark red purple Approaching.

It conceals the amount of heat enough to be burned all range was overwhelming destruction in the shape of a flame.

If Ukere a direct hit, it will not avoid the fatal wound and even the apo Akira indeed.

But it was before, apo wax wear just ferocious smile.

Mere it can fly like longer lizard, on to say, even with the Na become feel good.

"- It is disturbing"

[Apo wax was feeding the [microphone Celite cross was cut Kiyoshimetsu cross] combat maneuver Arts]

[Apo wax was feeding the [breath killing breath killer] combat maneuver]

Towards the large dragon flame to approach rapidly, apo wax was feeding the attack using Shuyari and Noroiyari.

's Combat maneuver [sword Kiyoshimetsu cross] that came to use by [vocational and cross knight Crusader] of apo wax was first pay-out in order to destroy.

[Kiyoshimetsu sword cross Description of the cross sword] most attack power is high in the system, attack range is wide, it is one of the very excellent combat maneuver.

And apo wax can be achieved by taking plus the ability [Holy Cross Kiri Kai Grand Cross smash], it went further offensive power improvement.

Thereby blow of apo wax had become a power only to destroy Dairyu flame, apo wax was added to further combat maneuver with the [vocational and dragon killing Dragon Slayer] [killing breath].

[Killing breath] is a very effective combat maneuver against the breath of the name as a dragon.

Inhabit a large amount of red phosphorescence to Shuyari and Noroiyari by two combat maneuver, the next moment the Ki-kon carved in space.

And a lightly sharp knife to cut the thin paper, large dragon flame approaching was had been neatly quartered by attack of apo wax.

But Dairyu flame became one to four but momentum has been greatly attenuated, still probably the original momentum is too strong, does not lead to the complete disappearance.

The four large dragon flame to apo wax passed through the division has been able to have the center of the space and did not can also touch lightly, as it continues to rise, to 爆散 collide in the bottom of the duel field was enshrined in the crater sky.

Bottom one side along with the roar piercing 劈 the ears flame spread was death, but it's up there.

The four split has been attenuated Dairyu flame has no momentum enough to fire up to the upper surface of the duel field, was the surprise Mino Gil who was resting on, it does not reach at all until its body.

Dragon our Hatsu撃 is, he was unsuccessful.

It Ryu-tachi was looking stunned in the state remain open mouth.

Heck What happened to, and he did not understand, even if watching. Rashly there is intelligence minute confusion is prolonged, the next reaction is slower than such Aryu running on instinct only.

Apo wax was slipped through the Dairyu flame to ensure that the damage to non-dragon by [universe] While derision it does not reach, it was invoked the [Datsuinochikoe Desperado of Tsugeshioni].

"- Cine"

It is a short and simple two words while, had the power to kill all six animals Fire Dragon in a moment.

All of the power to live from the Fire Dragon our flesh disappeared, but was flying for a while by inertia, the big frame to start the fall are attracted to gravity.

Flame Dragon and glaze dragons which is a higher species than the Fire Dragon is that what did not have to die, but it is not that safe.

Flame Dragon our movement becomes worse visibly, flight speed fell and theories. Move the desperately dragon wings, although somehow flight in that it spread a huge magic, it's unstable state what extent immediately and likely will fall as long.

And also becomes dull movement Although there is no glaze dragons as much as such Flame Dragon us, speed visibly has decreased.

And modulation that occurred on its own while unexpected know also translation, Ryu-tachi surprise to sudden brotherhood of death, but now glared at the cause without stunned.

Dragon put its vast magical power, and he glares leave the burning Tagiru such rage.

Face the most organisms it, just would not move by itself. And as prey that was before the absolute strong man will not move against their will, because the body would in Sukun at the portion of the instinct that goes beyond reason.

Act of glare for the dragon, of enough to spirit the weak is also much die of fear, it was one of the basic attack.

If usual opponent, it would have been not bad choices.

But only this time, it was a bad move.

Dragon who by and glared straight to ringleader - will look at the eye of apo wax.

It was triggered and the [seen beans kill] to kill the person who had seen, and the eyes of the predators that are aimed at the prey's.

If you look directly to the [beans kill see] if usually, dragon who is likely lived just fall into some of the state abnormal bad status.

But now is the thing that has been weakened by [Datsuinochikoe of Tsugeshioni], dragon we would through the effect of [beans kill seen].

Death throes also without, four animals of Flame Dragon who trauma also extinct without breath to stop the flight like a fire dragon us, continue to fall toward the bottom of hell.

Voice and line-of-sight.

In appropriate action is to express even the behavior rather than such attack, already ten out of twelve of the disaster is of being powerless.

While it is unrealistic scene even when viewed from a special presence, such as [EiIsamu], let alone the general public, but it was certainly a reality.

Meanwhile, the two dogs of glaze dragon which is a higher species than the two kinds of dragon who died were still alive.

Although has become badly and feeble state compared with thorough state, through the pride of champion of consanguineous called dragon species, now raise the roar in order to reward Kazuya to apo wax became the sworn enemy, while Chibashira a pupil sky It's flying.

"Guu Ooooo Ooooo ~Tsu !!"

In contrast, apo wax welcomed while smiling ferocious smile.

It is a Form, such as if you had before like a good game of go.

"- ~Tsu Shea"

Thin black wings that grew [Saya翅 generated] by the back of the apo wax wiggle. fall speed whenever the wing moves to Hayamari, falling orbit is gradually been modified finely.

And the distance of the glaze dragons and apo wax quickly shrinks, and disappeared.

[Apo wax was feeding the [neck hunting Boparu Strike] combat maneuver]

[Vocational and neck hunting Boondock Saints Boparu-Punisher] combat maneuver of [neck hunting] fed by Shuyari, the same is almost at the same time ability [neck hunting] was fed by Noroiyari.

Shuyari and two swing of head-hunting that has been paid out respectively from Noroiyari slashing, while sprinkled the red phosphorescent around, caught the neck of two animals of glaze Dragon exactly.

Ryuuroko robust should you have kept the neck is even not allowed resistance to slashing, it is bisected almost sound without any.

Remains cut off the glaze dragon still slightly intention to head was dwells, the pupil is shaken to the chagrin-up, reflected by the appearance of only apo Akira moment.

"Beauty ...... fish, or blood of glaze dragon, this"

And from cut off the neck vigorously Ryuchi is ejected like a fountain.

Since the Ryuchi of fire dragon that is not to evaporate instantly even here of high fever, and cut off the two dogs of the neck, it has just become Ryuchi pours it to the whole body of apo wax passed through the middle.

Straight which is a deleterious substance Ryuchi, it is also common if Abire in large quantities sorry is free.

It will be a thing to death in madness to end of the pain. The alive body is no wonder fell rot.

"Than I thought oh ...... also, it does not seems to be strengthening. Quite, it's feeling not bad"

But for apo wax, Ryuchi to wet the whole body was the liquid of Toku-jo to strengthen themselves rather than deleterious substance.

[vampire Blood Vampire Chi餓] that triggered has been to the highest grade of Ryuchi of glaze dragon, it was also greatly enhanced the apo Akira By ingested with fresh state.

Apo wax was self-control without the intoxicated to strengthen enough to entertain even some sort of universal feeling, the spray of blood that can be by blood of the whole body is gradually evaporated and left behind, reaching the third wave of dragon sensed and hurried to the hell of there before you.

Twelve of the dragon of the corpse which had been falling, while showing a sleight of hand that is collected during the.

Until the apo Akira gets there eventually, dragon raids had until fifth wave.

The number and quality has improved in every raid, able to kill all in a moment of passing Zama was also difficult apo Akira indeed.

Therefore the number of animals to slip through the attack of apo wax, are heading into a duel field Kana beauty we are. In view of the flight speed, in the duel field it would have already begun the fight.

How much in just a certain, but earned time whether everyone was able to recover, it is areas of concern.

But, however, apo wax that has been surrounded arrived in occlusive hell of bottom to the cliff that height extends to several kilometers, afford to spare the consciousness to fight in a duel field was not.

"In This ...... truly, it's huge."

Metal mass such as duel field is floating in the center of the lava that is burning like the sun violently, Standing in ersatz «decisive battle field» to duel field, dominate Hythe is a burnt likely prison heat by simply breathing The apo wax was found in the hell of the bottom, it was one dragons.

Overall Sugata-gata of the dragon was very similar to the Guren Ryutei defeated in a duel field. The same type, or you'll see at a glance that it is a close relative species.

Just than the dragon and Guren Ryutei, unique shape, such as having the role of two pairs of dragon wings on the back as a huge four-arm while leaving the flight capacity or because adapted to the closed hell of bottom You can have a, such as tens of dragon angle in the head has grown almost regularly like a crown, appearance form is slightly different.

If you look for also other differences, it will come out in much.

But if only the difference of degree that is a category that can be convincing as a simple individual differences and tribal differences.

It no surprise that apo wax, nor is it enough to worry about.

But Apo wax was surprised. It is why.

The magnitude of the dragon, because he far beyond Glen Ryutei.

Dragon of half of the body is not a decisive battle field apo wax is there, sandwiched between the lava, but can not be seen directly because in the huge lateral hole that was able to rock wall wonder of minced fish, but apo wax [space and I was able to grasp the entire length in detail by 識覚].

According to it, the total length of the dragon was also about one hundred fifty meters to more than Glen Ryutei. If you widen the RyuTsubasaude, its width will more than lightly the three hundred meters.

Therefore also the various parts is a huge proportion, comparison with the apo wax is exactly equal to or less than human and worms.

And either due to the extraordinary magic that is released the big frame or reason, or with nature, intimidating feeling 巨竜 shoots is not a vulgaris mono, just hit the apo Akira pressure of enough and would likely do Keshiton just stand in front It was.

If it is not spirit strong apo wax, it might have died too much fear.

巨竜 is such overwhelming strong man looked at the apo wax came into its own habitat, huge buildings and opened a huge mouth enough to likely can slurp.

Defeat the husband of "I, well each came, who some qualification.

Our name is [Musutaria = Igunatosu], in the direct line of proud "Benihomuraryutei prominence Emperor Dragon", OR to protect the [Furemusu flame Yongsan Following the covenant of the [God of Rebirth] "灼誕 dragon Empress Adamaza-Empress Dragon "Nari".

Dragon Empress of voice, was a very beautiful sound.

It was extraordinary volume that shakes the Biribiri and the surrounding, it is full of affection, such as soak in like body.

Towards the apo wax came to kill Glen Ryutei that's husband, 灼誕 dragon empress to talk about in the vocal that such feelings be stuffy is what you think.

Apo wax perform thinking analysis in habit, but the answer is not out immediately.

If the mixed is also anger and hatred only slightly it would became a hint.

But, really for not Kumitore only love, just in case you did not know what you think what you're thinking.

Like dew knowing the inner surface of the confused apo wax, 灼誕 dragon empress was continued for a further words.

"Before the fight, you can either'll have to say thanks. Yokuzo, it was me to reach in front of me."

"...... Why say thanks? I, probably killed thy husband?"

Small before the 灼誕 dragon empress to reward lower the head, the action probably was unexpected, apo wax wear puzzling look was Kikikaeshi.

But, even there is no any alert to the appearance while Kikikaeshi.

It is going to invade if Coarsely chance, preparation of only respond immediately if the fall attack had ended.

"What, and Ja of us was born dead Ikuseiso than when I was a principal of here, just was O~tsu have embarrassed the spare time. Because, [Furemusu flame Yongsan] to Ikusen tens of thousands of challengers etc. are staying, other than your main, it was not anyone in the one person to reach here.

A person is soluble in lava, a person is exhausted suffering to the atmosphere of the poison went there who just leaching with.

But it said also reach the person who until just before here, it like song Shino servants killed her husband.

...... Oh, Wait Wait. Certainly, there was also only one set that killed her husband. At that time it is Ja what We were also involuntarily excitement, as of your Lord's compatriots who, I in a state of exhaustion. 'S so that it was tried to escape is being chased by my kids, it would be exhausted not escape, and Ja I bought and goodwill come this far.

So, so your main what reaches for the first time here, and Ja of existence that I found for the first time me.

And that 's why, I get to say thanks. Yoyatto, because Ja Yoyatto the long time stagnation is over, you! "

Looking back the past, 灼誕 dragon empress who said so with great something irrigation was wide open and Iowaru and at the same time mouth.

in the back of the oral cavity too huge tusks are mushrooming, the magic of the more unlikely is going to be rapidly compression. Whether the effect of compression is interfering even in space, the peripheral had distorted unnaturally.

In apo Akira systemic saw it, chills ran.

It was a premonition of definite death.

We must work to die surely, to die even if moving at high probability.

Also emitted Reyo will and to have avoidance trying attack, the range that is displayed by the [space 識覚 sense area] is too too wide, it was beyond the distance to run away immediately, even using the [emergency escape] .

Fatal in the inevitable. Such wanton be at an end violence, it struck the apo wax.

(First - ~Tsu)

"Cut ----!"

But the happiness that it was poised to advance, apo wax but slightly and began to move ahead to 灼誕 dragon empress.

Apo wax first, countless vacuum of layers and gravitational field and using the [universe] was deployed to the front. It has strength enough to bend Screw the light, it will kill pressure threaded it only in organisms if closer to poor.

There is also violent attack be at an end it, this time he has been our best deployed for defense.

And in the rear of such a force field, one of the recovered metal mass in the river appeared. Metal mass is the most massive things in a rectangular type, its weight has reached several tons lightly.

And there is a very heavy huge, but because it is not fixed just to we leave it as it is simply put, a myriad of Shuyari caused by Shuyari of ability that has been stuck in the battle field to forcibly fix the metal mass.

Although some strength by being drilled by several tens of Shuyari fell, but is nevertheless robust more than enough.

And backwards than the metal mass that's has been fixed force, barrier by Shuyari it has been constructed. If you look from the air is dense Shuyari army surrounding the apo wax diamond it, there is also a strength of Shuyari you are building, would not be enduring in the odd attack.

It is not an exaggeration to say that constructed all strong barrier these, if ever opponent was supposed prevent this enough.

But Apo wax without stopping there was a bad feeling, more "flame reservoir 噴鋼 ball" captured is allowed to change the shape of the Ginude a build a strong semi-circular shield to protect the front, the [exoskeleton wearing] equipped with a [majesty Shaguma Beast King of] which is most excellent in heat fire resistance using.

The [laminated Ryuyoroi of black Demon King] to strengthen the flesh led to other, it is possible to enhance the exoskeleton [Fuwa of Yoroi-jo shell] and black clad aura to see the [Kuroki immortality group of the knight clothing black undead Knight Cross ].

To strengthen the silver arm made of shield [vocational and shield warrior Shiruda] and [Tatekabe Shield Wall].

[Versus magic] to exert an effect on the attack through the [lower product magic damage reduction] and magic to reduce the physical and magical damage.

And such as [endure] greatly increase the defense force instead of mobility is reduced by taking a defensive posture, allowed to trigger the ability of as long as the attack is allowed in a short time until a direct hit, of 灼誕 dragon empress It was equipped to attack.

Although not perfect, but still it would have been the best course of action in the in the time allowed.

However, attacks 灼誕 dragon empress took a shot is what is referred to as the [breath end breath final flame], which is one of the ultimate blow that can not be able to shoot only exist with limited it was too too powerful .

It was a storm that spread the like White flame light.

Surroundings are filled white in an instant, it is of enough to sound even to temporarily disappear abuses.

"~Tsu - !!"

Attacked the impact of non-experience, apo wax Clenching teeth with full force.

Its strength but the teeth were broken in, there was no such care allowance to it.

Dragon Empress white flame of breath that was born in that to compress the vast magical power to the limit of faster than lightning, it was Issen that had been hidden amount of heat enough to evaporate everything you touch.

Defense team vacuum of layers and gravitational field that was in the front row of the divert its orbit slightly, but effects such as suppressing the momentum was there, but disappear by being pushed in too much momentum.

Metallic mass was ahead behind is evaporated after endured about ten seconds.

To reach the absorption limit the amount of heat is extraordinary, heat was hoarding far is than vaporized to not even the liquid that had been opened at once.

The barrier of Shuyari backward met only mono according to legend Legendary Avery] class of magic items, was somehow withstood without evaporating.

But barrier distortion gradually by tremendous breath of momentum, or twist, but slightly occurs gap. The essence of breath because it is a white flame, resulting in a gradual penetration from there if they have a slight gap.

It having reached the shield of silver arm eventually exits the barrier of Shuyari, the silver arm was added to the shock and heat enough not maintain the shape of a shield. Is pushed to the impact, it will be distorted in shape due to heat exceeding the absorption limit.

It seems not possible to completely destroy the Ginude is God concrete goods even the 灼誕 dragon empress, but it is the fact it was possible to change its shape.

Before long white flame it was also topped shield Following the barrier reaches the exoskeleton wrapped in black aura.

The exoskeleton, which is enhanced by the myriad of abilities, but tries to endure somehow in white flame, but could not it also be suppressed completely.

Black aura scattered burning, the surface of the exoskeleton is red-hot reduction, it began melting from exceeding the limit part. And flesh and blood that has become exposed to, go burned mercilessly.

But flesh and blood have also been enhanced by the ability, and is burned in it even withstand enchanting white flame, apo wax smelled the odor of burning its own meat.

It was intended to feel the physiological chills.

Without the Need for meat 喰Beru and is not intended to be sniffed like smell burning its own flesh.

While holding the indescribable discomfort in the chest, [ultra-fast playback], such as by the bear with no severe pain of being terminated by repeated physical destruction and physical regeneration, to withstand just as it is baked flashing likely to attack if missing care.

You only, we will cut the body and soul of apo Akira mercilessly is far made such a time of the gas withstand.

But there is a beginning to everything, there is an end.

"- ~Tsu ~Tsu © © c Uoooo Aa Aaaaa !!"

Roar of apo wax had been drowned out by the breath has come to like hear gradually.

Breath that had been trampled the world let gradually weakening momentum, is to eventually called residual heat interruption, leaving the unbecoming a prison heat.

Apo wax and endured a breath was felt also forever brilliantly, while being swallowed by the overwhelming death flame also is had survived.

But survivors were immediately, with that also Mamanarazu one knee that you are standing by the rapid exhaustion. Its breath is rough, it's breathing greatly shoulder painfully.

From the whole body, the steam had drifted up with the smell of burning flesh.

"Oh, oh!

~Tsu That it is in response to the blow of us are holding the prototype, superb ~Tsu! Superb Nari~tsu! ! "

[Breath final flame] of 灼誕 dragon empress, decisive battle field and lava filling in its surroundings, and Tsukisusumi while rock wall that surround even evaporated in a straight line, to divide the inner bounds and the outside world [border area Border Place] It was forcibly disappeared before you go outside by.

This time, although the damage because it was in the dungeon remained in the dungeon, if there is no if [border area], it would have carved surely too large scar on this continent.

A few days that no dragon flame disappear naturally is exhausted burning all things, ecosystem thoroughly is allowed to burn out, no doubt killed a large number of organisms.

's A little more of such level shoot at low power stuff usually is because it is too powerful, 灼誕 dragon empress who had sunk to the long time stagnation completely forget the acceleration, it is of've hit a blow close to the maximum output.

And that 's why, 灼誕 dragon empress gave the voice of the very joyfully praise against apo wax withstood it.

"It Ja was Ja~tsu blow you forget the bee acceleration in a long time, but never never, and said that bestowed the blessings of great Okami, of the bear without evaporating in only apostle demon A post Lumpur loaded ~Tsu !!

Oh, oh. boast, but good, boasting but'll good, ~Tsu the feat! In response to direct hit our breath, heroism that such withstood it, is that it should be now also handed down Karana~tsu.

Indeed qualify a person, truly the 's person who was elected to Okami! "

Or by squid ability, 灼誕 dragon empress was Mise have insight bless God that had been hidden is apo wax.

So far How was learned it that everyone did not accurately grasp, it would need to begin to listen to for the future.

But in the current apo wax, do not receive the voice of such 灼誕 dragon empress.

"Indeed ...... tight, Na. This"

Nevertheless endured and, appearance of apo wax was terrible.

Seven percent of the exoskeleton was destroyed or was wreck, body under it are sore meat to bear the terrible burns. Corruption is noticeable also in the living body armor that had been guarding the lower body, silver arm of truly was also distorted by the impact and a high fever.

Apo wax relatively minor injuries that site because it gave priority to protection of the body and the head than the extremities - owe a still severe burns - of things who live in, it remained flesh and blood is not protected by the living body armor right arm of damage was especially severe.

Ahead from the elbow was destroyed, the rest of also I was burnt black up to the bone.

Even if the pain is relieved by [severe pain tolerance], the pain is Semetate vigorously brain of apo wax.

But while assumes much of the damage, and at the same time as to recover the body as early as impossible apo wax, went to strengthen the body.

Skin sores by such as had continued to exhibit the effect [blood of elixir] and [ultra-fast playing] among the breath reborn, it continues to peel and flake from no longer needed part.

Since it was difficult to recover it even lost the right arm, the part will be supplemented by the use of [fluid replacement restoration] The Cry raw meat that dragon blood dripping of Guren Ryutei taken out from the item box missing.

And modified to better things the body itself to continue to recover by [ultra-recovery], apo wax was pulling up the number-stage physical ability than previously, the switching to 灼誕 dragon empress of Shuyari and Noroiyari stood up earlier it was towards the.

Brush with death should be noted is exposed to overwhelming attack enough, it is in the eye of apo Akira not float, such as still despair.

Three Although the desire that a large desire is one appetite had dyed, heart of apo wax it is not broken do not bend and not break still.

Rather, it was towards the blade to 灼誕 dragon empress by stronger intention.

"Law, and whether another move to. Although Ja was thought even try to wait until the recovery, good good, to dispel the Yoizo~tsu! Long time fatigue, again, such is not a term to ~Tsu"

灼誕 dragon empress to delight That being crawled out with the sled from the habitat, landed the decisive battle field apo wax there.

It boasts the mound moves such majesty in the big frame because, yet it is an operation that drifts somewhere elegance.

Dragon Empress is a ruler to the innate Kish, in turn, was feeding the attack by a part of the RyuTsubasaude two pairs of four wings that grew on the back.

The reach of the RyuTsubasaude that bearded easily excavation can seem huge, chunky claw the hard rock is very wide, was approaching the apo Akira at a speed and that can not be imagined from its enormity.

Like heavy equipment for high-speed rush to come was such a blow, apo wax intercept it wields Shuyari and Noroiyari.

Moment that was wielded at a rate of about not even leave afterimage, like emits rubbed was such discomfort be at an end abnormal noise the metal, eyes dazzling like sparks were scattered in the grand.

Against Issen of claws of RyuTsubasaude, use skillfully apo wax two of the spear, and he was Mise brilliantly Inashi.

Whether to require the skill of how much to make it without the use of a combat maneuver, it is Zetsugi it would be outside the scope of understanding the ordinary person.

"Oh, oh!

This total also do easily dodge the. What terrible workmanship of owner by ~Tsu "

Dragon Empress that the blow was Inasa of RyuTsubasaude, in turn, was feeding a blow by the inverse of RyuTsubasaude.

It was a fast powerful blow than before, it is also Inasa in the same way as before. And it is also without having to feel bad, immediately third, fourth, go fifth and the rest do not communicate hammer followed.

Abnormal noise and sparks were scattered dance each time. Around storm is raging.

Inasa the RyuTsubasaude of the attack, but strong enough to go carved traces in decisive battle field only in the aftermath.

"Ingredients - ~U~u~u~u~u~uu!"

Although continue Inashi admirably, to the harsh continuous attacks, it moaned involuntarily also apo Akira indeed.

If and squid apo wax, 灼誕 dragon empress ream hammer that there is an order of magnitude of the difference of about seventy-five times look only length is not intended to runs off lightly.

Nothing is for 灼誕 dragon empress example, That's even would lightly, such as pay insect attack, all of them all, but only that there is a killer and equal to or greater than the power for apo wax.

Blow person is paid out in such a feel of which tries to crush stepping on insects blow, surely it sharpener spirit of apo wax, began to accumulate fatigue and damage to the body.

"It even still prevent or, yet? Antidepressant ~Tsu"

In response to the ordinary if already dozens of times and continuous attacks that would have become a red stain of the battle field, but apo wax alive it now.

It is used properly and in accordance with various abilities to the situation at that time, because the combat techniques honed in combat and the accumulated combat experience are unsparingly use.

There is no waste in its every move, is such beauty is like dancing.

But Dragon Empress of attack is too intense in such apo wax, it was not allowed to fight back.

Just only to dodge, there is no reason that some, such as chance of victory. It abandoned to win, would not only wicked play you only have to just not lose.

In order to win, it is necessary to attack always. To grab a slight chance of victory is, there is no choice but to grab without having to miss the opportunity.

That's why apo wax waited, I did not miss the important moment as a result.

"What is such a Courageous struggle the first time in dwarf Naru the body, he need is mind if ask really really great things I Na ~Tsu. Many times the startle, Hontoni~tsu.

If if, in the next one hand, what the deal? - "灼愚 magic meteorite Rama Zoo Lama" "

Dragon Empress while continuing the continuous attacks of RyuTsubasaude, magic only dragon of genealogy can be handled by using its vast magical power - have put his RyuTadashi magic.

The RyuTadashi magic that manifests immediately by chanting destroyed, was something extraordinary to produce a meteorite of Glen terrible thing.

The diameter of the meteorite approaching from 灼誕 dragon empress on the backward slanting straight toward the apo wax is too huge and sixty-six meters, moreover, has been wrapped in Takeshi-zei, burning.

Meteorite that speed has been added to the weight is only be crushed if Ukere a direct hit in apo wax, because it is an attack from the sky Unlike [breath of the final flame] earlier, it is difficult to even use such protection by Shuyari.

Yet continuous attacks of RyuTsubasaude it is without having to stop, apo wax continue Inashi are forced to glued to the spot.

Would because.

Is deemed necessary in order to survive this situation, apo wax one trump card which has been kept concealed until it was decided to use.

"Ogre Orb - open"

Unique shades of demon pearl black and red and gold that had been buried in the chest and elbows both knees of apo wax were mixed, was melted and Dorori.

the melted it, spread to such obscure the body surface all of apo wax.

To fly faster than the heavens, a giant meteorite that was wrapped in burning.

It is produced by the once real the contraindication of mass system RyuTadashi magic that changed the phrase small country into scorched earth overnight "灼愚 magic meteorite Rama Zoo Lama", continue to prevent the onslaught of RyuTsubasaude in the decisive battle field was falling toward the apo wax are.

Its majesty is fiercely, it was one of the like have been falling like the sun.

Battle field that has been wrapped in a high fever, even in just the temperature continues to rise by the approach of the meteorite that wears the burning.

And the moment that RyuTsubasaude is retracted in order to avoid the collateral, meteorite without being disturbed at all landed on the battle field.

Is strong decisive battle field waving like the sea only at the moment that it is not less than a moment, then deflection, and intensely violent collapse is not withstand began in the impact.

First play was of it's flash. Rather than at the level of blinded, it's will likely heat light burnt meat.

And there will be several tens of times the dragon roar, it sounded a deadly roar. With physical destruction force it, was the speed of sound of hammer.

The lag slightly in it, shock runs through. Organisms within the range would disturb the mess, it's an order of magnitude of the impact.

In like chasing it, pieces of the shattered battle field and the meteorite is scattered around at tremendous speed. Certain of the magnitude myriad it, bored the occluded decisive battle field throughout to have in unavoidable density.

And burning, such as burn out all kinds of things of this world has spread around. We were a magic flame that was Bettori like the mucus it, burning fiercely in order to burned to death even if residence is a person who has survived miraculously.

Other than such as overflowing lava, destruction caused by meteorite fall ranged widely.


...... Also, Takano that will frost past Chitoyari? "

It was partially destroyed in only exercised one of RyuTadashi magic stood a strong robust decisive battle field that should not be collapsed if the original, 灼誕 dragon empress you Yarisugoshi intact by Ryuuroko and Ryukara even while bathed in its destruction at close range is, I have looked around and restlessly.

Far away overlooking, nine pieces of longan golden that can Mitosu the nearby, but can not find the figure of certainly stay apo Akira before SuMadoka landing point of the meteorite.

However, it was also an unavoidable.

In starting from the point where the apo wax was there no longer scaffolding itself by decisive battle field has been partially destroyed, in addition to the fact that they've been swallowed by the bottom is full of lava, torrents Standing rising plume and the meteorite and decisive battle field of fine such debris is that it is scattered dance hollow, because the field of view as if it were as if wrapped in thick fog is getting worse.

Moreover, since the fine debris tinged magic is to demonstrate the kind of effect of chaff, a truly of longan Also situation could not be exhibited in Shiquan its ability.

It might have been different if there is some kind of movement, but this time it can not be found because it is also not.

Song servants to "Unu ...... failure.

That indeed, I unexpected may. And to have too much.

Long name, and if I should have heard over "

Indeed of 灼誕 dragon empress also can not be confirmed in longan and, if it is not felt signs, apo wax dead, it was the only not determined that.

Its expression is distortion in disappointment - dragon of expression is hardly very understandable, but so can be judged from the vocal - it is somewhat to score.

Through a time long, long, finally came was 灼誕 dragon empress probably wanted to fight still with the presence, Nagorioshi likely to apo Akira was there, now staring at the place that had been swallowed by lava.

One of longan is in the corner of the field of vision by chance, I caught a shadow moving.


...... Something - ~Tsu! "

To 灼誕 dragon empress of systemic there in towards the face, chills ran.

It is too a brilliant, it was as if was buried in permafrost is almost dragged the spine.

灼誕 dragon empress is faster than to understand what the cause is what, the evasive action was carried out according to the determined instinct and he danger of life is imminent.

And bending the limbs to support its bulk, and lie down low enough long thick neck is attached to the battle field and lava surface.

It is a height of about house still, but 灼誕 dragon empress was survived by his behavior.


灼誕 dragon empress becomes dungeon boss, for the first time of feeling occurs in the back.

It's like a violently burning such heat feeling back.

If the original instead of avoiding the fatal Tsuyoshi閃 was going to cut the neck, and he back of the RyuTsubasaude is a severe pain that is bisected from all the base was feeling so.

"Do not, what is ~Tsu!"

From the cutting surface such as Taiki of stumps, huge Ryuchi is ejected.

Blood vessels flowing through the huge 灼誕 dragon empress of the whole body thick, the number often. Heart that circulates the blood to every corner is a very strong beat, it has sent out constantly enormous blood volume.

And that RyuTsubasaude, that it or the like having the same function as the limb is slashed from all roots in a sense, so that suffered the same amount of damage that was cut off a limb.

As a result of the cut together a thick arteriovenous flowing through the RyuTsubasaude, rained a large amount of Ryuchi in battle field.

Rain of the dragon and the same would be instant death if not in equal basis Watariaeru race Ryuchi it is without having to evaporate immediately, go wet red around.

The presence to receive the danger be at an end Ryuchi systemic, only only one demon in addition to 灼誕 dragon empress, the battle field were present.

"- ~O~o~ooo, Ummaaaaa Oh"

Like the dragon blood to wet the whole body enjoy the carefully as if it were a superb wine, Kurau a small piece of meat attached to the vermilion of the spear to O~tsu licking gloss Kashiku.

the demon that immersed in such ecstatic when almost met the best of ingredients, and from its characteristic Ginude, is apo Akira definitely.

But current apo wax, has been a very different figure from the up earlier.

"Marks, Fuhahahahahawa~tsu!

It is, whether it is serious! Great, it'll great, its intimidating! The arrogance seen as prey us ~Tsu!

Indeed it was chosen [Okami] and the great person, here to you who a certain qualification was arrived superb ~Tsu "

apo wax are ahead of 灼誕 dragon empress is look ahead is standing in the battle field of the wreckage of reasonably large size.

And the whole body except for the silver left arm, was covered by Onitama orb that has a unique shade of black and red and gold are mixed and not come and exhaustive.

Etc. Unlike general systemic armor or exoskeleton, is it to understand well the shape of the body by covering so as to crawl the body surface, reminiscent of like powered suits and body suits of the kind apo wax had been worn in previous life We had a futuristic shaped to be a.

But unlike such that no powered suit that varies greatly shape Although Built with high elastic special materials, Onitama made whole body armor that wrapped apo wax have hidden the ability to change the shape freely It was.

Tint of the surface always changes in liquidity, now also formed a sub-arm from around the scapula of demon ball and the same color, it has become a demon of the four-arm.

Ogre Orb is also possessed by the demon who load us of this happens is, because different by individuals respectively.

If heat demon Furanberuju that ruby ​​color of flame spewing, long boots, and so that was wearing a wind has the armor of emerald if Kazeoni, and changes to armor suitable for individual combat methods.

It is in the case of Aporou, it appeared in the form of whole body armor.

But the essence of the demon occasional apo wax, is that the weapon to be ever-changing and at the same time is the armor.

All meat adhering to pike apo wax finished base Eating, rather than having Shuyari and Noroiyari that was in hand, the more times by changing the shape of Ginude and Onitama bloated forearm It was fixed to.

Then it was the the finished, is a mono apo wax reminiscent of the Pairubanka that had been favored by previous life

Battle way to elaborate such finesse up to this by fixing the two spear it would be difficult to do, but by substituting the injection mechanism in Onitama and Ginude, the Shuyari and Noroiyari that becomes the 穿杭it can be said that can be demon instep formula Pairubanka that begin to shoot at high speed still is, in terms of attack power and destructive force that had been far better than fighting in the hand.

Just the fact that pike in order to not interfere with the movement of the hand is adjusted as just come in around the wrist, left over to the rest of the long and get in the way was, there is a very evil likely usability.

However, such disadvantages's like not even a problem if from apo wax. "Ooooo Ooooo ~Tsu! "

Apo Akira equipped with Onikabuto-shiki Pairubanka on both arms, raised a roar according Datsuinochikoe Desperado of Tsugeshioni].

奔Ru around the Grim Reaper of sound hunting the life of the hearing organisms.

But it is not cod forces to take the life of 灼誕 dragon empress, was it not to give In addition state abnormal bad status to it.

In terms of attack, it would have been meaningless roar.

But the Ryuchi of 灼誕 dragon empress is taken by [vampire Brad Vampire Chi餓], the effect of giving momentum to Tokkan rush of apo wax was strengthening itself had.

In left behind a spray of blood caused by evaporation by high fever, Tokkan of dramatically elevated to [black king KyoSusumu] apo wax was also used in combination, such as the speed at the time of straight running, sound even been left behind in far behind in 灼誕 dragon empress forthcoming.


But 灼誕 dragon empress also was not weak enough have seen it in silence.

In conjunction with the Tokkan of apo wax, I was feeding the Cleave by the right forearm with the spirit of Reppaku.

Unlike RyuTsubasaude, it's always blow in the limbs continue to support the big frame. Its destructive power is too fiercely, the atmosphere popping dust, sound come later.

The sharpness of the huge Goryu nail features a sharp, it will not be easy defense to the demon Tama apo Akira For example.

Cross should say even with the reckless suicide defying To Cleave blow killer was finished while less than a moment.

Huge Goryu nail tearing grinding easily apo wax, it looked on whether.

But Aporou it up on complete it, was able to be avoided by a fine line by the leap in perfect timing. If Okurere even if slightly, or if they hesitate, the body of apo wax is ground into specks, it would have turned into a spray of blood.

But Apo wax by brilliantly avoided, extends in front of the eye, galloping without stopping on the road followed by the right arm to the fuselage.

At that time, Onitama of foot bottom is deformed in a myriad of sharp knife, went carved a distinctive Zan footprints.

It is a slight by [physical damage through] and [large Kinuki strengthening] technique together due to, but surely hurtling damage is interrupted temporarily at the moment the apo wax has arrived at the destination.

"Oooo Ooooo Ooooo ~Tsu!"

So far without attenuating any momentum, apo wax was feeding the strike by right arm Shuyari facilities.

The knee from the feet, to the waist from the knee, the back from the waist, the shoulder from the back, the blow to the force of the spiral that were being accelerated and amplified at each site and the fist has been aggregated from the shoulder, 灼誕 dragon to penetrate easily the Empress of dragon scales, Ryukara brilliantly crushed, is a blow that gives the whopping up to the meat and bones.

But it is not enough in it. It is not a blow that reaches up to the life of 灼誕 dragon empress.

Even raising the body's ability, such as by example [Chi餓 of vampire blood vampire] and Onitama, it too the difference is still the first place of magnitude.

Street ahead of the attack, what if there is a loosening of the mind also was able to cut the RyuTsubasaude.

In the current situation that has hardened the use defense to huge magic, immediately after withstand this attack, the fatal counterattack comes was a sense of self-evident.

That's why, apo wax exercise.

And [Kongo destruction of black supremacy Demon King] that it was possible by combining a myriad of abilities, the two abilities of [violations violence of black supremacy Demon King].

Fist in the moment that you exercise is dressed a huge illusion that can be material interference, physical ability of apo wax was an order of magnitude improvement.

"Ooooo owed Raa!"

Apo Akira of Gouken, was hit in the abdomen of 灼誕 dragon empress.

At that moment, and the roar and shock, such as if the previous meteorite landed, and is such a lightning serpent occurred.

Blow of Aporou captured the abdomen beyond the tremendous, it was a blow would be no choice but to express that it is not impossible anymore.

Aporou in the blow, he the 灼誕 dragon empress that has been configured in such big frame and a mass that is hundreds of times of Taishan, which is also what ten times of its own, was Naguritobashi also tens of meters.

Beatings have been part dent large, large number of Ryuuroko is buried either peeling, strong Ryukara is easily broken dust.

Meat is burned by such lightning of snake that surges along with the hit of the fist, Ryuchi was blowing from the myriad of wound.

Even keel boasts the strength to lose to such Ryukara is shattered along with the dull sound, some of the internal organs were ruptured.

Too unexpected whopping, 灼誕 dragon empress will be astonished to not be able to raise even voice, but had not finished yet attack.

"There, Itsunomani~tsu!?"

Golden thread was attached to the body of the 灼誕 dragon empress if noticed.

The reach and traced the thread is the apo wax was in already close. Apo wax the distance that was born in that the beatings, it was buried immediately by using the golden thread.

灼誕 dragon empress will not be able to attack immediately because that collapsed posture even as out to fight back, not in time only to raise the defense force of local to concentrate magic.

Asked Hauling the golden thread that has been released from the fingertips of the sub-arm extending from around the scapula, apo wax stuck in a location that corresponds to the right shoulder of 灼誕 dragon empress, in turn attack by the demon instep formula Pairubanka of both arms me was feeding.

Demon instep formula repeated injection and re-loaded with startle specific rate of ten seconds barrage Pairubanka is raging in order to drilled the enemy with a thick armor by one point concentration of destructive power.

There is also the fact that effect Shuyari and Noroiyari granted the [strengthening large Kinuki] that is issued to shoot together with the exhaust gas, the ears are hidden sharpness that drilled the 灼誕 dragon empress.

But Apo wax to put sense to just in case, the sum of the combat maneuver [Lotus Spear Funeral] of [vocational and sōjutsu nurses].

The Shuyari and Noroiyari red phosphorescence may trap murderous conceived, go issued shoot fast strong.

[ Aporou as feeding the [Lotus Spear Funeral] combat maneuver Arts]

[Lotus Spear Funeral] that will position at the top among the combat maneuver that emits a continuous attack by [Continuous butt] and [Senyari Hyakuhana] spear, etc., improved the power and speed of blow blow.

And even plus has been ability [Senyari Hyakuhana] and [Continuous butt], and the like [Triple butted], the attack speed and attack power and attack range, about the number of performance Onikabuto-shiki Pairubanka is put out alone it had been up to the astounding things that ten times.

Demon instep formula Pairubanka that out shoot Ryuuroko and Ryukara the like as in the paper easily Ugate Shuyari and Noroiyari that had become like that is, almost like a spoon to scoop the pudding, 灼誕 dragon empress of flesh in an instant it is to be a gouging heinous attack be at an end.

Not only are gouged the alive body, the more sense to back to back will be flesh drilling, indeed of 灼誕 dragon empress will also felt the fear. Powerful than that fear has been mixed, it issued a likely skip off the all things roar.

"There Aaaaa Aaaaa aak!"

When the roar runs through along with the impact of up to tremendous, and mutation magic flowing through the 灼誕 dragon empress systemic, became the armor of burning in an instant.

The armor of the burning is a high fever than in the meteorite and lava, I wonder apo Akira indeed was also determined that the danger.

before the body is burned, take a distance by jumping in big backward.

But even while taking the distance, sleight of hand that was recovered in the right arm, which had been lying around in torn off by taken gouge the base would be a word of truly.

Distance to take, both slightly glare at each other.

While apo wax look Eating a part of the finest body of the recovered 灼誕 dragon empress.

灼誕 dragon empress let turned to anger and fear, while wrapped in burning to Takeru systemic.

The sight causing exchanged magic ride, enough of the force field even spatial distortion in both midpoint was formed.

"Marks, Fuhahahawa~tsu

The dreadful, fear shalt person Yono. No way is to have the power to destroy this way also easily the flesh of us. And as to increase the force by obtaining the flesh and blood of us, ~Tsu Is it that Fear what you are not afraid of this."

All RyuTsubasaude been cut off, it's 灼誕 dragon empress who lost to right arm, but already play began.

Although he tremendous just non-standard playback capability with originally, in addition to it, use the [torrid absorption] located further to the higher than [torrid disable] exceeds the [torrid immunity] that exceeds the [torrid tolerance], By incorporating a large amount of renewable energy and the like around the lava, the playback speed is accelerated dramatically.

Environmental characteristics also means you have to help the regeneration of 灼誕 dragon empress, full of meat from the wound sinuous To the Ugomeki, like that to go heal visibly, the fiercely enough to breathtaking involuntarily, it was a fresh thing.

In contrast, instead of missing the playback of apo wax dare 灼誕 dragon empress, in order to proceed with the war situation more advantage, will increase its power in that it Kurau the 灼誕 dragon empress of the right arm that took.

Was Minagira the overflowing such a force to the whole body, surely there was between the 灼誕 dragon empress, it will shorten the isolation has been the difference.

Sometimes going to the shape of the demon ball also varies with in order to obtain the power, and it was almost like a dramatic change evolve with every moment.

And playback of 灼誕 dragon empress is the end without calyx and a dozen seconds, apo wax was clutter the amount that exceeds its own volume during the slightly, collide again.

Body disparities etc. Nare Rekizen, is enough to compete neck and neck antagonize.

One by one of the attacks is gradually changing the terrain. Life shaving each other both of combat, was like a myth of such fierce fight.

 ■ ■ ■

It began to fight was slightly slow, physical fitness Toka regenerative power of 灼誕 dragon empress is orders of magnitude too, it was decided to continue the fight across the day.

Honestly, I think I did not you come in one demon.

Lost the appetite, I want to hit a little before him.

No, however, 灼誕 dragon empress of blood and meat well enough say whether the rise to heaven in one bite, and including it think in positive and negative, would not be of somewhat a plus.

Blood is a delicate yet rich, and had a pleasant aroma. Superb wine that has been aged through a long time, and speaking, it may be a little can imagine.

Meat and bite one is placed in the mouth overflow is gravy to as burst like, flesh was Minagi~tsu forcefully than ever together with such impact was shed the direct current to the brain.

Just one bite and fatigue is completely removed.

Honestly, so far metropolitan digit is different.

Something to even it would be arrogant to compare. The 灼誕 Dragon Empress' meat, and it was a much of a rarity.