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Day 241

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Japanese --> Russian --> English

Day 241

Thanks to Asue, we spent the night in an underground lair. We could have relaxed in a broken camp, but we decided to spend the night underground.

The ground was stable, so we did not have to be afraid of changes in the landscape. Because monster appearances are pretty rare, it was possible to relax.

Besides, even if monsters did decide to attack us while we slept, we could still deal with them. Nonetheless, it would obviously be better if there was less unnecessary work. It was a good thing there were no monsters that could move underground. This lair will remain because it is quite convenient.

While staying underground was more dangerous in the event of an attack, there was only a certain direction in which the monsters could attack from. In addition, Asue's fortified walls made it much easier to defend under such circumstances. As well as the main entrance of the cave, we had created 3 more exits which I had concealed through [Hide]. Even if one collapsed, there was nothing to worry about.

Using my new skill [Greater Summoning: Demonkin], I created strong guards and positioned them outside the cave. They could act as an alarm if anything were to happen.

The [Black Orc Guard Knight] was armed with a huge black shield. The [Black Minotaur] held a large axe in one of its hands. They were spread apart to protect each doorway and to better cope with incoming monsters.

Even against the local monsters, they were capable of holding out for some time, and so no one would be caught off guard.

The only problem was that the inside of the cave was very hot. It was enough to possibly induce heat stress. To counter this, we decided to use the [Skeleton Centipede].

It had solid framework and we added heat-resisting magic items to cover the walls. As a result, the intense heat died down to a pleasant sort of warmth.

Thus, we were able to sleep peacefully in the [Fleymus Mountain's Flame Dragons].

Further on in the dungeon, sleep will probably be harder to obtain because of the constant and relentless attack from monsters. One needed to sleep soundly now as it might be the last chance to do so.

As such, we slept soundly, recovering completely from the exhaustion of yesterday.

We woke up at around the same time, exchanging greetings while leaving the cave. Although there was no sun out here, [Fleymus Mountain's Flame Dragons] was as bright as day due to the lava that flowed everywhere. With bright lights everywhere, it was difficult to find a dark area in the dungeon.

Well, that wasn't really a problem so we went out to have breakfast. Breakfast was important as it would allow us to have a reserve of energy for today's conquest.

Having a delicious breakfast will significantly affect the results. As a result, today's main dish was the [Black Orc Guard Knight] and [Black Minotaur] who had finished their security task.

Because of their [Divine Protection] and strong abilities, they looked pretty tasty.

Upon having such thoughts, drool flowed freely from my mouth. We did have the option of not eating them because they were a solid fighting force, but their presence would certainly attract packs of monsters.

Having more members in a party will result in more monsters appearing to go up against them. At the moment, we were already at the limit and if we considered taking them with us, I could not imagine how many more monsters would be attracted.

In the first place, taking them with us was completely unnecessary. I can just as easily summon them on the spot if needed.

Therefore, taking risks and dragging them along was not an option. But at the same time leaving them behind feels like the wrong thing to do.

Summoning can be classified to 3 types: [Lesser Summoning], [Intermediate Summoning], and [Greater Summoning]. Starting from [Intermediate Summoning], summoned beings have intelligence. [Greater Summoning: Demonkin] results in demons possessing an average person's level of intelligence.

They can express human emotions, and communicate clearly with others.

Compared with the puppets summoned with lower skills, they were living organisms. They were also completely subordinate to my will, and if necessary, would not hesitate to give up their lives. ED note: Rou probably meant sentient beings rather than living organisms

If I were to leave them, they would most likely wait and continue battling monsters. The last thing they would say would be "Master... I'm sorry if I disappointed you ... and left this world before you..." or something along those lines.

Moreover, in order to determine their fighting strength, I had sent one earlier to the lava golem. He died uttering such words so I'm almost sure of it.

Not that it would matter whether they have intelligence or not, but it seems strange to leave them here rather than to eat them.

So in order to save us the trouble of cutting them to pieces, I gave them the order to destroy each other. While waiting for them to finish, we started preparing to leave. After waiting a little, I took apart the last remaining demon and we were left with a big pile of meat.

Since blood was still over the food, I removed it using [Hydro Hand]. Since heat generated on the ground was high, I placed a large pan on some rocks and fried the meat.

The thick meat of the [Black Orc Guard Knight] and [Black Minotaur] was an indicator of how good it was. The sight of it being fried stimulated the eyes and ears and the smell was enticing.

Subconsciously, I started remembering the grill feast with all the roasted pork and high-quality beef. After thinking that eating only meat is bad for one's health, I gathered some vegetables sprouting in the labyrinth and washed them. The combination of the soft meat melting in the mouth and the fresh, crisp vegetables is the best!

Consuming mouthfuls of meat and vegetables furiously, I start thinking of adding [Devilish Blue Flame Trent] bits. This would add a subtle sweetness that oozes when chewed and would certainly make this better.

Ability learned: [Plant Control]

Eating this delicious food and even getting an ability, I am obviously lucky today. Maybe something good will happen in the conquest.


Gaining the strength for today and checking our equipment, I contacted Rusty Iron Knight and Doriane who had awakened as one of the 18 Demon Warlords.

I wonder what caused the awakening of the 18 Demon Warlords. I asked how each were different from before and after the awakening as well as the current news. Summarizing what I heard from the both of them, I still did not understand why.

When they came to their senses, they already had their respective titles, and it is difficult to explain in words, even for me.

Indeed, since "the passage of time and the fulfillment of the conditions were met" they had both awakened.

Apparently, these conditions are unique for all, I concluded from listening to their stories.

After the awakening, we realized that the overall effect was the cumulative growth in abilities and an incredible leap in the ability of a few particular ones.

Rusty Iron Knight, a fighter, got a significant boost to his fighting abilities and Doriane-san made significant progress in the field of aromatherapy and relaxation.

Curious on how strong he became, I decided to arrange a fistfight between Rusty Iron Knight and Avenger.

The fight early on between Avenger and Rusty Iron Knight was close, forcing him to go on the defense reluctantly. [ED: The fight before "Rusty Iron Knight" awakened.]

This time, not only was Rusty Iron Knight able to strike back, he was able to fight with Avenger on equal terms.

After a short standoff between them, Rusty Iron Knight rushed towards Avenger.

Rusty Iron Knight threw strong left and right combinations which could have broke rocks. Avenger ducked the approaching punches so swiftly that afterimages could be seen.

Counterattacking, Avenger threw a hurricane-like uppercut.

Sensing that his jaw would be crushed if it hit, Rusty Iron Knight dodged by bending backward.

Although a direct hit was prevented, Rusty Iron Knight's posture crumbled.

Avenger, not missing the opportunity, continued with a low right kick. An ordinary person would have had a fracture but Rusty Iron Knight was able to endure the attack with his foot.

Enduring the destructive power of the kick, Rusty Iron Knight threw his palm at the chin of Avenger. He avoided this by twisting his neck.

Rusty Iron Knight, hoping for this, placed one arm around the neck of Avenger and fixed the other hand around the back of his head.

While both skillfully breaking Avenger's posture and restraining him, Rusty Iron Knight started kneeing him with a level of strength that would surely put a dent in iron.

Because the neck hold limits one's movement, it is difficult to prevent continuous knee kicks. Because the force exerted from the hands and feet are different, it is hard to stop the force of the kick.

If Rusty Iron Knight's opponent is unable to break free from the restraint, his internal organs or his head might be crushed to a pulp. His relentless attack was indeed that devastating.

However, his opponent right now was Avenger, one of the figures chosen by God. He would not fall, even at this level.

Avenger was able to block most of the knee attacks approaching his body even though his movements were restrained. But still, his defense cannot be said to be perfect so a number of shots were able to hit their mark.

Avenger was rapidly shaking his head to loosen the hold while enduring all the attacks coming at him. Not missing the opportunity at one attack's interval, Avenger threw his shoulder at Rusty Iron Knight's chest.

The violent collision blasted Rusty Iron Knight away and he endured the severe pain without a change in expression. It became hard for him to breathe but still, he did not fall.

He certainly failed to win, but he was able to get in a couple of serious blows and give Avenger a tough fight. For Rusty Iron Knight who, in a short time, was caught up in strength by his own pupil Redhead (currently located in the Royal Capital), this strength gain was most welcome.

After the bloody morning workout, Avenger had a warm smile on his face, satisfied that the new power had given him a decent rival.

They were the couple who pursued strength greedily, and were suited to each other. They could easily be called either the best of friends or the worst of rivals.

As for Doriane-san, the constant guest of "Hot Springs Village" Parabellum, she was ready to judge her skills by using Father Elf as a test subject.

It was still early in the morning, but Father Elf was already awake and heading over in order to take a morning bath. He was just in time for the experiment.

He was reluctant at first, but after realising that he could experience the new development of Doriane-san for free, he happily agreed.

His once proud appearance now seemed like a mere illusion as a relaxed smile appeared on his face. Well, it's best to leave it at that.

Secreting a unique massage oil from her palm, Doriane-san stood over the half-naked Father Elf lying prone on the massage bed. She skillfully massaged the skin of Father Elf without any wasted movements.

The unique oil was gradually absorbed by his skin, and its effect began to emerge. In less than a minute, the consciousness of Father Elf began to float. Drool began to drip out of his mouth through the hole in the massage bed that had been designed exactly for this situation. It was proof that her abilities had profoundly grown and that he was experiencing unbelievable pleasure.

Recently, Father Elf had become accustomed to the massage at the hot springs. I wondered what had become of her skills to make him enter such a trance.

It will be necessary to try it out after capturing this dungeon, I thought, looking at the happy face of Father Elf.


After finishing with the investigation, and leaving the details to these two, we started today's conquest.

After a short walk, we came out of the treasure area, into a very different terrain from the previous zone.

Cliffs extending endlessly with a height of about 50 meters were to the left and right, and from the edge began a wide river of lava; the shore on the opposite side could not be seen.

Crossing this vast river, you would get to the gates of the spiral tower located in the heart of the volcano. However, the flow of lava to the opposite shore seemed endless. It was not going to be easy to cross.

There were three factors that made crossing difficult.

The first obstacle was the enormous heat emitted by the river. It was possible to go by jumping from the hillside, but the jump would be difficult. About 50 meters in, the heat could seriously burn us and we could become grilled meat. In fact, in order to make sure, I made a clone for reconnaissance and it burnt up without even traveling a few hundred meters. If this happened from the radiation of heat alone, what would happen if one was to fall? Well, I'd be fine but the rest would die for sure.

The second obstacle were the areas where gravity behaved strangely. Above the main flow of the river, some areas had huge chunks of metal floating in the air without melting despite being exposed to steam and the radiant heat of lava.

While some were suspended in the air, the other blocks of metal were not. Even if you tried to fly to get across, you had to be careful of the areas with irregular gravity.

I thought that these lumps of metal would be pretty hot, but from the observations of Kugime-chan, they absorb the heat emitted by the lava river and compress it. As a result, the surface was quite cold, even for those that were just on top of the river. After I tried touching one with my hand, it was just a little warm.

The temperature thus posed no problems. The metal lumps varied in size and their distance from each other ranged from a few meters to hundreds of meters away, so although they moved slowly, you could choose a route and move to another one before it broke. Thus, choosing an optimal metal lump and route, it would be possible to cross the river of lava.

It's just that there were not only places with weak gravitational pull, there were also places with strong ones, sometimes making floating lumps of metal fall into the river of lava with a splash.

This is probably a trap for explorers with the ability to fly. Even if one could fly it still wasn't safer than choosing a path from the metal blocks. If caught off guard, falling metal mass would become a serious threat.

It would be impossible to relax here with things being pulled up to the sky. The irregular gravity makes metal blocks float in the air and countless streams of lava also float around, looking like huge snakes hovering in space.

Although the smaller streams seemed fairly safe, it wasn't the case. We just witnessed a spectacle where one covered several blocks of steel. And at that size, if you are not lucky enough to escape, even your bones would surely disappear.

Lastly, this was also a living area for dungeon monsters. They were like those encountered before, but there were also some other demonic species.

For example:

[Steel Demonic Monkey]: Has dark red colored skin, a muscular metal-like body and two wings.

[Bloody Red Devil Rider]: Rode a pale white horse with a steel mane and held spears, lances and kite shields. It wore sinister-looking armor on its body dyed with the blood of its prey.

[Large-mouth Shark Devil]: It has a huge body of more than 10 meters, covered with black and silver scales. A third of it's body was an incredibly large mouth with lots of individual sharp teeth the size of a dagger.

[Lesser Lava Demon]: Standing at around 2 meters, with a lion-like head with dark red horns and crimson-coloured skin. Also on its back were bat wings, and his feet were like those of a predator with sharp claws. They also held a variety of weapons.

The [Lesser Lava Demons] were also accompanied by their top form [Greater Lava Demon], who were around 3 meters tall.

Some waited on metal lumps, others flew around, and others appeared with the eruption of lava.

In such a place where it was necessary to constantly monitor the entire environment, it was going to become a huge struggle for us.

Because of the possibility of falling chunks of metal into the lava, boulders, or eruption of lava flows in this place, we needed to be fast on our feet and also in destroying enemies.

But there were those with weak endurance like Kugime and Seiji. Also, Irofu and Kanami were quite weak to heat, and even though we can take measures against the heat, we could not assure that there would be no accidents.

So I carried Kanami-chan on my right shoulder. Meanwhile, Minokichi had on his shoulders Seiji and Irofu. Asue had Kugime, and Supesei was on Burasato.

With this we had good mobility while not greatly reducing our combat capabilities. With preparations finished, I ran ahead, Minokichi, Asue, and Burasato-san followed.

Incoming dungeon monsters were easily detected by Kugime-chan thus they were not able to ambush us and we were ready for them.

Let me explain a little more. Sitting on my shoulder was Kanami-chan armed with [Failnaught] obtained from the Elves.

Drawing the bow with the strength of a [Vampire Noble - Variant] until it creaks, she produced bluish silver magic arrows, [Demonic Freezing Arrow], created from her strong ice magic and released at frightening speed.

The arrow released slips through the defense of the approaching [Steel Demonic Monkey] and hits its forehead.

When the arrow pierces the body of the [Steel Demonic Monkey], the magic in the arrow is released. Red spikes from the creature's own frozen blood pierces its body from the inside.

Though the damage from the attack was great, it was not enough to kill the devil with its high life force. It had high resilience, and these wounds would disappear in a few minutes. Only this time he was not so lucky with the environment.

The surrounding flames instantly melted the ice. The water evaporated so quickly resulting in a steam explosion that scattered pieces of the [Steel Demonic Monkey] around leaving in its place only his equipment.

finished editing til here (nyaaaarp) and I shall continue (Fruf)

On the other hand Kugime, with mystical rays emanating from her, triggered an attack from a [Large-mouth Devil Shark].

Her voice produced rays in different directions, and after a while it became a collateral attack. Truth was that the power of it was not quite big, but the furious [Large-mouth Devil Shark] immediately jumped out from hiding at this point. Irofu threw small knives [ED: That may be covered in something?] into its metal fins, after which it began to decompose, robbing it of the ability to move.

As expected, with its fins completely rotten, it no longer had the ability to move. Struggling to move like a fish on land, the [Large-mouth Devil Shark] became easy prey.

Here it suffered kicks from Asue, who was carrying Kugime. From these kicks, the local monster flew. Moving like so for a while, we arrived at a little oddly shaped, fairly large lump of metal which had [Bloody Death Devil Horsemen] waiting in a line.

There were 10 of them, with well-coordinated movements, pointing their spears at us. They rushed forward. Because of the awkward shape of the metal lumps, we had nowhere to flee from them.

As there was nothing else we could do, Minokichi took a defensive position. His defensive stance looked unbreakable but the [Bloody Death Devil Riders] continued to accelerate, aiming at his stomach with spears from all sides.

Just a few seconds before the collision with Minokichi, a huge chunk of iron shot up from the ground in front of him.

It was not me, but Asue-chan. Conventional riders would have crashed into the obstacle, but the [Bloody Death Devil Riders] spurred their horses to jump.

Suddenly I witnessed a heroic spectacle. With their feet off the ground, the [Bloody Death Devil Riders] could not dodge any attacks, and they took the strongest of Supesei's heat magic that she had recently learned. The magic was called [Demonic Bullets Lava Dragon].

Having released more than a dozen fire blocks, each of which was about the size of an ogre, she mercilessly shot them at the [Bloody Red Devil Riders].

The strength of the shells was able to completely destroy the mighty ramparts, and her opponents faced certain death.

In addition, these lumps in collision with the enemy had the effect of exploding. Even if they somehow managed to avoid the attack, they would all get caught in the radius of destruction, and be knocked down by the blast and shrapnel.

In the end, there were still a few surviving [Bloody Death Devil Riders] but they were wounded and their movements became very sluggish.

To finish them didn't take long. Nonetheless, this meeting had caused reasonable difficulty.

It was extremely dangerous to linger in one place as the strength of the monsters quickly increased. They ignored all injuries except the most severe wounds. As a result, they were able to move forward very quickly.

With difficulty we finally managed to cross the river of lava in a couple of hours, and saw the entrance to the spiral volcano.

The battle with the monsters on the top of the metal lumps had taken a lot of time, but we had finally almost reached our destination. Yet in the way was a large obstacle. It was a local field boss. He was waiting for us on a huge block of metal, right in front of the spiral volcano.

Dungeon boss called [Taurus Demon Lord "Adada"]

It was a 7 meter demonic version of the Minotaur. The major differences were the huge black bat wings on his back and the ominous looking armor which he was wearing. Instead of the usual axes, he was armed with a huge black scythe.

Of course there were differences in the details. Covering his whole body were black and red bristles, which would probably injure us if we touched them.

Between the two horns on his forehead was a third golden eye, which was superimposed on the enemy, giving a variety of negative statuses such as [Demonic Eye].

I had [Demonic Gaze Immunity] and Kugime-chan and Kanami also possessed [Demonic Eyes]. But the others wouldn't be able to fight him head-on quite so easily.

ED: can't find Rou's ability in the list, maybe Complete Evil Eye Resistance or Nullify Negative Status Effects?

First ever edit to fix a name and link (Rikone)

The [Taurus Demon Lord "Adada"] aimed a black substance from his mouth as us while waving his scythe. Black fire erupted onto the ground and he smashed his scythe downwards. Amazingly, it turned into a black tornado which quickly approached us. 

[Dungeon Boss [Taurus Demon Lord "Adada"] successfully defeated]

[As a bonus for the first elimination of the boss will be sent a box of treasure [The Monument Flaming Demon Cows]].

It had been an extremely difficult battle, but we had won in the end.

[Taurus Demon Lord "Adada"], out of all the monsters that we met here was undoubtedly the strongest. Despite his appearance, he was very nimble and covered in shadow, making it difficult to see him. He also moved 3 times faster than what we had thought.

His incredible strength was enough to counter the defence of Minokichi-kun. And while he was very strong in close combat, he also used a black substance which had a [Cursing] effect.

Those touching it immediately fell under some negative status, which was active for a long time. It was sticky like musk and hard to remove. Protection from it was quite difficult, so even owners of [Resistance] could not relax. It also caused excruciating pain to its victims. I had experienced it once, and I was not so eager to do so again. [ED: Is it just me or does this sound nasty~~]

Those were his strengths, so I basically had to take him on by myself while covering the rest.

If that wasn't enough, [Taurus Demon Lord "Adada"] also had the ability to summon other demons.

If I did not have [Greater Summoning: Demonkin], we would have been overwhelmed with crowds of [Taurus Demons].

A few dozen wouldn't be difficult to deal with, but several hundred would be nearly impossible.

Nonetheless, we defeated the [Taurus Demon Lord "Adada"], and safely reached the entrance to the spiral volcano.

It didn't seem wise to continue with such injuries and fatigue, as it would make going further much more difficult. I had already collected some new trophies for my item box, so it was decided to spend the night in front of the gate.

There was certainly a chance that we would get attacked by very strong monsters, but the intervals between attacks were less here. Thankfully, we could rest and recover.

We had [Taurus Demon Lord "Adada"] and [Taurus Demons] for dinner, and went to bed early in preparation for tomorrow.

Ability [Hellfire] learned.

Ability [Aspect of a Demon] learned.

Ability [Soul Hunting Scythe] learned.

Ability [Lesser Summoning: Fiend] learned.

Ability [Intermediate Summoning: Fiend] learned.

Ability [Greater Summoning: Fiend] learned.

I wonder why [Summon: Fiend] rose from Lesser to Greater straight away.

Using the Skeleton Centipede increases comfort even in a harsh environment, and thus we could comfortably relax for the rest of the day.

Today's [Synthesis] results:

[Lesser Summoning: Fiend] + [Intermediate Summoning: Fiend] + [Greater Summoning: Fiend] = [Summon Archfiend]

[Escape] + [Emergency Retreat] = [Emergency Escape]

[Black Demon's Charge] + [Elephant's Roar] = [Black Demon King's Mad Advance]

[Improved Cutting Power] + [Increase Stabbing Force] = [Great Slash Penetration Enhancement]

[Vampirephilia] + [Blood Eater Beast] = [Blood Vampire]

[Storm Sword Dance] + [Acrobatics Sword Dance] = [Dance Song Sword Storm]

[Black Demon's Roar] + [Wyvern’s Roar] + [Wailing Wyvern’s Body] + [Ghost Cry] + [Voice of Death] = [Death-dealing Roar (Desperado)]

Day 240 == Day 241 == Day 242

Google Translation

Day 241

Last night, it's ours has laid the base to spend the night was in a cave Asue-chan was drilling.

Bother without occlusive within the cave escape is limited, anyway it from rest to build this up to Skeleton Centipede made based on a high degree of freedom outdoors as of, but technique also was once an option that, he dug great pains Nara, and is mean that was reused thought.

At first was a casual idea, this is I think it was selected not bad at this.

Because, since the current position of the compartment that was more stable than other less need to worry about the terrain change, it said that the low total number and incidence of dungeon monsters, must be avoided as much as possible, such as rest on defenseless in the dungeon.

If if rest vulnerable, because it is very likely to be attacked stagnation such as dungeon monsters.

The course to be able to fight back immediately even if attacked stagnation, but can be also available in much such as countermeasures to this, but time is who has been determined to be a little easier.

Fortunately here absent the dungeon monster of the kind that moves underground, within the occluded cave was good is variously convenience.

To the direction to be of those made hardly move compared to outside attack here can be determined freely, by the somewhat by performing the strengthening of Asue chan and I in the wall can be trusted even to budge and not strength and defense face since.

In addition to the entrance of the main, if secured about three was hidden escape route in case of emergency, do not worry about being buried alive by the collapse.

After have enabled newly generated by [Greater Demon Summon], possible activities under individual harsh environment a superb powerful guard - was in possession of a huge shield and "Black Bull Oak Guard Night", huge game dealing with the ax like the extension of the hands and feet "Black Demon Minotaur" - If you ask defend each doorway to number field, so can cope quite well here in the dungeon monster opponent, ours is surprise in a defenseless state also it prevents it that.

Although only cave in had Nante problem becomes to be too heat likely to be roasted, it was resolved by the skeleton centipede.

Here skeleton centipede you add equipped with a heat-based magic items that you obtained it in that paste on the wall, and he fiery heat has become a good warmth about.

After you have built a simple base Thus, in [Furemusu Flame Yongsan] inside in the comfort would not even once, ours was the rested and soundly.

I think this earlier also want to take a vacation like this, but it would be impossible indeed.

Here is merely a special, in another it is exposed to attack without mercy. Satisfactory sleep, this is likely to last.

And to say that, ours is greatly enjoy sleep, I woke up in a thorough state of being complete recovery of all of the energy strength magic that was exhaustion yesterday.

The place was timing all roughly the same, and out of the cave while exchanged a brief greeting, temporally sun but it should not yet ascended [Yongsan Furemusu Flame] is not wrapped in already during the day of such brightness It was.

This is probably because or are full or spouting lava in all the time various locations.

By that light source also exists everywhere there is no sun, or would not it be more difficult to find the darkness.

Well it's as good, even if now, was the first to get out was ready for rice. Breakfast is to create a vitality to overcome fierce be at an end capture, and is one of the essential elements.

It 's of no and this is for, and he would significantly alter the results in time still to say that emergency.

While I think a such thing, today the main is the Black Bull Oak Guard night and black Minotaur who had completed the role of as overnight guard.

Generation Lord is to be enhanced by my cage capacity significantly than usual, this guy or the like having a somehow doing able ability again, no difference in spoiled for delicious.

Just imagine, is likely dripping drool. By the way, more or less of it or why not should I take to not eaten here Dattara do become forces, and might think, come hit a huge number of dungeon monsters are attracted to signs such as this guy It is a certainty.

Since easy lured a wide range of dungeon monsters larger the party members in the dungeon, the current Kuki also actually, but he or was pretty last minute, when it comes to in addition to it take a guy like, come the amount of how much or, I do not know honestly.

And the first place of the story, in addition to that there is no such need to go forced to take, it's only good if newly generated at the time that it is needed later.

Because of no need to bear the risk that can be purposely avoided, choices that take a guy like it was not in me.

However, I think if even going to stand in this state.

This is because the ability of generating system the lower, middle, but he can be classified into three of the top, intelligence is like dwells in generating body from the middle.

I mean that dwells intelligence also generated in course [Greater Demon Summon] fellow etc., but the guy or the like which is generated in the upper were present ego as solid pieces.

And then we express emotions clearly, conversation bouncy than the poor opponent because my head is good.

Rather than-out meat puppet pseudo such as when lower, and he is present as a single organism. Guy like that absolute obedience to me is a major product yet it is willing also to throw out their lives in one instruction.

Even proceed left to earlier, I is continue to fight dungeon monsters while wounded to come back, maybe at the last moment "main like ...... I'm sorry. Tamely ...... and probably dying while ahead rude to you "or somehow say.

I mean, when you first generated an integral check the combat force is hit the [Lava Giant] and [Cordova Golem], almost certainly since died, leaving a feeling of words similar.

Although good, even if it is going, but or Not alone separately from intelligence, but because I think if even to just leave such guys and would be better to Shiteya~tsu to ours of flesh and blood, and you think, so ours is this guy It is the eat the like.

So is the decision of Beru, in order to save the trouble of dismantling and ordered as initially mutually disassembled from each other.

Until the work is finished in this, ours was able time to the extent that arrange a brief get dressed.

As I to dismantle the remaining integral after a while, it finished the mountain of large amounts of meat chunks.

But since intact but the truly blood is too high, go side by side on top of the huge iron plate that was placed on the reasonable size of the rock after removing the unnecessary blood using the [Water Flow Operation Capacity] and [Hydro-hand].

Since the iron plate is heated without permission by the individual geothermal, put the meat we go burnt while standing guns guns and sound.

Thick high-quality Black Bull Oak Guard night and [Black Minotaur] of meat, had just goods can be seen just by looking at it's first class products.

spectacle that it is going to be burned to exciting was a great thing to be at the same time stimulate visual and auditory, and olfactory.

Involuntarily Jururi, and drool drips. Na's indescribably lush and grilled meat party that uses a large amount of high-quality beef and wild boar meat from the morning, and while I think.

Since the grilled meat nutritional balance is bad and just, incidentally also the Labyrinth of washed with Shimizu labyrinth-producing vegetables 喰Beru together.

Soft and rich meat will melt in the mouth, the combination of crisp and vegetables is the best.

If you are consuming the meat and vegetables in large quantities at a furious pace, why not to add the debris of Blue Flame Devil Too rents in casual moment, and I thought.

If you try to run immediately, it adds a subtle sweetness that oozes when chewed and touch that was crunchy, and this has been better.

Ability learned: [Plant Control]

And it can be up to learning on you eaten delicious, but as luck is facing today. It might just maybe capture also, there is something good.

When you have finished the meal vitality pervade, while the inspection of simple equipment before starting the capture of today, I tried to get in touch with [Rusty Iron Knight] and Dorianu's that was awakening to the 18 Demon Warlords.

This, of course, what it was awakening to the 18 Demon Warlords is was a chance, also How different from or in after as before they were awake, but to listen to things like.

So to summarize the story that I heard from two people, starting point is it seems I do not know.

However, respectively, have to work, Oh Na'm such a person, such and myself, and Once in hard feelings and is to express in detail in the words, it's so had acquired a notice.

Indeed, since had been Toka display "time and conditions are fulfilled, and that in which consciousness", probably met Well two people such a condition.

Two people talk because this likely there are individual differences will not only about reference, but still will need to keep the time being heard.

So it's state after awakening, but in addition to the improvement of overall capacity, growth in specific areas tremendous, it was found that.

Ability of combat relationship or because Rusty Iron Knight if combat enthusiasts is, relaxation relationships such as aroma if Dorianu's.

It's so on. Because now I want to know for the time being whether the blunt iron knight became strongly how much, I had a pair hand in avenger and bare hands that had to act together in the morning.

Counterattack by being overwhelmed by Avenger and Rusty Iron Knight also Mamanarazu, but slug is devoted to defend the clenched teeth, but he comes to that.

If you try this time, it was a whopping Rusty Iron Knight can fight Avenger with a margin of only able to fight back.

When the quick easy flow, is as follows.

Two people facing the. Short standoff is finished, was moving ahead was a Rusty Iron Knight.

The left and right combination punch gouging even of rock Rusty Iron Knight. It approaching almost at the same time, avenger to avoid fast ducking appreciable afterimage.

Blow of the counterattack that avenger was feeding immediately after that you have Kaikugu~tsu the attack, was a hard uppercut that wearing a tornado.

Rusty Iron Knight who somehow reaction to blow that crushed jaw definitely if hit was avoided by large bend backward thing.

Although direct hit was spared in the last minute of the place, posture of Rusty Iron Knight by being pushed by the Kobushi crumble slightly.

Avenger of the right low kick that was paid out as a pursuit not miss it. It that would comminuted fracture if ordinary person, but Rusty Iron Knight was received by somehow foot.

Endured while per Gras in orders of magnitude of destructive power, Rusty Iron Knight was feeding the palm strokes aimed at the chin of the Avenger. But it I avoid by revenge who tilts the neck.

But it is what probably were the focus of most of Rusty Iron Knight, he turns the arms to the neck as Avenger, and fixed to entwined his hands in the back of the head.

It's such a state is referred to as the so-called "neck sumo".

While skillfully break the posture of vengeance who get out from restraint, and impress upon him to repeat the kick knee to even dent iron.

In a state where the movement by the neck sumo is limited, it is difficult to quite to prevent kick knee is repeated continuously. To the simple hands and feet too differences power of blow, it can not be exert it as I think is derailed the flow of the total force.

And when it comes to Rusty Iron Knight opponent, ability does not remain internal organs burst escape from restraint if no person, might have become a head crush, Nante ending. It was a relentless attack a harsh so much.

But this time the opponent avenger. It is one of the leading figures chosen by God, nor in Han is done at this level.

It takes a knee approaching also being inhibited movement, or go sink. But still defense can not be said that perfection, number shots of attack to hit the avenger.

Revenge who solved forcibly shook his head sumo is aimed at the interval of the attack and attack while endure it, to rush from the shoulder on him Rusty Iron Knight of the heart without having to miss as it is a slight chance.

The rate fiercely, Rusty Iron Knight that blew while accompanied by a violent collision sound stood without having to distort the face in severe pain, such as breathing is clogged, but fall.

It is so on. It seems that can not win, but several times a good attack enters the avenger, had to struggle.

Disciple is Redhead, currently in childcare leave at the Royal Capital - caught up in a short period of time in, for Rusty Iron Knight had become overtaken is likely, strengthening of this seems to have been very welcome thing.

While sure the new force joyfully, began to migrate to the training of Yes bloodshed from the avenger and the morning to show a good smile can be affordable rival.

What's it been allowed to fight, but two people who seek greedily strength I like wavelength is too fit.

Kind is called the friend, or the fact that. Then it's the case of Mr. Dorianu, but I had to bench his Father Elf that had been stayed to just [Parabellum Onsen].

Although there is still subtly early hours, Father Elf and he was just right because it was a place that was going to Asaburo it already happened.

First, but was somewhat reluctant and wanted to whether the answer go to Asaburo it was looking forward, it was me to accept immediately if you know and receive free of charge a new procedure's Dorianu.

Figure of the father elf full of first dignity of the time may have been a phantom, scruffy smile enough to think Nante it aside in outline aside.

Secrete a unique aroma oil from palm, Doriane-san's on the back of the father elf half-naked became prone on a massage bed is going to crawl hand.

Palm, such as stick to the skin smoothly, but it construed the body of his father elf in accurately waste-free operation.

Aroma oil penetrates and bit by bit, it was exerting its efficacy without regret.

And it is not poor and one minute, conscious of his Father Elf was interrupted.

Massage bed is he the size hole of which is suitable for the part to come is just face is open and become prone, but remain open mouth of the Father Elf that fits in there, drawn to the gravity drip and drool is on the floor dripping with that. It is evidence that relaxes the body too much of comfortably.

Recently, the Parabellum Onsen that Father Elf that Momihogushi the body by receiving regular massage is and fall in this short time, I wonder if the procedure's Dorianu is in the level of how much hell.

I'll let you do all means when you are finished capture is, and I thought so while watching his Father Elf you've slept too comfortably.

Roughly is left to the two people to me to keep examine more in detail after completing the confirmation, ours began cheats today.

When you exit the treasure area to walk for a while, it comes to the location has changed significantly from the terrain of the past.

Endlessly extending in a cliff of a height of about fifty meters left and right, where is he the way of Jitsuzuki following the earlier is interrupted, and from there has spread ahead of the invisible end is under the cliff scale of lava of taiga he was.

You ought to be able to arrive at the entrance of the towering spiral volcano in the center if Nukere this river, but torrents enormous amount of lava rivers that raise the plume is difficult to see more distant location, it is not easy likely Watare to.

Factors that make it difficult to break through rivers, there are three roughly.

First, it is the ridiculous heat energy emitted from the lava river. Although was Susamajika~tsu is more than enough even to come here, to leave the hillside, seems to degree of difficulty is further jumped from here to there in a place called a little more up to the top.

In fifty like not there, such as meters about the height of things, it's likely to burn, such as the a good feel if a little exposed on top of the river raw meat.

In fact, minute body was throwing in order to reconnaissance was burned browned in radiant heat without advancing even several hundred meters.

And because the layers of only radiant heat, it can be seen as just die unless in the presence of the definitely course is Ochire if. I any case, it will die surely other at all.

Secondly, apparently there is gravity anomaly zone in some places of taiga, but the fact that. Because, as several thousand pieces as long as you have a quick look in the sky of the river, while being exposed to steam and radiant heat to be ejected is also floating a huge black metal mass that exists without melting from the river.

Since this other than metal lump things there is nothing likely to cross the river, as long as that alone can not fly in the sky, and to proceed to this destination, it is necessary to go through a metal mass that floats in the air by gravity anomaly.

I thought that it either has to high heat enough to not touch the fact that metal mass, metal mass according to Kugime-chan seemed is compressed inside by absorbing heat, its temperature even on top of the river is less is not high.

It's seems temperature to be healed not think that the "temperature huh" to the touch directly.

To it if there is no problem that extent, the magnitude also from a few meters to tens of meters hundred scale of things, it's likely to be if one wants to break in the metal mass.

Then the distance between the metal mass and metal mass are different, but mean that apart from the more can not move at all without also, slowly but because each is moving, a river in a short period of time If we choose the optimal metal mass It also would be possible to cross.

Close to the gravity of the metal mass Rashiku weaker than the other, it's going to be a help for also across that it is possible to increase lightly leap than I thought.

But gravity is weak place that you can not guard also as there is also a strong place in reverse if, that there was often a metal mass, which has been slowly moving or to suddenly fall to the river.

This is probably a trap for sink to force where possible flight capture who was riding on the tone. Definitely as long as it is not safe it seems to be better to go through a metal mass floating even be able to fly. However off guard even went through the metal mass can not be likely.

Lava flows that are actively activity death taiga is, because there are things that come pulled up to the sky.

The bounce greatly depending on the gravity anomaly, such as floating the metal mass, irregularly wriggles through the air Zubutoku long lava flow seemed to like that like rampage huge [Snake Dragon] in the lava river.

Although still nice if small, because some that would in plump wrapped a plurality of metal mass when it comes to things that scale is large, to evaporation does not remain even bone or if luck is bad lag escape no doubt.

And the last third is, but the presence of the dungeon monsters that live here.

Here but there are also tribes that came out so far are you living, and dungeon monster of the Devil System is being applied are a wide variety.

As an example:

[Giant Monkey] that has a skin and muscle-skeleton prosperous a body of dark red metallic, appearance, such as the addition of two square two wings "Faye Metal Debirueipu".

And rode to pentagonal magic horse with skin and mane of pale metallic, devil of Lancers cavalry spear and Gyakusan Takotate kite shield of Guren, and which equipped with ominous shape of the whole body armor dye the whole body in the blood of prey "Blood Red Devil run chain Les".

More than ten meters big frame and black silver robust placoid scale, and in unusually large mouth, which accounts for one third of the body was bearded countless chunky Surudokiba such as [Dagger Big Mouth Devil Shark].

Head flies corners such as the beast is dyed crimson, was grown on red-black man of such upper body of the bat of such wings from the back, with a lower body is reminiscent of the carnivorous beast that was covered with bristles, various biological of two meters size equipped with a weapon [Lesser Ravuaria Demon].

Was pulling in number field [Lesser Ravuaria Demon], of three meters size is its ancestor species [Ravuaria Demon].

But it there is like, it, etc. You can have waiting on the metal mass, or flying in the sky, come on to occasionally erupted lava flow.

Always coming off such a place where there is a need to be wary of all directions, it was pretty to struggle even in us.

Because here is inefficient to have when the metal mass would have been swallowed by the lava flow or fall, there was a need to satisfy both the annihilation force and mobility.

But usually on the go and the rear guard set, in particular remain assimilation anxiety or with the physical strength of political kun and Kugime chan.

High fever to weak Kanami-chan and the Irokusa-chan individual high fever intended painful even take the measures of Ikue, not even that there is no chance.

So put on my right shoulder is the Kanami-chan, Minokichi-kun bearers the political kun and Irokusa-chan, Asue-chan had a Kugime-chan, was in that Burasato-san runs through by carrying a spare star's .

Mobility by doing this, of course, is a translation that can be ensured decent annihilation force. Preparation ran me is the beginning enough effort, Mino Gillman-kun in the behind, Asue-chan, we go then with Burasato-san.

Closer come dungeon monster us to sense the Kugime-chan one after another so that it is surprise is not, here ambush in ready.

If roughly described - Kanami-chan was sitting on my right shoulder, the original draw bow to limit the strings was the heirloom of Elf [name bow fail note of hitting the target].

Gokyu drawn by Ryoryoku of [Vampire Noble Subspecies] is Giriri and creaking, the [Freezing Korimaya] Ao of silver woven in a fine magic of Kanami-chan I was injected at a terrible rate.

Korimaya is slipped through the defense of Faye metal Debirueipu approaching while raising a roar, pierce to the forehead.

And rice is the magical power is released in Korimaya, Faye metal Debirueipu of blood is forced to freeze, red ice thorn from the whole body I was exposed to the outside breaks through the meat and skin.

It's Faye Metal Debirueipu which suffered great damage in that it has been in shreds from the inside literally, but instant death is not. And to some an organism with a much ridiculous life force, we have a super-resilience of only move as if there was no such damage if Haitai also few minutes.

But, this time I like environment was bad. Go evaporated mercilessly ice thorn of blood around the high fever is exposed.

Body of Faye Metal Debirueipu by an abrupt change close to the steam explosion flew burst from inside, go scattered blown immediately by air currents rise also remain spray of blood blow. The fact that Faye Metal Debirueipu was there, the only drop items that have been left in situ showed.

Widemouth Devil Shark was approaching so as to exit the side, Kaiko rays emitted from Kugime-chan is concentrated.

It or the like emitted from all of the eye is concentrated on one point, and through the body box, and while emitting a slight sound.

Although [Big Mouth Devil Shark] has plunged while furious because just not a powerful attack enough to instant death, knife Irokusa-chan was throwing pierces a huge caudal fin, the movement has stopped by was corrosion in a few seconds.

Indeed caudal fin rot, we can not be even want to move in a state that had Moge from the root. Big Mouth Devil shark that came to such a state that desperately to budge it with the result Bitanbitan and it was launched fish is a game of dress.

Asue-chan troubled Kugime-chan, I was kicking the nose big time. While sounded heavy equipment sound like the head-on collision, kick unforgiving is spread around a piece of meat.

While still Asue-chan think exciting, we went ahead.

Upon arrival at the reasonably large metal chunks of the rectangle changed place, [Blood Red Devil] run chain Les we have had in store formed a procession.

The number ten. Pike of leadership has been poised obtained cavalry spear in motion clarified straight aim here to hunt down chasing even run away, and it is said in the operation.

Are variously inconvenient in other metal mass in order to proceed, it does not escape from the [Blood Red Devil] run chain Les who come from geometrically front of the metal mass.

and reluctantly, he took the defense formation that was the beginning of the Minokichi-kun.

But like eyes Mino Gil-kun an overwhelming presence, such as could walls in front of the wear, such such as that there is no relationship only thing Brad Red Devil run chain Le kicked the belly of pentagonal Ma-ba, than wind fast it come to rush.

Distance that was in its own way is Toha in a few seconds, just before the collision pike in Minokichi-kun, a part of the metal mass was significantly raised to almost like thwart it.

Rather than me, it is something due to the ability of Asue-chan.

It would have to fall from a horse or disturbance ranks by otherwise be abrupt topographic change, but Blood Red Devil run chain Les us was Tobikoshi obstacles without even mono it.

The leap of nimble pentagonal Ma-ba but was valiant thing as instinctively admire, it could not also be to do longer than does not have a foot on the ground.

For the Blood Red Devil run chain Les us during the few instant that became impossible avoided by the leap, magic of space star's has exploded.

The fed-out is a torrid system magic that space star's does best, mixed lineage seventh revised magic that was created by multiplying the rock soil system magic that came to use through the efforts shrapnel Demon the mule-Dolan's.

The magic that gives off dozens more rock mass burning large demon auger size at an acute angle shape was Uchinui mercilessly [Blood Red Devil] run chain Les taking not motionless in the air.

By robust walls even of the level to destroy without a trace magic of the barrage, and dying from those who were in the ranks ahead.

And rocks because there is also the effect of the explosion and at the same time in contact with the enemy, given the damage of only not move immediately by the shock wave and the roar that attacked from close range and also to avoid a direct hit.

Therefore, although [Blood Red Devil] run chain Les who was in the rear was also to remain without dying, the movement is dull whole body is full of scratches.

Once it was in everyone attacked it. Up by ganging up on, so it is also not to take time.

It would be so on. But also when that was also forced to struggle more than once if there when easily proceeded, it became somehow in unexpectedly glue and momentum Once the entire speaking in Ikeike.

Since the degree of risk if it is stranded here of environmentally increases briskly that and everyone blow usually more of a force to the blow had been put, and a significant level up to come here, if other than the damage of fatal and severe It would be a result of such brute force and advanced it to ignore is stacked in good condition.

As you proceed, while struggling, it was finally arriving to the distance that the entrance of the spiral volcano is visible. Have passed already a few hours from the start go the river. But had collapsed time in its own way by or fighting with stuck or dungeon monster on the metal mass, it is also the end came into view.

In a place called, a big monster stood in the way. So, here was the field boss. Nothing I Na come in a place like this, and while I think, at the top of the remarkably huge metal mass present in the spiral volcano entrance front, I we fought.

The name of the dungeon boss was [Minotaur Demon Lord Adadia].

Simply put it will be a demon version of huge Gozu Demon Minotaur that stature is more than seven meters.

Speaking of big appearance differences, and black wings like two pairs of bats that grew on the back, rather than giant in the ax of having the ominous design of a living body armor, hand to protect the head and torso and limbs it would place such a black sickle, a biological weapon.

There is also the difference in the details of course. In ominous dark red thick of bristles, such as was almost bundled the metal fiber stuff that covers the whole body, it is poorly and touches if meat is gouged likely. The amount of ferocious head coming towards hostility to ours by the pure white Surudokiba to bare, is usually the third golden eyes closed - to grant a variety of abnormal state to the enemy to match the line of sight [LegumeIbiruai] - It exists. I do with such [Beans Complete Resistance].

To counter this, it does not even Kanami-chan and Kugime-chan itself also has a [beans], and to face from the front it's difficult going. While discharging the black flames with breath from such formidable Minotaur Demon Lord Adadia mouth, it swung down the sickle towards us. Front of the eyes, the huge tornado of black flame arose.

[Field boss [Demon Minotaur Adadia] Succeeded to subdue the] [has been awarded relic] treasure chest [灼牛magic as the First Punitive Bonus] and the end of the struggle, ours was victory. The strength of the torus daemon load Adadia, the highest rank is given to no doubt in all monsters of the past.

The movement he fast enough can not imagine from the appearance, but because there are many things to be less visible is the figure by black flames clad in a body, was felt three times faster than the original speed when actually facing. The ability [Herculean Strength] is strong enough to break the defense of Minokichi-kun from directly in front. Zan shoot blow such a heavy and complex hit by sickle forcibly to push the shield of Minokichi-kun, immediately jumps kicks shield the easily flipped up, such beatings of shelling crushed a sturdy pole ball rib of Minokichi-kun It was.

A phenomenal alone body surface so on, but the exercise black flame seems a kind of [Cursed Flames]. Quite a long time to heal if burned to curse flame to grant the state abnormality is a need, this having a characteristic such as mucus is difficult to extinguish and attached with Bettari, careless even have [Tolerance] is possible no. Since such extent burn even a metal mass floating in the river, if if burned the whole body, it is necessary to cut off the burned part.  

It burned the whole body a bullet for everyone, can affirm the horror of the survivors was what black flames because I'm in it to [Molting]. Super painful. The Toka is burned alive, not that it is not withstand, but not the ones you want to taste many times. Moreover, because the Minotaur Demon Lord Adadia have to generation capacity, it would be another violent of the word. If there is no such [Summon Greater Demon], the last continues to be generated may have been swallowed by the large army of the inflated "Minotaur Demon" up to several hundred bodies.

Anyway if dozens, many things are too tough, surrounded by several hundred bodies indeed. Anyway, ours is to subdue the Minotaur Demon Lord Adadia, was able to arrive until the spiral volcano entrance and exits the river. Since severe it is difficult of fatigue as advance indeed any more injuries, after recovery of all the treasure boxes and corpses were to spend the night in the spiral volcano entrance. Here but this may be attacked sporadically powerful pole ball dungeon monster, still because interval of attack is much longer than the other, likely it can take a cohesive break.

For dinner, we ate Minotaur Demon Lord Adadia and Minotaur Demons, and decided to rest as soon as possible for tomorrow. Overflowing with the more flavor gravy bite if turtles, the best of the meat of the top class among far, ours is very satisfied.

Ability [Hellfire] learned

Ability [Demon's Will] learned

Ability [Soul Split Hunter] learned

Ability [Summon Lesser Demon] learned

Ability [Summon Intermediate Demon] learned

Ability [Summon Greater Demon] learned

I wonder why the [Summon Demon] went up from Lesser to Greater in one a single moment.

Bases made from [Skeleton Centipedes] will increase the day-to-day comfort by the combined setting in environment. It allowed me to ensure a comfortable rest in a big success today.

Today's [Synthesis] results:

[Summon Lesser Demon] + [Summon Average Demon] + [Summon Greater Demon] = [Summon Supreme Demon]

[Escape] + [Emergency Withdrawal] = [Emergency Escape]

[Black Demon's Roar] + [Elephant's Roar] = [Black Demon King's Roar]

[Increase Cutting Force] + [Increase Stabbing Force] = [Massive Increase Stabbing Force]

[Blood-sucking Exploitation] + [Blood Eater Beast] = [Blood Eater Blood Vampire]

[Storm Sword Dance] + [Acrobatics Sword Dance] = [Dance Song Sword Storm]

[Black Demon King's Roar] + [Jadar Wyvern's Roar] + [Ghost's Screaming] + [Wyvern's Roar] + [Demon's Call to Death] = [Death-dealing Roar (Desperado)]

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