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Day 240Edit

“Day 240”

We’ve gotten out of the forest of blazing trees.

As for the reward for the challengers that passed through hardships to get here, a large amount of rare minerals can be easily mined here. This seems to be a place that provides a profit that greatly exceeds the troubles.

There seem to be digging sites everywhere. The moment we arrived here, Asue-chan was overjoyed with excitement. She was unintentionally crying. She murmured 『Could this be paradise?』

While Asue-chan went towards the mining spot that was closest by, she mentioned to us in the back that she won’t move until everything was dug up completely. And so, we decided to mine together today.

Since this is a place you can’t come easily, which should seize the opportunities as they come by.

As Asue-chan pointed out the dig sites, we scattered and started to work.

With a one-handed magic pick, I started digging. It somehow reminded me of the time we were expanding the base in the Great Forest.

Reminiscing a lot of different things from that day up until now, we kept on digging relentlessly.

Even if there weren’t a lot, “Lava Golems” wandered around sporadically. We spontaneously split up in different groups.

Kanami-chan and me.

Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan.

Burasato-san and Supesei-san.

Seiji-kun, Irofu-chan and Kugime-chan.

That’s the situation.

We hunted the Lava Golems when we got tired of digging, we mined and we took breaks, we mined and we hunted. And as we kept repeating ourselves, the day passed by in no time.

By nightfall, Asue-chan seemed satisfied. We planned to continue our dungeon delving tomorrow.

By the way, the amount of minerals we collected by today’s effort, reached up to the five times the amount that we obtained up until now.

I honestly think we mined too much.

Ah well, it’s not something to worry about.

At any rate, the difference between the crater and the top became a little longer.

I expected the ninth dungeon boss to be an earth-type. We lay down in preparation for tomorrow.

An announcement entered my mind.

Steel Crowback of the 【18 Demon Warlords】 has awoken】

【 Title 【 Iron Beast of War 】 is given】

Doriane of the 【18 Demon Warlords】 has awoken】

【 Title 【 Enbika 】 is given】

I understood that 2 people became part of the 【18 Demon Warlords】.

I’ll take it into consideration for tomorrow, as I’m sleepy. And with that, I slept.

Translation Notes

Writer Note
Champsy Enbika in google led me to Ambika[1], but I doubt it’s related. It just means Beautiful Flower.

Day 240Edit

Proofread --> and any other edits you think are necessary

Edited by ~Mad🎩3r

Day 240

After passing through the forest of flaming trees, we came across a vast treasure area filled with countless black volcanic rocks.

It is a bonus for those [Adventurers] who make it here, so that they can easily mine a large quantity of rare minerals. It is a place that brings benefit greater than the hardships of getting here.

Across the territory, there were scattered ore veins. Once we got here Asue-chan, with her overwhelming mining sense, involuntarily shed some tears of joy. "This, this is surely ...... paradise?" she whispered. [ED. AWWWWW cute!]

She excitedly ran to the nearest vein and did not stop until it was exhausted completely. It was decided that today we would be extracting ores.

As it is not simple to find such places you must take all that you can take, or so it is said.

While we ask Asue-chan to point out ore veins, we started to work separately.

While I was swinging my pickaxe it reminded me of the work of extending our base in the great forest, as it was done in the same way.

Thinking about all of the things that had happened, we continued to work without rest.

Although rare and small in numbers, there are appearing [Giant Lava Golems] so we split into small groups.

Kanami-chan and Kugime-chan, Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan, Burasato-san and Supesei-san, Seiji-kun and Irofu-chan.

And it went like that. Hunting [Giant Lava Golems], mining ore, hunting golems while mining ore. As we repeated that over the day it passed very quickly.

By evening even Asue-chan was satisfied. It was decided that tomorrow we would continue the conquest.

The amount of ore that we gathered today was at least 5 times what we had since we started this dungeon conquest.

Frankly, I think we overdid it.

Or maybe not, as most of it was things that you could not afford to buy.

Anyway, we proceeded further through the crater to a rise up in it's center.

Lone field boss was what I expected, but as nothing happened we will rest and prepare for tomorrow.

Then an announcement appeared in my mind.

Rusty Iron Knight awakened to 18 Demon Warlords

[Title [Battle Beast of Steel] will be sent]

Doriane awakened to 18 Demon Warlords

[Title [Beautiful Flower] will be sent]

It turns out that those two were among the 18 Demon Warlords, which is to be expected. Anyway, I'll sleep for now, and think about it tomorrow.

[ED: Great edit, barely had anything to do except filling in missing punctuation. :)]

thank you.~MH ((Ed Zak: I still edited it even more, according to TG below.))

Day 239 == Day 240 == Day 241

Japanese --> Russian --> English (NEEDS EDITING)

Edited some grammar issues and arranged/erased some unnecessary sentence/words. Not a full fix.

Day 240

Having less heat, there is a vast stretch of black volcanic stones.

Its an adventure getting here, as a bonus, you could easily get a large number of rare minerals on the side of the road, there by reap great benefits.

Across the territory, were scattered ore veins, at the time we got here, Asue on her overwhelming mining sense she suddenly let a "It really is a paradise?" whisper to herself.

And excitedly ran to the nearest vein and did not budge until it is exhausted completely. Today, it was decided to extract ores.

Once a vain had turned up. It is necessary to collect all you can muster. Ore veins were pointed by Asue, since we parted, each doing an excavation. Waving picks, for some reason, it reminded me of the base in the great forest.

Thinking about a lot of things that happened, we continued to work without interruption.

Although rare, there appeared [Giant Lava Golems], because we split into our normal groups.

Kanami and I, Minokichi and Asue, Burasato and Supesei, Seiji and Irufu.

Mining and Killing [Lava Golems], rinse and repeat, so the day went completely unnoticed.

By evening, we met Asue. It was decided that we would continue the conquest Tomorrow.

The amount of ores that we gathered today, was at least 5 times what we had since we started this dungeon conquest.

Frankly, I think we overdid it.

There wasn't anything interesting at the center of the crater, nothing like what we've encountered so far. So we went to bed preparing for tomorrow.

Then an announcement appeared in my mind.

Rusty Iron Knight awakened to 18 Demon Warlords

[Title [Battle Beast of Steel] will be sent]

Doriane awakened to 18 Demon Warlords

[Title [Beautiful Flower] will be sent]

It turns out that those two were among the 18 Demon Warlords, which is to be expected.

Anyway, I'll sleep for now, and think about it tomorrow.

hottunas - Did some editing of a few sentences, for it to run smoother.

Translator Google

Day 240

Earlier that passed through the forest of flame trees, was a treasure area the magnitude myriad of black volcanic rock rolls.

Is it that the bonus for the Raiders who came up to this hard to, you can easily and in large amounts mining a rare mineral, it seems to place that brings the benefit of much greater than the hardships of the past.

There seemed kind regards to mining point is present, the moment in Asue chan full of joy that came here, involuntarily shed tears, "This, this is surely ...... paradise? "It is enough to have such a muttered.

I'll not move until exhausted digging, and sometimes Asue while talking has gone toward had mining point close to the best in the back, it was decided to mining at all today.

So simple in a will come not place, when can take things that can be taken, the thing that.

While asked to instruct the mining point to Asue, respectively, to start the work rose only be.

It means go at digging into ice ax one hand of magic item, but remembered the time that was somehow extend the base of large forests and has been this way.

While immersed in memories and Naa had various far, ours continued to work without stopping the hand.

Although the number is small, so that once you are wandering here even [Giant Lava Golems], I divided the nature of the number demon groups.

Kanami and I, Minokichi and Asue, Burasato and Supesei, Seiji and Irufu.

It's like that. Hunting the error [Lava Golems] if amazed to mining, also break by mining, and also the hunted in mining, and repeatedly have and one day had passed very quickly.

It seemed to satisfy even Asue at night, tomorrow it plans to proceed with the capture.

Incidentally the amount of minerals obtained in this work was what is about five times the amount that has been gathered so far.

I was too honest mining, and I think.

No, well, it would not things you can not afford it at most.

Anyway, coming up a little more of the place until crater that becomes the top.

Individual dungeon boss would be what kind of guy, and while expected, ours will next in preparation for tomorrow.

Announcement flows in the brain.

Rusty Iron Knight awakened to [18 Demonic Warlords]]

[Title of [Battle Beast of Steel] will be sent]

Doriane [18 Demonic Warlords] awakened]

[Title [Beautiful Flower] will be sent]

Two people of the [18 Demonic Warlords] was the of, and while convincing.

You think so sleepy in the tomorrow, I slept.

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