Day 239

Day 239

Yesterday we rested the entire day, and now we're all in excellent condition.

Our injuries were healed, our physical strength that had been lost was back, and our nearly depleted mana was fully recovered.

In addition, for breakfast we had Large Vulcan Golden Elephant and Vulcan Bull Orc King.

Ability learned: [Mammoth Lord]

Ability learned: [Penetrating Physical Damage]

Ability learned: [Summon: Greater Demon]

Ability learned: [War Elephant Attack]

Ability learned: [Giant Elephant Body]

Ability learned: [Elephant's Lucky Wealth]

Upon obtaining the field boss's abilities, I wanted to dance with joy. However, I still needed to know what these abilities do. Later on, when I have time, I'll test them out.

Now that we are fully rested, we wanted to continue our conquest from the middle of the dungeon with full strength, so we moved on the Greater Skeleton Centipede.

Yesterday's descent, thanks to the use of the Greater Skeleton Centipede, was quite easy and fast. But, as we went back to the place where we were yesterday, resistance from monsters encountered on the way was rising rapidly. As such, when we finally arrived in the middle of the dungeon the [Greater Skeleton Centipede] was severely damaged.

Although we avoided attacks as best as we could with Kugime-chan's radar, we were able to move at full speed, but as expected we couldn't get through without it taking any damage.

There was a lot of intense damage scattered all over our ride. I think I will fix it later.

With that said, thanks to the Greater Skeleton Centipede that was used to reduce the time needed to cross to our destination, we now resume our conquest.

When you cross the stony slopes of volcanic rock where our fight took place yesterday you will come upon a forest of flaming trees.

Many of the trees growing in that forest have leaves that burn constantly with fire while generating heat that is at the same level as the lava lake.

If only the flames grew on a few of them... However, as there were several hundred thousand of them, they became a problem.

Irofu and Kanami had expressions of discontent since they are weak to the heat, but that issue was addressed with frequent use of [Hyper Cooling Liquid] which can be obtained quite often from all monster species living on the hills.

[Hyper Cooling liquid] is the higher grade version of [Cooling Liquid] obtained in the Labyrinth City Radha Lo Dara, with enhanced effects and time duration.

Although it's a very expensive consumable item, in high heat areas like the [Forest of Flaming Trees], it becomes one of the indispensable essentials.

The dungeon monsters living here had an outward appearance very similar to the flaming trees, Flame Treant as well as their stronger kin Lava Treant, and as such are hard to spot among them. They love to attack from blind spots with their flaming branches, as well as using magic to control the high temperatures in the forest fire of the countless trees; their attacks were very distressing.

Thanks to Kugime in the role of a scout with her ability to observe the surroundings, even if they tried to sneak up, we found them and proceeded onward without any problems.

Although we were attacked by large groups of Volcanic Apes, two of our vanguards were fighting with enthusiasm. Minokichi-kun and Burasato-san had a great mood after yesterday's rest and easily slaughtered them.

We received a huge amount of experience and combat skills after yesterday's battle with the field bosses so our battle strength has been greatly increased.

We continued moving without any problems before arriving before a large flaming tree that stood alone in the center of a large circular clearing with a diameter of one kilometer.

This large flaming tree has a height of about 150 meters, with a trunk as thick as six ordinary flaming trees.

The color of its bark was close to blackish gray. Located on its trunk was something that looked like a screaming human face.

But what was more characteristic was the color of the flame.

The branches that spread through the sky above us were aflame with a clear blue fire. It was a beautiful and fascinating spectacle, with a somehow demonic glow.

This huge flaming tree was the 5th field boss, the Blue Flame Devil Treant, and it was the last field boss that we could gather information about from the previous explorers.

Because of the lack of information from here on out, we'll have to tread carefully, but we'll think about that after defeating the Blue Flame Devil Treant.

The Blue Flame Devil Treant can be described as a kind of mobile [Devil Treant], one of the strongest among the species of [Devil Treant]. It is difficult to stop this enemy, as it can quickly shrug off any damage dealt.

It gathers natural magic from its surroundings via its vast roots, which it uses to heal any kind of wound in the blink of an eye, and its healing magic is especially powerful in this environment.

Although its magical attacks are seemingly classified as those with minimal offensive power, it instantly creates a powerful and sustained barrage of spells; it can be a very troublesome opponent.

Even high level combatants can be destroyed with enough time. As the Blue Flame Devil Treant is probably the last field boss on the hillside, it should be the fiercest opponent so far when confronted directly.

But it is fortunate that the Blue Flame Devil Treant will not move from its position, and as such can be attacked from afar with a preemptive strike.

So, it was decided that we will quickly obliterate it.

According to information obtained from previous explorers, the Blue Flame Devil Treant starts to react when opponents venture within 200 meters. This also seems to be the farthest range of it's branches, so it will not react as long there are no loud sounds.

Since the Blue Flame Devil Treant is a formidable enemy, I took some time to carefully plan the strongest attack method we could use against it.

I changed my silver arm into a gun and loaded the [Starving Impaler of A Thousand Thorns (Kazikli Bey)].

After undergoing the same processes as when I killed Balor, as well as activating the abilities that I hadn't acquired at the time, such as [Penetrating Physical Damage], [Bee Sting] and [Silent Pierce], I was curious how it will work all together simultaneously.

Without much delay, after finishing the preparation, I shot [Starving Impaler of A Thousand Thorns (Kazikli Bey)].

Because of the effect of [Silent Pierce], there was no sound made from the shot. There was only the flash of a scarlet line, which immediately struck the body of Blue Flame Devil Treant with an incredibly powerful blast.

Once affected from the shot, the whole body of the Blue Flame Devil Treant bent in the shape of the letter "r".

How flexible can it be that it does not break when bent so far, and how dense is the trunk to not be breached fully by such a powerful penetrating attack? Extremely shocked, as the strike only reached three meters into the trunk, I activated the ability of my spear [Army of Blood-dyed Crimson Spears].

As a result, within a radius of a hundred meters from the red spear began to emerge countless copies that mercilessly tore the body of the Blue Flame Devil Treant from the inside.

Slanting from the impact, while the inside is ripped apart by countless spears, the Blue Flame Devil Treant tried to heal itself with it's healing abilities until the roots can no longer absorb magic.

As it was reaching the end of its healing capabilities, with its base having been destroyed, the upper part of the Blue Flame Devil Treant began to fall while making cracking sounds like a skyscraper .

While significantly losing its height, but being still alive, it changes its fallen branches with the blue flames into the Flame Treant variant: Flame Devil Treant.

The number of those was about 500. With time, and their number will further increase.

Although Flame Devil Treants as defenders of the Blue Flame Devil Treant individually weren't very strong, their sheer number was a problem.

But our attack was not over yet.

Directed at the fallen parts, Kanami-chan and the others prepared 【8 Demons Annihilation Formation ・ Destructive Shot】.

Increasing its power with the formation effect from the [Face Of Emptiness of the 8 Demon Generals], it has become a huge black flash that went on through the Blue Flame Devil Treant and a horde of Flame Devil Treants while mercilessly destroying everything in its path.

All that's left is debris that flips in the air and crashes down to the ground.

【Field Boss [Blue Flame Devil Treant] successfully eliminated】

【Achiever Yatendouji has been awarded the 【Grave of the Diabolical Tree】 as a first time subjugation bonus】

The main body is decreased significantly, but some still remains.

There is a lot of debris, so we can collect enough material.

We began removing the remaining Flame Devil Treant that were not caught in the attack and collecting the debris from the Blue Flame Devil Treant, which has stopped moving.

The united attack certainly has tremendous destructive power, but also a big backlash leaving many openings, and you have to take a rest carefully, after you use it. This time however, it was done just right.

As we have no information on the area, I have sent out my Black Fomorians infested with [Parasite] to scout, but as they quickly died I learned very little.

Because of this, we will need to move even more cautiously from here on and we must use every moment of rest we get as effectively as possible.

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