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Day 239

NEEDS EDITING, Russian --> English is missing lines/content, double check with Google Translation at the bottom. ~Miraclegrass

Japanese ---> Russian---> English

Day 239

Yesterday we rested the entire day, and now we're all in excellent condition.

Our injuries were healed, our physical strength that had been lost was back, and our nearly depleted mana was fully recovered.

In addition, for breakfast we had [Golden Heffalump] and [Volcanic Blue Orc King].

[Ability learned: [Swine Lord]]

[Ability learned: [Penetrating Physical Damage]]

[Ability learned: [Greater Summoning: Demonkin]]

[Ability learned: [Elephant Hits Slave]]

[Ability learned: [Body of Giant Elephant]]

[Ability learned: [Happy Elephant Wealth]]

Upon obtaining the field boss's abilities I wanted to dance with joy, however I still needed to know what these abilities do. Later on, when I have time, I'll test them out.

Now that we are fully rested we wanted to continue our conquest from the middle of the dungeon with full strength, so we moved on the Greater Skeleton Centipede.

Yesterday's descent, thanks to the use of the [Greater Skeleton Centipede], was quite easy and fast. But, as we went back to the place where we were yesterday, resistance from monsters encountered on the way was rising rapidly. As such, when we finally arrived in the middle of the dungeon the [Greater Skeleton Centipede] was severely damaged.

Although we avoided attacks as best as we could with Kugime-chan's radar, and we were able to move at full speed, but as expected we couldn't get through without it taking any damage.

There was a lot of intense damage scattered all over our ride. I think I will fix it later.

With that said, thanks to the Greater Skeleton Centipede that was used to reduce the time needed to cross to our destination, we now resume our conquest.

When you cross the stony slopes of volcanic rock where our fight took place yesterday you will come upon a forest of flaming trees.

Many of the trees growing in that forest have leaves that burn constantly with fire, generating heat that is at the same level as the lava lake.

If only the flames grew on a few of them... However, as there were several hundred thousand of them they became a problem.

Irofu and Kanami had expressions of discontent as they are weak to the heat, but that issue was addressed with frequent use of [Hyper cooling liquid] which can be obtained quite often from all monster species living on the hills.

[Hyper Cooling liquid] is the higher grade version of [Cooling liquid] obtained in the Labyrinth City Radha Lo Dara, with enhanced effects and time duration.

Although it's a very expensive consumable item, in high heat areas like the [Forest of Flaming Trees] it becomes one of the indispensable essentials.

The dungeon monsters living here had an outward appearance very similar to the flaming trees, [Fire Treant] as well as their highest kin [Lava Treant], and as such are hard to spot among them. They love to attack from blind spots with their flaming branches, as well as using magic to control the high temperatures in the forest fire of the countless trees; their attacks were very distressing. ((Ed Zak: Not so sure about this paragraph. But I will leave it like that.))

Thanks to Kugime in the role of a scout, with her ability to observe the surroundings, even if they tried to sneak up we found them and proceeded onward without any problems.

Although we were attacked by large groups of [Fiery Metal Gorilla] two of our vanguard were fighting with enthusiasm, Minokichi-kun and Burasato-san had a great mood after yesterday's rest and easily slaughtered them.

We received a huge amount of experience and combat skills after yesterday's battle with the field bosses so our battle strength has been greatly increased.

We continued moving without any problems, arriving before a large flaming tree that stood alone in the center of a large circular clearing with a diameter of one kilometer.

This large flaming tree has a height of about one hundred and fifty meters, with a trunk as thick as six ordinary flaming trees.

The color of its bark was close to blackish gray. Located on its trunk was something that looked like a screaming human face.

But what is more characteristic is the color of the flame.

The branches that spread through the sky above us were aflame with a clear blue fire. It was a beautiful and fascinating spectacle, with a somehow devilish glow.

This huge flaming tree was the fifth field boss the [Devilish Blue Flame Treant]. And it was the last field boss that we could gather information about from the previous explorers. [ED: Calling it "Devilsih Blue Flame Treant", got a problem with that? Fine, call it "Woody" then because I give up!

Because of the lack of information from here on out, we'll have to tread carefully, but we'll think about that after defeating the [Devilish Blue Flame Treant].

((Ed Zak: I will try to decipher Google Translation below, with emphasis on TRY.)) -=- Anon: I helped

The [Devilish Blue Flame Treant] can be described as a kind of [Moving Devil Treant], one of the strongest among the species of [Devil Treant].

It is difficult to stop this enemy, as it can quickly shrug off any damage dealt.

It gathers natural magic from its surroundings via its vast roots, which it uses to heal any kind of wound in the blink of an eye, and its healing magic is especially powerful in this environment.

Although its magical attacks are seemingly classified as those with minimal offensive power, it instantly creates a powerful and sustained barrage of spells; it can be a very troublesome opponent.

Even high level combatants can be destroyed with enough time.

As the [Devilish Blue Flame Treant] is probably the last field boss on the hillside, it should be the fiercest opponent so far when confronted directly.

But it is fortunate that the [Devilish Blue Flame Treant] will not move from its position, and as such can be attacked from afar with a preemptive strike.

So, it was decided that we will quickly obliterate it.

According to information obtained from previous explorers, the [Devilish Blue Flame Treant] starts to react when opponents venture within two hundred meters.

This also seems to be the farthest range of it's branches, so it will not react as long there are no loud sounds.

Since the [Devilish Blue Flame Treant] is a formidable enemy, I took some time to carefully plan the strongest attack method we could use against it.

((Ed Zak: And here I finish my TRY. I'm afraid that most of it are just wild guesses))

I changed my silver arm into a gun and loaded the Starving Impaler of A Thousand Thorns (Kazıklı Bey).

After undergoing the same processes as when I killed Balor, as well as activating the abilities that I hadn't acquired at the time, such as [Penetrating Physical Damage], [Bee Sting] and [Silent Pierce], I was curious how it will work all together simultaneously.

Without much delay, after finishing the preparation, I shot Starving Impaler of A Thousand Thorns (Kazıklı Bey).

Because of the effect of [Silent Pierce] there was no sound made from the shot, there was only the flash of a scarlet line, which immediately struck the body of [Devilish Blue Flame Treant] with an incredibly powerful blast.

Affected from the shot, the whole body of the [Devilish Blue Flame Treant] bent in the shape of the letter "r".

How flexible can it be that it does not break when bent so far, and how dense is the trunk to not be breached fully by such a powerful penetrating attack? Extremely shocked, as the strike only reached 3 meters into the trunk, I activated the ability of my spear [Army of Blood-dyed Crimson Spears].

((Ed Zak: Spear ability copied from day 44))

As a result, within a radius of 100 meters from the red spear began to emerge countless copies, mercilessly tearing the body of the [Devilish Blue Flame Treant] from the inside.

Slanting from the impact, while the inside is ripped apart by countless spears, the [Devilish Blue Flame Treant] tried to heal itself with it's healing abilities until the roots can no longer absorb magic.

As it was reaching the end of it's healing capabilities, while making cracking sounds like a skyscraper with its base having been destroyed, the upper part of the [Devilish Blue Flame Treant] began to fall.

Significantly losing it's height, but being still alive, it changes it's fallen branches with the blue flames into the [Fire Treant] variant: [Devil Flame Treant].

The number of those was about five hundred. And with time, their number will further increase.

Although [Devil Flame Treants] as defenders of the [Devilish Blue Flame Treant] individually weren't very strong, but their sheer number was a problem.

But our attack was not over yet.

Directed at the fallen parts, Kanami-chan and the others prepared [United Assault [Flash attack of the 8 Demon Generals].

Increasing it's power with the formation effect from the [Face Of Emptiness of the 8 Demon Generals], it has become a huge black flash that went on through the [Devilish Blue Flame Treant] and a horde of [Devil Flame Treant], mercilessly destroying everything in its path.

All that's left is debris in the air, that flips and crashes down to the ground.

(([ED: That attack is still so strong. ~wah ~Azoraxxx]))

[Dungeon boss [Devilish Blue Flame Treant] successfully eliminated]

[As a bonus for the first elimination of the boss the treasure chest, [Grave of the Diabolical Tree], will be sent]

The main body is decreased significantly, but some still remains.

There is a lot of debris, so we can collect enough material.

We began removing the remaining [Devil Flame Treants] that were not caught in the attack and collecting the debris from the [Devilish Blue Flame Treant], which has stopped moving.

The united attack certainly has tremendous destructive power, but also a big backlash leaving many openings, and you have to take a rest carefully, after you use it. This time however, it was done just right.

As we have no information on the area I have sent out my [Black Fomorians] infested with [Parasite] to scout, but as they quickly died I learned very little.

Because of this, from here on we will need to move even more cautiously and we must use every moment of rest we get as effectively as possible.

'((Ed Zak: That was... interesting to say at least... and irritating at times. Day 240... here I come.))Ed: Trent = Treant, super common tree creature/monster'

Day 238 == Day 239 == Day 240

Translator Google (NEEDS EDITING)

Day 239

Yesterday there Kai spent carefully rest day, it's all perfection of state.

Injury has already healed, the physical strength that had lost Minagiri, magic that was nearly depleted is full.

In addition to eat part of the Vu~orukein Bull Oak King and Raruvu~orikku Gordo Jer file Rion at breakfast, it is also obtained more than enough vitality of the day.

Ability learned: [Swine Lord]

Ability learned: [Penetrating Physical Damage]

Ability learned: [Summon Supreme Demon]

Ability learned: [Elephant Hits Slave]

Ability learned: [Body of Giant Elephant]

Ability learned: [Happy Elephant Wealth]

While dancing for joy in the ability obtained in mind, the feeling of use is decided to check at a later date.

We wanted to resume from the middle while maintaining a very good now of state, in this time of climbing using the skeleton large centipede.

It became somehow even skeleton centipede and because it was only down yesterday, When it comes to climbing resistance of dungeon monsters violently, skeleton large centipede at the time of the arrival in the middle had been severely damaged.

Battle by Kugime chan radar to avoid as much as possible, but he was set to breaks new ground in speed when you encounter to not be avoided, it does not seem to go still and intact.

Because the damage to the here and there is intense due that was reckless, I think that I'll fix later.

With that said, while greatly reducing the travel and time required to climbing by success of large [Skeleton Centipede], capture has been resumed.

When you exit the area in which spread volcanic rock fought yesterday, then spread was a forest of flame trees.

Forest fire trees made up of the portion to be a the original if leaf burning Guren'nohonoo has caused the amount of heat of the degree is reminiscent of the lava lake.

Anyway If one only, it is from becoming so as long as dense with several hundred thousands it would also be there is no way.

And weak Irokusa chan and Kana-bi chan heat although the unpleasant look, was addressed in that incite drop item [hyper cool liquid] obtained in quite as often from the dungeon monster all species of the hillside.

This is a higher version of the [cool liquid] bought in Labyrinth city «Radha Lo Dara», effect and duration have been greatly enhanced.

It is an expensive consumables, but in high heat areas such as forest fire tree is one of the indispensable essential items.

So it's dungeon monsters that come out in the forest of flame trees, but have a to such figure-shaped mistake seen as flame tree "Flame To~o Rent" and that which is a higher species "Ravu~ato~orento" such as often.

Either this guy, etc. come to attack in the branches burning from the blind spot, I come to use the torrid system magic of high sea, a very nasty dungeon monster in this place where flame trees were mushrooming around.

Just because the excellent scouting role that Kugime chan there because you can perceive in advance even if not this guy, etc. lurking, ours went proceed without any particular problem.

Although there can also come surged a horde of such as "Flame Metal King" from around occasionally, fighting enthusiasts of avant-garde two people mood from yesterday's one leg was leave uplifted - Minokichi-kun and Burasato-san - Because it is murdered by, it is not even in failure.

Combat experience and vast experience values ​​obtained in field boss warfare, seems to have certainly strongly us.

Then when proceed smoothly, a single large flame trees are towering in the center, probably arrived in a location that is open round there will be a diameter of one kilometer.

The height of the large flame tree in the center is also approximately one hundred and fifty meters, will the thickness of the stem is comparable to ordinary flame trees six this minute.

Bark is gray close to black, also look like the expression of the human sinus sell some certain tree is writhing like.

And most characteristic of it would be the color of the flame.

The branches were spread to cover the sky, crystal clear blue flame is Moesaka~tsu violently. Ao-en attract the viewer beautiful, the shine's somewhere diabolical manner.

Such large flame tree, [Blue Flame Devil To~o Rent], seems dungeon boss of the five-body first.

The ancestors are barely described capture information stacked, it is also the last field boss.

From now on of information is not, it is a translation that must proceed carefully, but as it is considered to be from to subdue the Blue Flame Devil To~o rent.

[Blue Flame Devil To~o Rent] it hears a kind of "moving Ma-ju To~orento" located at the top among the system "devil tree Devil To~o rent".

Plant system it is also difficult to stop the movement basically because the pain does not exist odd attack.

Use the root that is stretched to its on beefier and the earth is healing in the blink of an eye, even with a wound because it sucked up around the natural magic, magic that has been exercised using the enormous magic is very powerful.

Apparently seems from the torrid system fifth revised at a minimum of attack, yet it is because of that usually put the barrage with a huge magical power, it can be seen that it is troublesome even just thinking.

Even military opponent, it's seems level that can be destroyed with room as long as several minutes.

Since the [Blue Flame Devil To~o Rent] probably the hillside last field boss, become a fierce battle of more than ever if fight from the front will no doubt.

But fortunately things to [Blue Flame Devil To~o Rent] because it is not to be moved from the center, apparently can safely preemptive strike if there is a long distance attacks.

So, it was decided to launch immediately.

According to information obtained by our predecessors of effort, the [Blue Flame Devil To~o Rent] begins to move I hear it within a radius two hundred meters.

This seems to be a big range of branches reach, and unless not react as long as definitely will not issue a loud sound depressed any more.

Since the Blue Flame Devil To~o rent is a formidable enemy, Tatakikome the strongest blow was elaborated over the carefully and time, Na probably kind setting that, and while I think.

I changes its shape in order to the Ginude to battery, loaded with ammunition instead of Shuyari.

After through the same process as when killed Valor, [one stab of bee] at that time there was no [physical damage through] and, [Yabu突 silent Pierce of silence] also conditionally to demonstrate the effect of including such All ability to be and tried to simultaneous use.

Without a hitch preparation is complete and emits Shuyari.

Hosei that roar by the effect of [Yabu突 of silence] does not occur, only if think that the vermilion of flash ran, was Shina~tsu large enough impossible Blue Flame Devil To~o rent along with the roar that accompanies the shock wave.

No, it says that it has Shina~tsu, "clause" might be good to the saying that was bent-shaped.

If there is how much flexibility do not crumble, even bent as any, if there is a defense of how much and what did not penetrate the that blow, and while various startle, height three meters from the ground without putting Kanpatsu to activate the ability [army Tseng Pesch of Shuyari that was bloody] of Shuyari that pierced the degree of location.

Countless Shuyari protrudes from everywhere had the Blue Flame Devil To~o rent of stem and roots to one hundred meters within a range that spans the ability, I was destroying the body mercilessly from the inside.

Equally the bent base from inside to the 爆散, yet seems harsh and [Blue Flame Devil To~o Rent] boast of restoration capacity is destroyed until the roots to absorb the magic.

During the restoration also without, while issued Megimegimegi, and a fatal sound, as if broken the base of the high-rise building, the rest of the Blue Flame Devil To~o rent as the upper part comes to fall began to collapse.

Lost most of the volume, but still seems not yet death is, it began to produce a burning tree people "Flame Devil Woodman" from the branches and the remaining part is harboring Ao-en while falling.

The number is about five hundred bodies. With time, that number will go further increased.

Although Flame Devil Woodman to protect the Blue Flame Devil To~o rents range of activities has been determined not strong up there as individuals, anyway the number of abundance is that's a nuisance.

But, I our attack is not the end yet.

Toward the upper part to come to fall, Kanami-chan us eight demon was feeding the [Metsu-Hachioni] coalescence attack.

It's holding back vent that benefited from the attack force specialized by formation effect [Mu-Hachioni Senjin], penetrate the Blue Flame Devil To~o rent and Flame Devil Woodman us to become a huge black flash, crushed mercilessly .

A large amount of debris is flying, come fall and flip around.

[We succeeded to eliminate the dungeon boss [Blue Flame Devil To~o Rent]]

[Stupa] treasure chest [devil tree has been awarded as the first punitive bonus]

Beru part has become much less, but the original is a former.

Debris is large, an amount sufficient if picked you collect will be ensured.

The time being to rid the surviving Flame Devil Woodman so had deviated from the attack range in the order, while collecting the debris of Blue Flame Devil To~o Lent, we will collect all that is no longer move or in the reaction of union attack.

Coalescence attack destructive power of our best even larger tremendous but reactionary, full of gaps after you use, all you need to rest and carefully is there is a drawback, this time it was just right.

Because, here from earlier research because it would do immediately dead even with [Parasite] the Bunkarada in black follower mall are not getting along, almost no information.

So I mean there is a need to go carefully than ever before, but the meeting for that is the translation of these break time effective use possible.

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