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Day 238

“Day 238”

The Vulcan Bull Orc King is very though, the fight that continued until the day changed was both physically as well as mentally tiring.

This guy. It was able to endure the three folded surprise attack, is an indicator of impressive individual ability. It began to summon subordinates with a magic item a few minutes after the battle started. And with that, a battle of endurance began.

It probably does this whenever its health falls below a certain amount, in order to regenerate in the meantime.

I wanted to kill it without giving him a moment to recover. However, the summoned subordinates didn’t move disorderly at all and approached as if they were one living entity.

It would be difficult to challenge them as a single demon, so to match their numbers, I countered with 【Lesser Summoning: Giant】.

However, the Vulcan Bull Orc King might have used 【Greater Summoning: Demonkin】.

The “High Orc Mages” and “Bull Orc Knight Lords” there were summoned one after the other possessed high intelligence and wielded weapons of high quality. The Black Fomorians could until take a dozen hits before they reached their limit. In their final moments, they used 【Human Bomb】 and exploded spectacularly.

The overall combat capabilities of the subordinates was pretty even, and they kept on cutting each other down for a short while.

In fact, the area transformed with the bodies kept piling on top of one another. I’d say there were around ten flesh heaps?

As we kept on summoning them, the Vulcan Bull Orc King charged at my, trampling over the bodies of his subordinates.

From then on, it was serious again.

The Vulcan Bull Orc King was similar to the Large Vulcan Golden Elephant. They were field bosses that specialized in close combat.

My Surging Destructive Fists of Flesh Crushing were blocked by a swing of his two butcher knives. Each blow held a destructive force capable of easily massacring a drake.

With abilities like 【Complete Physical Attack Resistance】 and 【Body Restoration】, it’s so tough that won’t die easily even if his head was blown off. Its near unlimited endurance is so magnificent that he won’t get completely exhausted even if he kept on going at the best of his abilities.

Its 【Intuition】 granted it superior perception so it was hard to attack him from the front and because it’s a wild boar, he was faster than he appeared. Its big frame was surprisingly agile, full of muscles and hardly held any fat.

It took a reasonable distance from me by executing several consecutive high-speed backflips. After dodging the stab of my vermillion spear by easily jumping in the air, it turned around and tried to crush my head with its cleaver.

From time to time it dispelled my predictions by acting eccentrically such as bouncing its body. My exoskeleton was broken several times by its cleaver to the extent that my entrails were spread out.

Even after I hardened my defenses, I received a certain amount of damage. Most likely, it has an ability along the lines of 【Physical Damage Penetration】.

While its offensive and defensive power were slight inferior to the Large Vulcan Golden Elephant from before, the Vulcan Bull Orc King made up for it through his high movement speed and natural agility. In all honesty, even the fight against the Water Hero’s party cannot be compared to this warrior.

Analyzing the general situation, it seems like you can’t kill the Vulcan Bull Orc King in battle by cutting and shaving off his absurd stamina. In the time that it would take, his opponent would certainly be exhausted.

Pulling out his heart, crushing his head, eating his internal organs raw; I destroyed his body to such an extent that it should’ve normally died a dozen times over. I was able to finally kill him after I instinctively exhausted his body.

Incidentally, in parallel the Large Vulcan Golden Elephant was about to die and unleashed his hidden power. A golden surge spread over its body. It felt like it forcefully made him more powerful. Minokichi-kun and the others took advantage of that moment and instantly used combination attack 【Eight Demon Annihilation Formation ・ Destructive Shot】. They were successfully able to hit it and barely obtained victory like that.

Like that, we were able to subjugate both of them successfully. But after the fight was finished, we became exhausted and were covered all over with wounds.

Especially because of the backlash of using all of one’s power in the combination attack, the fatigue of the eight demons passed over their peak.

Even Minokichi-kun was not able to move and when I arrived, Seiji-kun and Kugime-chan were unconscious.

【Field Boss [Large Vulcan Golden Elephant] successfully eliminated 】

【【Coffin of the Gigantic Elephant Soldier】 was awarded as a first time subjugation bonus】

【Field Boss [Vulcan Bull Orc King] successfully eliminated 】

【【Mausoleum of the Wild Boar King】 was awarded as a first time subjugation bonus】

Since the eight demons couldn’t move, they were gradually being cooked by the geothermal heat. If left like this, they’d suffer terrible burns.

You could say that they were somewhat protected by their armor, but as time passes by, the damage from the heat passes deeper into the body. If it comes to that, it’ll be harder to treat than a surface burn.

As I could still move because of 【Round-the-clock】, I set up the Skeleton Centipede as a temporary base. I picked them all up from the ground, as they still weren’t able to move, and put them in, in order to avoid them getting burned.

I also spontaneously threw the countless amount of corpses and both chests into my item box. After all that was over, I was finally able to take a break.

Because of my recovery abilities, I was already able to recover a little bit very quickly. While 3 minutes would be enough for me, the others needed more rest. Fortunately, there were no signs of dungeon monsters in our vicinity and we were able to restore a considerable part of our health.

While taking the break, we were talking about what we’d do next.

You could say that we hadn’t recovered perfectly, as Seiji-kun and Kugime-chan still weren’t back to their normal condition.

Anything is possible when forced though.

But it’s needed to not overdo it. Right now, it was necessary to rest.

Because of that, we decided to descend to the 【Boundary Range】 and get to the safety zone.

Since it would take some time on foot, we went on straight with the Skeleton Centipede.

Tomorrow, we’ll pick up where we left off and challenge the fifth field boss. But for today, I want to sleep soundly and recover.

We’ll have the two field bosses as breakfast tomorrow morning. As for today, we’ll have a pork party with the large amount of orcs and bull orcs.

Translation Notes

Writer Note
Champsy And all of sudden, a wild Water Hero reference appears. What?
Champsy How hard is it to simply say you can’t win a war of attrition, instead of using these crappy descriptions?
Champsy Hey hey, look this Orc King, inexhaustible, shit man, so OP. Oh look, I killed him after tiring him, nicela! – Why the fuck did you use 5 paragraphs to describe his tirelessness only to let row be even more tireless. For the love of...
Getting very unoriginal with the treasure chest names as well...

Day 237 == Day 238 == Day 239

Day 238

NEEDS EDITING, the Russian --> English is missing lines/content, double check with the Google Translation at the bottom. ~Miraclegrass

Japanese --> Russian --> English

Partial editing by Keeblerosenin, shout out to Glamdring

Day 238

The [Volcanic Blue Orc King] turned out to be unusually strong and we ended up fighting throughout most of the night. It was extremely exhausting.

First the [Volcanic Blue Orc King] was extraordinary to be able to have survive my surprise attack to his back. But during our all-night-long battle, he was simply spawning his subordinates with his magic powers. This was slow an attempt to chip away, my stamina while allowing himself to restore his own.

I would have like to keep him from Recovering but his subordinates had surprising good teamwork and seem to be able to attack me as if they were a single Organism.

To fight them alone would have been too taxing, therfore i foght, numbers with numbers by the usage of my ability [Lesser Summoning: Giant].

The Volcanic Blue Orc King seemed to have the ability [Greater Summoning: Demonkin].

He started to call [Orc Mage]s and [Orc Knight]s with great intelligence and high quality armaments one after another, so to match him I generated many [Black Fomorians] and equipped them with [Human Bomb] to even the odds, a little.

For a while then this turned into a battle of subordinates, where neither side was stronger then the other. But all that ended when the bodies piled up into a stack over 10 meters in high.

The Volcanic Blue Orc King continued to call subordinates and at the same time, he lunged towards me, trampling at the mountain of corpses under him, which in itself was a problem.

The [Volcanic Blue Orc King], like the [Golden Heffalump], was specialized in close combat.

With its double bladed butchers knife, able to pierce every enemy armor, his continuous attacks were like angry waves, each blow was powerful enough to easily kill a [Drake] on the spot.

Mostlikely he was fairly close to [Physical Attack Immunity] and had the [Body Restoration] ability, that makes him unable to die, unless his head is cut off or crushed. Aside from that it seems like he has a near-endless amount stamina, that allows him to fight continuously at full throttle; "indeed a really strong opponent".

With something like [Intuition] that allows him to respond to every attack, even from various directions, his movement was like that of a boar, but much faster. His huge frame was filled with strong muscles, and despite having the appearance of a fat body, it moved with ease.

Rapidly accelerating, he reduced the distance to me and when I threw a red spear at him he avoided it with an airborne spin, then attacked me with his butchers knife aimed at my head.

Sometimes thanks to his high perception and the unpredictable movement of his entire body he managed to bypass my defense, ramming his butchers knife into my exoskeleton several times.

Even with strengthened defense, I have received damage beyond my expectations, most likely he had [Penetrating Physical Damage] or a similar ability.

Although he slightly loses to [Golden Heffalump] in terms of attack and defense power, [Volcanic Blue Orc King] has superior speed and mobility and other fighting abilities; he is far superior to any group of war veteran heros.

If i were to make an evaluation of him, the [Volcanic Blue Orc King] makes good use of its tremendous endurance and ridiculous physical strength, in order to survive; therefoe it takes a long time to defeat him.

You can crush his head, rip out his heart or try to eat his internal organs. But it is all meaningless he restores in seconds. All you can do is slowly destroy his body to kill him. In the long process you get weakened, but finally... He dies.

At the same time, the [Golden Heffalump] came within a step of dying and released a hidden reserve of unknown force. His body began to emit golden waves of energy, but Minokichi and the others used [United Assault [Face of Emptiness Of The 8 Demon Generals]] against him, sealing the deal and thus snatching victory at last.

Somehow we managed to subdue the 2 dungeon bosses, at the same time, but as a price we were extremely tired, after the fight and we had wounds everywhere.

In particular, everyone suffered a backlash after using [United Assault]. The 8 Demon Generals were fatigued beyond measure.

Even Minokichi could not move, and Seiji and Kugime had fainted.

[Dungeon boss [Golden Heffalump] successfully eliminated]

[As a bonus for the first elimination of the boss a treasure chest [The Coffin of The Elephant Soldier] will be sent]

[Dungeon boss [Volcanic Blue Orc King] was successfully eliminated]

[As a bonus for the first elimination of the boss a treasure chest [The Mausoleum of the Boar] will be sent]

The 8 Demon Generals lay motionless on the ground, unable to move and slowly being roasted by geothermal heat. If I leave them as they are, they will suffer serious burns.

While they are protected by their armor, they slowly accumulate damage to their internal organs; those are much harder to heal than the exterior burns.

In order to avoid this, being the only one who could still move because of my ability [Tireless], I built a temporary base using the [Skeleton Centipede], and moved them all inside.

After collecting the countless bodies lying around the area and both treasure chests, putting them in my [Item Box] I've finally been able to relax.

In order to recover as quickly as possible, I used several of my recovery abilities, and tried to rest for at least 3 minutes. Lucky enough there were no signs of monsters so I was able to recover most of my physical strength.

During the break we were discussing what to do next.

At the moment it was impossible to say that we have fully recovered, Kugime and Seiji were still far from the point, where they could continue the journey.

There would be consequences if we moved as we are.

Here you can not be unreasonable, we had to rest.

Thus, it was decided to get to the [Border Area] which can be used as a [Safe Zone].

On foot it would take a lot of time, so we used the [Skeleton Centipede] and went straight back.

We will go after the bosses tomorrow, nobody will find them till then, but today I want to recover while enjoying a relaxing sleep.

We decided to eat the Field bosses tomorrow for breakfast, but today we will have a party with pork chops from the [Orcs] and [Orc Mages].

((Ed Zak: Tried to clean it and make it more readable. Used Google Translator (GT) in correlation with this post russian verion. Hope you like what i done.))

Day 237 == Day 238 == Day 239

Translator Google

Day 238

Vu~orukein Bull Oak King is very formidable, day battle that lasted until the change is was things that get tired mentally and physically.

What this guy, to refer it to have a superior ability as individuals enough to withstand the back triple attack from the surprise, it started to produce a subordinate armed with magic items After a while from the battle started, came launch a quantity game is the.

We are moved to possibly the physical strength is below a predetermined value such a behavior, probably an order to recover the physical strength therebetween.

Although I want to hit without even while to recover, under our movement that has been generated in the turbulence absolutely no, it has been almost like a single organism closing in on me.

It likely is the challenge in a single demon took much time, if the number on the number, was countered by I also [Lesser Summoning: Giant] by that.

However Vu~orukein Bull Oak King was with wonder was probably [Greater Summoning: Demonkin] Toka.

Is infested to "Haioku Mage" and "Buruoku Nightroad" with high intelligence and high-quality armed produced one after another, black follower mall we are at the limit much kill beat a dozen bodies, the last [ it is there was no choice but scattered spectacularly as a human bomb].

Overall strength of the underlying is almost neck and neck, was followed by each other sharpener under each other for a while.

Of it has changed, you can either would be around the eddy high stacked pile of dead bodies has exceeded ten.

Generation while continuing, is the Vu~orukein Bull Oak King came plunged while trampling the corpse under.

From it was also very much there.

Vu~orukein Bull Oak King is like the Raruvu~orikku Gordo Jer file Rion's field boss that specializes in close combat.

Use a meat cleaver of two swing kill press the defense every enemy a continuous attack of angry waves and good, the blow blow is hidden destructive power of only slaughter easily the Aryu.

In [physical attack immunity] and tough enough that [body restoration] not die middle people even blow off and whether the head have also kind of ability, such as, inexhaustible close endurance that Bate not absolutely even continue to run at full power is astounding.

[Intuition] than from and whether directly opposite is also excellent in and insight to hard hit attack, faster movement than the apparent or because wild boar, most of the lack likely Muscular prosperous big frame, such as fat was the surprisingly nimble.

Continuous high speed tapir is a commonplace from me to take the distance in a converter, it is inverted in the air while dodging and jumping lightly the pick of the Shuyari, come try Kudako my head as it is the meat cleaver.

Sometimes removed the prediction in the Nante wacky action bounces in the entire body, it was also able to spread the crushed the exoskeleton is offal about several times by the meat cleaver.

The defense from that received a certain level of damage, even if hardened to paranoid, it probably is also a probably [physical damage through] of Toka such kind capability, kit.

Although slightly inferior than the previous Raruvu~orikku Gordo Jer file Rion an attack force and defense force, Vu~orukein Bull Oak King movement speed and lightness of is applied high, honest, not The MizuIsamu party that fought during the war incomparable it is enough for veteran.

Upon the comprehensive evaluation, Vu~orukein Bull Oak King tiring honesty takes time to as possible scraping neither anyway ridiculous physical strength that you do not kill fighting opponent, such as whether the place.

You can crush the head or out grab the heart, you can and usually if dozens of times try eaten alive the internal organs by destroying the body as dead, a degree is that you involuntarily weakness when it was able to kill finally some

By the way Raruvu~orikku Gordo Jer file Leon opening of brush with death and hidden force, clad in a body the golden wave, specific but seems to have power up with the feeling, Minokichi kun we are united attack [Metsu撃 will be given the chance of a moment · Hachioni 殲陣] succeeded to the impress thing, it is barely ripped the victory.

Is successfully able to subdue both two-body this time with so on, it became somehow, I who have finished the fight was the exhaustion state of having wounds all over one's body.

In particular, there is also a backlash that Tatakikon coalescence attack of everything, fatigue Hachioni is beyond the peak.

Minokichi even that it is impossible to move a kun, and are led to the political-kun and Kugime chan had fainted.

[I succeeded to subdue the dungeon boss [Raruvu~orikku Gordo Jer file Lion]]

[The coffin of the treasure box [elephant soldiers have been awarded as first subdue bonus]

[We succeeded to subdue the field boss [Vu~orukein Bull Oak King]]

[Mausoleum] treasure chest [Inoshishi-o has been awarded as the first punitive bonus]

Hachioni is he that has been burned in bit by bit and geothermal because it can not to move, but if left as it is, is going to be held severe burns.

To be said to be mitigated by armor, as is damage to the body of the deep from being heated over a bit by bit and time, it is because becomes difficult to treat than the burns of surface.

In order to avoid it, I that can move yet if you use the [day and night] is to make a temporary base with a skeleton centipede, it began to recover all it is not likely to move and lie down on the ground in it.

In the area just to the item box countless dead bodies and a treasure box together to the incidentally, it is I also put there finally to break from over.

While using the ability of the recovery system in order to return soon even a little, and he had wanted to let me rest and because I is a three-minutes, between luckily enough there is no sign of dungeon monsters around, quite to recover the physical strength things I was able to.

While break and discussed what to do in the future.

To not foolproof though it has recovered in its own way, such as political-kun and Kugime-chan is not a still this condition.

There may be If things if forced.

Here you would not need to be unreasonable, but now you should rest.

With that said, I we decided to descent until the [border area], which is also a once safety zone.

Because walking take time, it's straight ahead while riding a skeleton centipede.

The challenge to the whole body eyes of field boss stretched after tomorrow, it will not find anybody today, I want to recover sleeping and soundly.

Field boss of the two bodies are to be the tomorrow's breakfast, but pork party with the oak and Buruoku our corpses in mass today.

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