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Day 237

“Day 237”

Today we will be energetically hunting a field boss.

We were halfway climbing a mountain side in high spirits en route to the next field boss when suddenly Asue-chan swung her ice axe down, that she was carrying on her shoulder, on what looked to be a common dark red rock wall.

I was wondering if Asue-chan spotted a brittle area in the rock face, because what should be considerably hard rock was excavated in the blink of an eye.

And after she dug around 50 centimeters deep, minerals that transformed into ingot started to appear and were dug up with each swing of her ice axe.

While I was surprised at first, it looks like Asue-chan was apparently able to identify spots that were a mining point.

She was able to see through something that even I wasn’t able to discern, as expected of Asue-chan. All of us praised her.

Asue-chan was thoroughly embarrassed. I decided to let her keep on mining until the vein was exhausted.

By the way, about the mining point, while they’re very difficult to spot because they’re not a lot different from their neighborhood, they’re different when you dig there. It’s an area where rare minerals can be easily mined in large quantities.

But why were minerals mined at mining point already transformed into ingots? It peaked my interest. I guess since it can happen, it will happen[1].

While we’re waiting for the mining to end, we continued to investigate the effect of the battle formation 【Eight Demon Annihilation Formation ・ Formless】 against a dungeon monsters.

Everyone would be able to get a grasp to a certain extent of the raw destructive power of combination attack 【Eight Demon Annihilation Formation ・ Destructive Shot】 after the battle with the Volcanic Ape General, but there are still a lot of question marks.

The effect is invoked the moment two of the eight demons are together end its effect increases and decreases depending on the number that join the battle.

It turns out that the effect of 【Eight Demon Annihilation Formation ・ Formless】 would be different depending on their roles and positions. It could become a form specialized in offence, defense, stealth or detection.

While subtly changing the combinations during the fight, we were able to identify several very useful patterns.

During the investigation, we were able to raise our levels and obtain some drops as well. You could really say it was time well spent.

After Asue-chan was done mining after around one hour.

She would have finished mining after several minutes if it was only in one place, but apparently some other mining spots were located near the one she initially found. While mining one, Asue-chan would find another, and she would mine that one as well. This cycle repeated itself several times.

In the end, while it took more time, all the minerals that were mined, were rare. Both the quality and quantity were magnificent.

I absorbed some of the mined minerals with my silver arm and took in the sweltering heat of my surroundings which I’m able to compress and emit and used special ability called “Accumulated Heat Corundum Smelter”. The blacksmith masters will be very pleased with this much. I’m sure it would be able to stimulate their creative impulses and they’d be able to invent a lot of things.

While setting those expectations, we resumed our advance.

The area of the next field boss of the 【Flames of the Fire Dragon Mountain】 was a mountainside, where a countless amount of volcanic rocks in all sorts of shapes and sizes were spread out in a disorderly fashion. It also looks like a place out of Hell.

The volcanic rock had already solidified, because not a lot of lava gushed out. It’s easy to go ahead though, because it wasn’t hotter than before.

However, the difficulty of traveling up the mountainside was like going through the deepest levels of a 【Demigod】 rank dungeon. The dungeon monsters that appeared were tougher than before, and since they fought with a high level of intellect, it was quite troublesome to pass through.

Without exception, they always acted in packs and leveraged the topography that naturally created a lot of blind spots to launch surprise attacks. Occasionally they ambushed us with a pincer attack.

Since we went directly for the field boss, I generally held back on the amount of battles. Still, we fought continuously from one battle to the next, and as expected, the damage taken increased. Kugime-chan and I were somehow able to deal with the surprise pincer attacks, and Seiji-kun continuously healed us. But the fatigue accumulated through combat and the harsh environment is never negligible.

Because of that, the speed of our progress declined either way, but we were able to gain levels through the huge amount of experience we gained during our climb, so it was ok.

Slowly but steadily, we advanced, and around by the time evening fell, we finally discovered the third field boss.

The third field boss ―― “Large Vulcan Golden Elephant”, a gigantic gold elephant walking on 2 legs, armed with a simple battle-axe.

Its height is about 25 meters, and its body looked like massive crag that easily surpassed Balor.

Overall, it’s amazingly thick, massive, humungous. The legs that supported the massive figure, looked steady, as if rooted into the earth.

It’s essentially naked, but it did wear a dark silver loincloth that covered his privates and functioned somewhat as armor. I can’t discern any wounds on its golden skin. I assumed It had some kind of natural protection.

Perhaps you couldn’t cut its skin with a superficial attack. In addition to its massive figure, you’d have to be able to cut through its tenacious muscles and crush its bones. I found its difficulty level disgusting.

On top, a huge trunk extended to all the way down to its feet, it was essentially a third arm as well as a club that would mercilessly strike down any adversary.

It swung from left to right every time it moved, and whenever the trunk collided with the surrounding volcanic rocks, they were crushed with ease. How much destructive power will it have if swung seriously?

Four ivory tusks that resembled battering rams grew on both sides of its trunk, curving valiantly. They were majestic appearances that confidently displayed not a single scratch.

It certainly has the highest offensive and defensive power of everything I’ve fought up until now.

From a physical perspective, it certainly felt like a considerably difficult matchup. The fact that it wielded a battle-axe that was bigger than Minokichi-kun’s was troublesome.

The unrefined battle-axe looked to kill the target by crushing it rather than cutting it. A single blow from the Large Vulcan Golden Elephant had a speed that you wouldn’t expect from that weight. Its ridiculous strength was at such a level that it could only be barely defended by me or Minokichi-kun.

That’s what I thought when I saw the Large Vulcan Golden Elephant chop off the neck of a “Magma Lizard” while I was observing it to gather intelligence.

A Magma Lizard is a kind of drake walking on four feet, a dungeon monster of around 10 meters that infested the mountainside.

While its combat ability was appropriate for a drake, it was killed by a single blow. That’s how strong the offensive abilities of the Large Vulcan Golden Elephant are.

It certainly is a powerful enemy, a moment of carelessness will mean death.

Large Vulcan Golden Elephant was an opponent of that level.

Naturally, one would be intimidated and we run home without any reason, but after observing it, I judged that we’d have a chance of winning. So we challenged it to a fight.

A single blow of the Large Vulcan Golden Elephant is fatal. The speed of the attacks was also very hard to deal with, as he dished a lot of unmixed physical attacks. But because there weren’t a lot of special attacks, I was able to somehow deal with it if I was careful.

I did have some trouble seeing all attacks the accumulated damage of the continuous, relentless assault exceeded my overwhelming defensive power.

Probably it would be even more severe if we came here in our state from before, it certainly helped a lot that we had the benefits of raising our levels through the earlier battles.

With our remaining power, we might be able to subjugate the Large Vulcan Golden Elephant.

However, it didn’t go smoothly.

At the worst possible time while we were fighting the field boss, a 【Trespasser】 was approaching.

If the 【Trespasser】 was a normal dungeon monster, nobody would be concerned.

The ones approaching were somehow several ranks higher than the Magma Lizards that lived on this mountainside.

The one that approached were was the king of the Bull Orcs and Orcs that lived inside the volcano,. He roughly resembled a warrior with the head of a boar, and slaughtered his enemies with two huge butcher knifes that he wielded.

I look up to see a massive figure of approximately 6 meters in height, his body covered by bristle while wearing a minimum amount of clothes and decorations. He was overflowing with a wild, barbarous charm.

The name of this warrior was “Vulcan Bull Orc King”.

The top dog of the orcs that went through 【Rank Up】―― Bull Orcs ――Vulcan Bull Orc King was the fourth field boss. In other words, because of this 【Trespasser】, we had to keep two field bosses company at the same time.

It became a lot more likely that there’d be casualties.

Because the nine of us were the main force, the loss of even a single demon would be higher than the potential profit of this dungeon capture.

However, fortunately, Kugime-chan was able to spot the 【Trespasser】 before he arrived because she was monitoring the area.

Feeling relieved that he was discovered right before he actually crashed the party, I left the Large Vulcan Golden Elephant to the others, and decided to fight the Vulcan Bull Orc King with just one demon, me.

Since it does seem that there’s still a way to go before the Large Vulcan Golden Elephant was at its limit, it might defeat everyone. Without a doubt.

Still I entrusted it to them. I erased any sign of myself and approached the Vulcan Bull Orc King from behind.

I wore the best exoskeleton I had for battling on land 【Red Bear Beast King’s Prestige】, and used 【Three Steps of Destruction】. On top, I executed 【Surging Destructive Fists of Flesh Crushing】. It was a triple folded attack that could slaughter a collection of several drakes that I drove into his spinal column.

While the back is surely more durable than the front, when touching the skin I certainly felt the reaction of its spine shatter and internal organs explode.

The fur and skin of the Vulcan Bull Orc King that looked similar to polished, dark red metal was deeply indented by my fist. The massive figure was blown forward spinning, and rolled over the ground violently.

It’d be nice if it would have been finished with just this, but it didn’t seem to go so conveniently.

The Vulcan Bull Orc King vomited a large amount of blood from its mouth just once, and slowly stood up with steam being generated from its whole body burning.

The muscles of his body expanded vigorously and when he exhaled, a blue flame was blended in.

With his ferocious standing posture, it looked as if he didn’t feel any damage from before. The field boss didn’t look dandy, so was it showing his experience?

Translation Notes

Writer Note
Champsy FYI, an ice axe is not an axe made out of ice. It’s a multi-purpose hiking tool (pick axe).
Champsy FYI, an ice axe is not an axe made out of ice. It’s a multi-purpose hiking tool (pick axe).
Champsy 【無貌・八鬼戦陣】 = No Form ・ Eight Demon Annihilation Battle Formation
Champsy These ability names... Flame Collect Release Corundum... What? What a way to say he basically absorbed some metals and smelted a special steel for the blacksmiths to use.

Day 236 == Day 237 == Day 238

Day 237

NEEDS EDITING, the Russian --> English is missing lines and content, double check with the Google Translation at the bottom. ~Miraclegrass

Japanese --> Russian --> English

Day 237

Today we are again having fun hunting dungeon bosses.

Picking up our fighting spirit, we went to the next dungeon boss, but to get to him we had to deal with climbing a mountain.

Half way up the mountain, Asue-chan suddenly removed the pickaxe from her back. Seeing the weaknesses in the stone formation, she mined a tunnel in a very rugged black slope.

And after she mined 50cm into the stone, a bright light suddenly enveloped everyone and two enormous ingots began to appear.

At first I was surprised, but apparently Asue-chan sees through the land and sees areas suitable for mining.

As expected from Asue-chan, we all praised her. She got flustered but did not mind and continued digging until the mine was exhausted.

The mines here are difficult to find because of the terrain, not having any kind of difference from the surroundings. But once production started, it's easy to get a lot of rare minerals. I was pretty interested in why the extracted minerals were already ingots, but I decided to put it off for now.

While we were waiting for the end of mining operation, we decided to try out the effects of [United Attack [Face of Emptiness of The 8 Demonic Generals]] against local monsters. While the power of [Flash attack of The 8 Demonic Generals] was enough to take out [Volcanic ape General] in a single hit, there were still a lot of mysteries.

It looks like the effects can be triggered when at least 2 of the 8 demons work together, and the power and effects depend on the number of demons that are participating.

Depending on the specialty and position of each general in the formation, such as attack, defense, stealth or detection, [United Assault [Face of Emptiness of The 8 Demonic Generals]] can takeon different forms and effects.

As we tried out various changes to the combination, we found many different types of attacks and defenses, and that this ability was quite easy to use.

We were able to simultaneously conduct research, raise our levels, as well as collect large quantities of dropped items. We are all spending our time quite usefully.

Asue-chan finished mining after only an hour.

Although she could have finished in about ten minutes after finding a vein, but as it turned out there were some other veins near the first one, so Asue-chan wanted to dig out every vein that was found. As a result it took more time, but gained a lot of minerals that were quite rare, with good quality and great quantity.

By bringing ambient heat and compressing it in one place, using the ability of the silver hand and [collecting a ball of flame] I was able to absorb several minerals mined today into the silver hand. This catch would obviously please Blacksmith-san and company, strongly stimulating their creative processes, from which different kinds of inventions are born.

Ed Zak: This paragraph, it do not make that much sense... it should be something along this lines: "I absorbed many minerals that was mined today, and gained [Fire Spiting Steel Ball](?) that can be released as a compressed stream from [Silver Arm], and used in smithing. Blacksmith-san should be pleased, and it might lead to some inventions and stimulate creativity of others.

We are moving forward, with all sorts of expectations.

The next dungeon boss is located on the slope of the Fire Dragon Mountain's Volcano, which is covered in countless volcanic stones, but it is unknown if it is active right now.

The tongues of lava are cold and hardened, so it is very easy to proceed, and compared to the previous place it was not that hot.

However, as we go forward, and as it is a [God] class dungeon, monsters are stronger than those that attacked us previously. In addition, most of them have higher intelligence, making them dangerous opponents.

They attacked together in fairly large groups. In this place where there were a lot of blind spots, surprise and even pincer attacks weren't uncommon. As expected of local monsters that were raised in such a hostile environment.

We made our way to the dungeon boss without stopping, fighting off opponents on the way as they came. Although the number of attackers was lower than usual, the number of injuries increased significantly.

Although I and Kugime-chan are detecting incoming ambushes, and Seiji-kun quickly tends to our wounds, we are accumulating fatigue from constant battle and the hostile environment, which makes continuing ever more difficult.

Our pace slowed down tremendously, but in exchange it increased the inflow of experience, thus increasing our levels.

Slowly but surely moving forward.

In the evening we finally found the third field boss.

The third boss [Golden Heffalump], if you were to describe it, it's a giant golden elephant soldier that walks on two legs and is armed with a battle axe.

Its height is barely under 25 meters, surpassing even the body of the [Fomorian Giant King] Balor, in truth he looked like a moving hill. His whole body was pretty thick, especially his large torso and seemingly abnormally wide legs that allowed him to steadily support the entire weight of his enormous body.

He was almost nude, except for a durable black and silver loincloth. His natural armor, his golden skin, didn't have a single scratch on it.

Any weak attack wouldn't be able to hurt him. In addition, in order to destroy the supports of his huge body, bones and muscles, you need to use something really destructive.

He has a trunk that is so long, it already reached his feet. It acts as a third hand and was wielded like a mace to attack the enemy.

While moving he swings from side to side, occasionally touching some of the surrounding stones by accident and easily crushes them. It becomes clear how destructive he would be if he were to attack at full force.

On either side of his huge trunk grows four tusks that have the size of a battering ram and were completely unscathed.

Of all the creatures we've fought, without any doubt, he has the highest attack and defense powers.

Just looking at his body, he looks like a very problematic adversary. He is so huge that even his axe is bigger than Minokichi-kun, and that is very troublesome.

I was not too eager to fight him, and the power of the swing of his battle axe was so strong it even split the dust in the air, but luckily it seems like it doesn't have any corrosive effects or anything of the like.

ED: The lines above were super confusing so please, if you understand please edit those stupid lines. ED: Got you bbycakes. Ed Zak: I think that in russian version are some thing added here and there, that multiply the confusion.

Due to the huge muscles of [Golden Heffalump], it could strike with incredible speed, contrary to his huge size. At this level, Minokichi-kun or I would barely be able to block it.

That conclusion was reinforced when we saw that the [Golden Heffalump] cut off the head of a [Magma Lizard] with a swing of its battleaxe.

[Magma Lizard] is a cousin to the drake, it's about 10 meters long and starts its hunting from a hillside. Its combat abilities are comparable to that of a drake so, to be taken down by a single hit, the attack power of [Golden Heffalump] must be considerably high - and that says a lot.

Without a doubt: a terrible enemy. If you drop your guard at all it will cost you your life.

Naturally we did not run away from fear, but to observe it for a while. It was decided that we had a chance to win, but it was not decided immediately.

[Golden Heffalump] is certainly strong and fast, but because the enemy is unusually heavy, it has almost no special attacks. If we act with care, he wouldn't be able to do anything.

With its defense power even Minokichi-kun attacks will not do much, but under a contentious barrage the damage will accumulate and will take it down.

If we were the same as before we arrived here, it would be a much more difficult fight. But thanks to the previous battles our levels increased, and as a result our fighting force had risen as well. That increase in strength was a significant factor in the battle.

Due to this fact we should be able to subjugate [Golden Heffalump], and after the battle we should be left with some strength.

But the reality of the situation is that it did not progress so smoothly.

This was not our best moment, or rather, during the battle with the field boss we were disturbed.

If this were the usual monsters it would not hurt us so much. It would have been alright even if it was an intrusion by [Magma Lizards].

But here it came: the [Demon Boar Orc King] that lived in a volcano, cutting his opponents with a huge butchers knife with two blades.

His remarkable body with a height of 6 meters bears the marks of many battles. He only wears the minimum amount of cloths and trinkets. Although he looked barbaric there is a charm to his wild look.

His name is Combat Hero [Demon Boar Orc King]

One of the pinnacles of orc evolution [Demon Boar Orc King], but the one here is [Volcanic Blue Orc King], which is a boss 4 times stronger than the one we are fighting. That would make us fight two field bosses at the same time.

In such a situation, it is likely that there will be casualties on our side.

This time, if we lose anyone it will exceed any benefit that we can get here.

Fortunately, Kugime-chan was on guard and noticed the approach of another [intruder].

Good thing we noticed before it was too late. Leaving [Golden Heffalump] to the 8 demon generals, I went to deal with the [Volcanic Blue Orc King] alone.

Although [Golden Heffalump] is far from dead, if they are all together, they will finish it I'm sure.

I then hid my presence and came behind [Volcanic Blue Orc King].

After donning [Red Bear Beast King's Prestige], the exoskeleton most suited for land battle, I activated [Three Steps of Destruction] and added to that [Surging Destructive Fists of Flesh Crushing]. With these multiple attacks, I was able to crush several drakes, and made an attack directed at his spinal cord.

Ed Zak: Those drakes there makes little sense, but i leave it there.

Although his back is stronger than his front I definitely felt the crushed flesh, shattering of the spine and organs rupturing on my fist.

The fur and skin of [Volcanic Blue Orc King] that shined like a dark red metal were deeply depressed into the body. Under my attack his big body was thrown forward and violently rolled on the ground.

If all this had ended here it would have been an easy time. But apparently, it's not.

After [Volcanic Blue Orc King] vomited a large amount of blood, he slowly got up on his feet, emitting anger from his entire body.

All of his muscles bulging and out of his mouth came blue flames.

Rising with such fury after receiving such a strong blow, the title "field boss" was not just for show.

White, you are my Hero. Seriously. ~Zak

Day 236 == Day 237 == Day 238

Partially Edited Version 

Day 237

Today we are again having fun hunting dungeon bosses.

Picking up our fighting spirit, we went to the next dungeon boss, which made us  deal with climbing a mountain.

At half way, Asue-chan, removed the pickaxe from her back, and began swinging at the weaknesses at the red-black rock, breaking through with easiness on the rugged black slope.

And after she mined 50 cm, light began to appear and two enormous minerals ingots could be seen.

At first I was surprised, but apparently Asue-chan sees through land, her insight regarding mining being better then mine.

As expected from Asue-chan, we all praised her.

Her face quickly turned red, but payed us no mind and continued digging until the ores were completely exhausted.

By the way, this place is almost no different from surroundings, making it difficult to find the mine, but as soon as it was mined,  it was easy to get a large number of rare minerals.

Why suddenly extracted minerals were in bars, I was pretty interesting, but oh well. Zhdav until end production, we decided to try [the face of emptiness (construction demons 8)] against local monsters. In contrast to [attack flash (8 attack demons)] which gathered in one place a huge amount of energy, enough to make impact with the boss of the field, there was still a lot of mysteries.

(Why suddenly extracted minerals were in bars, I was pretty interested, but oh well. While waiting for the mining to be finished, we decided to try [the face of emptiness (construction demons 8)] against local monsters. In contrast to [attack flash (8 attack demons)] which consisted of gathering in one place a huge amount of energy, enough to make impact with the boss of the field, there  still remains a lot of mysteries.)

After at least 2 out of 8 demons gather effect superimposed on them, and with the addition of demons enhanced effect.

(Minimum required is 2 out of 8 demons and the effect of the skill is increased or decreased depending on the number, reaching full potential when there are 8 out of 8.)

Depending on the basic specialty joined by one of the eight generals, such as attack, defense, or stealth, [the face of emptiness (construction demons 8)] gave the corresponding effect to all the members present.

By changing the combination, it was possible to come up with different combinations of attack and defense, moreover, this ability was easy to use.

We were able to simultaneously conduct research, raise our levels, as well as to collect a large amount of dropped items. That's what I call spend time usefully.

After an hour Asue-chan was done mining.

With the first found living, she would have handled any of the 10 minutes, but next to it was even a few pieces, because Asue-chan simply continued the business, as a result, took a little more time, but obtained as a result of minerals, all were very rare and valuable, and the number was just above the expectations.

(But soon after 10 minutes, Asue-chan found other minerals in the vicinity, and as a result, it took a little more time, but obtaining the minerals was worth it, since all were very rare and valuable, and the number was just above our expectations.)

By bringing ambient heat and compressing it in one place, using the ability of my Silver Arm [collecting a ball of flame] I was able to absorb several minerals mined today. This catch, obviously pleases the Blacksmith-san and company by strongly stimulating the creative process, in which are born different kinds inventions.

ED: The line above was really hard to understand, so if anyone has a better solution, please do change it.

With all sorts of expectations, we are moving forward.

The next dungeon boss is located on the slopes of the "Fleymus Mountain's Flame Dragons", covered by countless volcanic stones.

Stones quite cooled down, because compared to the previous place was not too hot, because the move has become much easier.

(Since the volcanic rock has cooled down, compared to the lava lake, it is much easier to proceed forward.)

But on the way we are attacked by a lot of monsters, exceeding the level of the class [Divine Spirit]. In addition, most of them had an high intelligence, making them a dangerous opponent.

Being attacked  in a fairly large groups, in this place where there were a lot of blind spots,followed by surprise attacks is not uncommon.

Making their way to the dungeon boss without stopping, fighting off opponents, and although the number of attackers was lower than usual, as expected the number of injuries increased significantly.

I taught Kugime-chan how to deal with the detection of ambushes and Seiji-kun quickly got rid of any wounds, but the fatigue of continuous battle in a hostile environment is not something to be taken lightly.

Advancing in these conditions has become harder, but in exchange the flow of experience has increased, steadily leveling up.

Slowly but surely moving forward, by evening, we finally found the third field boss.

The third boss [Raruvorrikku Golden Heffalump], briefly described as a golden elephant soldier, armed with battle-axe standing on two legs, soon came into our vision.

Height about 25 meters, surpassing even the body of Balor, in truth, he looked like a mountain. His whole body was pretty thick, especially his large torso, and his abnormally wide feet that allowed to steadily support the entire weight of his enormous body.

Almost all of its body is bare, except the genitals covered by durable black silver cloth, but on his natural armor, the golden skin, could not be seen a single scratch.

Weak attacks seem to not be able to hurt him. In addition, in order to destroy that support his huge body bone and muscle, you need to use something even more destructive. In addition, the level of difficulty to destroy those tough muscles and bones that support that big frame, gives me a headache.

As well as the the nose that stretches to the feet can be considered his third hand that can atack like a mace.

While moving accidentally touching the stones surrounding them, they are easily dispersed. In one it becomes clear how much he is destructive if they start to swing in full force. And it swings from side to side every time he moves, smashing every surrounding volcanic rock that it hits easily. If it is swayed earnestly, I wonder how much destructive power it has.

No doubt to have a defense force and attack power of one of the best among those we've fought so far.

Looking just at his body, he looks very problematic adversary,but as if it is not enough, he has a huge battleaxe even bigger than Minokichi-kun's.

ED: Sorry but I couldn't understand the meaning behind the line below so I left it as it is.

This was not so much urgent as all the dust separating battleaxe, without a trace of corrosion.

[Raruvorrikku Golden Heffalump] due to their huge muscles, it could strike with incredible speed for such a mass. At this level, Minokichi-kun or I could spruce fir block it.

([Raruvorrikku Golden Heffalump] due to his huge muscles, it could strike with incredible speed for such a huge body. At this level,only Minokichi-kun or I could barely block it. )?

That is the conclusion we came not long after observing that [Raruvorrikku Golden Heffalump] with one swing of the battleaxe cutting the head of a [Magma Lizard] off.

[Magma Lizard] looks like a Drake, 10 meters long, which began to appear on half of the way down the slope.It has high combat abilities, but when it comes to killing it with a single blow, makes you wonder of the attack force of the [Raruvorrikku Golden Heffalump].

No doubt a terrible enemy, a moment of distraction can cost you your life.

Naturally, we do not run away from fear. After some observation, it was decided that we have a chance to win, so we start immediately.

[Raruvorrikku Golden Heffalump] certainly strong and fast, because the enemy is unusually heavy, but it has almost no special attacks, because if we act with care, neither could do anything.

([Raruvorrikku Golden Heffalump] is certainly strong and fast, being that the enemy is unusually heavy, but it has almost no special attacks. If we act with care, it is somehow possible.)

Dealing with such natural thick armor was not easy,but after continuous attacks, it started to brake.

Chances are, if we were the same as before we arrived here, it would have been much more difficult, but thanks to the previous battles, our level has increased, and thanks to that our fighting force has also increased, which has become a significant tool in the battle.

Due to the fact we will be happy to enjoy eating [Raruvorrikku Golden Heffalump], after the win.

But things did not proceed that smothly.

The best is not the right moment, or rather during the battle with the field barefoot, our battle hung.

(At the worst possible moment during the battle of the field boss, our battle hung.)?

ED: From here, the lines below are not edited, and I apologies for not finishing it, but I require the opinion of others regarding the meaning of the lines. Overall I understand what is happening, but in many small places and lines I dont.

If this were the usual monsters, it would not hurt us so much. Even if it would have been the strongest in this mountain are the Magma Lizards.

But he said to us, a representative of the orcs lived in a volcano [King demon boar (Orc King Blvd.)], cutting the opponents huge butcher knife, military hero with boar's head.

His remarkable body of 6 meters tall, with a glance betrayed his strength, covered the bare minimum, although looked for barbaric, but there has been some kind of natural attraction.

Combat Hero [volcanic Blvd. Orc King].

One of the pinnacles of evolution orc [demon boar (Blvd. orc)], here [volcanic Blvd. Orc King], which is 4 times more than usual.

In such a situation, it is likely that there will be casualties on our side.

This time, here came the main forces only if we lose even one, it will exceed any benefit that we can get here. Without a field that is the boss [Vtorzhenets] with him in place, then the fight will take place at once against two field bosses.

But fortunately, KugiMe chan was on guard, because noticed [intruder] another approach.

Good thing we noticed was not very close, because leaving [Raruvorrikku Golden Heffalump], to friends, I went to deal with the [volcanic Blvd. Orc King] alone.

Although [Raruvorrikku Golden Heffalump] is far from dead, but if all will be together, they will cope, I guess.

Then I hid his presence, came behind [Volcanic Blvd. Orc King].

By activating the strongest in the land battle of the exoskeleton [Red Bear Beast King's Prestige], activating [Three Steps of Destruction], on top of that [Yabukobushi Meat Crusher], multiple attack, able to crush several drakes again, I was going to use it.

And although he is back stronger than the front, I definitely felt the flattened meat, spine shatters and scatters around the neighborhood authorities.

His skin is dark red, shiny like a metal, under attack deeply choked, and his big body, scroll, was thrown forward violently hit the ground.

If all this would have ended, it would be easy, but apparently this time would come.

Releasing his mouth large amount of blood, [the volcanic Blvd. orc king], emitting from the entire body such fury flames rose slowly to his feet.

All his muscles bulging, and now they pose a blue flame.

Risen with such fury, received a blow, yet the title field boss not just for show.

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Day 237

Today we continued hunting dungeon bosses vigorously.

And revved up the middle that are climbing up the hillside you have next field boss, abruptly, Asue-chan began swung down the ice ax who was responsible to shoulder toward the Nan nondescript red-black rock wall.

While watching whether everything, and whether, go to rock pretty hard should be quickly drilling in Asue-chan is visible even in fragile place rock. Then, when fifty centimeters resulting in drilling, Pontsu every time drilling from there in the ice ax, an ingot of mineral begins to emerge.

At first I was surprised, but seems to have apparently a place called mining point Asue-chan insight. The insight you have insight it that did not see through me a even, indeed Asue-chan, and I we were praise. Asue-chan also an altogether bad embarrassed to is unlikely, and decided to get continue mining until the ingot is exhausted out.

By the way, the mining point, but very difficult to find because there is no big difference with the surrounding, unlike other when drilling there, it is that of rare minerals easily and in large amounts mining locations.

Mineral that can be why mining from the mining point or come out in a state of being ingot reduction, it is worrisome because, it will has become so and because they become so.

While waiting for mining to finish at why, ours continued to investigate the formation effect [Mu-Hachioni Senjin] to partner the dungeon monster.

Although the some extent one round of the combined attack [Metsu撃-Hachioni 殲陣] towards the Vu~oruka Nick General Ape compensatory and rough destructive power was able to grasp, here still many mysteries.

Effect is triggered if once aligned the two demons of the eight demon, the rate of increase in effect is increased or decreased depending on the number of united front.

Role and standing position difference in the attack-focused and defense specialized type, effect obtained is different, it has been found that by such [Mu貌-Hachioni Senjin] Covert specialized type and detection specialized.

So As you fought while subtly changing the combination, it was possible to identify a good number pattern of usability.

And also obtained drop items incidentally investigation level up, I'll say it was a very meaningful time.

The mining of Asue chan is finished, it was time that only one hour from the start.

Although would have finished mining and Some tens of minutes if you was only one place, seemed to exist some other mining point in the vicinity of the first mining point you find, find Asue chan it like mining It was found to be to be mined, repeating the fact that.

As a result time but he was prolonged, mineral that was able mining has just mono none rare, quality also amount also was a great thing.

I while absorbing the mineral that was able to mining, such as "flame reservoir 噴鋼 ball" with the characteristic that the release is compressed uptake around the torrid in some silver arm, smith's us, if only It's me quite pleased Lao Tzu, it is not the difference in me devised many inventions are stimulated creative motivation.

While expecting such thing, it was to resume progress.

The next field boss large and small myriad of volcanic rock that spread in the middle of [Furemusu flame Yongsan] has been mushrooming, but as has been active around the place was enigmatic hell.

Volcanic already solidified, so lava also not well sprung, and is easy to proceed, since the past and is not hot and compared.

However, because it becomes and [Demigod] class becomes the degree of difficulty that exceeds the depth in the middle, dungeon monsters that emerge formidable than ever, is too cumbersome since coming to the fight how to feel high intelligence .

Be sure to to have been acting in multiple, blind spot a lot of surprise that take advantage of this terrain is a commonplace, it was also to come sometimes trick the ambush and pincer.

Combat the number of so went straight to the field boss you are with less than normal, but still in the races that second only to Lien Chan, has also increased damage here indeed.

To with me and Kugime-chan kind of surprise pincer are doing somehow, but has been sustained recovery by political-kun, fatigue accumulated by battle and evil environment is not a fool.

Therefore rate of progression has been absolutely fell, ours went up while steadily level up by vast experience value.

I who went slowly and surely progress is, at dusk, was finally discovered the field boss of the three-body first.

Three-body Eyes field boss - "Raruvu~orikku Gordo Jer file Rion" is, briefly golden elephant soldiers bipedal armed with battle ax if representation, will become.

Tall and about twenty-five meters, stature that that Valor even was surpassed is just like a huge rock.

It's thick thick huge enough to amazed overall, but especially both legs to support the big frame there is a firm sense of stability as if the roots are growing in the ground.

Most are nude, the armor of the kind, but I much most of sturdy likely black silver Hide local loincloth, the golden skin without safe to believe that natural armor not find one flaw.

It must not be able to kill even the epidermis in perhaps half-baked attack. And to support the big frame, when it comes to things to destroy the tough muscle and bone that can be moved, the degree of difficulty is also It's enough to likely come to hate to think.

And a huge nose that extends to the foot was a club that hit very hard not forgive the enemy and at the same time there is a third hand.

and it is swaying from side to side every time you move, but every time you collide with the surrounding volcanic rock, volcanic rock go crushed easily. If it swayed in earnest, I wonder with how much destructive power.

Such four pieces of ivory, such as siege hammer that grew from both sides of the nose warp brave, I am confronted by the regal scratch one no majesty.

No doubt to have a defense force and attack power of one of the best among you've fought so far.

In feeling, it is a translation quite awkward likely to even look at the body surface, but very troublesome further huge battle ax than the Mino Yoshi-kun that was held in his hand.

In rugged battle ax, such as the pursuit of that folding tapping rather than as kill the target, blow to be wielded at a rate of about not considered from the weight by Raruvu~orikku Gordo Jer file Rion of ridiculous Ryoryoku is I do Mino Yoshi prevent barely crossed, it would be level of.

Even the thought so, because Raruvu~orikku Gordo Jer file Rion saw was cut off with a single blow the neck of "magma Lizard" in one swing of the battle ax when it had been observed for some time for information gathering.

A kind of Aryu to quadruped and magma Lizard, it's about ten meters the size of the dungeon monster began to haunt from the hillside.

This guy's there was a combat capability worthy of the kind of Aryu but, when it comes to kill it with a single blow, the height of the attack force of Raruvu~orikku Gordo Jer file Rion wonder those of how much.

Formidable enemy is given to definitely, it is dead when off guard would become out.

Raruvu~orikku Gordo Jer file Leon, was the kind of level of opponent.

It is determined that there is of course fear and noticed it Nigekaeru results were observed without any reason chance of victory, ours challenged the fight.

Blow Raruvu~orikku Gordo Jer file Rion fatal, speed also many very to the Tekozura been but pure physical attack if there than it looks, because special attack was small, it was somehow if carefully deal .

Although the overwhelming defense force even Miki~tsu the attack has been Tekozura very, topped by to continue to accumulate damage in unbroken continuous attack.

It will probably was more severe and if it was the state before coming here, but no doubt had become a big help that was gaining ours even strength by benefit you level up by fighting so far.

Things could have been even to subdue the Raruvu~orikku Gordo Jer file Rion to leave this state if reserve capacity.

But steadily things did not proceed.

At the worst possible time that during the battle of the field boss, because there was a presence that tried to Koyo and [broke].

It does not trouble up there if ordinary dungeon monsters that tried to Koyo and [broke].

Also came several magma Lizard is located in the upper level in the middle, it would have been managed well.

But Came is given by the king of Butaoni oak and Inooni Buruoku that live in the volcano, was Masurao of Inoatama to slay the enemy with a huge butcher knife of two swing.

Its tall is a big frame of as look up and about six meters, the wear that is covered with bristles with a minimum of clothes and ornaments, and there is a savage, but is full of wild charm.

Name of Masurao is "Vu~orukein Bull Oak King"

One vertex to become Oak is by [Rank Up] evolution - boar Demon King Bull Oak King - is a Vu~orukein Bull Oak King four body eyes of field boss here is, that is, [broke] are not I mean you had to partner the field boss of the two-body at the same time if Re.

May have been out of someone the victim if that happens would be high.

Since only Kuki flagship that you are here, it's the loss outweigh the benefits obtained in this time of capture if accustomed to also losing in if one demon.

Fortunately, Kugime-chan was able to notice before it is [broke] because me have been wary of the surroundings.

While relief that it was good to be found just before, the Raruvu~orikku Gordo Jer file Rion left to everyone, I decided to challenge a single demon the Vu~orukein Bull Oak King to the other party.

Not still to dying Raruvu~orikku Gordo Jer file Rion, but it will beat you if everyone. Surely.

There are left, I was approached from behind the Vu~orukein Bull Oak King to turn off the sign.

Clad the exoskeleton [Shaguma Beast King of Majesty] which is excellent most in ground war in the hand, is allowed to trigger the [three steps of destruction], carrying and more [Yabukobushi of meat crush angry waves], the number heads Aryu to impress upon him the triple attack of the whole body to be Hof are summarized in the vertebral column.

Rear but tough things than the front, certainly crumble the meat is crushed spine internal organs were handed down feel that was ruptured in my fist.

Vu~orukein Bull Oak King of fur and skin with such luster of dark red metal was deeply depressed in fist-like, the big frame is blown off in front while drilling, went rolling violently the ground.

It's a comfortable and After completion in this, but it seems not the case conveniently.

Once Vu~orukein Bull Oak King ejected a large amount of blood from the mouth, he stood up slowly while emit anger, such as burning from the whole body.

Muscle of the whole body is strong uplift, has come out full of blue flame is mixed with the breath.

Ferocious from the Standups is not felt, such as previous damage, field boss and he is not a Date, it was as if shows firsthand.

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