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Day 236

Day 236

We got out of the Volcanic Ape General’s lava pillar forest today -- We decided to hunt a field boss that lived in a huge lava lake.

While checking it out yesterday, I didn’t feel its presence moving around in the center of the lake. It might have been battling with the Volcanic Ape General about claiming it's home territory. Since the later has disappeared now because we hunted it, it might have been easier for him to claim it.

So the lava lake will become the next battlefield, it’s located at the bottom of a steep, depression in the terrain.

It’s a huge, circular lava lake of around 8 kilometers in diameter. Most of the lava on the surface has cooled and became black. A countless amount of red cracks had appeared on the black surface in a fluid pattern.

From afar, it’s an extremely beautiful place. When the sun goes down, it looks like hell’s kitchen. I find it a fantastic spectacle.

However, fighting there won’t be something simple.

The lava lake isn’t only a place that has such a high temperature that it’s even difficult to approach it with fire and heat-resistant equipment; but it’s also dangerous because it sometimes blows out lava like a small geyser, making it rain down. On top, it generates fatal volcanic glasses and high temperature steam everywhere.

If you want to get to the center of the lava lake, you need to travel over a countless amount of floating islands. Because the islands are floating on the lava, they lack stability a little bit. When the balance is one-side too much, it’ll sway in a big way. In a worst case scenario, it would even topple.

On top of these circumstances, we’ll have to fend off a countless amount of dungeon monsters attacking us relentlessly. It’s not something insignificant.

Did most of the challengers give up when arriving here, or did they already die before that?

Only 3 demons went forward, Minokichi-kun, Asue-chan and I.

Because I judged that fighting in the lava lake is too severe for the others, I have them knock down the dungeon monsters on the edge of the lake. This way, they can do their due diligently by collecting valuable item drops.

In a normal situation, it’d be sheer madness to spread out your battle assets like that.

However, with Burasato-san acting as the vanguard, Kanami-chan, Irofu-chan in the middle and Seiji-san Supesei-san and Kugime-chan in the back; I’m not worried because they have enough battle potential on their own even if we’re not around.

Each going our own way, we concentrate all our effort to our tasks ahead.

We safely arrived at the center of the lava lake while having a hard time on the floating islands in a lot of different ways. And with that, the battle begins.

The boss here is “Magma Knight ・ Sirpendir”. It’s a huge ammonite[1] that is easily 100 meters in length.

Its main body is usually concealed in the seething lava. It’s basically a coward with a huge overwhelming big frame. It uses a countless of snake-like tentacles to attack troublesome challenger parties that arrive on the floating islands within a 50 meter diameter.

I can distinguish at least 100 snake-like tentacles that are apparently divided in two types. They each dish out different attacks. On one hand, there are long, thick tentacles like trees that aim to wrap around people and apply strong pressure. On the other hand, there are small, thin tentacles around the size of woman’s body that shoot out lava cannonballs from the snake’s mouth.

It sets off a multilateral, synchronized attack. While it’s aimed at the entire region, we cope by compensating for each other’s flaws.

While Minokichi-kun’s defends most of the attacks with his shield and counters with a strong attack to cut off the tentacles. Furthermore, Asue-chan and Minokichi-kun join up together and dish out wide area attacks and smash attacks with high maneuverability. While supporting both demons, I also do some damage here and there.

Because we understood each other’s habits, we were able to fight without receiving too much damage.

However, Magma Knight ・ Sirpendir seems to have strong regeneration abilities. New tentacles grew from the ones that were cut off.

With 【Unhealing Cursed Wound】, I was able to delay to regeneration somewhat. It was as tedious as expected.

I want to fell its body in one swoop, because over time we will be gradually weakened. But I’ll have to reluctantly slash and cut off an infinite amount of tentacles because its main body is hidden in the lava at the moment.

We repeated it for a few minutes, but there wasn’t any changes.

I cut and cut, but it keeps on regenerating. And that’s it.

There isn’t a single sign that the main body will come up.

The way things were going, I judged that it would take too much time. So I use 【Equip Exoskeleton】 and take out 【Lightning Shark Dragon Lord’s Placoid Scales】.

On top, I use 【Magma Migration】 in parallel and dive into the lava.

Thanks to that ability, I was able to smoothly swim in the lava.

Swimming in lava feels mysterious. While it’s somewhat stickier than water, but it’s not bad.

After getting accustomed to swimming in lava to some degree, I used 【Illogical Adamantine Strength】 to forcefully pull up the hidden body of Magma Knight ・ Sirpendir.

After being raised for about 20 meters, its real body comes out of the spiral shell like a spiral-shaped snail and starts biting. I took a sip while it’s alive *slurp slurp (sfx)*

Of course, Magma Knight ・ Sirpendir’s body immediately reacted to that simple bite with a jarring shriek and gets into a 【Frenzy】. It starts attacking relentlessly with its tentacles.

It’s a fierce attack that assaults a wide area with no break in between. I apply 【Black Demon King's Laminated Dragon Armor】, 【Endure】, 【Black Undead Knight Cloths】 and 【Physical Attack Tolerance】 on top of the 【Lightning Shark Dragon Lord’s Placoid Scales】 that I’m wearing. I’m not sure what would have happened if I didn’t use all of this.

If the field bosses are like this, what will the dungeon boss be like?

I did expect it, but it still feels a little uneasy.

As I’m eating the main body of Magma Knight ・ Sirpendir I experience a entirely new taste and texture, so I decide to thoroughly enjoy it.

However, as I’m excitedly eating, Minokichi-kun’s jealously stares at me with a painful gaze.

He’s drooling as he’s staring. It was somewhat reminiscent of our lives as goblins.

I’ve eaten more than half of Magma Knight ・ Sirpendir, but I enthusiastically kept on going because I felt that there’s still more than enough to share with the others. One of the tentacles I chopped off was still moving energetically as I roasted it in the lava in order to reluctantly let them have a bit.

Since they’re still staring at me while eating *munch munch (sfx)*, I mentioned 『These tentacles are as delicious as the main body』. They should let it go, as I do intend to let them eat it as well some other time.

【Field Boss [Magma Knight ・ Sirpendir] successfully eliminated 】

【Achiever Yatendouji has been Awarded the 【Spiral-shelled King’s Gravekeeper】 as a first time subjugation bonus】

【Ability learned 【Shut-in Structure】】

【Ability learned 【Lava Lurker】】

【Ability learned 【Wild Spree of Snake Tentacles 】】

After we stop eating excitedly, only the huge spiral-shaped shell where it hid itself in remained.

Because there are a countless amount of different gems embedded in the spiral-shaped shell, it was very valuable. Since it’s useful as material as well, I stored it in my item box along with the treasure chest that appeared.

With this the subjugation safely ended. We returned with dozens of tentacles that I cut off as souvenirs. Kanami-chan and the others were waiting with a triumphant look on their faces, as they displayed a large amount of loot.

Since they’re all in high spirits, I share the tentacles with them. While its taste and texture is inferior to that of the main body, which is the best, they do still have a particular flavor.

Like that, everyone had a delicious meal.

Translation Notes

Writer Note
Champsy Boss name is not final. I don't like it but couldn't find anything better
Champsy Hikikimori. Made me giggle. I assume Shut-in Structure is basically the ability to crawl inside a shell.
Champsy I’m a sucker for alliterations.

Day 235 == Day 236 == Day 237

Day 236

NEEDS PARTIAL EDITING Japanese --> Russian --> English

Today we passed through the forest of lava pillars, home to the [Volcanic Ape General] we defeated earlier. Before us lies an enormous lava lake where the next dungeon boss lives.

Editer’s note: The bracketed title probably indicates the need for a name, unless the original Japanese name was similarly simply the title of the dungeon boss.  Translator bros feel free to appropriately name all bracketed characters or fix my naming as these things severely lack consistency between chapters (different editors/translators and whatnot).

Judging by yesterday’s observations, there were absolutely no signs of movement from the center of the lake. Fighting the field boss in his native environment was likely to bring us a variety of problems, as was the case with the [Volcanic Ape General].

The gigantic lava lake, which was sure to become a battleground, has a circular shape with a diameter of about 8 kilometers. The surface has somewhat cooled and was covered with a black crust of hardened lava, but due to the high heat below, there are fissures and cracks from which gases leak and red flashes of lava can be seen.

In daylight, this place is very beautiful; but at night, this place took on the illusory image of a hellish frying pan.

I think it is a fantastic sight, but it appears that fighting there will be far from easy.

And not just because of the extreme temperature, against which even our special equipment paled.  There was also lethal gas forced up by the enormous pressures and here and there geysers threw fountains of magma across the surface. Very dangerous indeed.

In addition to this, the path to the center of the lake was in the form of countless small and unstable lava islands; with a great chance to lose your balance or, in the worst case, even overturn the whole island.

Finally, regardless of our position, we were under attack by countless monsters from all sides, against which it was necessary to make your best effort or be defeated. Conquerors that came before us usually gave up half way or died on the road.

In this cruel place I went forward with Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan, forming a group of three.

Because I decided that the rest of the fight over the lava lake would be especially hard, I had the remaining eight generals stay by the shore of the lake so that they can gain precious items by fighting the monsters there. Under normal circumstances it would be pretty stupid to split our fighting forces apart.

However, including Burasato-chan who serves as the vanguard, Kanami-chan and Irofu-chan as the rear guard and despite the overlapping weaknesses of Supesei-san, Seiji-kun and Kugime-chan, the balance is not that bad. In this area, even if we’re not together, they are quite capable of fighting on their own.

Ed Zak: Added previously omitted Demons, and changed negative balance into slightly positive, so it makes more sense.

So they take care of their work and we will deal with our own.

Thus, after passing through many difficulties, we made it safely to the center island of the lava lake and began to fight.

The local field boss [Lava Ammonite Sapendia], was basically a huge hundred meter long ammonite.

With its huge body and cowardly character, it was hiding at the bottom of the lake and attacked adventurers that come to the central lava lake island, that had a fifty meter diameter, by using countless tentacles which resemble snakes. A very serious and nasty opponent.

The tentacles, whose total number exceeded one hundred, have two kinds. One was thick and long striking with brute strength that shook the surface of the lake, and others that were short and thin as a woman’s body, with something resembling a snake’s head which hurled chunks of lava or emitted heat rays, every one with a different attack method.

In order to counter all of their attacks at the same time, we fought covering each other's shortcomings. Minokichi-kun took on most of the attacks with his shield, using a powerful swipe of the axe to cut off the ends of the tentacles with Asue-chan who fought with him side by side, allowing their combined range of attack to extend farther to distant tentacles. I acted as support for both of them, destroying as many tentacles as they did.

We already knew our habits and fighting methods, so we avoided taking to much damage.

Here we observed that the [Lava Ammonite Sapendia] had quite the high regeneration, because new tentacles grew in place of severed ones immediately.

At this point I got tired of this nonsense and activated [Unhealing Cursed Wound], but it only slowed the regeneration slightly, which was very irritating.

Usually in such cases, defense is not particularly effective and the best option is to aim at the main body. In this case however, the main body was at the bottom of the lake and we only continued to cut the endlessly regenerating tentacles.

Even after a few minutes we can’t see a difference. Wherever we cut a tentacle a new one grew in its place. There was no trace of the presence of the main body, hidden deep beneath the lava.

Having decided that this was taking too long, I activated [Exoskeleton: Lightning Shark Dragon Lord’s Placoid Scales] and [Lava Swimming] and then dove into the lake of lava.

With these abilities I was free to swim through the lava lake.  Though it was a strange feeling swimming in lava it was not bad, but its properties were more viscous than water.

Slightly used to this new way of moving, I pulled up the main body of the [Lava Ammonite Sapendia] to the surface, activating [Illogical Adamantine Strength].

After pulling it out I grabbed securely onto its body that was protected by a shell, like a snail, that was roughly twenty meters long and began biting it to absorb it alive. Naturally though, [Lava Ammonite Sapendia] didn’t make for easy eating.

Having received direct damage to its body, it went into its [Frenzy] state by emitting a piercing shriek and began attacking incessantly with all of its tentacles.

Under this attack, like a huge waterfall of blows, I activated [Lightning Shark Dragon Lord’s Placoid Scales], [Black Demon King's Laminated Dragon Armor], [Physical Damage Resistance], [Black Undead Knight's Cloth] and [Endurance].

Who knows what might have happened if I hadn’t?  If this is what a field boss is like, then what can be expected from the Dungeon Boss?

On the one hand I’m getting a little excited, but on the other hand, it’s kind of worrying.

In any case, for now I decided to fully enjoy the taste of [Lava Ammonite Sapendia]'s main body.  As I did, I caught the envious look from Minokichi-kun. His jittery and drooling face reminded me of the days when we were still goblins.

Well, despite being half eaten [Lava Ammonite Sapendia] still remained lively. Since I couldn’t really share the body with them, I cut for them the still writhing tentacles, which they roasted and ate on the lava.

While eating, I noticed they were looking at me as if to say “If these tentacles are so delicious, I’d like to try the main body” but it’s just too bad; next time we come here, I’ll be sure to feed them properly.

[Dungeon Boss [Lava Ammonite Sapendia] successfully eliminated]

[As a bonus for being first to eliminate, treasure box [Tomb of the Spiral Shell King] will be sent]

[Ability learned: [Predisposition to Seclusion]]

[Ability learned: [Lava Stealth]]

[Ability learned: [Snake Tentacle Banquet]]

After eating, what remained was a previously hidden ring, a part of the boss’s spiral shell, with walls encrusted with precious gems.  The gems alone were worth many golden plates but the material from which the shell was made was of a high quality.  I placed this together with the treasure chest into my [Item Box]. 

Following the slaying of the boss, and bringing along a few dozen severed tentacles as a souvenir, we returned to the site where Kanami-chan and the others awaited. The company boasted a tremendous pile of trophies which were immediately dispersed.

Afterwards we enjoyed a meal of tentacles together.  Although they’re inferior to the main body, their strangeness somewhat made up for it.

As expected, things are tastier when eaten together.

Editor’s Note: Some of these translations were kind of rough. I interpreted them to the best of my ability but if any other editors want to come in and review them for either consistency or authenticity feel free.

Day 235 == Day 236 == Day 237

Day 236

Today we have passed the forest lava pillars, where she lived [volcanic monkey General] have reached a huge lava lake, where he lived the next field boss.

Judging by yesterday's observations, it is absolutely no signs of movement from the center of the lake. Fighting with him in his usual environment, it is likely to meet with a variety of problems, such as was the case with [the volcanic monkey general].

Besides lava lake that becomes a battleground, with a diameter of about 8 kilometers, a huge lake circular shape, the surface is generally cooled, covered with a black crust of lava, but it came from but the very high fever, and as could be seen in some places cracks, breaks out of which flashes red lava.

From the side it looked very not bad, but after dark, this place is all turned into an illusory picture resembling a hell of a frying pan.

But in fact, fight here will be far from easy.

And not just because of the huge temperature against which did not save even special equipment, as well as because of the lethal gas escaping and under enormous pressure also suddenly appear here and there geysers throwing fountains of magma to the surface, very dangerous.

In addition, the path to the center of the lake, ran on an unstable surface, was a great chance to lose your balance, or in the worst case, even fall.

Also regardless of our position on all sides attacked countless monsters with which it was necessary to make every effort.

Conquerors usually give up half way, or die on the road.

In this cruel place I went Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan in a group of 3.

Because I decided that for the rest of the fight here will be hard, because it was decided that they will remain in front of the lake, and then fighting will gain precious items from monsters.

Under normal circumstances, it would be pretty stupid here to share our fighting forces apart. But unfortunately overlapping back Supesei-san, Seiji-kun, and Kugime-chan, the balance is pretty bad. And in this area, even if we will not, they are quite capable of fighting a few tens of minutes

So they instructed their work, and we will deal his own. Thus, after passing through many difficulties, we made it safely to the center of lava lake, and began to fight.

The local dungeon boss [Lava Ammonite Sapendia], more simply 100 meters, a huge Ammonite.

With a huge body, and at the same cowardly character, he is hiding at the bottom of a lake of lava, the attacker approaching adventurers approached the island with a diameter of about 50 meters with the help of countless tentacles, resembling snakes. A very serious opponent.

Among other things, Tentacle, whose total number exceeds one hundred, and even had a few species.

From the huge, thick and long, striking, shaking the surface of the lake, to the thin, thick as a woman's body, and short, with something resembling a snake's head on the end of emitting blocks of lava or heat rays.

In order to counter their attack at the same time, we fought covering each other's shortcomings. Minokichi-kun took on board most of the attacks, and then a powerful swipe of the ax cut off the tentacles, Asue-chan , fought with him side by side, allowing even further extend the range of attack, and I acted as a support to both of them, causing their share of damage.

We already knew about the habits of each other, because can not afford to fight special damage.

Here are just a [Lava Ammonite Sapendia] Visibility was quite high regeneration, because in place of severed immediately grow new tentacles.

At this point I'm tired, and activated [Unhealing Cursed Wound], then recovery slowed slightly.

Usually in such cases, the defense is not particularly effective, and should aim at the main body, but this time it is at the bottom of the lava lake, so had to cut countless tentacles.

But it's been a few minutes, the changes have not been.

What we did not cut the tentacles in their place grow new ones. There was no trace of the presence of the main body, hidden in the lava.

Having decided that, so it would take too long, I activated [Exoskeleton] and [Thunder Shark Dragon Scales]. In addition [Lava Swimming], and then burst into a lava.

With the ability, I was free to swim there, though the lava, with properties more viscous than water, but the feeling was not bad.

Slightly used to the way of moving, I started strength pulled to the surface of the main body [Lava Ammonite Sapendia], activating [Unreasonable Adamantine Strength].

Pulling secure spiral shell size of 20 meters, worm-like body, biting his main body began to absorb it live.

Naturally [Lava Ammonite Sapendia] was not the one who makes it easy for yourself to eat.

Having direct damage to his body, emitting a nasty shout [Lava Ammonite Sapendia] was furious, began attacking incessantly with all its tentacles.

Bod attack, like a huge waterfall, I do not activate the [Thunder Shark Dragon Scales], [Black Demon King's Laminated Dragon Armor], [Physical Damage Reduction] [Black Undead Knight's Cloth].

who knows what would have from all this happened.

If such a dungeon boss, I wonder what will be the main boss of the dungeon.

On the one hand I am in anticipation, the other a little worried.

Anyway, today I decided to fully enjoy the fresh taste of the main body [Lava Ammonite Sapendia]

In any case, in the process, I caught the envious glances Minokichi-kun and companies.

Their faces are drooling heavily reminiscent of the days when we were still goblins.

[Lava Ammonite Sapendia] was half eaten, but still remained bodrenkim, because I could now share with them, but do nothing because I left them still moving tentacles, which they roasted and ate on the lava.

The truth is in the process of eating, "if we tentacles into as many delicious, I'd like to try the main body of the" Champion said more of their views, but they have this time they give up, the next time we come here be sure to feed them.

[Dungeon boss [Magma Night Sapendia] was successfully subjugated]

[As a bonus for being first to subjugate, treasure box [Tomb of the Spiral Shell King] will be sent]

Ability [Predisposition to Seclusion] learned

Ability [Lava Stealth] learned

Ability [Snake Tentacle] learned

After eating, there was a spiral shell, the walls of which have grown gems, this alone made it very valuable, but also the material from which it was made, was very helpful, because it appeared together with the treasure box, I went to his duffel box.

After the destruction, back, prihvornut with a few dozen severed tentacles as a souvenir. At the site we waited KanaMi chan and the company boasted huge amounts of trophies. Do not weak, they immediately dispersed.

After that we enjoyed together, tentacles, which, though inferior to taste the main body, but were still unusual.

As expected, there are still together tastier.

Translator Google Day 236

Today earlier passed through the forest of lava columns Vu~oruka Nick General Ape was there - it was decided to hunt the field boss lives in a huge lava lake.

It had been observed from yesterday this guy has no sign of moving from the center of the lava lake, is most likely to be a united front in the context of where you are in the habitat is there is also the fact that Vu~oruka Nick General Ape, to eliminate it but now, because it was relatively easy hunting likely in comparison with other that it was.

So it's lava lake that becomes the battlefield, but was present in the fairly steep bottom of the mortar-like terrain.

In diameter eight kilometers There is likely circle of huge lava lake, although the majority of there in full lava surface is blackened by sharks, hot air leaking from the inside is full of outside, and countless red cracks in the black surface and sounding it depicts a fluctuating pattern.

It is a very beautiful place from a distance, the day, but I and also looks like a hell of a kettle after the sunset, I think it's a fantastic sight. But it is not easy when it comes to actually fight there.

Lava lake is not only say that even difficult ultra-high heat zone to approach the odd heat-resistant fire-resistant equipment, in addition to the fact that the deadly volcanic gases and intense heat of the steam is generated from everywhere, like a geyser occasionally while small lava It's very dangerous because falling is up blowing.

We need to go through a myriad of floating island is to the center of the lava lake And, but lacking a little stability or because floating island that floats on top of the lava, you can swing greatly when the balance is too biased, possible to overthrow it's the worst case gender is also present.

Moreover, if Wu and must be a myriad of dungeon monsters that come to attack without anyway, such as the circumstances of here to the other, it is not that the other half-hearted. It does almost giving up of cheats who before you arrive, it would be to die.

Is was performed advanced such a dangerous place, me and Minokichi-kun, and was only Miki of Asue-chan.

Because, in the other everyone determines that it is tough to fight in the lava lake, if it, to defeat and dungeon monsters outside of the lava lake in the fact that, it is because decided to get in inosine to the collection of valuable drop items. Such as plan if force dispersion of here would crest of folly.

However, including the Burasato-san who serves as the avant-garde, Kanami-chan and Irokusa-chan in Zhongwei, rear guard, although there is a bad configuration bit of balance that space stars san and political kun and Kugime-chan, ours is not stay in this area do not worry because even enough fight forces.

There is left over there, I we poured everything to me our work. By why, and arrived safely in various ways hard-lava lake center of the floating island also while, the battle was started.

Individual fields boss [Lava Ammonite Sapendia] is easy to express and length was one hundred meters there is likely a huge ammonite.

To hide the body in essentially lava Bubbly do is usually because it is cowardice of those that boast an overwhelming big frame, cheats person who arrived in a circular floating island a certain diameter fifty meters using a myriad of tentacles that was very similar to snake It is a nasty opponent hit.

Less estimated also there is more than one hundred tentacles, such as snake is like a two when roughly distinction, a thick very long tentacles cleave and tightening such as brute-force as of Taiki, a thin short and small enough body of adult female tentacles are like from such part of the snake's mouth spit out a heat ray Yara lava shells, come feed each different attack.

In order to come to launch a multilateral simultaneous attack, it is not must with respect to the total circumference, ours was dealt with by redeeming each other.

And cut off the tentacles Mnokichi-kun Repeat powerful attack while preventing with a shield for the majority of attacks, Asue-chan crushing hit a combination of Minokichi-kun shoot leaked a more rough range attack and maneuverability of work attack, I there go damage doing Arekore while the support of the two demons.

Ours because it can be grasped also each other's habit also thinking, had been able to fight without also receive a large damage.

But it seems there is a strong regeneration ability to magma night Sapendia, come grows new tentacles from an exhausted near.

When it was only to somewhat delay the regeneration be allowed to trigger the [scratches curse time which is not healing], it was irksome indeed.

I want to aim the body in haste because such when a dwindling of business and also continue to protect but, this time because that hidden body in the lava, was interviewed What happens situation is like crazy cut it banged off the myriad of tentacles reluctantly.

Few minutes and repeating it, but change is not observed.

The cut is reproduces, an exhausted with it to play. It is just it.

sign of the body is out-high lava is not all.

At this rate it is determined that takes too much time, wearing a [placoid scale of Kaminarisameryu-ko] have I allowed to trigger the [Exoskeleton].

In addition [Migratory] also parallel invocation, we have entered into the lava.

Thanks to the ability, it is possible to swim with the breeze even in the lava.

Because swim in the lava is a strange feeling, but it is not bad but there is some viscous than water.

To some extent after it was confirmed whether happens when swim in the lava, lurking such as [Rigai become Kongo power of] the body of magma Night Sapendia had also used to forcibly raise.

After pulling up it is biting the body that was protected by the threaded ring, such as snails, which would be the twenty meters, was eaten sipping alive with whizzing.

Of course, easily leaching by the Klez, magma Night Sapendia is to [frenzy] while issued a harsh screaming that act directly on the spirit, it has been attacked again and again by using all of the tentacles.

The unbroken attack such as the large waterfall fiercely, and wearing the [placoid scale of Kaminarisameryu-ko], [endure] and [laminated Ryuyoroi of black Demon King], [Kuroki immortal group of knight clothing black undead Knight Cross It's enough to not know what had become If it is not] and [physical attack resistance] in a state of simultaneously activated, and the like.

If this field boss, dungeon boss wonder how much things.

While you would expect, it gives rise also feeling to be a little anxiety.

There, now I decided to enjoy the body to enjoy the new taste and texture as eat if query of [Lava Ammonite Sapendia].

Even so, it hurts me the envious to stare Minokichi-kun our gaze to eat dance.

It is seen as jitter while drooling, the flame but there were things that reminiscent of the goblin era.

Magma Night Sapendia divided your skirt because it still healthy even if eaten more than half of the body, to mean that the did not go, and the tentacles are moving still vigorously even cut off reluctantly ordered as that base Eating is baked in lava .

While eating it in accordance with the Moshamosha, but "this only because delicious do's in tentacles, like Na is eaten also body" because such a line of sight was still followed that, this time to get to give up, but also to be I'll eat when I came this time I think.

[Dungeon boss [Magma Night Sapendia] was successfully subjugated]

[As a bonus for being first to subjugate, treasure box [Tomb of the Spiral Shell King] will be sent]

Ability [Predisposition to Seclusion] learned

Ability [Lava Stealth] learned

Ability [Snake Tentacle] learned

When the dance eating is over, the body remained a huge screw ring that had been hiding.

To because a wide variety of jewelry in threaded ring is embedded in the myriad worth just by itself, so simply also useful as a material, it was housed in the item box along with the emerging treasure chest.

Subdue the end successfully, looking back to the souvenir several tens of tentacles that are cut off, Kanami-chan who show off a large number of veterans in the doss face was waiting.

While I think that it is the things that he was enthusiastic lot, although inferior to the body was the best also throat not only taste, tentacles and ate at all was also a special taste.

Naa delicious also rice that downy Eating at all after all.

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