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Day 232

“Day 232”

In the Labyrinth city ≪ Rada Lo Dara ≫, there was one area called Stall Street.

As the name suggests, it was a street where carts were lined up in a row. They were selling a variety of dishes such as spit-roast and yakisoba [1]. It felt like a pleasant place to hang around.

After finishing a light morning training in the free training area, I gave everyone some free time. Together with Kanami-chan, I went for lunch.

In fact, we went to this Stall Street, since the dishes were made out of an abundance of dropped ingredients that were taken back home from the derived dungeon. It was very tasty.

The thick meat is fried on an iron plate that has a high temperature. It was giving of a smell that stimulates the appetite.

Due to the combination of smells and sound, saliva spontaneously began to flow from my mouth.

The meat was wrapped in a fresh vegetable. Eating the meat became even more delicious because of a peculiar sweetness from the vegetable.

Thick meat and fresh vegetables, this combination is the best.

But what surpassed that, was the alcohol.

I drank a liquor with a high percentage of alcohol which burnt my throat, but it was so good, that I became addicted after drinking just one sip.

Personally, I’d rather it even higher than the Elven Liquor.

Well, while personal tastes differ, there was still a difference.

And as we ate several dishes while walking, I enjoyed it considerably.

Like this, there’s the advantage that I can enjoy the delicious cooking of each stall.

Since the ones that are aiming for the dungeon are diving it as we speak, the main customers here are the ones that come back from the derived dungeon.

Because of their profession, we are trying to gather a lot of information on how to capture the dungeon. And through alcohol, it’s easy for them to become talkative. Including the blood, sweat and carelessness of returning safely from a dungeon, a lot of information leaks out that’s normally not shared.

Even the information that you I’m not able to hear normally, I can divert it from the noise through 【Wiretapping】. While there are a lot of bars, but information gathering here is efficient.

I thoroughly enjoyed the dishes from the stands while collecting information, and I slowly returned to the hotel while looking at the things presented in the various shops.

After doing various things with Kanami-chan at night, we became a bit hungry. So I took out enough “Grief Charybdis”, “Aquarium Golem Ball” and “Red-armed Geminyuvia” for two people.

【Ability learned 【Large Vortex of Flood】】

【Ability learned 【Crying Tears of Grief】】

【Ability learned 【Terrain Effect: Water】】

【Ability learned 【Emergency Withdrawal】】

【Ability learned 【High Pressure】】

【Ability learned 【Hard Sphere】】

【Ability learned 【Boiling Red Arms】】

【Ability learned 【Duplicated Existence】】

【Ability learned 【Existence Restoration】】

Everything was delicious. But if I dare decide, I’d have to say it might be Red-armed Geminyuvia.

Especially the both arms were the best.

The meat was so soft it melted in my mouth, and as it gave a tingling sensation, the taste became even better.

Because Kanami-chan liked it as well, I promised we’d go capture it together.

While the internal organs of the Shark-headed Bolt Wyrm were still remaning, I decided to keep it in order to enjoy it later.

Translation Notes

Writer Note

Day 232

Russian --> English (Edited)

Sorry for the massive delay, shit happened in real life. Btw, Serious thanks to the Wikia Contributor who provided me the link to the raws, finally understand a few things such as wtf is "Fire water" (explained later).

Ok, I didn't actually know Fire water is an actual thing (I'm pretty much a liquor nub), so thank you Caudyr for telling me. ~Akioni

Day 232

There exists a district within the Labyrinth City Radha Lo Dara, known as the 'Yatai Street'. The entire street is lined with food stands, selling snacks such as kushiyaki or Yakisoba. The variety of cuisine in the stalls allows one to enjoy the local culture and atmosphere.

ED Note: To imagine the Yatai(屋台) street, just look for a festival scene in any anime, but no game stalls, located in a street instead of a shrine, and no riajuus to make you jealous. For the record, Kushiyaki are skewered meat, and Yakisoba are fried noodles. 

After a light workout at the training site (which anyone can use free of charge), Kanami-chan and I went there for lunch. Actually, since the stalls in the Yatai street use materials and monster drops harvested from the "Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain", the food was extremely delicious.

Thick cuts of meat are being grilled on an iron plate heated to a high temperature by burning coal beneath it. The smell that wafts from it would whet anyone's appetite.

The synergistic effect of smell and sound would naturally make anyone drool.

They also used fresh vegetables for wrapping up the meat. The peculiar sweetness of the vegetables complemented the taste of the meat.

Juicy rich meat and fresh vegetables, this combination is certainly the best.

The only thing that surpasses this, is of course alcohol.

The high alcoholic content in the strong sake makes it feel like you're burning your throat when you drink it down, but the taste is so delicious that if you drink it once, you will get addicted to it.

Ed Note: Previously, Google translations translated 火酒as "Fire water". Don't ask me how, but even if I directed translated it, it would ended up as "Fiery wine". But anyway, this can also mean "Strong Drink"/High alcahoilc content. Thus, I dubbed it as "Strong drink".

Ok, new update, I didn't know Fire water was an actual thing, Thanks for telling me about this Caudyr

Personally, it's even better than elven wine.

Well, it is more on the level of personal preference since the taste and concentration is different anyway.

I was walking around the area, enjoying the various cuisines they offer here. Although, while the cuisines here are delicious, I also have something I need to do.

Because the main customers in the Yatai streets are adventurers that have returned from the dungeon.

Adventurers often have a lot of information on the dungeon, something that I want to know about. When they arrive at Yatai street, the first place they often go to is the bar, where they unwind and relax after a long day of shedding blood and sweat. Sometimes, they might even accidentally mouth off information they don't usually disclose.

You can't normally find this kind of information. It's also possible to hear about it using [Wiretapping]. This kind of information is also more commonly found in taverns, where the flow of information is more abundant. Just like that, I gathered information along the way while enjoying the food in the food stalls, visiting various places, and returned to the hotel after nightfall.

In the evening, after doing various things with Kanami-chan, I was a little hungry, so we both ate the [Grief-Charybdis], [Aquarium Golem Ball] and the [Red Armed Geminyuvia]

ED Note: Anyone mind helping me rename the monsters after you peeps decided on an English name for them? These are my suggestions anyway.

Ability Learned: 【Great Whirlpool of Disastrous Waters】

Ability Learned: 【Wail of Sorrow】

Ability Learned: 【Effective Terrain: Water】

Ability Learned: 【Emergency Retreat】

Ability Learned: 【High Compression】

Ability Learned: 【Hard Sphere】

Ability Learned: 【Bright Red Arms of Boiling】

Ability Learned: 【Duplicate Existence】

Ability Learned: 【Reconstruct Existence】

ED Note: Reference - RAWs for abilities. Click expand to view.

Ability learned: 【水災の大渦】
Ability learned: 【悲嘆の叫涙】
Ability learned: 【地形効果:水】
Ability learned: 【緊急離脱】
Ability learned: 【高圧縮】
Ability learned: 【硬質球体】
Ability learned: 【灼沸の赤腕】
Ability learned: 【重複存在】
Ability learned: 【存在復元】

They were all delicious, but the one that tasted the best would be the [Gemini Red Nuns - Yu Via]. Their hands in particular were the best. Its tender meat melted in your mouth, a little spice to make it a bit more tangy would have made it even better.

Since Kanami-chan also liked it, I promised to get more.

The only thing I have left is the internal organs of the [Shark-Head Bolt Wyrm]. But since I already had a lot of fun, I'll put that aside for now.

Day 231 == Day 232 == Day 233

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