Day 230

Day 230

Around noon, we arrive on a hilltop overlooking the Labyrinth City Radha Lo Dara. It’s the city in the Atarakua Demon Empire that’s closest to the 【Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain】, an Age of the Gods Dungeon that is [God Ranked].

I honestly didn’t expect to arrive so fast. Even if there were borders, mountains and rivers, I ignored them and advanced in a straight line. We really arrived quite fast.

The advantage of undead is that it doesn’t become tired. I shudder at the result of my creation.

My goal is to gather information on the 【Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain】 before challenging it, so we’ll be spending several days in the Labyrinth City Radha Lo Dara.

I still want to hide my Great Skeleton Centipede, so I secretly put it in my item box and we approach on the normal Skeleton Centipede.

It looks like there’s a procedure for entering the Labyrinth City Radha Lo Dara, like there was in the Sternbild Kingdom. We had to queue in a long line to make it to the gate.

The line is made out a lot of demihumans that make up most of the population in the Atarakua Demon Empire. It’s a different scene from the Sternbild Kingdom that's mostly humans.

However, even among the 【Demons】 here, it’s not like we don’t stand out.

Minokichi-kun with his huge, flashy appearance, is interested in his surrounding and looking around restlessly. While he’s just looking around, it might seem like he’s looking for prey if you’re not used to it.

On top, the skeleton centipede is also throwing big eyes because of its strange form and the fact that it’s not being pulled by a beast type monster, nor are they in the neighborhood. It’s self-propelled.

Kanami-chan and Burasato are the last 2 reasons why we stand out so much. There’s a difference in class. Everyone is an existence that attracts attention.

Well, we’re used to the attention. We don’t mind it, and I pay the admission fee at the gate with currency from the Atarakua Demon Empire that I obtained beforehand.

Even after a few glances, the difference with the Sternbild Kingdom is noticeable.

There’s a plot where small houses are lined up like a row of doghouses next to a plot of houses lined up that are big enough for a troll to comfortably live in. Based on size, there’s hardly any unity.

Aside from wood and bricks, there’s also wide variety of building materials used to create them.

There are a lot of dishes that I haven’t seen in the Sternbild Kingdom that are being sold in the shops. The lingering smells everywhere stimulate the appetite.

After we visit a lot of different places because they are interesting, we quickly find a high-quality hotel and check-in. Even if the style is a bit different from the Kingdom, it’s no problem being here. After we put away our luggage, I gave everyone some free time.

Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan immediately went on a date. They linked their arms and left peacefully. Since both have a healthy appetite, they’ll probably go out for dinner.

Burasato-san and Supesei-san also went out together. They’re probably out to buy some rare or cursed swords and magic books.

Seiji-kun, Kugime-chan and Irofu-chan also left together. It looks like they’ll be roaming around to properly tour the city. People might envy and pick a fight with Seiji-kun flanked by 2 beautiful women, but as it’s Irofu-chan around, it should be OK.

Even in her dormant state, Irofu-chan’s combat capabilities are high. I should rather worry that the men who succumbed to their jealousy won’t be attacked by Irofu-chan.

And so, it’s only Kanami-chan and me that are left. We’re going to a bar together.. This in order to gather information. It’s certainly not for our selfish desire to drink the famous local liquors here. It really is for reconnaissance, okay?

Just to avoid any confusion in that regard.

And so, we saw the 7 demons off, or well, depart. We wanted to go to, but there was still something to be done.

First of all, I chopped off my right hand, and used it as material to create several clones that I threw out the window. Their shapes changed as the bodies flew out. They each scattered to perform their own tasks.

And as the hand that I lost regenerated, I took out some alcohol from the labyrinth and started to drink it. I moved it around several times to confirm its condition.

Seeing as there were no particular problems, Kanami-chan and I immediately went out to the bar. We swiftly entered a luxurious bar and ordered. There seemed to be a lot of eccentric alcohol and liquors.

They seemed to be highly combustible, so there were strict limitations and instructions with regards to fire. I drank everything on the overwhelming menu. They were all delicious.

Seeing as a lot of the drops in 【Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain】 are apparently similar to what we’ve been drinking, I got excited.

Everyone gathered for supper and we ate together, while I exchanged the information I collected today. There’s a lot of information to memorize to begin with, so I intend to create a tool tomorrow that piles up all information we need to know.

I lay down on a warm bed as I prepared the schedule for tomorrow.

【Psalms of a Legendary Hero 【Radiant Hero that Leads Troops】 ≪Subcast≫ named 【Witch of the Bewitching Flame】 and 【Benevolent Maria】 pledged to ≪He who awakened a Psalm / Main Cast≫ Sigurd Ace Sven have emerged】

【Yatendouji's 【Fate Plunder】 has been activated】

【As a result, 【Witch of the Bewitching Flame】 and 【Benevolent Maria】 has been put under Yatendouji's control 】

【Currently, 【Witch of the Bewitching Flame】 is awakened】

【Currently, 【Benevolent Saint】 is awakened】

【Yatendouji has the power to release both their frozen abilities

Do you want to release them?

≪YES≫ ≪NO≫】


I selected ≪NO≫ for the time being, and went to sleep.

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