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Day 229Edit

“Day 229”

Today we continue traveling the entire day.

It’s nice.

It’s very nice.

I want to cover the distance with the remote destination as fast as possible, so the fact that we can keep on going without having to rest is nice.

We haven’t stopped since we left.

It’s hard to do our daily training exercises, so with the way things are going, our bodies might become dull.

Because of that, I prepared a special area on top of the roof of the greater skeleton centipede.

The members can’t spar as freely as they’re used to, but at least it’s possible to do some muscle exercises.

When we actually tried it out, it was quite comfortable.

After a long workout, my body is burning, which is quite right, as there’s snow and a cold wind is blowing.

I take some time taking into the changing surroundings and realize that’s traveling around actually feels quite good.

During the workout, we’ve advanced into grasslands with a gentle slope. The best part of the greater skeleton centipede is that it can push forward through the fallen snow in a splendid fashion.

A large amount of snow is being blown off to the sides by explosions. When there’s still some slow lying, it jumps over it and its being carried to the back.

Snowflakes are dancing down, and it glistens as it reflects sunlight.

When we pass a lake that’s covered by ice, I can see a beautiful woman dressed in silver-blue clothes in the center of the lake. It’s probably a kind of nymph.

I only briefly glanced as the beautiful, picturesque woman, but if one would approach carelessly, they’d be entranced. In the end you’d probably dry up completely and be killed.

She seems to have noticed us as well, but we were already far away by that time.

After that, I was able to spot “Snow Eaters” that were gathering around “Snow Golems”.

The Snow Eaters are a type of earthworm monster that has a body of around 50 centimers made out of blue crystal. It feeds on the magical power that is stored in the snow golems.

Even though these fellows do not attack anything else than snow golems, since they do release a strong freezing gas into a vicinity of several meters after they finish eating the snow golems, it’s necessary to pay attention to it.

Because the freezing gas that’s being released is like liquid nitrogen, I cannot get away with taking it directly.

It’ll probably be the case that I’ll turn into a living ice sculpture when I come in contact with the freezing gas. But the Snow Eater is still a monster that can be easily exterminated with fire, so they won’t be a problem if I’m careful.

While we keep on going forward, I realize that there’s still a lot of interesting existences in this world.

Translation Notes

Writer Note
Champsy Paragraph 2 has a last line ‘The space is like that’. But I just left it out because it’s plain redundant and very annoying to word in English.

Day 229Edit

Translated---> Russian---> English (Edited) A big thanks to Oni GiriZ and Miraclegrass once again. You'll be seeing this until day 230, where I end my editing spree, and think of what to do next.


Day 229

Today, we continued to proceed towards our destination the entire day. This is good, very good.

If you want to go fast, even if it's a short distance, it's best you proceed the entire journey without rest.

In our case, we haven't stopped even once since the beginning.

It's difficult to spar daily under such situations. Due to our body size, we are in a rather tight space to do so.

Thus, we decided to remodel the roof of the [Great skeleton centipede] especially for this purpose

While it's not possible to have a spar with the other members up here, muscle training exercises are still possible to a certain degree.

After trying to exercise here, this place was surprisingly pleasant.

The wintry cold air cooling down your heated body after a training session feels great. The surrounding scenery continues onward every moment, a good reminder that we're on a journey. During our training session, we came upon grasslands with uneven elevation. But the [Great Skeleton Centipede] was able to push forward all the same.

Snow was pushed off to the left and right from the explosive momentum, with the same amount of snow being blown up in air and flowed back behind us, yet the [Great Skeleton Centipede] didn't lose any speed.

ED Note:Someone please help me check the last paragraph. I think I nailed the meaning, but I may have worded it incorrectly. russian translation said the Great Skeleton Centipeded left a trail in its wake, but I interpreted the google translation as what you see above.

PR: i made a slight spelling change other than that you got it! Zak note: Added part with snow being blown up, which make next line more in context.

Falling snow glistened by reflecting the bright sun.

When passing by the shores of the ice-covered lake, I saw a beautiful women wearing a silvery blue robe at the center of it. It was a [Nymph], or at least that's what it looked like.

Even a quick glance at her from a distance would have been sufficient to pass her for a beauty. Any closer and you would have involuntary be fascinated. getting too close to her and you would have been killed by her by drying you up.

ED Note:For the first part of the previous paragraph, the Russian translation made more sense, since the google one skipped straight from a quick glance at her in a picture to closing the distance between her. Once again, I'll need the raw to determine this. "seems good enough, makes sense."

She also seemed to notice that I was looking at her, but by the time that happened, I was long gone.

After that I noticed figures made of snow: a [Snow golem] and flocks of [Snow eaters]

Snow eaters are a kind of earthworm type monster with a blue crystalline body 50 centimeter in length and feeds off the mana stored inside the bodies of snow golems.

They don't hunt anything else other than snow golems, but in order to protect themselves while they feed on the snow golem, they would spread gas in a few meter radius around the snow golem that freeze everything. When this happens, you need to be extra careful.

The freezing gas is very similar to liquid nitrogen, and usually, you would only notice its presence when you made contact with it and be harmed by it. Apparently, there are unfortunate cases where someone had been frozen alive after being directly exposed to the gas. But since [Snow eaters] are extremely vulnerable to fire, as long as you take proper caution, they're not that much of a threat.

While realizing that there are many more interesting things in this world, we continued to proceed to our destination.

Day 228 == Day 229 == Day 230

Translator Google

Day 229

Day today continue to run.

It is good.

It 's very good.

If you want to go fast, even moment to distant destinations, it's that good to that continue to run without rest.

However, ours is not stopped even once from starting.

It is difficult to spear training is a daily routine, in the fact that, the body is nibble in other words remain this.

So, the skeleton large centipede is made a dedicated space on the roof.

I can not Kumite at the team members to each other as so far, but can be a certain degree of muscle training. It's such a space.

When you actually do, or good decent feeling.

Body by the hotel for a long time muscle training also becomes just good condition by the cold wind and snow blowing.

Views of the surrounding going to continue the same as every moment in it, was pretty good to be able to realize that it is that he has been a journey.

It had progressed during the muscle training in the grasslands where there is a moderate difference in height, so that skeleton large centipede is push through the exciting in front of the snow's masterpiece.

Blow-off to the right and left with a large amount of snow was sober explosion momentum, the less not amount jumped to go flowed backward.

Mai fall snow was glittering by reflecting sunlight.

When passing through the side of the lake covered with ice, I saw a beautiful woman wearing a robe of blue silver at the center of the lake. But that has nymph, it would be kind of like it.

It was beautiful to be in the picture, even just by looking at a quick glance, and if closer inadvertently been fascinated, it will ultimately be killed by dried up to.

There also seems to have noticed here, but I was already far away at that time.

Then, it was possible to see also the figure of was made of snow "Snow Golem" flock to "Snow Eater".

Snow Eater and staple the magic that store is like snow golem of snow Dharma, a kind of earthworm type monsters with a body such as the blue crystal of about fifty centimeters.

Guy like'm not Osoikakara other than snow golem, but, in order to spread the powerful freezing gas around a few meters after a certain period of time to be finished eating the snow golem, it's necessary to be careful.

Since the freezing gas that is scattered all over things such as liquid nitrogen, and sorry in only when bathed directly.

Apparently there is unfortunately also the case that is in the alive ice image is bathed in the freezing gas, but Snow Eater because the monster to the extent that can be easily cleaned if there is a fire, there is no problem as long care.

While realize that he there are still interesting present in this world, ours continued to proceed.

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