Day 229

Day 229

Today we continue traveling the entire day. It’s nice. It’s very nice.

I want to cover the distance with the remote destination as fast as possible, so the fact that we can keep on going without having to rest is nice. We haven’t stopped since we left.

It’s hard to do our daily training exercises, so with the way things are going, our bodies might become dull.

Because of that, I prepared a special area on top of the roof of the Great Skeleton Centipede.

The members can’t spar as freely as they’re used to, but at least it’s possible to do some muscle exercises.

When we actually tried it out, it was quite comfortable. After a long workout, my body is burning, which is quite right, as there’s snow and a cold wind is blowing.

I take some time taking in the changing surroundings and realize that traveling around actually feels quite good.

During the workout, we’ve advanced into grasslands with a gentle slope. The best part of the Great Skeleton Centipede is that it can push forward through the fallen snow in a splendid fashion.

A large amount of snow is being blown off to the sides by explosions. When there’s still some slow lying, it jumps over it and its being carried to the back.

Snowflakes are dancing down, and it glistens as it reflects sunlight.

When we pass a lake that’s covered by ice, I can see a beautiful woman dressed in silver-blue clothes in the center of the lake. It’s probably a kind of nymph.

I only briefly glanced as the beautiful, picturesque woman, but if one approached carelessly, they’d be entranced. In the end you’d probably dry up completely and be killed.

She seems to have noticed us as well, but we were already far away by that time.

After that, I was able to spot “Snow Eaters” that were gathering around “Snow Golems”.

The [Snow Eaters] are a type of earthworm monster that has a body of around 50 centimeters made out of blue crystal. It feeds on the magical power that is stored in the snow golems.

Even though these fellows do not attack anything other than snow golems, since they do release a strong freezing gas into a vicinity of several meters after they finish eating the snow golems, it’s necessary to pay attention to it.

Because the freezing gas that’s being released is like liquid nitrogen, I cannot get away with taking it directly.

It’ll probably be the case that I’ll turn into a living ice sculpture when I come in contact with the freezing gas. But the Snow Eater is still a monster that can be easily exterminated with fire, so they won’t be a problem if I’m careful.

While we keep on going forward, I realize that there’s still a lot of interesting existences in this world.

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