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Day 228

“Day 228”

Today, we leave the Royal Capital.

We’re a party of 9 demons: me and the 【8 Demon Generals】.

Redhead Shortie is staying behind to take care of Opushii, who has recently reached the phase where she started crawling. Redhead’s body is not yet in normal condition. Seeing as we’re going to a faraway place and it’s cold outside, I told her to stay inside.

Auro, Argento and Oniwaka also seem to want to challenge the place.

Since we don’t know anything about the dungeon we’re attempting to conquer, we can’t afford it. If it’s too difficult, these three will surely become a burden.

On top, we don’t have a base in the Demon Empire yet.

I’m not sure if the security there is similar to the degree of safety in the kingdom. It might not be. It would be the worst if they’re taken hostage, and there’s even the possibility of them being killed.

Therefore, I leave them behind this time. There are the other members as well.

Since we can still keep in touch through the ear cuffs, we’ll be leaving either way. Since the Tomboy Princess also left a liaison, I don’t worry too much.

And with that, we leave the Royal Capital.

Looks like there’s a group at the gate that’s come to see us off. There were the Tomboy Princess and Boy Knight, as well as the First Queen and the Hero of Darkness.

There are persons waving sadly, and a lot of people are asking for various souvenirs.

As we’re being seen off by everyone, we leave on the skeleton centipede.

After we advanced a bit in our departure, and I confirmed that there’s no one in our neighborhood, we get off the skeleton centipede.

It’ll be a longer journey than last time.

If we were traveling by a normal carriage, we’d need a month to cover the distance. Even with a skeleton centipede, quite some time is needed.

And since I’d like to minimize the travel time as much as possible, we transfer from the skeleton centipede to a special one.

It’s a version the skeleton centipede I made first, but took some time to remodel it. The result is a skeleton centipede that’s almost three time the size.

It’s a lot bigger than a semi-trailer. Does that make it easier to picture it?

In order to keep them apart in the future, let’s call this remodeled carriage a [[ Great Skeleton Centipede|Greater Skeleton Centipede]].

The greater skeleton centipede makes for a comfortable trip since it’s equipped with a lot of different features to make life easier.

Not even mentioning the single beds, it not only has a kitchen counter, a refrigerator and washing machine, but it’s also fully equipped with a restroom and a bath.

Aside from being able to just live here, it’s on a level where you can live in an environment that’s far superior compared to general private houses.

You could say that the greater skeleton centipede is, in other words, something like a huge camper.

It can move and transform itself for self-defense. You might call it a moving fortress?

And with that, we continued riding on the greater skeleton centipede today.

There’s no need to stop regularly now, because you can cook, wash and go to the bathroom on the greater centipede. We pass the time during the day by studying or playing and while we’re sleeping at night, we advance.

We’re going to the destination in a straight line wherever possible. Any obstacle is traversed and we keep on going forward.

There’s a forest and a valley en route that’s dominated by monsters. I worried that we’d be attacked while we were progressing, but it never happened.

They’re likely overwhelmed by the size, speed and grotesqueness of the greater skeleton centipede. Then again, it’s also coated with 【Hiding】, which might have had its effect.

It looks like we might be arriving earlier than expected.

Translation Notes

Writer Note

Day 228

As Promised. A big thanks to Oni GiriZ and Miraclegrass once again.


Day 228

Today we are leaving the Sternbild Kingdom.

The members traveling this time are only the 8 Demon Generals and I, thus 9 members.

As for Redhead, she's taking care of Opushii who has recently learnt to crawl. She's still not in the condition to travel with us, and we also explained the fact that the cold here is much more bearable than there.

Auro, Argento, and Oniwaka also wanted to come along, but the location we were heading towards could be dangerous. Since we're not sure about the layout of this dungeon, if something goes wrong they would only be a burden.

Especially in the Atarakua Demon Empire where we do not have a base.

We can't guarantee their safety there, in the worst case scenario, they would be taken hostage and then killed in the process, it's very possible.

That's why this time they'll be left here. This safety hazard also applies similarly to other members as well.

In any case, it's possible to contact through ear cuffs, so it'll work out somehow. We also have allies like the Tomboy Princess, so there aren't that many concerns.

Afterwards, we depart from the Sternbild Kingdom.

In addition to those staying behind, we're also seen off by Tomboy PrincessBoy Knight, the First Queen and the Dark Hero at the gates. Some waved goodbye or shake hands with sad faces, others asked for souvenirs. Their reactions are completely different from one another. After loading our belongings, we started to ride the skeleton centipede.

After traveling a certain distance, making sure nobody was around, we got off the [Skeleton Centipede]. That's because the journey this time is going to be much longer than our previous ones. Normally, it would take horse carriages months to travel the same distance, even on a normal [Skeleton Centipede] it will still take quite some time. 

But since we don't want to waste time, we transferred to a special, unique skeleton centipede.

This was the first skeleton centipede I ever made. But after modifying it with magic over time, it became nearly three times as large as a normal skeleton centipede. It's much larger than the road, I guess the description would be easy to imagine.

In order to distinguish between them, I decided to call it [Great Skeleton Centipede].

To travel comfortably over long distances inside [Great Skeleton Centipede], the interior is equipped with various features to make life easy.

Not only does it have separate beds, it also has a kitchen, a refrigerator, washing machines, even a toilet and a bathroom. Even when compared to a typical house, this is a much more comfortable environment.

The [Great Skeleton Centipede] is like a huge camper van. If I want it to, it can be turned into an auto-pilot, automatic mobile fortress.

Thus, we continued our journey in the [Great Skeleton Centipede]. Since we can not only cook our food, wash our clothes, bathe ourselves and go to the toilet inside the [Great Skeleton Centipede], there is no need to stop from time to time.

We could spend our time studying and playing games during the day, and even when we're all sleeping during the night it will still continue to travel towards our destination.

Not only that, but it travels in a straight line towards our destination, traversing over obstacles and terrain.

But since we would be traveling through forests and valleys where monsters run wild, we had worries that the carriage might be attacked during our travels, but this didn't even happen once.

I wondered if it was because the monsters were overwhelmed by it's sheer size, incredible speed, but the fact that its strange outer appearance is concealed with [Hide] is probably the cause.

Thus, we would probably arrive much earlier than expected.

Day 227 == Day 228 == Day 229

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